Open Note to Mitt Romney

Hey Mitt, “Thought You Said You a Bid-ness Man” 

Dude, I am totally and completely confused. You told us you was a bid-ness man and that we should vote for you because you know bid-ness and how to fix this economy and how to put us back to work.

So what, we supposed to do, take your word for it?

You been runnin' for president for damn near 10 years, and you've had this problem, whatever it is, since you were governor of Massachusetts. You didn't fix it in all this time and you want me to vote for you?

You want us to ignore the paper trail laid down by Bain Capital. You want us to ignore your record in the Massachusetts State House. You want us to pretend that your financials are in order based on a year of income tax returns.? 

 Are you really that arrogant and condescending to the rest of us that you think all you have to do is to tell us "no?"

C'mon man, you runnin' for president of the United States, not your local boy scout troop.

Where's the paper trail to prove your credit worthiness? You ain't even handin' out Vistaprint free bid-ness cards with your name on it, at this point in the campaign.

And then you send your equally clueless wife out to defend your actions on television and she proceeds to put both feet in her big mouth. “You People!?” Really? Sure she tells everybody how successful you are...how charitable you are to your church.....and we the people would see that if we looked at your financials.

Well, Homie, that is exactly what we tryin' to do....look at your financials...but you won't give em to us.

What kinda shit is that?

Okay, so you give to your church....good...great....but I got a problem with that too, seein' as how your church is the Mormon Church...the church that isn't sure if people like me are human and also was the major source of funding to keep same sex marriage from happening in California...you know that whole Prop 8 thing that's still going on out there.

Since you tithe to your church, I can only surmise that you are in favor of writing law discriminating against me and my people, the black ones as well as the gay ones.

Let me be totally honest with you, Mitt, I don't give a righteous damn about your lack of paper pushing skills. I don't really care about whether or not you hit the mark on your filings to the SEC.

What I care about is the complete and utter failure on your part to handle the peripheral bullshit surrounding your apparent ineptness to do the right thing. Why you got to lie?

If you can't handle the circus surrounding failure to release paperwork, paperwork that is done by nearly every other American citizen in some form or other, how the hell you gonna handle anything else that might crop up inside the Oval Office?

I mean, really, you're looking more and more Sarah Palinish every day that you allow this to drag on. I can almost see why Walnuts thought the snowbilly was a better choice for VP.

I saw one ad comparing you to Tricky Dick Nixon, but baby, don't flatter yourself...you ain't good enough to rate that comparison yet. Nixon was good.

You son, are inept, incompetent and completely in over your head.

You should consider dropping out of the race.

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