Mitt Romney: “Soy Mexicano Tambien”

I'm still waiting for the Mittbot to stand before a black crowd in a real ghetto, somewhere in America and declare; “I am African American, like you.” He never will-set foot into a ghetto or declare solidarity with us, and you can take that to the bank.

Somewhere in the back of his Mormon mind, we still haven't evolved into humanness yet, despite what his church officially says, and it shows in his politics.

Although he did attempt to spit out “who let the dogs out!” while standing uncomfortably amongst a group of young black people one time...No need to bother wooly little black heads with policy matters....just bark out some half assed hip hop song lyrics...that works, right? Yeah right!

But he went before an Hispanic crowd and tried to proclaim himself a Mexican immigrant, just like most of them, which was offensive, in my own personal opinion.

The assumption that all in the room were in fact immigrants is like assuming all Black people were born and raised in the ghetto.

Claiming immigrant status when your family were actually expatriots is doubly offensive.

The Mittbot's white boy privilege was on display once again, and once again, nobody, meaning the mainstream media is calling him on it.

Mittbot is still trying to dance around the President's new policy of not deporting young people who were brought to this country by their parents.

His statement that President Obama hasn't done anything on immigration, is a blatant lie. It is a lie that all Republicans are spitting out in lockstep in order to get the Mittbot installed in the White House.

Truth-and you can look it up: The President's immigration policy is called The Dream Act. It was passed by the House and sent to the Senate where it also passed.

So what happened? Why is it not yet law? Well...

The GOP in the Senate filibustered the law til it died. It has been gridlocked ever since. For those of you who don't know....In order to get a law through the Senate you have to have 60 votes instead of the routine 51 majority...The Dream Act got 55 votes-the GOP filibustered...

This is how the GOP ties up stuff to keep it from passing.

The Dream Act was a bipartisan measure that was killed because the GOP has been playing “kill Obama” since January 2009. They couldn't beat him, so they are using any means necessary to stymie, hinder, embarrass, deny, or stop Obama at every single turn.

As for this damn “Fast and Furious” gun running crap...negro please!

Why is Eric Holder being held accountable for a fake ass program that he stopped? He wasn't running it...Holder didn't create Fast and Furious...Holder put an end to it..

George W Bush's administrative operatives did create it...Fast and Furious was a GOP gun running ploy that blew up in their face..

Yet...somehow....Democrats...Obama and Holder are being blamed..

How is that possible that the GOP has taken a lousy republican idea and sold the brain-dead of America the idea that Fast and Furious is Obama's attempt to repeal the second amendment and pry all their guns from their cold dead hands.

Why is no one standing up and complaining?

Why is no one complaining about the shennanigans of Darryl Issa? This dude is a flat out thug in a business suit....a car thief...convicted felon..sitting in judgment of Barack Obama and his administration.

I have a real problem with that....white boy privilege...everybody else goes to jail...

White boys go to Congress...

And by the way, Mittens....the private sector really is doing fine!

The problem is the layoffs of teachers, firefighters and police that is screwing up the economy...

Chew on that...why don cha...

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