Ohio Voter ID Purge

And we thought we'd won, when we got rid of Ken Blackwell. Well, not so fast.  Governor Kasich and company have come up with another plan designed to rig the vote for the GOP in Ohio, that is in addition to the gerrymandering of congressional districts that has already taken place. 


Neither had I. And no, it's not a program to ensure that those chest bursting aliens last seen in the Alien movies never get to earth.

It's called SAVE for short, and it is a database filled with information on immigrants, those people who come to this country from other countries to live and work, created and kept by the Department of Homeland Security.

What does this have to do with us born and bred citizens?

Well some states in their efforts to uncover and eliminate voter fraud, have demanded access to SAVE, and it doesn't matter that SAVE was never designed to verify voter eligibility.

Voters in America are overwhelmingly not immigrants to this country. Voters are born here most of the time, like 99 and 44-hundreds % of the time.

Yet, this is what several states, including mine, the great State of Ohio, are intending to use SAVE for-to verify voter eligibility for the upcoming elections in November and beyond,

Voter ID fraud is virtually non existent in America. It is a witch hunt conducted by the right wing extremist driven Republican party in an effort to ensure their candidates an unfair advantage at the polls.

 Recently,   GOP officials are on record admitting that the sole purpose of all the new voter ID laws as well as other new programs being created is  to rig the vote against Democrats-to keep blacks and minorities from voting.

Translate that, to get Romney elected President.

Voter ID fraud is so non existent in America that statistically speaking, you could be hit by lightning twice, before you could find a case of voter ID fraud anywhere except in the minds of the extremists on the right.

Now they want to use,  are even demanding to use SAVE to help root out a non existent crime. Wouldn't that be considered harassment? Doesn't that smack of Jim Crow discrimination?

Well, get ready, because our stupid ass government is going to allow it. This would be a great time to forgo politics and just say “no.” But au contraire, it's going to happen.

As I said before, there are 14 states looking to use SAVE and officials have openly stated their purpose is to emulate the flawed voter roll purge recently done in Florida, that saw legitimate voters taken off the rolls.

The SAVE database contains no information on American citizens born inside the US. Records show that the vast majority, nearly 100% of voters come from this group.

Immigrants don't even try to vote. They may try for driver's license, but voting...not happening.

But you'd never know this if you listen to the cat shit crazy right wing. More than 24 million Americans face harassment from the right if the SAVE database is used for voter ID fraud purposes, and you can bet that most of those who will be harassed are black or brown people, who fit the “profile” of the right's idea of a voter fraud criminal.

Full disclosure here, the process did turn up 2-you heard me-2, non citizens out of 3000 possibles in Florida who voted. It also turned up 500 people who were challenged and slated for purging, but who are legit voters.

They just happen to fit the right's profile of fake voters, read that minority democratic voting voters.

The other States being granted access to SAVE are, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Utah, Colorado and Washington, in addition to Florida
Ohio says it will use SAVE along with other tools to identify non citizen voters. Georgia says it plans to use SAVE to verify new voters as they register to vote.
The GOP can't win the election based on truth. They must steal it, like back in 2000 or change the rules like what's happening now, in order to get their man put into the oval office.
Can you say President Romney if we don't turn out and vote?


Mitt Romney-What We Have Here is Failure to Apologize

"I am an unapologetic believer in the greatness of this country. I am not ashamed of American power. I take pride that throughout history our power has brought justice where there was tyranny, peace where there was conflict and hope where there was affliction and despair."-Mitt Romney
Does Mitt Romney understand that he lives in the era of camera phones, videotape and photoshop? You can't just say stuff and expect it to magically go away anymore.
Somebody is always in record mode on your ass.
The way Romney continually makes statements and takes stances and then revises them once he pulls his foot out of his mouth, makes me believe Dude is not the brightest bulb in the box and clearly does not understand 21st century technology.
I thought that honor went Sarah Palin, but maybe McCain was right to choose her over Mittens back in '08.
Mitt Romney says he believes in America, he told that to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, yesterday, but he's not willing to put his butt on the line to make it so. Nor is he willing to let his sons fight for their freedoms to be rich and well, useless.
He should have apologized to VFW convention for getting five deferments dating back to the Vietnam War. By the time he got the last deferment, Mitt said he was too busy doing other things to fight for his country, just like his silent but not so invisible mentor Dick “I have a new heart” Cheney.
Romney also said his sons, all five of em, had better things to do than to waste their time joining the military. Seems all they've ever done is watch Dad run for president, although one of them does speak Spanish and has cut a commercial or two, to convince Hispanics that Mitt gives a shit.
A real man of conviction would have stood his ground and defended his actions, like Muhammad Ali, aka Cassius Clay did in refusing to be drafted. Ali was willing to give up his way of life and freedom, a thought that has never, ever entered Romney's mind, let alone understand that he needed to apologize to the VFW.

Instead, like everything else, Romney just refuses to talk about his past actions or statements or stances. His reality is what is in front of him at the moment. It seems he believes that if he ignores it and doesn't talk about it, “it” will go away.
Do anything, say anything, just get elected.
Maybe Dude is a closeted Buddhist...permanently living in the present moment, yesterday is done and subject to revision, tomorrow is another day, still to be written.
Hope he's read the passages on Karma...


Guns, Gun Control and American Family Life

Let me say up front, this is not a rant about the need for gun control in America. There is a need for gun control, however, I long ago came to the conclusion that gun addiction is like any other addiction, you can't cure it until those addicted ask for help.

The first step is for those addicted to realize that they have a sickness in the first place, and since the vast majority of gun owners in America are law abiding citizens, they don't think they are sick or are doing anything wrong by amassing arsenals of destruction. Which means there is no problem and therefore no need for gun control.

When you ask, the arsenals are for personal protection or hunting and just in case.

Just in case what, I ask.

Well, just in case....there is no answer that they want to give to that question. Not really, because then they would have to admit that they live in fear...in fear of their neighbors....in fear of a black planet....in fear of a white planet...in  fear of nameless, faceless criminals bent on taking their stuff away from them.

They live in fear of the coming anarchy and revelation, the end of times. They live in fear of the return of Jesus, when they will have to give up their stuff and move to heaven, which is supposed to be a good thing.

However, if they were really honest, they would tell you, they don't really want to go there, either, until they have to, and only after they figure out a way to hitch a u-haul up to the hearse to carry their stuff with them.

So in the meantime, they buy guns and wait, for whatever.

And as they wait, they infect the next a generation with their sickness, primarily today, via video games and a lax attitude about violence and the agents of violence.

The first two words out of my youngest nephew's mouth when he first started forming thoughts and words on his own were, Walmart, Jo, and weapons. He wanted weapons to play games on the computer. Never used the word guns...He wanted and still wants weapons, which is a computer word...only now at the age of 11, he wants real weapons. I know because we've talked about it. Walmart was the place where you go buy stuff...Jo is my name...He had no concept of “aunt”. I was just Jo, at the time.

Owning guns are okay in his mind, because his parents own them. His grandparents own them, too. His Granddad, my father, is a hunter, a sportsman. He has what I can only describe as an arsenal of weapons, many of which were handed down from other men in my family. Men who never figured out how to take their guns with them when they died.

My uncle was a police officer, one of the first Black officers in Cincinnati. My dad has his collection of guns. My grandfather was a country boy who used to be a hootch and moonshine runner back during prohibition. Granddad needed guns for protection against the feds and others who might have tried to jack his illegal cargo. My grandmother used to talk about the bullet holes in the side of the car. My dad now has my grandfather's guns.

My father hunts rabbits, pheasant, shoots groundhogs and moles to keep them from tearing up his perfectly mowed lawn. My father just likes to buy guns. He never shoots them anymore. Just likes owning them, cleaning them and showing them off to his equally enamored grandsons.

I remember walking down into the family room, when our latest marine was visiting recently. A serious boy thing was going on. Nearly the whole floor of the family room was covered in guns, rifles, handguns. Old guns, new guns. I had no idea. The guns are never shown off when the women are home. The marine is a marksman and actually taught shooting on Paris Island. He was very at home amidst the guns and my dad's enthusiasm. And, it goes without saying that he is a man, all man..a grandson. Guns are something for men to talk about.

My dad is a member of the National Rifle Association. Law abiding. Keeps his guns in a vault-a locked vault to protect the young ones. When I was a kid, the gun was simply left on the shelf in the closet in my parent's room and we knew not to even think about touching it.

Kids today, are a different story. They have to touch and handle, regardless of what they are told to do or not to do. So dad locks them up, now. Progress of a kind, I guess.

My father and I are on different sides of the gun control argument. In order for gun control to happen, I would have to convince my father that he has a real illness with his need to own so many guns. But he, and others like him, nearly all the members of the NRA, don't believe they are sick, in any way shape or form.

They won't admit to being fearful either.

They are comfortable in hiding behind the rationale that people who use guns to kill people are either criminals or crazy, not like them, the law abiding citizens of the NRA. The law abiding need their guns to protect themselves and their families from the criminals and the crazies and to go hunting once in a great while.They don't distinguish between owning a 30 ought six or 12 gauge from owning an AR 15 assault rifle. They are all just guns, or weapons as my nephews say.

Guns don't kill people...people kill people. Fear the people, not the guns.

And that is why the shooters in Aurora, or Columbine, or the beltway snipers will have easy access to weapons, because guns are part of the American lifestyle of everyday American citizens.

Everybody has em, nobody uses em.....like any other tool in the garage... just there when you need it.


Open Note to Mitt Romney

Hey Mitt, “Thought You Said You a Bid-ness Man” 

Dude, I am totally and completely confused. You told us you was a bid-ness man and that we should vote for you because you know bid-ness and how to fix this economy and how to put us back to work.

So what, we supposed to do, take your word for it?

You been runnin' for president for damn near 10 years, and you've had this problem, whatever it is, since you were governor of Massachusetts. You didn't fix it in all this time and you want me to vote for you?

You want us to ignore the paper trail laid down by Bain Capital. You want us to ignore your record in the Massachusetts State House. You want us to pretend that your financials are in order based on a year of income tax returns.? 

 Are you really that arrogant and condescending to the rest of us that you think all you have to do is to tell us "no?"

C'mon man, you runnin' for president of the United States, not your local boy scout troop.

Where's the paper trail to prove your credit worthiness? You ain't even handin' out Vistaprint free bid-ness cards with your name on it, at this point in the campaign.

And then you send your equally clueless wife out to defend your actions on television and she proceeds to put both feet in her big mouth. “You People!?” Really? Sure she tells everybody how successful you are...how charitable you are to your church.....and we the people would see that if we looked at your financials.

Well, Homie, that is exactly what we tryin' to do....look at your financials...but you won't give em to us.

What kinda shit is that?

Okay, so you give to your church....good...great....but I got a problem with that too, seein' as how your church is the Mormon Church...the church that isn't sure if people like me are human and also was the major source of funding to keep same sex marriage from happening in California...you know that whole Prop 8 thing that's still going on out there.

Since you tithe to your church, I can only surmise that you are in favor of writing law discriminating against me and my people, the black ones as well as the gay ones.

Let me be totally honest with you, Mitt, I don't give a righteous damn about your lack of paper pushing skills. I don't really care about whether or not you hit the mark on your filings to the SEC.

What I care about is the complete and utter failure on your part to handle the peripheral bullshit surrounding your apparent ineptness to do the right thing. Why you got to lie?

If you can't handle the circus surrounding failure to release paperwork, paperwork that is done by nearly every other American citizen in some form or other, how the hell you gonna handle anything else that might crop up inside the Oval Office?

I mean, really, you're looking more and more Sarah Palinish every day that you allow this to drag on. I can almost see why Walnuts thought the snowbilly was a better choice for VP.

I saw one ad comparing you to Tricky Dick Nixon, but baby, don't flatter yourself...you ain't good enough to rate that comparison yet. Nixon was good.

You son, are inept, incompetent and completely in over your head.

You should consider dropping out of the race.


John Sununu? You Cannot be Serious Mitt!

Yesterday, Mitt Romney gave us John Sununu, he of the stratospheric IQ and self inflicted tourette's syndrome of the mouth.

Prior to Romney's resurrection, Sununu was last in DC as Chief of Staff for Daddy Bush, and before that he was governor of New Hampshire. While in DC, Sununu succeeded in pissing off everyone from the President on down to the serving staff with his clueless handling of day to day affairs in the White House. It didn't help matters that he regularly used military planes to carry him around the world working or not.

Sununu was officially allowed to resign his position in the Bush I Administration, however a peek behind the curtain reveals that dude was pushed out by Bush the younger, at the behest of his father, for his boorish behavior and his tendency to use military planes for his own personal vacations and travels.

Sununu proved to be out of touch, and arrogant with an easily bruised ego, exceedingly quick to pass blame for problems onto whomever was standing nearby, including his president.

And now the equally clueless, out of touch and supremely arrogant Willard Mitt Romney has brought Sununu back for another spin in the spotlight.

Did he bring him back out of friendship? Hell no!

Mitt resurrected Sununu because he needed a fall guy. He needs an attack dog with no fear or real understanding of the present day world, to attack Obama. Once Sununu serves his purpose, he will be thrown back onto the trash heap where Mitt found him.

So, what has John-boy Sununu contributed so far?

"I wish this president would learn how to be an American," Sununu said about the President to reporters during a conference call, yesterday.

Great way to deflect attention away from that tax thing, right Mittens? Get an old school bigot to call the President names or question his “otherness.” Because everybody knows that only you white guys are real Americans, right Willard?

Poor John Sununu, still being used by the American Patricians to do their dirty work...first Daddy Bush...now Mittens Romney.

For someone with such a high IQ, Sununu remains as dumb as catshit.

Note to Mitt: Release the Kraken, boy...you're losing Mt Olympus.


Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama- The Clash of the Titans

So President Obama is beating up on Mitt Romney about his Bain Capital days.

So the fuck what!

For four years, we have watched every one wanting GOP/teabagger cred call Obama names, make fun of his family and disrespect the man to his face.

We have fumed because he is so bent on working with the wing nuts to govern this country, that he seemingly doesn't even flinch when they call him names or shout into his face interrupting the State of the Union Address, for instance.

He has been simply unflappable while standing in the midst of this GOP created shit storm.

For four fucking years, Obama has been Buddha, Gandhi, and Martin all wrapped up in one body.

Smile and turn the other cheek, he's told us and shown us, as we've gritted our teeth hoping for some comeback, like Malcolm or Marcus Garvey. 

We've secretly wished Obama had revealed  some Kunta Kinte fight in him.

On day one of his term, the GOP Congressional Leadership publicly vowed to take him out and make him a one term president. These vicious SOB's have laughed off every death threat and slam the neanderthals have dreamed up as a way of denigrating this President and his family.

The GOP has controlled the message....they have lied...they have attacked...they have obfuscated at every given opportunity. As a result there is no governance. There are only 33 attempts to repeal a law they are using for their repeated public flogging of the Prez.

33 times? Isn't that the textbook definition of crazy? Just askin'.

We on the left, call him soft because he won't fight back....because he stands there and takes it and tells us to take it too.

Until now....

President Obama has come out swinging for this election and nobody knows how to deal with it. The silly little pundits are worrying their useless little heads about whether or not the President is being too hard on Willard Mittens Romney. Is Obama being too negative too soon, they wonder out loud.

Again, I say, so the fuck what. Romney started the fight. Let's see if he can finish it. Fuck him if he can't take a joke!

I for one am glad and happy to stand back and watch the man whale on Mitten's white arrogance ass.

It's time somebody bloodied this fool. He isn't interested in running a fair campaign. Romney's sole interest is in being “king of the world.” Period!

Romney used these very tactics to kill his opposition during the republican primaries. When Gingrich and Santorum and Paul et al attacked Romney, He attacked back, with more money and so much negativity they had to back down and run.

Obama is basically using the same tape filled with the same allegations that the other GOP candidates used against Mitt. There is nothing new here.

It's just being used better and more effectively.

President Obama is a different animal. He has the money, he has the time and the best investigators available on earth.

And...unlike Mr. Romney....The President has been vetted..investigated and vetted again and again and again since 2007.

There are no more secrets to find out on Barack Obama. There is just his record as president, which really is not nearly as bad as the teabags would have you believe.

Trust me...despite what they say....they really, really, really don't want to talk about Obama's record of accomplishments these past four years.

So, as Rahm Emanual said yesterday “quit whininn' Romney. Mittens picked this fight.

Romney is the one who has brought back the “willie horton” smear experts to handle his campaign.

And there is an old saying in the ghetto....”Don't start nothin', won't be nothin.”

Romney and the GOP been throwing unanswered punches for four years.

Time for some old fashioned payback.

Step right ova here for yo ass whuppin', Mitt.

We got this...


Obamaville 2012

Ain't nothin' like a day in Obamaville. It is simply amazing how hanging out with people, happy, concerned, caring individuals of all shapes, sizes, ages and hues makes me feel.

It's like revisiting a Love-in from back in the 60's- “turn on, tune in,” but we're not dropping out. We're just getting started.


Obamaville, that magical place, appearing out of nowhere like Brigadoon, following the President from city to city as he tries to save us from ourselves.

Suddenly, all those emotions from 2008 have come storming back, purging all the false and negative bullshit that we've been swimming through these past few years.

Romney, The Republicans, The teabaggers are forgotten. Hell, Romney is toast if today is any indication.

The numerous cries of “Fired Up” rang through the hood, startling the joggers and walkers returning from Eden Park. Motorists passing by honked their horns. After all, it was 9AM on a Saturday morning-a rainy one at that.

The only thing missing was someone handing out Mimosas and biscuit sandwiches.


My people-watching was interrupted by a woman who professed the same sort of happiness that I was feeling, but she told me she is afraid.

Of what? I asked. Thinking she might have been nervous about the neighborhood or street where we stood talking.

No. She said it was the state of America and wondering whether or not the village would return to help Obama get re elected. She wants him back.

Well, if today is any indication, I said, Romney is in trouble.

Pay no attention to the pundits and their 24/7 doom-saying. Remember, they got it wrong in 2008, too, I reminded her.

Talked to a woman of color but not Black American, who asked me if you had to be registered to vote in order to get a ticket.

Hearing her accent, I didn't bother to harangue about voting. I simply told her all you gotta do is to get in line. She smiled as did her husband and two year old that they were towing along. Her hubby or significant other looked like any run of the mill white man, and he let her do the talking so I can only surmise if he could vote, wanted to vote or was in the same situation as his lady.

They all smiled. That is all that matters in Obamaville.

I arrived amidst a downpour two and a half hours before the tickets to the speech were due to be handed out. Still the line was halfway down the block, with people telling me they'd arrived around 8AM.

By the time the doors opened, the line stretched a full two blocks with more people arriving. The late comers telling me they'd heard about it on the news.

The President will speak on Monday at Music Hall in Downtown Cincinnati.

The newly renovated Washington Park will host Obamaville on that day. The Park just reopened this past week to much fanfare and the World Choir Games.

Gonna be a party. An Obama Party that started today and won't end until November 6th.




Condi/Mittens- Swirling for America

Oh shit! Mitt Romney's gonna choose Condoleeza Rice as his vice president! Quick let me run out and change my party registration to Republican...

At least that is the reaction Mitt and his handlers are hoping for from Black people. I mean after all, if you want black votes all you gotta do is put a Negro on the ticket somewhere, or in the organization in a visible position of pseudo authority and voila, you get the whole community en toto. Right?

That's how Obama got elected, remember. 150% of all Black people voted for Obama in 2008, including Condi, Clarence, and probably even Herman, if you believe the rumors. How else can a Black man get into the White House? Surely no real white people would vote him in. Right?

Considering that self identified Blacks still only make up 13% of the population, we did obviously have some help-must a been all those suddenly avowed mixed race people, too.

Why all this talk about  Condi, the former Secretary of State and BFF to both Bush Presidents?

Matt Drudge is trumpeting a new exclusive this morning, that Condoleeza Rice is on the short list of candidates to run with Mitt Romney as VP. He didn't say Mittens had chosen her, only that she was on the short list. And I'll bet my next paycheck this “exclusive” was handed to the reportorially challenged wannabe by the Romney organization as a means of changing the subject in the media.

By that I mean, Romney needs time to recover from the latest round of allegations about his allegedly shady business dealings concerning Bain Capital, these past several years, so he is floating Condi's name as a distraction. After all she is also Black and intelligent and her selection or consideration would seem to contradict the feeling that Mitt is rich, bigoted and clueless, following his speech to the NAACP earlier this week.

Note to Mitt: If you want to swirl, what about the Lt. Governor of Florida? Oh right, she's caught up in a same sex/tape scandal down in the sunshine state. Did you know that before you made her your date to the NAACP convention, earlier this week? Hmmmmm?


Rice has already NFW'ed the idea and I tend to agree, after all she is a policy-wonk and seemingly not very politically motivated. Romney has also promised that his VP choice would be anti-abortion. Condi is on record as being pro-choice. But we all know by now that Romney is prone to changing his mind regularly, depending on the way the wind blows.

Choosing Condi would also put a more powerful spotlight on the fact that Mittens is not really creating anything new.

He is recycling Dubya. It's Bush-lite warmed over and what better way to do that than to float the story that you're considering Dubya's second lady as your choice for VP.

It's certainly more fun than selling the people on your foreign cred by traveling to other countries to hold fund raising events.

What? Jerusalem fund raiser canceled?  Israelis too busy praying to throw money at you?

   Aw shucks!


Mitt Romney's Prick Posse Vantage Point

"Remind them of this: if they want more stuff from government, tell them to go vote for the other guy -- more free stuff. But don't forget, nothing is really free."-Mitt Romney

Free stuff?! Really Mitt?
 Free government stuff?
 Vote for the other guy?

Wow, I'm impressed. You walked into the lions den...stood in the white hot cannibal cauldron that is the NAACP, faced down the savages and told them, their free welfare ride is over...you're the guy, like it or not.

Oh wait...you didn't tell them to their shiny Black faces looking up at you, perched at their podium....you waited until later that evening to send the message...safely surrounded by your vanilla prick posse...in Montana no less.

Typical leader of the pack mentality.

Can't give a beat-down unless your boys are watching, making sure the fight stays uneven.

Coward! Mittens the meek and mild.

The NAACP offer was legit. They gave you time to present your program and policy to Blacks and possibly garner votes for your run for president. They do this every four years for all candidates running.

However, Instead of using the opportunity to win over the people, you chose to divide and conquer. You chose to patronize and to disrespect. You chose to show up with your assumptions about newly humanized Blacks on full display.

You and your Willie Horton creating handlers (yeah, we know they're back working with you and your Bush-lite ass), decided to have you deliver a condescending race baiting piece of crap, that was nothing more than red meat for your violently racist followers.

Congratulate yourself, man, for you are now a card carrying bigot, good for a 10% discount on the purchase of your next double wide, pack of chewing tobacco and Dr. Pepper six pack.

Despite what you said, we have seen into your heart, and honestly, we're not seeing much that we haven't seen before-a rich white guy who has no idea about the people of this country, and furthermore doesn't give a damn.

Free stuff you say?

We paid for our social security and benefits. The poor are not looking for freebies. They are looking for a better job then the one they've already got. That's why they are called the working poor-get it?

And surprise...the working poor pay into social security, too. It's not a hand out when you're simply getting back what you paid in to the system.

And to answer the question, Mr Romney: Who let the dogs out?

You did!


Secret Black Supporters?! Mitt You Know You Lyin'

I can hear my grandmother now;

“Mitt, baby....you sure you talking to real people...the ones outside your head...the ones you can actually see and shake hands with?”

“Secret Black Supporters? “

“Lawd, lawd, lawd...Boy if my lumbago weren't actin' up, I'd beat the white off your behind for tellin' that lie.”

“What am I gonna do with you?!”

“Give me strength, gawd....give me strength...Help this boy to see the light, please gawd!” (praying while she whips your ass)

(Insert heavy sigh)

Even when Mitt is actively trying not to step in shit, he does it anyway, goes and messes up another pair of wingtips...damn.

Romney told Fox News following his visit to the NAACP today that many blacks support him and plan to vote for him, but they don't want anyone to know.

Why not? Lots of Black people support republicans...hell they are republicans...Why wouldn't they support Romney and talk about it.

Who are these so called Black leaders afraid of....It's certainly not Obama.

Anybody who has paid attention these past four years knows the President is not into retaliation and payback.

If he was, the blue dog democrats would be history. Cheney and Bush would be in jail. Karl Rove wouldn't be walking around peddling his racist Crossroads GPS off as a social welfare organization. The Catholic Bishops would not have been consulted about birth control for women before the memo was issued.

That fool who shouted out during the State of the Union Address and Justice Alito...if Obama was vindictive...they might have found themselves cleaning toilets in one of the secret black ops prisons somewhere in this world, you betcha.

But as we all know, the President is determined to work in a bipartisan manner, even while ya'll continue to spit in his face, day after day after day.

If not Obama, then who? Inquiring minds want to know.

Romney's comments are insidious, and racist (yes, I'm playin' it). It implies that we Blacks are monolithic in our thinking and that we punish those who proceed to move against the common thinking. The implication that we vote for Obama solely because of his skin color and not because of his programs and ideology continues to be offensive. Much like that patronizing piece of crap you delivered to the NAACP today.

Nobody calls it race unity when we vote for white people. Nobody calls it race unity when a bunch of white people gather around a tree for a cookout and lynching. One black guy gets elected and all of a sudden, its a Black conspiracy where no opposition is tolerated from the community.

Give me a fucking break.

Note to Willard: There is one problem with your attack that unemployment in the Black community is 14.4%. It won't fly. Black unemployment is always and has been in my lifetime (6 decades), double white unemployment, even in the good years. It was so bad during Reagan's administration that he literally changed the rules on how minority unemployment was counted.

Read my lips; WE-ARE-USE-TO-THE-BULLSHIT that has brought so many whites to their knees these past few years.

Last hired, first fired...been there...done that.

Blacks are born in survival mode Mitt,...doesn't pop up just because the country is in a depression.

Obama cannot correct something like this in three years. Ain't possible.

Now you come promising to repeal healthcare, trash the public school system, and destroy the safety net designed to keep people from falling through the cracks.

You told the NAACP that you will restore Voodoo Economics on your first day in the White House.

Well, voodoo is African in origin, but not all of us Blacks practice, believe or are afraid of Voodoo.

Think about it.


Buying the White House

That is the only option left to Republicans. Put down cold, hard cash and buy the bitch. And they are on track to do just that, what with Willard Mitt Romney out fund raising Barack Hussein Obama for the past two months.

The latest stats show that Romney raised more than 100-million dollars last month compared to the President's 70-million or so.

The republicans can't win it on their record of no jobs, no jobs, no ,jobs, no abortions-lock up vaginas, so they are simply going to buy the real estate to keep the rabble from living in proximity to them.

It's their last trick, so to speak, short of all out gun blazing revolution which they do threaten on a regular basis these days. We the people have begun to see through their lies.

I mean look at record; the last Republican to balance the budget was Richard Nixon.

The last Republican to preside over a surplus was Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Ronald Reagan promised to balance the budget and eliminate the deficit in his first two years in office...then it was four years...then it was eight years..promises, promises.

Reagan also raised taxes 17 times during his administration, not that the GOP will acknowledge that info given their deluded attempts to run a country on no money.

Trickle down Economics has been the law of the land since Reagan lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and except for when Bill Clinton called a halt to the bullshit and really did balance the budget and eliminate the deficit, the country has been in the red-with the exception of rich people. Everybody else has been screwed.

Then comes 2000. Gore wins, but the Supreme Court gives the election to Dubya, the result of all those hanging chads down in Broward County Florida.

Bush promptly ate up the surplus, started two illegal wars, and gave his frat buddies massive tax cuts, and senior citizens a massive drug plan that wasn't paid for either. All of it still unfunded to this day. Voila! America is in deep doo-doo, leaving Barack Obama ass deep in alligators.

The middle class is being strangled to where it is almost small enough to be drowned in the bathtub.

Romney has been trying to beat Obama or any Democrat for that matter for the past 10 years.

He knows that if he admits that his economic plan is just Bush-lite warmed over left overs, nobody will vote him. So he stumbled across his course of action during the primaries.

He will simply do what the rich do-buy whatever it is they want, and they want the White House.

Remember the GOP electorate really doesn't like Mittens either. They really, really, really want someone else to be their nominee and when the flavor of the month popped up to challenge him in the primaries, Romney would bury them in cash and negative advertising.

This is his plan to handle Obama, too.

Romney is the alpha dog when it comes to making money. We all know that. How else do you put 100-million dollars in an IRA bank account that was never designed to hold that much money in the first place.

You really got to know what you're doing. Given Romney's reported worth. He damn sure does know what he is doing money-wise.

But just because he makes money, does not mean that he will make a good president regardless of what his Mormon god has prophesied.

Since we can't outspend them...we are gonna have to out vote them. We already out number them. However it remains to be seen if enough people have been freed from the matrix in order to make a difference.

So what cha gonna do....swallow the blue pill and go back to sleep or take the red pill and wake up in the real world?



Aw Lighten Up, Brother Herman Cain-We Just Funnin' with Yo White Folks!

 "Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks." -Chris Rock

That's what he said, alluding to the fact that while America had won its independence from Great Britain, slavery was still the law of the land for black folks and some Indians.   Rock didn't lie. He was just making a joke based on fact.

But the conservative wing nuts on the right got mad. One of them, who authors one of the blogs that I refuse to read, told Rock to go fuck himself. Not nice! I mean who knew they paid attention to or had even heard of Chris Rock? Most conservative comedy is provided to them by guys with names like Herman and Clarence or Stepin, or Amos or Andy (Amos n Andy were white, too-shhhhh don't tell anybody).

Chris Rock? Really?

Rock didn't lie. He just pointed out a truth and therein lies the problem. Some whites, mainly conservative but some liberals too, are very sensitive when you start pointing out to them how big a bastard their collective ancestors were back in the day. That's why they are always telling us to get over it, because THEY have and don't want to discuss it. WE “hold onto the past.” WE “play the race card.” WE are “too sensitive.” WE “misunderstand” when the President is called a Monkey or his wife a gorilla or his kids, orangutans. 

 All that shit is funny, right? But to link slavery and independence day...that's not funny...

You know what's funny....Conservatives who are literally rewriting the history books to teach their kids that slavery was not a problem in America. Some of them are going all the way to changing names like calling the slave Middle Passage, the Triangle Trade, or eliminating altogether any mention of the fact that most of America's Presidents were also slave owners...makes the USA look bad..... Texas, Please!

I don't know of a Black person on this continent who is not proud of being an American , especially on the 4th of July (Wil Smith whipped ET's ass, remember?). However what pisses us off are those who refuse to acknowledge what went down after the Revolutionary War. We have all, both black and white paid a price for it and it will never end until some white people, some blacks in denial and some conservatives own up to what happened.

And as for Brother Cain, he told CNN today: “I think it was Chris Rock who made fun of the fact, ‘Well, it might be Independence Day, but the slaves weren’t free then.’ Look at it this way, if America had not become independent, slaves might still be slaves.”

Actually Pizza Man, it took 90 years for America to free its slaves after the revolution . The British, however, freed their slaves some 32 years before that. It's called the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833. Feel free to look it up.....that is if the conservatives haven't wiped it out of your history books yet.