Obama Promises Big Change, Gives Bush-Lite Return

Deja Vu All Over Again

So we wake up this morning to news that Obama is going to allow offshore drilling and exploration as a way of fighting the country's addiction to foreign oil. You can read about it here.

Didn't he campaign against that while running for president? Weren't we, as a country, supposed to be looking at greener and or alternative fuels? I know that campaigning for president and being president are two completely different situations, because presidents have all the information while candidates for president only have some of the information available.

So it is understood that campaign promises are always cloaked in the caveat that reality must prevail should the candidate actually win the office as Obama has done.

Still, decisions such as these feel like Bush-lite, and I can just hear the neoCons now....Drill Baby Drill......just gripes my ass to have to listen to them say “told ya so.”


Brunner for US Senate

Now that Health care has passed there is another pressing election issue. Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is in a battle to secure the Democratic nomination for US Senate to represent Ohio. Problem is, the good ole boy network is alive and well within the Democratic Party, just like it is in the GOP.

The powers that be within the Ohio Democratic Ranks have all but anointed Lt. Governor Lee Fisher for the spot, summarily dismissing Brunner. The good ole boys, in fact, tried to pull a fast one a couple of weeks ago, favoring Fisher, while attempting to lock him into the Senate nomination.

But it didn't work, and it doesn't mean they won't stop trying. The primary is the second Tuesday in May and everyone who wants change needs to show up and vote. Fisher is status quo. Brunner is the breathe of fresh air needed in DC.

I can't think of a better team to work for Ohio than Sherrod Brown and Jennifer Brunner.

Brunner, in case you don't know, is the official who cleaned up the nasty election mess left over by Ken Blackwell a few years ago. But what thanks does she get for righting the ship in Ohio from the Democratic Party?

They choose to reward one of their old soldiers, probably because it's time, and not because he has really accomplished anything of import for the community.

The turnout for the Democratic primary is actually more important than turning out in November. If change is to continue, then a major turnout needs to occur.

Brunner is the only one who can beat Rob Portman who is again running for the GOP. But she needs our help...

Spread the word and vote in May...and again in November.


Cryptkeeper wins

I just don't get this...Fred Phelps of the Westboro Church, pickets funerals of gay men and women...of soldiers who are killed in our two illegal wars....slimes anyone he so chooses on his vile website...yet he wins in court on technicalities...

If I were Mr. Snyder.....I'd have Phelps playing a real life game of “where's waldo,” if he wants to collect...... give him money to fund his vile practices....when pigs fly....snowballs stay frozen in hell....and Ted Haggard turns out to really be straight....

Oh, and the government taking away his tax free status might help matters, too...


Herb Ellis

One of my favorite jazz guitarists, playing on one of my all time favorite songs, sung by my one of my all time favorite singers on one of the best live jazz sessions ever. Rest in Peace Herb Ellis...Rest in Peace...


Penis Tax

The need for dick insurance in America...

The United States is in the midst of celebrating a massive achievement for the people. Health care is finally the law of the land after nearly a century of refusing to address the problem. Women, however, once again took a hit. This bill, while a big improvement, is not true health care reform for women.

Men have always been able to use their health insurance to pay for Viagra. Erectile dysfunction is considered a serious ailment for men. Women, however, have to buy birth control out of their own pocket with no help from the insurance companies. Pregnancy and women's health issues are still not covered.

Okay, pregnancy is no longer a pre-existing condition. But the right to choose is still controversial and under attack by those who claim to be pro life.

They are not.

Pregnancy remains the number one killer of women in America and the world.

Rape is still the weapon of choice used to control or to harm women.

Denying education, and birth control is still standard practice in America and the rest of the universe. In this case there is no difference between the practices of organized American religions and those of the Taliban, and other Eastern extremists religions.

What is going on in Africa, for instance, where women are being brutally raped day after day is being covertly approved of and egged on by American evangelicals who have found fertile ground for their virulent brand of Christianity that seeks to contain and destroy not only women but gays and lesbians seeking equality. The term in Africa is “corrective rape,” used to “change” lesbians into straight women. Impregnating women is a god given right and a sport second only to soccer in magnitude.

Corrective rape is gang rape plied for hours and hours at a time regardless of a woman's orientation.

Despite the so called religious stance, there is not one clause, psalm or phrase or teaching in the Bible that speaks to abortion or the right to choose...not one...

This argument has been going on for centuries and looks like it is going to continue for a while. So I have a solution.

It's time to rein in the royal member...Let's tax the penis. The days of free range dickery must come to an end.

If a man wants to have sex, to create a baby or to just have fun..He should have to face consequences, just like women.

Henry or Lucifer or Big Bob...whatever he names it, should be gift wrapped in latex as a sign of active responsibility. If he wants sex, then a condom is mandatory. Big Bob needs wrap it up or pay a fine for any inadvertent emissions that result in life.

Because if life does in fact begin at conception, then men need to really, really recognize exactly what that means. No more paying lip service to pseudo religious, non scientific fantasy.

If one egg can get a woman in trouble...then so too should one little active swimmer sperm for men.

Men should have to carry a Penis bond card, or proof of dick insurance in their wallet right next to the jimmy, amounting to $500,000. If he impregnates somebody, she gets the money for the resulting child.

It takes about half a million dollars to raise one of those little buggers to the age of 18 these days, with 99% of the hassle falling on women. Guys lay down, take their pleasure and then hide behind DNA tests, because they always assume that women are doing it to someone else, too.

Men love to play the victim when it comes to accidental children, denying as long as they can get away with it.

If the man has dick insurance there is no need to chase him down for child support. That becomes a money saver. Think of all the court procedures and police actions and domestic relations happenings that would no longer be necessary.

May even save the lives of some women, because dying during childbirth is not the only thing that pregnancy causes Many men simply kill their sex partners when they get pregnant.

A penis tax might save some lives. It is infinitely more pro life than what is going on now.

The late great feminist, attorney Flo Kennedy said: If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament."

She didn't lie.



Has been cancelled for March 28, 2010 and will not take place. The rally will be held at a later date in the very near future.


Friday Rap

Cincinnati...five murders in five days, including two shot, a couple stabbings...WTF? It ain't that warm outside, yet people...chill...probably a turf war of some kind going on...

Cincinnati PD took down a large gang last year...locked em up...so naturally, the other wannabe knuckleheads want to expand their turf....


White lion...white tiger...big cat seen by several people going over a fence yesterday morning...Folks are laughing... not believin'.....well...ask that lady near the zoo who woke up one morning a couple of years ago, to find a panda on her back porch looking for food...baby was hungry...smelled some bamboo bakin'....

Zoo said all their lions and tigers and bears are accounted for...sorry couldn't resist..


Legalizing marijuana has made it to the ballot in California...Amid reports of the arrest of the guy making the most money selling weed to Americans (12 million dollars a month), comes another attempt to legalize the drug.....

Sounds good to me. Taxing marijuana, and treating it like alcohol would generate an estimated 1.4 billion dollars a year in tax revenue for California alone. Imagine what it could do for American government coffers.

No need to study the matter. Just look at the arrested dude's monthly cash flow. Making it legal stops all the killing that is threatening to overwhelm our southern borders.

At the very least, decriminalize possession. This stops the 3 to 1 profiling arrests of Blacks...Blacks get locked up 3 times more than whites according to statistics, despite using less of the stuff then whites.


Black GOP dude, named Poitier running for something in South Florida. Calls Obama “buckwheat” while bashing Health Care Reform to a bunch of Republicans. District is 57% Black.

Toast Poitier..has a good ring to it..


Running scared republicans...its' no fun when the bullets, bricks and nasty names are aimed at you is it. Guess maybe it is a good idea to tone down the rhetoric somewhat...because some people on both sides can't tell the difference between "kick his ass" and "kick his ass, wink, wink!" chuckle, chuckle....

Ya'll need to get over that fear of education and book learning and go back to school...

It's also time to start going after those who incite violence. Freedom of speech is a law, but there are also laws against inciting violence...there are laws against sedition and defamation...some kind of libel law should apply here as well.

I'm not a lawyer...just thinking out loud..



There is a rally on fountain square on Sunday March 28th at noon in Cincinnati.

Event: Save the Republic
Start Time: Sunday, March 28 at 12:00pm
End Time: Sunday, March 28 at 3:00pm
Where: Fountain Square

Those attending are asked to wear a white t shirt with a peace sign on it or bring signs talking peace and solidarity..America is for crazy people and sane people and black people and white people and yellow people, and brown people...we need to speak up to drown out the crazies with guns and threats and empty rhetoric...join us...


Pope still hanging in..had a tough week...can't seem to understand why the flock is pissed at him and his boys in the Vatican. Well, Pope Benny, it's never a good idea to sit in judgment while blaming the victim for crimes, that you, yourself helped to cover up.

And it's not just about the abuse scandal, it's about the Church pulling away from or canceling outright all those social services that Jesus talked about in the Bible, just because you're afraid a gay might get through and ask you for help, or god forbid actually receive aid and understanding..

Can't work the gospel when you spending all that time protecting the brothers and their extracurricular activities.


Sarah Palin has apparently inked a deal to star in an 8 part documentary series for the TLC channel. The show will be called Sarah Palin's Alaska, naturally.

I guess she is going to do her best Sacajawea impression. Said to be getting a million dollars per episode. Talk about cashing in...but then this is what politicians do...get elected...retire or quit and sit back and rake in the money..

It's not unusual for reality TV stars from survivor-like shows to translate from scripted reality to real television...Elizabeth of The View comes to mind and that girl from the Bachelor is turning up all over infotainment TV..

But it still remains to be seen if the former Alaskan governor cum tour guide will be allowed to take her act to the White House, should she so choose.

Personally, I don't think she will...the paycheck that comes with the White House is not big enough....

And Dear Sarah has proven in a very short time that it really is all about the Benjamins...


Another non story in the news...Some stupid reporter apparently on deadline with nothing to write about is fantasizing about all the other magazines that will not let Gabby Sidibe on their racist covers...

The article was a made up rant to slam Gabby about her weight...Nobody asked her to comment and nobody asked the lover of all things anorexic, Anna Wintour, for her opinion either, but that didn't stop this lousy excuse of a reporter from writing about it...


Crone-Not Just a Conservatory in Cincinnati

Jean Schmidt, another example of Republican hamster craziness.

What is “hamster craziness,” you ask? It's being on a treadmill going nowhere, fast. Congresswoman Schmidt, back from DC and fresh from a massive drubbing on Health care reform, is still telling lies, the same lies, still spinning a web of major prevarication, and doing it with a straight face even though the facts say differently.

She even creates a new lie and new tax...the abortion tax. Hadn't heard that one before today.

Of course the Enquirer is only too happy to print it without fact check. Guess it's too hard to really go through motions of doing the job of objective reporting.

Enquirer, it really is okay to tell an interview that they're full of crap. It really is okay to challenge on their facts and figures. You get better answers that way.

Makes for a more honest interview.

Schmidt, like all her colleagues assume republican is synonymous with American, an assumption that was proven patently wrong in 2008. It is an assumption that ignores the big parts of America not grounded in white privilege. Republicans assume they speak for us, because they assume they were born to do so. Now that focus has cleared up a bit, they are still acting like they're in charge.

They are still acting as if health care was a minor ripple and that they will set things right come November. This is a fallacy in and of itself, because it assumes that only republicans are going to vote in November.

Amid the blatant lies contained in her column today, she even says that is what is going to happen. Led by Jean d'Arc, the GOP is going to rise again, just like the South, All hail Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy.

Okay. Rather than paraphrase I will let you decide...Is she nuts? Are you better off with GOP rubber stamp Jean in Congress singing back up to Orangeman John Boehner. Here is what she said today reposted from the Cincinnati Enquirer website.

Schmidt: Costs will go up and quality will go down

The president has now signed into law a health care reform bill that proponents wildly claim will give everyone everything they want. Sound familiar? And, in order to come up with enough votes to pass it, Democratic leaders had to buy off their own members with special deals for Nebraska, Florida, Louisiana and don't forget Senator Dodd's new hospital in Connecticut. These are but a few of the "special compromises" that were made to line up the necessary votes.
Every opinion poll and nearly every constituent I have listened to want real reform to lower their health care costs. The president, Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Reid have instead given us at least 19 new taxes and have eliminated Medicare Advantage for 5 million retired seniors. Yet, once all of the budget gimmicks and unrealistic future cuts are removed, the plan will actually add between $59 and $260 billion to the national debt over the next 10 years.
According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Democratic health care plan will actually increase the amount of health care spending by the federal government by $390 billion over the next 10 years. Millions of American families will see their premiums rise by about $2,100 annually. This is not the kind of reform we need, nor is it what my Democratic colleagues have been selling. Too many of my constituents are struggling to pay health insurance premiums at the current costs. How can they possibly afford to pay more?
If the plan's costs to families, employers and the federal government were not bad enough, it gets even worse. The portion of the plan that is funded is paid for by a half-trillion dollars in job-stifling tax increases and another half-trillion dollars in Medicare cuts. Most alarming to those who do not want their taxes used to fund abortion, the federal government will be mandating a fee on new subsidized insurance plans to pay for abortions for the first time in over 30 years - despite an over-hyped executive order that does nothing to stop the collection of the new abortion tax, and can be rescinded in the blink of an eye.
Fortunately, a majority of Americans realize that they are going to be taxed and their quality of coverage will be reduced. They understand that this measure is about creating a new government entitlement to give coverage to 32 million uninsured Americans. A laudable goal, but a dream we simply cannot afford. The Congress should instead focus on actually achieving health care reform's original goal - reducing costs for everyone.

No He Can't-Cincinnati John


GOP-The Definition of Crazy

The standard definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

Health care reform is now law and some of the mandates kick in as soon as Obama sets his signature on the document. The very first mandate out of the box is cash money to senior citizens. A rebate from medicare. $250 in spendable greenbacks to all old people regardless of their tea party affiliations or not.

Obama is cutting a check to the elderly. Now how many of those old geezers do you think are going to refuse that snail mail from their socialist government, hmmmmmmmmmm?

They're gonna treat it just like they treat their social security, their medicare, and all that other socialistic crap they get from the government all the time.

Next thing the butterscotch colored Marxist has done is made it illegal for insurance companies to cancel out the claims of really sick people. Think people are going to pull the plug on themselves. Not!

Oh, and those kids born into the world with serious illnesses, well now the insurance companies can not refuse to grant their parents coverage. Think parents are going to opt out and watch their kids die?

Sounds pretty pro life to me.

Republicans have gone lawsuit crazy all over the country claiming that health care reform is not constitutional. They are staking their claim on what's called the individual mandate. What this is, is the requirement contained in the bill that makes everyone buy health insurance. The goobers of the GOP say there is no precedent and therefore it is illegal. The government can't force us to do anything like that.

Well, not exactly. Once again the GOP has staked its claim on a foundation built on quicksand. The Constitution of the United States is a very broad document and very little of it is absolute. In addition to Article 6, which is the big one...there are other little phrases and mandates built in...

Ya gotta read the whole thing...not just the parts you like....kind of like interpreting the Bible. Here is a very good explanation for those of you inclined to read further.

Besides, the individual mandate is a tax provision and governed by more powerful laws than just the tiny phrase cherry picked by the GOP. Boehner and company have also been lying about people being thrown in jail if they refuse to buy health care. That is simply not true. They may be hit with a tax, but won't get jail time.

No precedent? Think again...Think cigarette tax...It costs you a lot to kill your lungs and those of the people around you. A tax of this kind is called promoting the general welfare of the public. Since the tax and making everyone buy insurance, lowers the cost for all and reduces the wear and tear on hospital emergency rooms it too falls under the panoply for the good of the general public.

And what about the argument that the government can't penalize you for doing nothing ...Try not paying your taxes come April 15th...I dare you..

Historically speaking, government individual mandates date all the way back to 1792. Look up the history about State Militias and who was required to buy a gun.

What will play a big part, in these GOP lawsuits is judicial activism. Want examples of judicial activism that sets precedent, if only temporarily, then check out the Missouri Compromise, the Dred Scott decision and Brown v Board of Education.

Don't want to go back that far, then confine your search to the currently sitting Roberts Supreme Court and the various rulings that have come to date on campaign financing, abortion rights, and affirmative action to name a few subjects.

Even conservative law professors say the GOP really has no leg to stand on when it comes to states rights and health care reform. But stranger, crazier things have happened.

So don't hold your breath.


For Want of a Statesman

Is there not one principled man or woman within the Republican Party willing to step forward and take responsibility for the rabid and violent masses running roughshod over our country? Is there not one person in the GOP who found the uncivil actions of the mob this past weekend, reprehensible and worthy of condemnation?

Or is this what politics and public discourse have become, foul name calling, spit hurled amid threats of violence against those who harbor differing opinions?

Is America just one violent incident away from an attempt to tip over the melting pot that we sorta celebrate as the foundation of the American Dream? Is the dream dead? Or perhaps I should say, are the dreams dead, the American one and Martin's vision of America? Has it died, too?

No one of a certain age in this country is surprised at hearing the words nigger and faggot thrown at us, just because. The only thing missing this past weekend, were the angry police, attacking dogs and fire hoses. Maybe that's progress, ya think? This kind of behavior was at one time codified in law, and continues to be taught as gospel in huge segments of the population. This behavior, if you can get close enough to talk to some of them view it as their god given first amendment right to exercise against us or our ideas. They have a right to say anything and in any way they choose because they were born to this right.

But this is not first amendment. This behavior is not written into the Constitution. This is not protected speech under the law. What happened this past weekend was the exercise of white privilege and the inherent belief that Black and Native Americans are inferior and are therefore subject to the whims of the perceived majority.

The perceived majority, (and I use that term only to reflect that white people are disappearing as quickly as real Black people), has never apologized for anything. The perceived majority has never acknowledged the actions of the past. It refuses to recognize that what this country is today is built on a foundation created from the blood, sweat, tears and determination to survive of people of color. Oh yes, the majority apologized to the Japanese, even paid them to be quiet-reparations for unjust internment that lasted what, five or six years at the most?

Native Americans have never really been absorbed into the fabric while Black people, well we stand out on the fabric like sequins on a party dress, impossible to hide or blend in. Other ethnicities have come to America, and been met with the same vicious discrimination, but with a difference. These other ethnicities, the Irish, and the Italians and the Polish and Slavs, all have white skin, a natural camouflage that eventually allowed them access. So they stepped up and over us, and joined in the “coon-hunt” because we can't blend in, ever.

Anyone who has ever looked at pictures of the 4000 some lynchings that took place in this country and wondered how could so called good people take part, need look at what happened in DC this past weekend at the Tea Party rallies and understand. And for the record, lynching has never been outlawed in America. People simply stepped up to stop it. But who is stepping forward now?

What was different about the past, is that there were people who were willing to come forward, to take the reins and say “enough.” There were people who were willing to lead by both word and example out loud, reminding their mob that we are all children of somebody's god.

There were men who were willing to say “I'm sorry” and know innately that “I'm sorry” would not diminish their character or statesmanship, but would, on the contrary, enhance it. They were not perfect men, by any stretch of the imagination and usually took part in some of the foolishness themselves. However, they were decent men and principled men, tempered in the fires of morality and justice. They knew when they crossed the line and when to step back.

These men didn't stand in the well of the Peoples' House and rant, attempting to substitute lies and profanities for truths and statesmanship. True statesman don't catcall their fellows or verbally attack Presidents, nor condone the cretinous actions of the mob toward the so called opposition.

Real statesmen don't employ a blame the victim mentality, hiding behind hollow words and excuses. At least in sports, the players still shake hands after the game is contested and a winner has been declared. After the game the players and coaches go on television to talk about what went wrong, but not to blames or to castigate the other team. The coach takes responsibility. The players take responsibility for their actions.

Why are there no coaches in politics? Why are there no statesmen or women stepping forward to squelch the ugliness of their followers? Thuggery should not be tolerated in the halls of congress or on the streets of America, especially when directed at other Americans, because in this game, we are all American.

This country is not your country, it is not my country, it is our country. Like or not, we will live and we will die together.


Health Care Reform-A Just and Moral Decision

Four decades ago....after 5 months of debate...after 500 amendments whose only purpose was to kill the bill....and after Everett Dirksen the Majority Leader in the Senate at that time, shut down this country's longest filibuster which lasted 534 hours, 1 minute and 51 seconds...After cloture and the vote..

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 became law.

This was not a perfect bill. In fact, more work was done on it the following year, in 1965. But it was an historic moment for America. One more time, we as a country, have come to look out over that precipice again, and once again, race plays a very big part in the divide. But this time around it is not only about race. It is about fairness and equality between the haves and have-nots of all colors, creeds and genders.

It is about health care and reforming the system as we know it today. It is a fight that began with Teddy Roosevelt and now comes down to Barack Obama.

I'm not going to rehash the latest national debate, because it won't be over until later today. However, I do want to look backward and remind you from where we've come.

In 1964, only 12,000 of more than 3,000,000 Blacks students in the South, went to integrated schools.

Medgar Evers had been dead less than a year...the same held true for John F. Kennedy and the three freedom riders lynched and brutally murder down in Mississippi. 1964 was the year after the March on Washington and Martin's “I have a dream” speech.

The White House woke up, finally and from that awakening came HR 7152, which was passed by the House and sent to the Senate. Up to this time the conservatives in Congress would simply filibuster to kill any bill that spoke to civil rights for Black people. This obstruction back then was peopled with southern congressmen, just like today, with a few exceptions.... Boehner....McConnell...Kyl.....Cantor...and DeMint...to name a few. The fight over civil rights for Blacks was very violent, very bitter and long lasting.

Talking about partisanship and politics, Senator Dirksen said at the time...

"I trust that the time will never come in my political career when the waters of partisanship will flow so swift and so deep as to obscure my estimate of the national interest. . . . I trust I can disenthrall myself from all bias, from all prejudice, from all irrelevancies, from all immaterial matters, and see clearly and cleanly what the issue is and then render an independent judgment."

While, today, most of the solid opposition to health care comes from the GOP, it should noted that Everette Dirksen was a Republican working with a Democratic President, Lyndon Johnson. Dirksen, working across the aisle delivered the Republican votes to pass the Civil Right Act of 1964.

Democrats had actually splintered and if the passage back then had depended solely on Democrats, there would have been no civil rights act of 1964.

If America is to have Health Care Reform today, it will have to come from one party...the Democratic Party, because lesser minds and hearts control the Republican Party, wielding fear and prevarication as their weapons of choice to goad their followers..

Prior to cutting off that filibuster and gaining cloture, Everette Dirksen had been castigated and metaphorically skinned alive by Blacks and Black newspapers of the time, portraying him as no different than the other racists, conservatives and segregationists who peopled the Congress and American government. He was not loved by Black people. It would have been easy for him to turn his back. But Dirksen it turned out, was a man of principle , guided by justice and morality.

40 years later, Congress is still peopled with conservatives, racists and would-be segregationists, who would jump at the chance to turn back the clock to pre-1964 levels.

However, I don't think there is one man or woman in the House or Senate today, who has the courage of Everette Mckinley Dirksen, the senator from Illinois.

There is something about those Senators from Illinois...they seem to see things differently from the rest of them....kind of like what Robert Kennedy said right around the same time....

“Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not.”

Dirksen prodded the Senate to step up by saying,

"I appeal to all Senators. We are confronted with a moral issue. Today let us not be found wanting in whatever it takes by way of moral and spiritual substance to face up to the issue and to vote cloture."

Health Care Reform is a moral issue and a just issue that will not go away. Hopefully the House will agree.



Not content to be a pain in the presidential derriere, Orly Taitz, has decided to enter politics, I guess in order to punish us for not taking her campaign against Obama seriously.

Word out of California is that the real estate mogul cum dentist, cum online certified lawyer is running for California Secretary of State. The Orange County newspaper reported Friday that Taitz has filed the paperwork and also gathered the necessary signatures to qualify for the race.

Taitz is running as a republican, not surprising, and promises to clean up the fraud and corruption left over by the 2008 election.

The Moldavian, Russian, Israeli, married in Las Vegas, living in California, American citizen promises to make President Obama her first target after she wins the election, saying Obama should be disqualified from the presidency.

She also wants to question him about all those homosexuals who died mysteriously after attending President O's old church back in Chicago. Taitz claims BHO is traveling around on Air Force One with a phoney passport and way too many social security numbers for a real American citizen.

Now, Orly just got slapped with a $20,000 fine after the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a Georgia Judge's ruling who originally levied the fine calling Taitz' allegations and lawsuits against Obama “frivolous.”

Taitz has already said she ain't payin'.

America's birther queen wants O to whip out that birth certificate so the rest of us can see that he was born in Kenya. I guess the one that Orly has is a fake. However she is sure there is a real one hiding somewhere in Africa with the name Obama on it.

Orly also says Obama or someone named Reggie is behind the numerous death threats against her since she began her crusade, and she wants FEMA to stop building internment camps around the country designed to house those suffering from ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome).

Californians, not to be concerned, Orly says she will champion the corporate take over of America and she won't spend all her time hunting down the Prez. She plans on going after Goldman Sachs which runs the US Treasury and Hugo Chavez who owns the software that controls American voting machines and therefore American elections....all of em.

Okay...so it was Hugo Chavez who put Obama in the White House? Got it!

But first..now for something completely different...Orly is attacking her GOP challenger..Damon Dunn (another Black man). Taitz claims Dunn is not eligible to run for state office much less seek the GOP nomination because he committed voter fraud.

Dunn's infraction....he has only voted once in any election in his entire life, and that was in 2009.

And you know what? The GOP is really and truly backing Taitz in her campaign.

And Karl Rove thinks the GOP is going to control this country forever. Oh the pain, the pain, what a world, what a world.

Really can't make this stuff up.


Friday Rap

The Cincinnati Enquirer Sucks-My editorial about the Local Newspaper

With all due respect and apology to the NYTimes, here are two editorials about health care reform. Even when I disagree, the Op Ed board in the big apple presents its reasoning and arguments in a classy, professional and elegant way. You can read it here.

The second piece is from my hometown paper, The Cincinnati Enquirer. I stopped reading this rag a long time ago because it's blatant right wing lean has offended me for much of my newspaper reading life, which began sometime around my third birthday, and I am now 59.

This paper has never risen to more than fourth grade reading and writing level. So I outgrew it a long time ago. I read daily, 7 newspapers. I skim 5 or 6 others along with a host of news gathering websites. All in all, I spend about 3 hours of my day reading news and Op-ed pieces worldwide. But since I'm no longer a working reporter in Cincinnati, the Enquirer is not one of them.

Fact is, I am only reacting to this pseudo-op ed because a person posted it on my Facebook page, venting about the bigotry contained in the piece. His anger peaked my curiosity. So I looked. You can read it here.

The paper has always been biased against Blacks. It has always favored the GOP view, no matter what. It hasn't changed in my lifetime except to get more blatant about displaying its bias. However, it used to at least make an attempt at objectivity. It used to at least try to look at the facts as presented by both sides. It used to be less obvious about the racism that it harbors for 40% of the local population.

Now, it is simply an embarrassment. No tact, no objectivity, no class, no professionalism of any kind.

No Black people in editorial. No local Black journalists. No other perspectives allowed except Price Hill and Indian Hill, with nothing in between.


Bellicose Old Men

This is why senile old men should be made to retire from Congress. Two of the worst-John McCain and Joe Liebermann have introduced a bill called the "Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010"

This act, god forbid that it ever make it into law, allows the government to detain, arrest and torture, hold indefinitely without counsel and trial, until it sees fit to let them go or kill them, possibly, anybody who comes in contact with “terrorism.”

This is not about a conviction....this is about a suspicion...probable cause not mandatory....If this bill becomes law, then someone...anyone can turn you in...or any cop can see you do something and not like it...or they might not like your looks because they profiled you for some reason...whatever...this measure would allow them to lock you up and throw away the key.....no due process....the infraction...can happen anywhere in the world...including on American soil...

The hold is called “detention without trial of unprivileged enemy belligerents.” Enemy belligerents is now the new “it” word replacing “enemy combatants” in government-speak.


Wanna Read the Health Care Bill, well, here it is-in it's entirety....

Wanna read the Congressional Budget Office summary...check this out...


Some Wild Alaskan Dingbat News...

Dear Sarah has been shopping around a reality TV show about her life in the wild. Well, apparently she has found some interested producer.............problem is she is asking a million to a million and a half per episode...

Do they think we really care that much? Really?


World Sleep Day

Today is world sleep day. Great day to find a hammock and take a nap...better yet...sleep in all day..


Fess Parker...RIP

Davey Crockett has gone on the the big Alamo in the sky.

Parker was the first actor that I followed religiously when I was a kid. He is the first person I really remember on TV. There was one episode of Davey Crockett that I still think about...

It was about a grizzly bear that killed people by beating and chewing them to death....never left any paw marks because the claws had been burned off in a forest fire....The wild bear would freak out and kill anyone unlucky enough to be in the forest sitting around a camp fire... and for a long time in the story.....no one knew the killer was a bear...

Scared me to death...it was a two parter..and I had nightmares for days....I was five or six at the time..

Yep, this storyline ranks just below the Psycho shower scene, for messing with my mind...Psycho came out when I was 10 and I wasn't allowed to go see it until I was 17 or 18 years old...had no idea what it was until I finally saw it...

Watched Parker in Daniel Boone, too, with Ed Ames....loved it...RIP Fess..


Open Letter to Steve Driehaus

Dear Congressman,

As the vote on health care reform approaches, I am writing today to ask you to carefully consider your vote and its future repercussions. It has been widely reported by the media that you favor health care reform as long as it does not violate your pro-life principles. In other words, you are backing the demands of Congressman Bart Stupak and the Stupak Pitts Amendment which calls for additional constraints on federal money, to prevent women from obtaining an abortion, should she so choose to have one.

The Stupak maneuver that you so vocally support, bars women from buying health care with their own personal funds, if it contains a clause allowing them to choose an abortion, should it ever become necessary. Your stance goes above and beyond the constraints already imposed upon women by the Hyde Amendment ratified in 1976.

The current health care reform bill has been written to abide by the Hyde Amendment restrictions. Regardless of the vote set to take place in a few days, the Hyde Amendment remains in place. Women cannot use federal or taxpayer funds to get an abortion. It is the law of the land and, right or wrong, has been in place, as I said since 1976.

So, I have to ask you Congressman, what is your problem? Why have you chosen to draw your line in the sand etched on the backs of women?

Refusing to vote for health care reform, continues the practice of relegating women to second class citizenship in the greatest country in the world.

Refusing to support health care reform continues the wrong headed tradition of viewing all pregnancies as a pre-existing condition, regardless of how that pregnancy came about.

Today, women who find themselves pregnant without insurance, cannot get health insurance to help them through a dangerous time in their life, that is a threat to not only their own health, but the health of the very fetus that you say you are protecting.

And, yes, pregnancy, even in these enlightened times, is a health danger, because it still kills more women than any other cause except murder. These deaths come because women cannot get prenatal or post natal health care.

Postpartum depression is barely recognized as an illness, or the treatment for it, paid for by insurance companies. How many more times do we have to sit through trials of obviously sick women who drown their kids in the bathtub, because they can't handle motherhood, or throw them off the Golden Gate Bridge, or strap them into their tiny back seat carriers while releasing the handbrake and watching the car slide under the water.

The current societal answer is to medicate them, lock them away in prison for life, while allowing their husband or lover to shirk any guilt or responsibility in the situation, free to marry the next woman who crosses his path.

Many of these deaths come because men act out and kill their sex partners, either because they don't want the woman, or the children or because they are hiding the fact that they raped and abused a female relative or neighbor.

And the children that you purport to protect by your stance...what about them? The current health care system refuses to help the babies, invitro or after birth, if parents...but let's be real honest. here, their mother can't afford it.

How is this a principled pro life stance?

Just this week, here in Cincinnati, a man was locked up for beating to death, a 17 month old baby girl, who, for some reason was given by her mother to a friend, who left the baby with this man, who was not related to the child.

I guess she must have ticked him off, somehow. 17 month old babies can do that...maybe she cried too much and disturbed his sleep or interrupted him while he watched TV. Maybe this little girl might have lived had her mother put her up for adoption, which has its own built in hazards for unwanted children.

Surely you remember the Marcus Feisel case, here in very conservative Buckeye land. Little Marcus, unwanted by anyone, even by his foster parents, who locked him in a closet while they went on vacation. He died and they went to jail after authorities were led to his burned and disposed of body.

Simply put, Congressman, your so called principled stance is not correct. It is not pro life, pro women, nor is it pro family. Your stance is quasi religious at best. Your narrowly focused pro life principles do not and never have addressed the varied ramifications and repercussions of this very broken corporate run health care system.

One thing that it is, is political.

You seem to think that you are correctly representing the first district. You appear to think that the first district is monolithic-that the thinking of your “identified” majority is the way everybody thinks in the first district.

This identified majority did not vote for you in 2008. If polls are correct, they are not going to vote for you this year either regardless of what you do. If the polls are correct they are going back to the other Steve, Steve Chabot, another long term GOP yes man cut from the same cloth as John Boehner and Rob Portman, all those guys who followed Bush/Cheney to the brink and are still ready willing and able to drive this country over the cliff right now.

The real majority in the First District elected you, Congressman. The real majority desperately needs health care reform not the status quo. If that means an option for choice, then so be it.

The God you claim to listen to, does not even support your stance, and you know this.

You were sent to Congress to help people, period, not vote your personal principles or the principles of some of your District. You were sent to do what is right and what is right is not always what the so called identified majority wants.

Question- were you in Congress in 1964 and 1965...would you have voted for Civil rights legislation? The so called majority of the First District in Cincinnati, was overwhelmingly against the Civil Rights Act. What would you do-stand on principle assuming your principle was different and just..or would you satisfy your so called identified majority constituents, knowing they were wrong and bigoted in their opinions.

Like it or not, Roe v Wade saves many, many more lives, then you and your like minded Congressman are willing to admit. However, the number of deaths resulting from America's inability to adequately address women's health care is staggering and way too high.

Prevention, real talk and action about contraception and sex education for kids are the best way to combat unwanted pregnancies and would go a long way in cutting back on the need to choose.

There is no woman on the face of this earth who makes that decision lightly. It is gut wrenching with the effects of that decision lasting a lifetime.

I have spent way too much time on the right to choose. Health care reform is not really about the right to choose. It is about instilling more equity in an unequal system for women. This reform is not the one I wanted. But it is one that I and others like me desperately need.

It is a first step toward true change, change that you promised to initiate or support, when you came into my First District neighborhood asking me to vote for you.

I am actually glad that you are a man of principle. However, principles should be coupled with what is just, what is moral and what is right.

Any principle that goes against the well being of a single human being, class, color or gender is bigotry pure and simple.

I hope that when the time comes, you will do the right and just thing and help fix a corrupted and biased health care system.

Respectfully yours


10th Amendment, Change, and Article 6

Man, it's absolutely amazing what can happen when a Black family moves into the previously all white neighborhood, or in this case, the White House. Take one individual, who's only difference from the rest of the individuals who lived in the house before is skin hue and watch the other paler hued individuals start freaking out and doing stupid stuff, like putting their houses up for sale, moving farther away from the dangerous urban center, or lose sleep attempting to figure out how to legally evict the black guy without burning down his very valuable house.

Lot's of scared individuals have joined the Tea Party factions, placing their hopes in seemingly like minded Congressional representatives who talk a good game, but are really just out to screw everybody while keeping a firm grasp on their cash cows. Regardless of what side of the aisle they sit on, the game is DC is always and only about the money, so let's not kid ourselves. Here. The conservatives on the Hill are about being obstructionists, nothing less. They want to keep the status quo intact, because they can make more money that way.

Conservatives at the state level, are just as scared as the guys on the federal level, however they are acting out in other ways. These State representatives are about protecting against what they perceive as the federal power grab. In other words, they have convinced themselves that Obama is going to take away their guns and their rights to act independently from the federal government.

They are in fear of living their final days on earth under a Socialist regime, whatever that is. They have convinced themselves that Obama is first, not a citizen and second, in violation of the United States Constitution, specifically, the Tenth Amendment in the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights was ratified in December of 1791. To paraphrase the 10th, it says, “powers not granted to the national government nor prohibited to the states by the constitution are reserved for the states and/or the people.”

Some of the stuff going on at state level are laws being passed, just in the past couple of weeks, in fact, are laws in South Dakota, signed last Friday, stating that federal regulation of firearms is not valid, if the gun is made and used in South Dakota. Wyoming has also jumped on this bandwagon with a similar law. South Dakota's Gov is GOP, Wyoming's Gov is a Democrat.

Oklahoma has approved a resolution saying its citizens should be able to vote on whether or not they, as a state, can opt out of Health Care Reform.

As usual, Utah went completely crazy, mandating that Health Care Reform cannot take affect without the permission of the state legislature. Another mandate gives the state authority to confiscate federal land using Eminent Domain statutes. This nut-so bunch even put into their state constitution that Utah has “inviolable sovereignty” under the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution.

Tennessee, Washington and Alabama are even going so far as to try and write into their state constitutions that their police forces have jurisdiction and precedence over federal troops, like the army navy and marines. Hmmmmmmmm....

Now the problem with all these new laws and resolutions is the same problem that all these interpreters of the Constitution have. It is the same problem suffered by fake pseudo Christians who take every opportunity to quote the Bible to all others. Maybe the problem exists because these types of conservatives usually inhabit both groups.

The problem.....they take everything out of context and fail to read the whole document while attempting to back up their sometimes silly arguments.

Yes, the 10th Amendment does talk about states rights....But so does Article 6.

Article 6 simply says, and I'm paraphrasing again, “federal law is supreme and if there is a problem or conflict between state law and federal law, federal law prevails, “ period. And, Article 6 has been fire tested over and over in the Courts from the signing of the founding document, that these neocons say they are upholding and following to the letter.

Segregationists...the conservatives of their day tried it again and again, most recently in the 1950s and 1960s as a means of combating the civil rights of Black people, as well as in the 80s and 90s against the LGBT community. The neocons of today always respond by saying it's the Courts who get it wrong on interpretation...that's not what the founding fathers meant..

If the conservatives don't like the outcome, they blame others for the wrong interpretation. Case in point, last week, Texas Neocons on the School Board took Thomas Jefferson out of their social studies textbooks....His transgression....coining the theory of separation of church and state...

Neocons claim that separation of church and state is not and never has been implied in the Constitution...the government's wrong, and the courts are wrong for upholding it.

Another example of everyone else but Neocons getting it wrong....all the media polls stating that most people are against health care reform, when in actuality about 96% of the country favors change. The polls, just like in the 2008 election continue to ask only a very small group of the former majority their opinions, while not tapping into the new majority for their opinions.

The MSM was surprised and still fails to recognize that Obama won in a landslide vote, and that while there are issues, mainly everyone is basically okay with what he is trying to do....with the exception of the scared folks, of course..

Health Care reform, while very contentious in discussion, will probably win the same way. This is being born out by the fizzled Tea Bagger rally yesterday in DC, where 100s turned out when thousands were expected..

Once again, the real majority is revealing itself......again.

It remains to be seen when the MSM will wake up and start talking to the real majority...maybe they will have to start putting new majority representatives back into their own organizations and taking the blinders off to what's really happening in America.


Friday Rap

This is Why They're Stupid

The kids don't stand a chance down in Texas. They're supervised by a School Board full of idiots, who affect not only their kids lives, but the education given to young people nationwide. The reason for this is Texas' school system is so big that textbooks are slanted toward Texas thinking to make them buy. That means the rest of the country must teach with backward and slanted textbooks.....It's all about money people...even what your kids are taught...

These people are currently in the process of rewriting the textbooks to mirror their bizarro view of history, both past and present..

Here's an example of what they're doing;

One of the proposed amendments to history wants to change the reality of the civil rights movement because the history as presented gives young people

“unrealistic expectations of equal outcomes.” We Blacks and browns are inferior to white people...so why give them the expectation of equality..

Another proposed amendment removes any and all reference to race, sex or religion in talking about how different groups have contributed to the national identity.

In other words, they are attempting to write gays, lesbians and black people out of the American historical fabric. Since, apparently in their minds we haven't contributed anything to this country.

I guess if you can change history then a Black man in the White House becomes impossible, Tiger Woods never learns to play golf, and the NBA is peopled by a bunch of big uncoordinated white guys from Iowa.

These very Christian individuals also want to write a bigger chapter for Jefferson Davis and reduce the contributions of some guy named Abe....wish I was joking...but I'm not..

I'm in favor of letting Texas secede from the Union....however all properties belong to the US..so go ahead and leave...get the f*** out my country...you can have your car, your wife, your kids and your sorry ass dog....everything else belongs to the people of America...the ones you stole it from in the first place....


Friday Music...Beyonce and Gaga...who knew...


Miscarriage Illegal

Utah to charge women and girls with murder for having miscarriages

This is not a joke, folks. Utah Governor Gary Herbert, signed into law this week, on March 9th, to be exact, a law that allows pregnant women and young girls to be charged with murder if they suffer a miscarriage.

This law was drawn up by some neanderthal republican representative named Carl Wimmer, who is now busily crafting similar legislation for other states. The Utah ACLU called the new law “problematic.”

Gee...which part...the murder or the miscarriage?

Wimmer says on his website that he is actively looking for ways to circumvent Roe v Wade, and has drawn up many, many hate laws targeting women. The penalty for being convicted is 15 years to life in prison.

Experts who have looked at this legislation say it contains no protection for women abused by a spouse for instance, or other women who may miscarry through no fault of their own. The law also has no protection from overzealous prosecutors seeking to make a name for themselves.

Laws of this kind prevent women from getting adequate health care and prenatal counseling. These laws go hand in hand with the current health care industry mindset that views pregnancy as a pre existing condition.

Utah is the land of multiple wives and child brides forced into marriages to older than dirt men. Women are nothing more than chattel or property here. Utah men are living the Islamic suicide bomber dream of 70 virgins for each and every man and they're doing it legally, right here in America.

The icing on the cake came three days after this law was passed, when the same body of lawmakers refused to pass a measure calling for comprehensive sex education to be taught in schools with prior parental permission.

I would guess that ignorance because of the law is no excuse for leniency in sentencing following a murder conviction, either.

In addition to this murder/miscarriage fiasco, current state law in Utah makes it a crime for teachers to advocate or to endorse the use of any contraception or birth control devices. Statistics show that the sexually transmitted disease Chlamydia is more common than chicken pox in Utah. According to the Utah Health Department 66% of new cases of the STD were in girls and women aged 15-24.

Statistics also show that every single day, 12 girls between the age of 15 and 19 get pregnant..everyday!

Utah is the living prologue to Margaret Atwood's novel The Handmaid's Tale...Haven't read it?

Maybe you should....


Glen Beck Anti Christ

Since I don't usually pollute my life with negativity if I can help it, it has taken me awhile to run upon the latest stupidity emanating from the mouth of Glen Beck. In fact, I think a better way to describe it, is to use the word blasphemy.

Glen Beck is a blasphemer (Blasphemy is irreverence toward holy personages, religious artifacts, customs, and belief). In one of his rants last week, he called on Christians to leave or turn their backs on their church.

Why? Because according to the blasphemer, any church that believes in pursuing social or economic justice for all people, is using code and is secretly attempting to drive Americans toward socialism or communism..

Huh? You heard me. Beck says any church or religion...and for the record this happens to be all of them on earth....any religion that practices or pursues social justice for all is flat out communist and real Americans should run for their lives.

He is saying turn your back on Jesus...that makes him anti-Christ...

Never mind that social justice comes straight from Jesus, himself. The concept can be found in the Gospel, in Catholic teachings, in Baptist, Methodist and Protestant teachings...all religious teachings..

Yet, Beck Anti-Christ says it's time for all true believers to leave Christianity...and do what...follow him?......join the Tea Baggers and overthrow the government?....The implication borders on sedition...

Over and over again, Jesus talks about society's responsibility to his weakest members....how it is up to us to take care of the poor, to stand with them and for them. Again and again, he says this...It is there in the Bible, if you choose to read...

In fact, my own personal ongoing problems with these super pseudo Christians running around judging everybody is that in the Bible, Jesus also says that his followers would be judged by the way they treat the poor...not where they worship...how big their church is...how much they pray...or how often they pray...of even if they pray.....It's how you treat others that counts and will get you into heaven...

That's why I know all of these super pseudo Christians are going straight to hell if there is one...simply because they don't listen to what their God is really telling them...

But leave the church because some radio monkey says so? They don't listen to Jesus...what makes Beck think they are going to listen to him...seriously?

Beck's background story claims he used to be a junkie and mentally ill....Personally I think we can change the word “used” to “still.” crazy after these years....He is batshit crazy to be perfectly honest..

I used to work with the guy who founded Clear Channel...a guy by the name Randy Michaels...I think its time for me to pull out the old Rolodex and make some calls to reach out and touch my old friend..

I think it's time we all make some calls.....Anti Christ Beck needs to go and go quickly...like yesterday...


Friday Rap

So, did you hear about the Korean couple, who met over the internet...got married...had a baby and then let their real child die from malnutrition while they daily nurtured and played with some virtual baby girl, in an online game called PRIUS during their 12 hour marathon sessions at their local internet cafe?

PRIUS is a game where players can choose a job, make a home and raise a family while interacting with other reality challenged fools inside a virtual world.

These dimwits came home from an all nighter and found their kid dead and called the police. They admitted feeding the baby rotten powdered milk and spanked it when it cried.

Oh, and the couple was not employed...they lived with her parents....

A word to grandparents...if you have grown children...and I use that term lightly as it is definitely an oxymoron....make it a habit to check the basement or the room where they're staying inside your house....never know what you might find....new grandbaby needing some food...arsenal for shooting up government buildings or schools.....cannibis plants growing in the corner where your philodendrons used to be....


I love it...one of the police was quoted as saying.....”guy had on a suit....didn't look like he was trouble..”

Thinking terrorists only come with dark skin, in camouflage and wearing turbans is going to get a lot more Americans killed until somebody wises up. Osama and company have figured it out...they're recruiting light skinned Americans to take us out...they're strapping bombs to women in the war zones of the middle east....coming to America...you heard it here first....

And then there are the cowardly lone wolves who just want to die..which seem to be a peculiar type of American manifestation...they plan and act alone...but can't muster the same courage to die alone. ...they have to take somebody...usually somebody innocent, to hell with them...


Sarah Palin Reality Show?!

Haven't we all been players in her reality show since John McCain got the ball rolling back in 2008? Didn't Shakespeare or somebody famous say...”all the world's a stage...play on..” or something like that?

Think this means she's given up on her run for the White House? Don't bet on it...celebrity for no reason or substance plays well these days...with all the money they make....I sometimes wish I had less respect for myself...


Learning to speak Na'vi

Still haven't seen Avatar yet. Meanwhile a whole subculture has grown up around it...people painting themselves blue..running through forest half nekkid...and talking Na'vi..

I wonder if the language is easier to learn then Klingon, or Elvish?


Courage and Consequences

is the name of Karl Rove's new book. It's another revision of the Bush years in the White House, such as “invading Iraq” was a good thing

In the book, Rove riffs on his relationship with General Colin Powell....said Powell called him Private Rove when he was annoyed at him and ordered Rove to “drop and give him 20.”

There is even a picture in the book of this give and take between Powell and Rove outside the Oval Office.

Rove should consider himself lucky that Powell never ordered him to turn around and grab his ankles...but then rumor has it that Rove actually likes submissive positions


Bart Stupak Lies About Health Care

"They want to take away a woman's right to choose, even in the earliest stages of a pregnancy, even if it impacts her health, her ability to remain fertile, her ability to avoid a very serious health issue, such as a heart problem or a stroke,"... "They don't want to have an exception for women's health, no questions that's what they want." -Barbara Boxer (D-California)

Congressman Bart Stupak is a lying sack of crap.

He claims to be standing on the principle, that the current health care reform proposal does not adhere to federal law governing a woman's right to choose, and therefore must be strengthened.

This is a bald faced lie.

Current law says, a woman has a right to choose an abortion as part of her health care choices. This is Roe v Wade, in operation since 1973. Roe v Wade is still in force. Nobody has repealed it.

The Hyde Amendment bans the use of federal funds in paying for an abortion. This law is on the books and functioning, as we speak, since 1976. Nobody has repealed The Hyde Amendment.

The proposed healthcare reform bill is written in keeping with these federal mandates.

However, the Stupak-Pitts anti abortion amendment that Stupak is attempting to force onto women, by way of the current health care bill, wants to prevent women from buying abortion coverage in their private health care packages.

We're not talking about federal funding here. We're talking about money from a woman's own pocket, her private funds and money. This goes well beyond The Hyde Amendment's scope.

If Stupak and the other 11 Democrats who are standing with him, get their way, there will be no legal way for a woman to exercise her constitutional and legal rights as a citizen to decide her own personal healthcare, let alone how she spends her money.

The only difference between Bart Stupak and his boys and the Taliban in the Middle East is the Taliban just kill women outright. They don't play, they just take em out to the field and shoot em, end of discussion.

Stupak would have you believe, that unlike the Taliban he has no blood on his hands. Well, au contraire, mon frere.....killing them outright with a gun in a field or condemning women to die in back alley abortion mills at the end of a coat hanger is the same thing...very bloody business...

In the name of God or Allah, it makes no difference....women will die...and all because some pseudo religious asshole takes a stand on his own perverted principles without regard for anyone else. Just because he can.

Stupak's stance is no different than Timothy McVeigh, or that fool who flew the plane into the IRS building or the 19 Saudi Nationals who took down the trade center towers. They all stood on personal, and misguided principle based in religion and self righteousness.

His stance will not affect his family, his wife, his daughters, his sisters...just like us not having healthcare doesn't affect him personally.

Stupid is going to have his healthcare, whether the rest of us do or not. He tells the MSM he is favor of healthcare...

Another bald faced lie.

If he favors health care reform...then he needs to vote for it, period.


Mo' Nique's Hairy Legs

Ever since Mo' Nique got hot and started showing up on the red carpet, folks been trippin' about her unshaven legs. In case you hadn't noticed or hadn't heard, she does not shave her legs.

And why should she?

It's a comfort thing, ya know. For purposes of full disclosure, I don't shave either. But then again, I have no body hair, in the first place. Some people don't have body hair and never did. So why shave?

But Mo has hair...you can see it when she wears a knee length dress. She says she's hairy. She also says her husband likes her hairy legs.

If he's happy and she's happy, why is everybody else trippin'?

A little bit of history is in order here....Western women, and read that white Western women of Great Britain and America are the ones who strictly adhere to the shaving routine. Most women around the world, don't bother.

White women, back in the 1900's, around 1915 were literally browbeaten into shaving underarm hair by Harper's Bazaar Magazine, which mounted a campaign to make women rid themselves of their body hair.

1915 was the year that sleeveless flapper dresses came into vogue and somebody, decided that underarm hair was ugly to look at peeping out from the holes where sleeves used to be.

Harper's directed its underarm campaign at rich white women. In other words, the ones who could afford to buy their magazine, and because they were the ones who could read at that time, and because nobody looked at poor women anyway, being members of the invisible class.

When this assault on womanhood began the term “underarm” was one of those shocking terms that nobody of substance used in public. The first ad that appeared, had a woman in sleeveless dress with her arms held up over her head flashing her newly shaven arm pits for the world to see.

Other salesmen, quickly jumped on the bandwagon, smelling the blood of a new market primed for exploitation. An exploitation that can be seen today in mandating that any size over size zero is fat, or anyone under 5 feet 10 inches tall, is too short or that while it's best to be white, it's okay to spray on orange to simulate "colored" once in a while.

It was never about hygiene. It's always been about finding ways to sell things to women. This one worked-big time.

As the dresses got shorter, the campaign spread to legs, with Sears and Roebuck adding women's razors and depilatories to their 1922 catalog. Sporting bare legs in shorts and sheer stockings even became a patriotic act during wartime, because it gave the soldier boys something to look at and to think about while they were far away hunkered down in those trenches fighting the enemy.

I think Mo' Nique should copyright her look right now, before things get out of hand. The sista needs to take control of her look in case it blows up.

What am I talkin' about...well...look at what happened to cornrows, when Bo Derek wore them in the movies....look at what happened to lips after men admitted they liked to kiss big lips...look at what happened to big butts after Sir Mixalot waxed poetic about them in song.

White women and even some under endowed Black women now regularly walk around in butt pads. Jeans come with padded behinds. Some of the more gluteus maximus challenged females get butt implants or their rear cheeks shot up with silicone. But I think they do that for balance after ballooning up their chest area.

I can see it now....some enterprising individual...probably a man, is going to see the duckets in selling flesh colored stockings with hair on the outside...Mo' Nique needs to get a piece of that since she was first...

Let's women who can't grow their own...have the latest Mo' Nique look....ride the latest hairy fashion trend...all for a small price of course...

Women who can grow hair...can sell it for a profit or grow it and donate it to hairless women or bald third world orphans..

The money making possibilities are endless.

But in all seriousness...Mo' Nique...go for it baby...

Take it all!


The Reality of Healthcare Change in America

No matter how you feel about the healthcare reform issue, there will be change in the system, whether you like it or not.

It will not stay the same as the naysayers, GOP and conservative democrats would have you believe.

It is going to change.

So starting over is not an option. Leaving it alone is not an option. Leaving it alone will totally destroy our economic system.

I'm talking about everything. Losing America is the only option if we start over or if we do nothing to fix healthcare, right now.

And it's already happening. Witness the stories in today's news about doctors refusing to treat medicare patients because of the way the current system reimburses them for treatment. The current formula ties doctor payments to the economy.

The current economy sucks...and so consequently, do the reimbursements to doctors. In other words they are getting a pay cut. Some doctors don't like this, so they are refusing to take new medicare patients and are finding ways to drop the old medicare patients, as well.

Baby Boomers are in big trouble as they enter senior citizenship.

We already know that health insurance companies are raising rates, witness the 25% average rate hike this year to everyone who already has insurance, except congress, of course. Wellpoint, which made billions last year in profit, wants to kick rates up at a 39% clip.

That's not going to hurt those who don't have insurance, but it's going to wreak hell with the paychecks of those who do and want to keep it for their families.

My question is, where is it written that corporations have to be protected from financial loss? Why must their profit margins be maintained at all costs? Because that is all this is. The corporations and their lackys in Congress are protecting their collective ass, while the rest of us are barely treading water or drowning outright.

The myth that your healthcare will stay the same is just not true. The system is skewed against the people it is supposed to be helping.

What is going to happen, according to the experts is a rapid deterioration in the system. It is going to get worse, not better, nor stay the same. This will happen because medical costs are going up and the increases are jumping faster than the economy. Weekly paychecks are not keeping up.

Higher costs mean higher premiums, mean fewer businesses will be able to afford insurance coverage, meaning more people will end up without health insurance. Medicare and Medicaid will come to the brink of implosion, forcing the government to deal with the situation.

Federal bankruptcy is a very real possibility, if the system is allowed to stay the same.

A family today, pays about $13,000 per year for health insurance. In 10 years that same family will be paying $24,000 per year. And there is no way that paychecks are going to be able to keep up with that.

Yearly raises and bonuses at the lower levels in corporate America are right around 2-4% in a good year.

With the anticipated rate increases today, it is expected that more than a million people will lose health insurance per year, as things stand now. By 2019 experts predict that 66 million people will be without health care insurance if things stay the same. Right now that figure is 49 million people currently without insurance.

Analysts predict that as many as 275,000 people will die prematurely over the next 10 years, simply because they have no insurance coverage.

Individuals lucky enough to have insurance, will find they have less coverage and protection while spending more money.

Healthcare in America is like finding a leak in your front yard. The water service line from the curb to your house is broken and needs to be repaired. Ignore it and the leak gets worse. Do nothing and suddenly you have a swimming pool where your front yard used to be, threatening your rose garden and flowers and the very foundation of your home.

It must be fixed. The same holds true for healthcare in America. It must be fixed.

Little fixes won't do it. President Nixon tried unsuccessfully to reform health care. If he had been successful, experts tell us the US would be spending a trillion dollars per year less than it does now. Top off the Nixon plan with what Bill Clinton tried to do and the country would be shelling out even less...about $500 billion a year less.

That's a big chunk of the deficit that would not be there, if healthcare had been dealt with before now.

The bottom line...

fix it now or risk losing everything, later. Facing reality is tough. But don't take my word for it.

Take a good look at what is going on around you, be honest and make a decision because the building is shaking...the quake has already started.

On Wednesday....Obama will point the way forward. Check it out here.


Lynn Forester de Rothchild-Hey World Remember Me?!

The problem with gloating and saying “I told you so,” is that you really should wait until the fight is over, before you start dancing.
Talking about Lady Lynn Forester de Rothchild, who penned a blog post in today's The Daily Beast, once again attacking Barack Obama. You can read it here.
This woman is a very wealthy woman who apparently used to raise money for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton in particular until the Party offended her and nominated a candidate not named Hillary. De Rothchild retaliated by throwing her immense wealth and “talent” whatever that is, behind John McCain. She can't be too talented or much of a leader, since not too many Democrats followed her, and her boy didn't get elected.
She said McCain was better for the country and that Obama was an elitist, which is the modern day code word for nigger among the more conservative elements in America. Lady de Rothchild says she loves her country more than her party, as justification for her switch in allegiance.
Trouble is she declares this love from her husband's castle in London, England. She wasn't born a de Rothchild, she married it, earning it the way most women of her ilk do. She also claims Obama is a socialist attempting to make America like European Socialistic nations....like England maybe?
I know that England is officially a monarchy, but it does have a socialistic bend when it comes to things like healthcare, for instance. If Obama is a socialist then I would think that Lady de Rothchild would feel right at home here, in an Obama America.
But we all know that is not the reason she has a problem with Obama or most of America. Because most of America elected Barack Obama. Her candidate lost in a landslide in 2008.
de Rothchild's candidate would have bombed Iran by now, setting the stage for nuclear holocaust and driven America off the economic cliff and straight into anarchy and that is according to most expert economists regardless of their political leanings.
The Lady is still operating from the misguided premise that she and people like her know what's better for us than we do. Her Marie Antoinette-like “let them eat cake” tendencies simply don't fly these days, if they ever did in the first place. I'm sure she feels right at home with the likes of Trent "black people were better off in slavery" whatever his name is, in power and running things.
She says that Obama is not interested in bipartisanship. I wish that were true, because personally, I think he is wasting time talking to the likes of John McCain, and almost every GOP member in Congress.
I certainly feel that courting people like the Lady de Rothchild is also a big waste of time, since Her husband and in laws are also very complicit in the world economic and banking crisis rocking the globe as we speak.
However, to get back to my original point, Obama has not lost a fight yet. He hasn't lost Healthcare reform yet. He hasn't lost banking/wall street reform, or put aside the energy crisis or the gas crisis. He is working through the Iraq and Afghanistan situations left by Bush, McCain and company.
He is working on the deficit. He is working on DADT and DOMA. He has a jobs agenda. Even with all of these problems, he has accomplished more for the people in one year than any other president in the history of the United States.
So you can't say I told you so, until the fat lady sings...And she's not even tuning up...yet...
It's still a long, long way to 2012.
Maybe Lady Lynn should go back to that Ivory Tower in which she lives and let the rest of us figure out how we are going to live in these tough economic times day to day, courtesy of her family, friends, associates and political allies.