Aw Lighten Up, Brother Herman Cain-We Just Funnin' with Yo White Folks!

 "Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks." -Chris Rock

That's what he said, alluding to the fact that while America had won its independence from Great Britain, slavery was still the law of the land for black folks and some Indians.   Rock didn't lie. He was just making a joke based on fact.

But the conservative wing nuts on the right got mad. One of them, who authors one of the blogs that I refuse to read, told Rock to go fuck himself. Not nice! I mean who knew they paid attention to or had even heard of Chris Rock? Most conservative comedy is provided to them by guys with names like Herman and Clarence or Stepin, or Amos or Andy (Amos n Andy were white, too-shhhhh don't tell anybody).

Chris Rock? Really?

Rock didn't lie. He just pointed out a truth and therein lies the problem. Some whites, mainly conservative but some liberals too, are very sensitive when you start pointing out to them how big a bastard their collective ancestors were back in the day. That's why they are always telling us to get over it, because THEY have and don't want to discuss it. WE “hold onto the past.” WE “play the race card.” WE are “too sensitive.” WE “misunderstand” when the President is called a Monkey or his wife a gorilla or his kids, orangutans. 

 All that shit is funny, right? But to link slavery and independence day...that's not funny...

You know what's funny....Conservatives who are literally rewriting the history books to teach their kids that slavery was not a problem in America. Some of them are going all the way to changing names like calling the slave Middle Passage, the Triangle Trade, or eliminating altogether any mention of the fact that most of America's Presidents were also slave owners...makes the USA look bad..... Texas, Please!

I don't know of a Black person on this continent who is not proud of being an American , especially on the 4th of July (Wil Smith whipped ET's ass, remember?). However what pisses us off are those who refuse to acknowledge what went down after the Revolutionary War. We have all, both black and white paid a price for it and it will never end until some white people, some blacks in denial and some conservatives own up to what happened.

And as for Brother Cain, he told CNN today: “I think it was Chris Rock who made fun of the fact, ‘Well, it might be Independence Day, but the slaves weren’t free then.’ Look at it this way, if America had not become independent, slaves might still be slaves.”

Actually Pizza Man, it took 90 years for America to free its slaves after the revolution . The British, however, freed their slaves some 32 years before that. It's called the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833. Feel free to look it up.....that is if the conservatives haven't wiped it out of your history books yet.


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