Mo' Nique's Hairy Legs

Ever since Mo' Nique got hot and started showing up on the red carpet, folks been trippin' about her unshaven legs. In case you hadn't noticed or hadn't heard, she does not shave her legs.

And why should she?

It's a comfort thing, ya know. For purposes of full disclosure, I don't shave either. But then again, I have no body hair, in the first place. Some people don't have body hair and never did. So why shave?

But Mo has hair...you can see it when she wears a knee length dress. She says she's hairy. She also says her husband likes her hairy legs.

If he's happy and she's happy, why is everybody else trippin'?

A little bit of history is in order here....Western women, and read that white Western women of Great Britain and America are the ones who strictly adhere to the shaving routine. Most women around the world, don't bother.

White women, back in the 1900's, around 1915 were literally browbeaten into shaving underarm hair by Harper's Bazaar Magazine, which mounted a campaign to make women rid themselves of their body hair.

1915 was the year that sleeveless flapper dresses came into vogue and somebody, decided that underarm hair was ugly to look at peeping out from the holes where sleeves used to be.

Harper's directed its underarm campaign at rich white women. In other words, the ones who could afford to buy their magazine, and because they were the ones who could read at that time, and because nobody looked at poor women anyway, being members of the invisible class.

When this assault on womanhood began the term “underarm” was one of those shocking terms that nobody of substance used in public. The first ad that appeared, had a woman in sleeveless dress with her arms held up over her head flashing her newly shaven arm pits for the world to see.

Other salesmen, quickly jumped on the bandwagon, smelling the blood of a new market primed for exploitation. An exploitation that can be seen today in mandating that any size over size zero is fat, or anyone under 5 feet 10 inches tall, is too short or that while it's best to be white, it's okay to spray on orange to simulate "colored" once in a while.

It was never about hygiene. It's always been about finding ways to sell things to women. This one worked-big time.

As the dresses got shorter, the campaign spread to legs, with Sears and Roebuck adding women's razors and depilatories to their 1922 catalog. Sporting bare legs in shorts and sheer stockings even became a patriotic act during wartime, because it gave the soldier boys something to look at and to think about while they were far away hunkered down in those trenches fighting the enemy.

I think Mo' Nique should copyright her look right now, before things get out of hand. The sista needs to take control of her look in case it blows up.

What am I talkin' about...well...look at what happened to cornrows, when Bo Derek wore them in the movies....look at what happened to lips after men admitted they liked to kiss big lips...look at what happened to big butts after Sir Mixalot waxed poetic about them in song.

White women and even some under endowed Black women now regularly walk around in butt pads. Jeans come with padded behinds. Some of the more gluteus maximus challenged females get butt implants or their rear cheeks shot up with silicone. But I think they do that for balance after ballooning up their chest area.

I can see it now....some enterprising individual...probably a man, is going to see the duckets in selling flesh colored stockings with hair on the outside...Mo' Nique needs to get a piece of that since she was first...

Let's women who can't grow their own...have the latest Mo' Nique look....ride the latest hairy fashion trend...all for a small price of course...

Women who can grow hair...can sell it for a profit or grow it and donate it to hairless women or bald third world orphans..

The money making possibilities are endless.

But in all seriousness...Mo' Nique...go for it baby...

Take it all!

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