Secret Black Supporters?! Mitt You Know You Lyin'

I can hear my grandmother now;

“Mitt, baby....you sure you talking to real people...the ones outside your head...the ones you can actually see and shake hands with?”

“Secret Black Supporters? “

“Lawd, lawd, lawd...Boy if my lumbago weren't actin' up, I'd beat the white off your behind for tellin' that lie.”

“What am I gonna do with you?!”

“Give me strength, gawd....give me strength...Help this boy to see the light, please gawd!” (praying while she whips your ass)

(Insert heavy sigh)

Even when Mitt is actively trying not to step in shit, he does it anyway, goes and messes up another pair of wingtips...damn.

Romney told Fox News following his visit to the NAACP today that many blacks support him and plan to vote for him, but they don't want anyone to know.

Why not? Lots of Black people support republicans...hell they are republicans...Why wouldn't they support Romney and talk about it.

Who are these so called Black leaders afraid of....It's certainly not Obama.

Anybody who has paid attention these past four years knows the President is not into retaliation and payback.

If he was, the blue dog democrats would be history. Cheney and Bush would be in jail. Karl Rove wouldn't be walking around peddling his racist Crossroads GPS off as a social welfare organization. The Catholic Bishops would not have been consulted about birth control for women before the memo was issued.

That fool who shouted out during the State of the Union Address and Justice Alito...if Obama was vindictive...they might have found themselves cleaning toilets in one of the secret black ops prisons somewhere in this world, you betcha.

But as we all know, the President is determined to work in a bipartisan manner, even while ya'll continue to spit in his face, day after day after day.

If not Obama, then who? Inquiring minds want to know.

Romney's comments are insidious, and racist (yes, I'm playin' it). It implies that we Blacks are monolithic in our thinking and that we punish those who proceed to move against the common thinking. The implication that we vote for Obama solely because of his skin color and not because of his programs and ideology continues to be offensive. Much like that patronizing piece of crap you delivered to the NAACP today.

Nobody calls it race unity when we vote for white people. Nobody calls it race unity when a bunch of white people gather around a tree for a cookout and lynching. One black guy gets elected and all of a sudden, its a Black conspiracy where no opposition is tolerated from the community.

Give me a fucking break.

Note to Willard: There is one problem with your attack that unemployment in the Black community is 14.4%. It won't fly. Black unemployment is always and has been in my lifetime (6 decades), double white unemployment, even in the good years. It was so bad during Reagan's administration that he literally changed the rules on how minority unemployment was counted.

Read my lips; WE-ARE-USE-TO-THE-BULLSHIT that has brought so many whites to their knees these past few years.

Last hired, first fired...been there...done that.

Blacks are born in survival mode Mitt,...doesn't pop up just because the country is in a depression.

Obama cannot correct something like this in three years. Ain't possible.

Now you come promising to repeal healthcare, trash the public school system, and destroy the safety net designed to keep people from falling through the cracks.

You told the NAACP that you will restore Voodoo Economics on your first day in the White House.

Well, voodoo is African in origin, but not all of us Blacks practice, believe or are afraid of Voodoo.

Think about it.

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