The Affordable Healthcare Law-Some Plain Talk

I don't know what made Chief Justice Roberts vote the way he did on the Affordable Healthcare case.

Maybe it was like Sophia said in The Color Purple; “Day iz a gawd!”

Maybe his check from Karl Rove and the Heritage Foundation got lost in the mail, while Thomas, Scalia and Alito laughed all the way to the bank.

Or maybe it was as simple as Justice Roberts remembering that he is the Chief Justice of the United States of ALL of America and not just some cantankerous group of ultra conservatives bent on destroying the Republic.

Nobody will ever know unless he opens up about it somewhere in the distant future.

The fact remains, that despite all the newly formed conservative conspiracy theories, Chief Justice Roberts got it right and for that I can only say thank you.

Thank you as a woman, and thank you as someone with a chronic, eventually terminal and pre existing condition. Roberts gave me back my human-ness instead of relegating me to the forgettable statistic column.

Justice Roberts vote finally brought some equality to women. Pregnancy is no longer considered a pre existing condition. Birth control becomes free, just like viagra. Preventative healthcare is moved to the forefront.

Soon, maybe even dental work will become routine for all Americans.

The media and its talking head conservative driven news programs is making much of the idea that now everyone has a new tax to deal with because of the Affordable Healthcare Law....That the penalty is a tax hike that all taxpayers must anti up.....This is simply not true.

The correct analogy is that the healthcare penalty is like the tax on cigarettes or the tax on liquor or the tax on gasoline. This is what Justice Roberts pointed out to the court.

These taxes are only paid by users. In other words...if you smoke cigarettes or drink whiskey or drive a car, then you must pay the taxes to do so.

The same is now true for healthcare.

In other words, you can no longer treat the emergency room as your own personal doctor's office without penalty. You won't pay it when you get treated, but you will pay it on your taxes.

Because everyone needs healthcare...because everyone gets sick...or has an accident..simply gets older...the law states you have to pay for your healthcare, whether it be through buying a plan, privately purchased, through your employer, or through any number of insurance exchanges that are being set up.

If you choose not to buy insurance before you get sick, you have to pay a penalty on your income tax. It's as simple as that. Buy insurance...no penalty...Don't buy insurance..pay the tax..

This tax eliminates the free ride....If you play...you now will have to pay. And since everyone will eventually need a doctor or medical care...everyone pays for his or her own healthcare.

That is all that the Affordable Healthcare Law does. It does not expand government power. Government, as Justice Roberts said, already has and exercises this power.

The other thing that is being overlooked is that most of the Affordable Healthcare Law won't take affect until 2014.

Right now, parents can keep their college age kids insured until they are 26.

Right now, co-pays for preventive care have been wiped out.

Children with pre existing condition must be granted insurance with no expiration date.

Right now, the insurance companies cannot drop you when you get sick.

Seniors get help with their drugs purchases.

And insurance companies are being forced to use the money they collect from us on medical care for us. If they don't...they are required by law to give us back our money in cash.

Those checks are now in the mail.

And despite what the GOP says the plan is working. Ask a doctor or a nurse or someone other than a politician whose only goal is to deny Barack Obama a second term in the Presidency.

Mittons Romney doubled down on his “repeal and replace” position yesterday. He lied to you about what happened with Romneycare in Massachusetts when he was governor.

His program is very successful. Folks in Massachusetts love Romneycare. It was and remains the plan upon which The Affordable Healthcare Law is based.

But he chooses to side with the nut bags...just to get elected President...as if it is his Mormon-given right to lead us. (there is Mormon prophecy that speaks to this divine right to lead)

He.....Mitt Romney is a liar...he lies about healthcare,...he lies about his role in creating healthcare...he lies about his positions on jobs and the economy without telling you what his real positions are...

The whole truth of the healthcare law is that “Obamacare” as the right insists on calling it was modeled after "Romneycare" which was modeled after the 1993 version of the healthcare act that was put forth solely and completely the Republican party.

The individual mandate...the penalty that everyone is bitching about, was a creation of the Heritage Foundation conservative think tank that now fights tooth and nail and buys supreme court justices with the names of Scalia, Alito and Thomas.

The Affordable Healthcare Law is, was and remains a Republican idea, adopted by Mitt Romney when he was a governor, which was then adopted by Barack Obama in his unceasing and suicidal efforts to work with Congress in a bipartisan manner.
Their law...his name... and they don't like it...
It's that simple, really...


Mitt Romney: “Soy Mexicano Tambien”

I'm still waiting for the Mittbot to stand before a black crowd in a real ghetto, somewhere in America and declare; “I am African American, like you.” He never will-set foot into a ghetto or declare solidarity with us, and you can take that to the bank.

Somewhere in the back of his Mormon mind, we still haven't evolved into humanness yet, despite what his church officially says, and it shows in his politics.

Although he did attempt to spit out “who let the dogs out!” while standing uncomfortably amongst a group of young black people one time...No need to bother wooly little black heads with policy matters....just bark out some half assed hip hop song lyrics...that works, right? Yeah right!

But he went before an Hispanic crowd and tried to proclaim himself a Mexican immigrant, just like most of them, which was offensive, in my own personal opinion.

The assumption that all in the room were in fact immigrants is like assuming all Black people were born and raised in the ghetto.

Claiming immigrant status when your family were actually expatriots is doubly offensive.

The Mittbot's white boy privilege was on display once again, and once again, nobody, meaning the mainstream media is calling him on it.

Mittbot is still trying to dance around the President's new policy of not deporting young people who were brought to this country by their parents.

His statement that President Obama hasn't done anything on immigration, is a blatant lie. It is a lie that all Republicans are spitting out in lockstep in order to get the Mittbot installed in the White House.

Truth-and you can look it up: The President's immigration policy is called The Dream Act. It was passed by the House and sent to the Senate where it also passed.

So what happened? Why is it not yet law? Well...

The GOP in the Senate filibustered the law til it died. It has been gridlocked ever since. For those of you who don't know....In order to get a law through the Senate you have to have 60 votes instead of the routine 51 majority...The Dream Act got 55 votes-the GOP filibustered...

This is how the GOP ties up stuff to keep it from passing.

The Dream Act was a bipartisan measure that was killed because the GOP has been playing “kill Obama” since January 2009. They couldn't beat him, so they are using any means necessary to stymie, hinder, embarrass, deny, or stop Obama at every single turn.

As for this damn “Fast and Furious” gun running crap...negro please!

Why is Eric Holder being held accountable for a fake ass program that he stopped? He wasn't running it...Holder didn't create Fast and Furious...Holder put an end to it..

George W Bush's administrative operatives did create it...Fast and Furious was a GOP gun running ploy that blew up in their face..

Yet...somehow....Democrats...Obama and Holder are being blamed..

How is that possible that the GOP has taken a lousy republican idea and sold the brain-dead of America the idea that Fast and Furious is Obama's attempt to repeal the second amendment and pry all their guns from their cold dead hands.

Why is no one standing up and complaining?

Why is no one complaining about the shennanigans of Darryl Issa? This dude is a flat out thug in a business suit....a car thief...convicted felon..sitting in judgment of Barack Obama and his administration.

I have a real problem with that....white boy privilege...everybody else goes to jail...

White boys go to Congress...

And by the way, Mittens....the private sector really is doing fine!

The problem is the layoffs of teachers, firefighters and police that is screwing up the economy...

Chew on that...why don cha...


Mitt Romney Rewrites History

Why don't we just call Mitt Romney what he is....a liar. The days of fancy words to describe what this guy does are over.

HE LIES! Period!

Romney has jettisoned every stance that he used to stand for when he was governor of Massachusetts. Now he wants us to believe that he never believed or said all that sorta liberal stuff that came out of his mouth in the first place.

He was mistaken....I didn't really say that, that way.....I misunderstood the question...You misunderstood what I was trying to say or accomplish...Uh, well, it wasn't really like that....I was wrong...I never did that....don't believe me...ask my wife Ann...Honey, tell em!”

Helluva presidential candidate....doesn't know what he said....doesn't know what he stands for...

We don't know what he will actually do.

But he says he will make a hella president of the United States.....Trust him! Right!

Nigga please! (Insert “Mormon,” in place of Nigga, if it will make you feel better. Same difference.)

Another word comes to mind about good ole Mitt....”HO!”

A Ho is someone who will do anything for money, power, and position...In the real world Ho is another name for a politician, especially one who shows no integrity of thought, rationale or backbone.

If Willard wins, he will be HO in Chief......been campaigning for a decade to move into the White House since he left Bain Capital, in fact...and he will do anything to get there, especially, as we have seen,  lie about his accomplishments, his beliefs and his background.

Willard Mitt Romney is a very rich, and at for least today, an ultra conservative HO, who used to be a sorta middle of the road, very wealthy conservative HO....But still a HO none the less.

Case in point....his military experience...or lack thereof.....

If you listen to dude, he tells you....”Man, I really and truly wanted to go to Vietnam...I really, really, really did!”

I literally tore down that door to the recruitment center to sign up to fight for my country. But they wouldn't let me, man!”

Now see, what had happen was, I was in school when Vietnam jumped off...then my church wanted me to go Paris and turn French people into Mormons. I had to go...can't say no to Brigham Young and Jesus...and besides, the secret council of elders had already given me my magic underwear!”

Then when I got back in the States, I went back to school. So really I had no time to fight and when I told the government about this, THEY gave me a deferment...or two...or three...or four.”

It's what Dick Cheney said...”I wanted to go...but I had better things to do...”


Deferments, my ass....Romney did what all rich boys with powerful fathers did....they dodged the draft, period.

Call it what is was.

Put Romney's deferments right up there along side his amnesia about leading the prick posse in high school.

Believe him at your own peril.



Open Letter to Willard Mitt Romney

Dear Mr. Romney,

Please forgive the formality, but even though you dominate the news on any given day, I don't hardly feel that I know you well enough to call you by your first name at this point in our relationship, you being such a formal and strait laced kind of guy, and all.

I wanted to introduce myself to you, since you've obviously never met someone like me. All of your statements and pontifications specifically spell out the kinds of people you know and are comfortable with and I don't see myself . I don't even see myself depicted in your campaign infomercials aimed at getting voters to like you.

What is it? You don't think people like me vote? Did Mrs. Romney not tell you that women come in all colors, ethnic and economic backgrounds, too, just like men? Has she told you yet, that women actually outnumber men?

Because I am female, Mr. Romney. I'm also not rich, I am successful and happy in my life, and happen to be Black and lesbian. But if it makes you feel better, I'm not really on this same sex marriage tip. Not that I don't think gay people should be married. I just don't think marriage works for women, gay or straight. It's an outdated institution.

But I guess that thought is a bridge too far for your traditional thinking, huh..

People like me do vote Mr. Romney. People like me do pay very close attention, Mr. Romney. We also have concerns for those not so fortunate. You know, poor people, those of us without trust funds, who have to work for a living.

I have to admit, I don't see any empathy or compassion leeching from your pores for the poor or swiftly disappearing middle class, and that causes me great concern. I mean, how can you be president of only some of the people? Isn't the presidency an all or nothing kind of job?

What are you going to do, on your first day in office....deport those of us who don't fit your ideal of American? You going to issue an executive order revoking our humanity like your Mormon forefathers did to my forefathers and me, prior to 1978? I was born in 1950, so you and your church didn't grant me human cred until I was 28.

Was that a christian compassionate move or merely a political one in anticipation of a Mormon takeover of the US of A?

By the way, I want to congratulate you on your overwhelming financial success in life. You've taken that leg up from your trust fund and turned it into millions, possibly billions of dollars and I can only guess how well it is compounding in those tax havens around the globe. We all know you're rich, but we can only guess at whether it is the “m” word or the “b” word since you still haven't gotten around to releasing your tax returns.

Blackmailing President Obama into keeping the Bush tax policies in place has really, really been good for you and your cronies. I can understand why you wouldn't want things to change too much.

From your earnings alone, it is obvious that for people like you, Obama's econ policy is on the right track. Why it's even trickling down to the rest of us. So why do you want to change policies? If we go back to the economic past, pre-Obama, like you say you intend to do, you won't screw yourself up much but you will mess up the rest of us, again.

Wouldn't it be better to continue on the current path, which is working for everyone and not just some?

But I guess if we did that, there would be no need for change in the White House. You could stay in Michigan, riding your new elevator up and down, and Obama could stay in DC. Obviously, since you've been running for president for 12 years, that is not the outcome that you have pictured mentally, is it?

Mr. Romney, there is an old saying about judging a person by the company they keep and I have to tell you that I am deeply concerned about the company in which you've placed yourself.

Clowns and crazy people, really?
You're running around the country doing fundraisers with Donald Trump, the on-paper millionaire and have selected Robert Bork as one of your chief advisers. Really? I mean Really!? In fact, all of your chief advisers come from Dubya, don't they, thus revealing your desire to turn back the hands of time. But you supplied the feminine touch by adding your wife to that mix, didn't you. How very diverse of you.

Question- other than your wife, are there no other women with whom you're comfortable? Phyllis Schlafley too old? That woman from NOM too crazy for the mix? What about Michelle Malkin, she's both brown, ethnic, and in denial.

Are there no other closeted Log Cabin Republicans hidden inside your campaign organization that you can talk out some of this angst you obviously have around the LGBT community? There are many gay republicans out there. Conservative ones too.

Are Herman Cain or Clarence Thomas, or Thomas Sowell, or Condi or General Powell not returning your calls? Don't Fiddy or Diddy or Kanye make enough money to be courted and invited to a Romney fundraiser? What about the Johnsons or Oprah? They are billionaires for goodness sakes.

Surely there are some Hispanic former immigrant types who have turned against their people and become republicans. Marco Rubio can't be only brown fat cat in your social circle, can he.

Don't you feel the ethnic bond with your brown brothers, Mr. Romney, since we are all African on this planet regardless of the color of our skins and the continent we call home.

Shouldn't the 21st century be about inclusion rather than exclusion, especially since the biggest lie of all creation, that being that your people are the majority in this world, is about to be exposed and disposed of permanently?

Something to think about Mr. Romney.

You take care and have a great day. I do believe in karma, so I won't wish anything on you that I wouldn't want for myself.

Respectfully yours