The Dick Edition

Soooooooo, when did poor people become the enemy in America? Or the unemployed, for that matter. Why is anyone who is making less than a quarter million per year walking around with a target on his or her back?  Suddenly, everyone who has not  been gifted with a trust fund from daddy, or has lost his or her job in this tanking economy, through no action of their own, is in the cross hairs of every self proclaimed pseudo-christian knuckle dragger deficit hawk currently holding public office.

Some clown who claims to represent the people of north western Ohio has introduced a bill into the State Legislature calling for drug testing of all people who need public assistance in order to feed their kids. Going one step further, this dick-wad also wants to drug test anyone filing for unemployment benefits, as well.

 In fact, his measure is written so broadly as  to capture anyone getting a check from the state. So that should mean mandatory testing of clown-boy himself and his fellow dicks and dickettes in Columbus, since they are paid by the State.  And I'd be willing to bet his medicare/retirement benefit receiving Momma won't be too happy when she is told she needs to pee into the receptacle in order to get her state money, either.

Dumb ass.

Clown-boy wants the potential recipient to pay for the drug test first, so the State won't have to. If the pee comes back clean, then the potential recipient gets reimbursed for the cost of the tests.

Question-If a person has no money to buy food or housing...where the hell are they going to get money to pay for a drug test? I would surmise that this type of legislation is called "preventive lawmaking." In other words make it so hard to get assistance that most won't even try.

Guess his next proposal will be to reopen the Ohio Penitentiary as a debtor's prison, because you're gonna need to send the folks with no jobs or paychecks and their families somewhere after they get kicked to the curb.

I can see it now "Buckeye Gardens!" your last stop on the poverty slide...stone walls and floors, wall to wall mold and lichen...19th century 24/7 security...cute little jumpsuits.... no need to shop for new clothes...your choice of pets to share your rations....no wifi, cable or smartphones!  All of the comforts of home packed inside a six by nine foot cell complete with a stainless steel commode and overhead spotlight for reading or relieving...


Speaking of dicks....That battery powered muppet with no pulse named Dick Cheney (ever notice how Cheney resembles spy 1 and spy 2 from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons?), has surfaced again to promote his version of the world, written with the help of his daughter, Liz "I am the straight one," Cheney.

So what's he doing protecting his legacy or rewriting history to fit his warped sense of reality? This mutt-puppy would have us believe that Dubya was a puppet (I can buy that), that Condi was a cry baby (bullshit) and that General Colin Powell was wimp, a coward and a liar (blatently offensive bullshit).

Cheney should have subtitled his book "how to be an asshole in 30 easy chapters." Somebody please pull the plug on this heartless, smug and self aggrandizing SOB.

Better yet...let's put him on trial for war crimes against humanity.



Let's Get Real About Ricky P

There are only two reasons why the State of Texas leads the nation in job creation, and neither one of them is the teabag's latest super christian conservative, also known as Governor Rick Perry.

Texas thrives because of its on-going love affair with Big Oil and the Neocon manufactured war machine of the past 10 years, created by that other imported fool from the Lone Star State, George W. Bush. Rick Perry had nothing to do with the apparatus currently in place to make him look good. The nation's longest serving governor has long basked in the sun of corporate welfare, while allowing most of his constituents to wallow in the mire of abject poverty.

Take away the  wars, the military contracts and  black gold, and Texas is just like most of the rest of America...in deep doo doo with no jobs and a bad economy. It goes without saying they don't like poor people or minorities there either, because all that wealth on top just never seems to trickle down to the bottom.

In fact, lately, Texas' big claim to fame is its prison execution industry and the penchant for puttting innocent people to death for crimes they didn't commit...very pro life of them, don't cha think?

Speaking of pro life, like all teabag johnny come latelys, Perry recently signed into law two measures designed to keep women as second class citizens with virtually non existent medicare and health care. Perry really and truly does like war....even if it is a war against women. (Wonder what the MSM is going to do about all those rumors of Perry's Bill Clinton-like appetite for women and/or men?...don't ask me...I just read alot)

Like all other Republicans working the campaign circuit, Ricky P loves to bash President Obama for the Recovery Act, also called stimulus money that saved America a few years ago. However he wasn't bashful about taking  almost 20-billion in stimulus funds to balance his state budget or to rebuild his burned down governor's mansion.

And what about Texas' school system? Reading a revisionist Texas school book gives you all the understanding you need about why America's public school system is failing. Swears on a stack of bibles that he loves America,but threatening to secede from the Union is no way to show it....sounds downright unpatriotic to me.

Never thought I'd see a candidate smarmier than Mitt Romney, but it looks like the GOP campaign is going to shape into a battle of Max Headrooms...didn't know old Max had a twin...but he does..and apparently his name is Rick Perry.

Look out America...you're about to get Rick-rolled...


Congress on Vacation?! Nigga Please!

Hey lawmakers...

Now, how you gon go on vacation when the job ain't finished yet? Sure you raised the debt ceiling, elevating what should have been a footnote on the national conversation into an attention-grabbing headline. That's been your MO since BHO took office. But the job's not done. It ain't over yet!

What about the Federal Aviation Administration?

I guess I should pat you on the back, while you go play in the sunshine, mistress in tow, with your third trophy wife and privately educated, very privileged brats,  because you're saving America 16-million dollars a year by allowing the FAA to crash and burn...Congratulations!

Your fake-ass fascade of fiscally responsible legislator  is intact...until you look at the details.

Shutting down the FAA  is costing the American taxpayer 30-million dollars a day, with the bandido airlines laughing all the way to the bank.

How is this a good thing? As bad as I am at math...this is crazy! It's like using a glock to hunt ants at a picnic....Crazy! Totally batshit crazy!

Save $16 million over 365 days, while losing $30 million a day on every one of those 365 days..

I repeat...how is this a good thing?

All ya'll ran on jobs platforms while campaigning for office...you been beating Obama over the head because nobody is working...yet...the FAA shutdown has caused more than 40,000 people to be laid off and countless thousands more to continue working without a paycheck...and all because you want to stand on political principle to prove your point.

How is this a good thing?  From your vantage point on the beach, surely you can see this is a problem..

I mean what happens if one of those guys who ain't gittin' paid decides to doze off from lack of sleep or food..take his eyes off the monitor with a big ass jumbo jet baring down on some unsuspecting airport runway loaded with regional puddle jumpers lining up for take off? Huh?

Do I have to point out that you...Congress...are still getting paid...you haven't missed a paycheck during any of these back to back to back made up crises...your paychecks are classified as emergency funds by law...which means you will get paid when there is no money for anyone or anything else in the entire country.....just like the sanctity of  your health care and your one man-one woman marriages...you will have it all...regardless...

Congress makes the laws...and since all bills must originate in the House of Representatives, you've protected yourself.... tucking away your paychecks and your automatic pay raises, in a remote facility safe from fallout...while repeatedly hanging the rest of us out to dry.

Does that seem fair to you? Do you understand that we the people might be a little pissed off?

And what about the unemployed...you been dangling them over the fire for months...refusing to extend unemployment insurance or create jobs...while the states cut aid to the formerly middle class and poverty stricken under class.

The poor bear the brunt of your folly while you trade blond lobbyist girlfriends,  fiddle around with hookers or your assistant's wife or eat cake. The country...meantime.. is caught between a rock...no jobs...and a hard place...an uncaring Congress...

America's first pundit was a guy by the name of Wil Rogers..a Native American, jack of all trades good guy.

Back in 1931 Rogers delivered a speech called "Bacon, Beans and Limousines." It happened in midst of the Great Depression, and truer words were never spoken.

During that speech, Rogers told the public that America is the only country in the world where the poor can drive themselves to the poor house, because everybody in America has a car..even poor people.

Today it  is a good thing we all have cars, because in this so called Recession of 2007-2011...in case your house gets taken away by the mortgage company...you will still have someplace to live...at least until the bank loan on the car gets called..

Only in America..