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The Cincinnati Enquirer Sucks-My editorial about the Local Newspaper

With all due respect and apology to the NYTimes, here are two editorials about health care reform. Even when I disagree, the Op Ed board in the big apple presents its reasoning and arguments in a classy, professional and elegant way. You can read it here.

The second piece is from my hometown paper, The Cincinnati Enquirer. I stopped reading this rag a long time ago because it's blatant right wing lean has offended me for much of my newspaper reading life, which began sometime around my third birthday, and I am now 59.

This paper has never risen to more than fourth grade reading and writing level. So I outgrew it a long time ago. I read daily, 7 newspapers. I skim 5 or 6 others along with a host of news gathering websites. All in all, I spend about 3 hours of my day reading news and Op-ed pieces worldwide. But since I'm no longer a working reporter in Cincinnati, the Enquirer is not one of them.

Fact is, I am only reacting to this pseudo-op ed because a person posted it on my Facebook page, venting about the bigotry contained in the piece. His anger peaked my curiosity. So I looked. You can read it here.

The paper has always been biased against Blacks. It has always favored the GOP view, no matter what. It hasn't changed in my lifetime except to get more blatant about displaying its bias. However, it used to at least make an attempt at objectivity. It used to at least try to look at the facts as presented by both sides. It used to be less obvious about the racism that it harbors for 40% of the local population.

Now, it is simply an embarrassment. No tact, no objectivity, no class, no professionalism of any kind.

No Black people in editorial. No local Black journalists. No other perspectives allowed except Price Hill and Indian Hill, with nothing in between.


Bellicose Old Men

This is why senile old men should be made to retire from Congress. Two of the worst-John McCain and Joe Liebermann have introduced a bill called the "Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010"

This act, god forbid that it ever make it into law, allows the government to detain, arrest and torture, hold indefinitely without counsel and trial, until it sees fit to let them go or kill them, possibly, anybody who comes in contact with “terrorism.”

This is not about a conviction....this is about a suspicion...probable cause not mandatory....If this bill becomes law, then someone...anyone can turn you in...or any cop can see you do something and not like it...or they might not like your looks because they profiled you for some reason...whatever...this measure would allow them to lock you up and throw away the key.....no due process....the infraction...can happen anywhere in the world...including on American soil...

The hold is called “detention without trial of unprivileged enemy belligerents.” Enemy belligerents is now the new “it” word replacing “enemy combatants” in government-speak.


Wanna Read the Health Care Bill, well, here it is-in it's entirety....

Wanna read the Congressional Budget Office summary...check this out...


Some Wild Alaskan Dingbat News...

Dear Sarah has been shopping around a reality TV show about her life in the wild. Well, apparently she has found some interested producer.............problem is she is asking a million to a million and a half per episode...

Do they think we really care that much? Really?


World Sleep Day

Today is world sleep day. Great day to find a hammock and take a nap...better yet...sleep in all day..


Fess Parker...RIP

Davey Crockett has gone on the the big Alamo in the sky.

Parker was the first actor that I followed religiously when I was a kid. He is the first person I really remember on TV. There was one episode of Davey Crockett that I still think about...

It was about a grizzly bear that killed people by beating and chewing them to death....never left any paw marks because the claws had been burned off in a forest fire....The wild bear would freak out and kill anyone unlucky enough to be in the forest sitting around a camp fire... and for a long time in the story.....no one knew the killer was a bear...

Scared me to death...it was a two parter..and I had nightmares for days....I was five or six at the time..

Yep, this storyline ranks just below the Psycho shower scene, for messing with my mind...Psycho came out when I was 10 and I wasn't allowed to go see it until I was 17 or 18 years old...had no idea what it was until I finally saw it...

Watched Parker in Daniel Boone, too, with Ed Ames....loved it...RIP Fess..

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