Throwing Stones

Did ya hear what former press secretary Scott McClellan said about the Bush Administration in his soon to be released book? The mainstream media hype machine is working overtime today, quoting this latest tome by a Bush insider, who is now speaking out about the last eight hellacious years of pseudo government.

I haven’t read the book yet. But it supposedly takes dead aim at Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby. He also allegedly takes some pot shots at Condi, too.

According to McClellan, if the hype is to be believed, Dubya’s boys lied about Iraq and tried to ignore Katrina, rather than deal with the problems head on. Anyone who’s been alive these past eight years already knows this. Tell us something we don’t know.

Why should Scott be surprised that Bush and company embraced propaganda and lies rather than the truth? This is after all the party that coined the phrase "welfare queen and gave us Willie Horton."

What I do know is that McClellan didn’t quit his post as minister of propaganda..he was pushed out. Guess that cushy pay check was too much to walk away from strictly on moral grounds.


Black Elephants

I read a commentary today on The Daily Voice, a blog edited by Keith Boykin, someone that I hold in very high regard. The commentary was written by Yvonne Davis the former head of African Americans for Bush. I started laughing as soon as I got to her first sentence.

She was asking the question of what black members of the party of Lincoln are supposed to do, now that Bush is leaving office and John McCain is not as welcoming as Dubya was. I don’t know....celebrate, maybe...break out the forties and glocks and shoot into the air?!

Davis continues with the question, what are the “black dots” at the GOP convention to do? Support Obama, now that it looks like McCain is not willing to buy black votes by appointing African Americans to powerless points within his administration, should it come to be. According to Davis, McCain’s campaign is going all out to win Hispanics while totally ignoring blacks, very unlike the Bush campaign led by Karl Rove and company. After all, Bush did put Condi at the State Department and attempted to use Colin Powell as a shield until he quit.

She speculates that black elephants will quietly defect to the democratic side or just stay home on election day.

I speculate that the sista is just looking for a job. She could give a damn about public service, which is what the government really is. Ms. Davis just wants to get paid.

The terms I used....black dots and black elephants...were her terms...not mine. I found her commentary highly offensive in referencing our people.

She needs to understand that the party of Lincoln may have called itself the Republican Party...but it has nothing except name in common with the GOP of today.


Gender Based Politics

The other night, I listened to an interview of some woman who is apparently part of a new political group, made up of women who intend to vote for John McCain, if Hillary doesn’t get the nomination from the Democratic party.

She cited gender bias by Democrats, as well as male chauvinism, as her main reasons for going GOP. She included Obama in the good ole boys club because of some of his remarks, directed at Hillary. The fact that he is male doesn’t help matters either.

I have said repeatedly since this campaign season opened a thousand years ago, that I was initially a Hillary supporter. I am exhilarated by the idea of having a woman in the White House. Because God knows we can’t screw it up any worse then men have done for the past several hundred years.

However, I think a person with a different point of view, a different way of looking at things is what this country needs to get it back on track, because we are very much off track and out of sync with the rest of the universe. We need our karma back.

I said in earlier writings, unfortunately, I don’t think Hillary is the one. Her votes in congress for the past several years have been status quo.....nothing new earth shaking or direction changing. I would venture to say that if Obama were not in the race, the Democratic primaries would have mirrored in looks and sound, the GOP. We would be hard pressed to tell the difference and three million new voters would not have stepped forward to participate in the primaries.

No one talked about change until Obama did. No one excited young people until Obama. No one included Gay and Lesbians in the main stream conversation, until he did. I think the only reason that main stream gays, read that main stream white gays, support Hillary is because the boys can’t look past her Diva-ness. Obama said there should be an end to “don’t ask, don’t tell” in the military. If I recall correctly, “don’t ask, don’t tell,” was a Bill Clinton thing. Did Hillary speak out against that, during or after the White House? Is she talking about it now? Or is she still settling for cheap shots?

When was the last time you saw 73,000 people turn up for a rally for a presidential candidate? It happened this past Sunday, in Oregon, for Obama.

But back to these women who intend to vote for McCain if Hillary is denied the nomination. I want you to really understand where I’m coming from. At one point in 2000, I actually considered voting for John McCain because he seemed to be a new type of republican. Shortly after I made that decision, he started pandering to the extreme right wing of his party and echoing Dubya. Soured my stomach and drove me screaming back to the democrats. As bad as the democrats are, there is at least some hope within the party, that a person like me, female, black and lesbian, can count for something.

Voting for McCain is like cutting off your nose to spite your face, to use an old cliche. McCain’s votes in Congress are 100% anti female. If he should make it to the White House, he will probably appoint the next Supreme Court Justice who would probably then vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. And we could still use and amendment guaranteeing equal pay for equal work, since women still make 75-cents for every man made dollar. Won’t happen if McCain gets into office. This White House, this GOP and yes, John McCain have gone out of their way to deny women’s rights on every front, not just the absolute, inalienable right to choose.

Based on policy alone, I can’t understand how women could even consider voting GOP in November. Yeah, I wanted Hillary, too. I want a woman in the White House. But this is not the time. It is apparently Obama’s time. And I’m okay with that.

Obama is the not answer by any stretch of the imagination. He is only the beginning. Intelligent women can’t help but see that.


Straight Talk Expressed

Hillary’s latest argument for claiming the nomination for president is that white people, poor and blue collar white people, that is, simply won’t vote for a black man. The latest poll numbers seem to bear this out.

She is playing the race card in a last desperate act this late in the campaign season. But is she a racist for saying this? No, she is not. She is a realist. Probably more real than any other white person, alleged pundit or news person talking about this campaign.

I agree with her to a point....I am very pessimistic about how white people are going to vote in the general election in November. Saturday Night Live alluded to this in their opening skit last night. It was nervously funny...everyone laughed, but nervously, like what was said was hitting home.

But I think, unlike Mrs. Clinton, that Barack Obama has earned the chance to find out. He has run the better campaign. He has won the primaries, caucuses and hearts of the party faithful and those others who have turned out to vote in the run up to November.

His message is more positive. It is different from what has been seeping out of that cesspool called Washington, for the past eight years.

Hell, Obama’s message is even different from what the Clinton’s gave us during their eight year run. They made us feel good, but they didn’t fix anything and in some cases, they made it worse.

Personally, I think a different kind of president would send a message to congress that it is time to think about the American People, not just lining their individual pockets. I would love to just drop a bomb on Capital Hill and start from scratch.

Bush could not have accomplished any of his wrong/illegal policies and programs if congress had not caved in to him. Congress was set up to prevent any occurrence or possibility of an imperial presidency. This Congress has obviously chosen not to read or uphold the Constitution.

This congress has been nothing more than a rubber stamp for policy that has literally gutted America.

We are not as strong, we are not as well off or safe, we are not as rich, we are not as independent and we are not as respected as in the past.

I want us as a nation to start thinking about what is good for us, rather than what is good for the rest of the world.

We need to return jobs to America. Our greatest minds are finding their way to Singapore and China or other ports in Asia along with the blue collar jobs that are being outsourced so corporate America can have bigger profit margins. Our government is borrowing heavily from China and Japan to prop up the faltering American dollar.

Bush’s idea of an economic move was to beg...BEG Saudi Arabia to help us get more oil. Does that sound like the act of a true superpower to you?

And speaking of superpowers....hasn’t Russia reinvented itself? Or is everyone paying too much attention to the fiasco in Iraq to have noticed? I thought Condi was fluent in Russian as well as an expert in eastern block affairs.

We need to rebuild our infrastructure....make our public transportation systems better and user friendly as a means of weaning us off foreign oil.

We need to rebuild our public schools. Johnny can’t read, can’t write, doesn’t know history, science or mathematics.

We need to stop propping up countries who then turn around and bite us in the ass. Since World War I, losing to us was the best way to get your country rebuilt. Iraq is just the latest example of this.

More than a new president, we need a new direction. One where America works again for it’s people. America can no longer afford to be the playground for old assed neocons who are comfortable standing by while their corporate buddies rape and pillage this country.

The people who have so far voted for Obama realize this. I hope that those who have yet to cast a vote, will listen to the winds of change and take a stand, for what is still the greatest country on the face of this earth.