Mitt Romney Rewrites History

Why don't we just call Mitt Romney what he is....a liar. The days of fancy words to describe what this guy does are over.

HE LIES! Period!

Romney has jettisoned every stance that he used to stand for when he was governor of Massachusetts. Now he wants us to believe that he never believed or said all that sorta liberal stuff that came out of his mouth in the first place.

He was mistaken....I didn't really say that, that way.....I misunderstood the question...You misunderstood what I was trying to say or accomplish...Uh, well, it wasn't really like that....I was wrong...I never did that....don't believe me...ask my wife Ann...Honey, tell em!”

Helluva presidential candidate....doesn't know what he said....doesn't know what he stands for...

We don't know what he will actually do.

But he says he will make a hella president of the United States.....Trust him! Right!

Nigga please! (Insert “Mormon,” in place of Nigga, if it will make you feel better. Same difference.)

Another word comes to mind about good ole Mitt....”HO!”

A Ho is someone who will do anything for money, power, and position...In the real world Ho is another name for a politician, especially one who shows no integrity of thought, rationale or backbone.

If Willard wins, he will be HO in Chief......been campaigning for a decade to move into the White House since he left Bain Capital, in fact...and he will do anything to get there, especially, as we have seen,  lie about his accomplishments, his beliefs and his background.

Willard Mitt Romney is a very rich, and at for least today, an ultra conservative HO, who used to be a sorta middle of the road, very wealthy conservative HO....But still a HO none the less.

Case in point....his military experience...or lack thereof.....

If you listen to dude, he tells you....”Man, I really and truly wanted to go to Vietnam...I really, really, really did!”

I literally tore down that door to the recruitment center to sign up to fight for my country. But they wouldn't let me, man!”

Now see, what had happen was, I was in school when Vietnam jumped off...then my church wanted me to go Paris and turn French people into Mormons. I had to go...can't say no to Brigham Young and Jesus...and besides, the secret council of elders had already given me my magic underwear!”

Then when I got back in the States, I went back to school. So really I had no time to fight and when I told the government about this, THEY gave me a deferment...or two...or three...or four.”

It's what Dick Cheney said...”I wanted to go...but I had better things to do...”


Deferments, my ass....Romney did what all rich boys with powerful fathers did....they dodged the draft, period.

Call it what is was.

Put Romney's deferments right up there along side his amnesia about leading the prick posse in high school.

Believe him at your own peril.


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