Mitt Romney for President of Half the People Some of the Time

Well it's official, Willard only likes half the population. From his own mouth, he says he likes those taxpaying hardworking individuals who make more than 250,000 dollars a year. Now bear in mind these folks are middle class folks, not rich like Mitt, and they, he says, also understand his policies and plans for America when he takes back the White House.

I have to admit that I don't understand that taxpaying thing. Mitt doesn't pay taxes, or he pays fewer taxes than most poor people. I just don't get that criterion. It's do as I say, not as I do. Oh well.

Full disclosure, I've always been part of the other half, you know, the ones that Mitt won't bother himself with, ever. I'm a woman-strike one. I'm Black-strike two. I'm lesbian-strike three. I do pay taxes. I'm a homeowner. Never been on welfare. Existed peocefully in corporate America when I worked there. I'm stable, sorta. Do gotta pre existing condition, but I am officially a senior citizen, complete with medicare. Those last two make it strike four and five by Mitt's tally, I would guess.  Don't qualify. 

It's pretty easy when you're born that way. You kind of know from jump that you're never going to get invited into the Oval Office, so there are usually never any misunderstandings, as long as you stay in your lane or ghetto, as it were.

Back in the day, bigots like Mitt wore their sheets outside, making them easy to spot when they come in the night. Today it is a bit more difficult to recognize them unless they get caught on tape being themselves amongst others of similar outlook and temperament.

But inquiring minds want to know...how does Romney tell which Americans are his constituents? I mean we all know Mitt loves him some white men and white women. They make up the GOP base, pretty much with one or two chocolate swirls thrown in for good measure, think Artur, Herman, and Mia.

But statistics show that most white men and women also don't pay taxes, also get some kind of government stipend, ie social security, food stamps, medicare, medicaid, veterans benefits, survivor benefits, etc.

It's not just Black and brown people...It's ya'll, too.

So, basically none of us are gonna be governed by President Romney unless we can manage to make it into his personal tax bracket which he doesn't honor. Are there enough rich white guys to make up half of the American electorate, to get him into the White House in the first place? Do they have that much money to buy it for him? Or are we watching a small bunch of bigots bankrupt themselves trying? Just askin'

I'm no math whiz, but it looks like what Big Bill Clinton said..it's all about arithmetic. Judging from what he said, Mitt's half is a lot smaller than our half. If we vote, Willard loses by the numbers.

Remember that old dog food commercial....well just insert the word “half” for “dog” and sing.....”my half's bigger than your half..my half's bigger than yours...my half's bigger cause our math's better...my half's bigger than yours!”

Vote responsibly in November.


Obamaville Sets Up in Eden Park

You know I dearly love the fact that President Obama chose to spend time in my neighborhood on Monday. He chose Eden Park, an absolutely beautiful piece of green space in Cincinnati located between the two downtown neighborhoods of Walnut Hills and Mt. Adams.

Mittens Romney sent his campaign bus with Steve Chabot and a few other supporters to slam the Prez and his policies. Trouble was, they parked at Mirror Lake, right next to the public bathrooms and nobody but the geese and three mounted patrol were there to hear it.

I liked the shot of the Romney supporters grouped behind Steve “Mr. Comb-over Chabot.” They had five or six white people surrounding a tall Black youth in the middle. They also came with a fake reporter/videographer team, making it seem like they had traveling news coverage. The fake reporter was the other dark face visibly apparent for Romney and company.

Guess Mitt will now be able to say he comes to the ghetto too, considering he parked his bus on Nassau Street where it feeds down into the park. Not really ghetto, but more Black people living in proximity than he usually attracts. Maybe some of them stuck their heads out the window to see his very small commotion. Nah, probably went to work. Black people over there must have jobs to afford their homes.

Whoa! Working middle class black people. Now that is a concept that I will bet Mitt has never considered.

Back to Obamaville, that multicultural, multi-generational, multicolored traveling village that follows the President where ever he speaks. They are willing to show up at a moment's notice and wait, walk or ride however long is necessary to see him and to hear his voice, regardless of whether or not they'd heard it before.

And in full disclosure-this was not a new speech. It was pure stump, very little new meat added to it. The old applause lines twisted into new configurations, with the old message still intact.

But it doesn't matter, the hopeful just want to be there to bask in his history. It's always hurry up and wait, with the “wait” time spent meeting new friends, finding and reconnecting with old friends or just talking with strangers for how ever long you end up standing next to them in the long, long security lines.

I was truly amazed this time watching people leave-the number of physically challenged folk who came anyway given the very difficult terrain in order to see President Obama. The Seasongood Pavilion is a naturally occurring “bowl” that you must walk or roll down into, because there are no steps, just slanted ground. Conversely it is a steep climb to get out. It's not easy for the infirm, the elderly nor the handicapped.

But that didn't stop them. Nor did it deter the physically fit. They pushed, walked slow and even carried those who couldn't, up and down that hill, so that all could see Obama. Temperament was good. Nobody complained. Nobody got mad or impatient. Everybody did what they had to do, together with their neighbors.

These feelings and williness to make it happen is why Obama is going to win November.

You heard it here. Obamaville is happy, and that's a good thing.

Vote Responsibly in November.


MItt Romney's Blind Ambition Tour

I have to be honest, never, in all my years of political participation,  have I seen anything like this current campaign for President of the United States. I am at a complete loss for words about what has been taking place lately.

I thought I'd seen it all in 2008 with the McCain selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate. That move was straight out of Barnum and Bailey. It never rose to the level of Cirque to Soleil.

But here we are in 2012 and it's gotten ten times worse. We've gone from circus to Bizarro world. We've made a complete jump into another dimension. Hard to believe this stuff is going on.

The outright misrepresentation of the facts, wholesale lying and constant prevarication by the GOP ticket and RNC minions has my head spinning. I am totally dumbfounded.

The only visible goal is to destroy Obama and if that means destroying America in the process, then so be it.  Hatred is a mutherfucker, isn't it.

Because blinded by his obvious hatred of the Black man in the White House,  destroying America is what Mitt Romney tried to do a couple of days ago. He tried to slam the President while the President was doing his job as the world watched.

This fool tried to start World War III from the sidelines, or at the very least take us head long into yet another military fiasco in the Middle East, as a thank you to the rabid Jewish clown Adelson, who holds his leash and pays his bills.  Adelson is nothing more than a well funded terrorist on the Osama Bin Laden level, who buys politicians instead of bombs, maybe. 

To put it bluntly, Romney was wrong on policy, timing, and understanding. He fucked up. No other way to describe it. Romney's only driving ambition is to win the White House. He is totally blinded by his desire for power. Unable to see the falacy in his latest attack.

And once again, President Obama has been left holding the bag. A bag filled to overflowing with bullshit by some simple assed non understanding and bigoted Republican.

I have no doubt that my President will fix this situation like he's handled all the other problems left him by Dubya and the many of the same NeoCons who now advise the  clueless Romney.

I hope the American people have seen enough to send this fool back to Wall Street or Mormon Hell, because he has certainly proven to be as useful as a vagina on a man.

Vote Responsibly in November.


Hey White People, "when Massa Speaks, How High do you Jump?"

(update from previous version)

Hey white people, got a question....now that the rich elite have destroyed the middle class, what are you going to do?

There is no middle ground anymore....poor white people are back to being on equal footing with black people....just like back in slavery days in America.

Prior to 1670....poor white people were treated the same as an African slave....Then rich whites got scared.....because when you added black slaves to white indentured servants....the rich guys who owned the plantations were greatly outnumbered...

They feared the po' folks would come in the night and slit their throats and steal their property, in similar fashion to what happened in France during the beheadings during the Revolution....

So they created laws to divide and conquer....stacked the deck, if you will...convinced poor whites they were better than black people....that they were just like rich people...except for the money and property, of course...made them think they could marry their rich daughters and become just like them, (wink, wink). They had white skin and were christian....not like those uncivilized non christian blacks from Africa...you can read here.

And poor whites jumped at the chance to be seen as the same...not equal....never equal...because who doesn't want to better themselves...the choice is understandable.

But understand.....racism....has always really been about class....not skin color.

The game they created back in the day is still working today...... rich  people sit back and watch poor white people...the “scum of the earth”(their words for you) do battle for them against the black African “savages”(their words for us).

An on-going gladiator contest......you against us....them in the stands.

The tea party, the libertarian party, the AIP, the GOP and the Democrats.. for that matter are not and never were grass roots organizations....they are funded by rich people like Karl Rove,  Dick Armey, George Soros....Liz Cheney...Dick Cheney...The billionaire Koch brothers....or the Rupert Murdochs of the world.

The tea party is led by millionaires named Sarah and Glen and Rush....they don't give a damn about you...they talk for their money...they will say whatever money will have them say.

Think about it.....

They talk about tax cuts.....tax cuts for who....you've already got them....Continuing the Bush tax cuts will add a trillion dollars to the deficit and effectively bind your children and grandchildren into modern day slavery to their off spring for years and years to come

Reagan quadrupled the deficit....Bush put the deficit into the stratosphere and nearly bankrupted the country and the world.

Spending has been out of control for years....it didn't just happen within the past four years.  And prior to 2008 Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan supported the spending. They only morphed into deficit hawks when they started running for president.

Health care.....they've got it or can afford to buy it.....what about you....You have Affordable Health care unless or until Mitt Romney is elected president, then he has promised to repeal it in his first act as commander in chief of America.

Social Security....they want to do away with it.....they don't need it....they have retirement plans and golden parachutes, paid for by "we the people." Taxpayer funded and they don't even say "thanks."

Jobs....they don't need them.....they have them......you're lazy because you can't find one...and you don't need unemployment insurance...makes you lazier.

Houses.....yours is foreclosed.....theirs....they probably walked away from a mortgage or two or three...saved em some money.

Schools....they can afford the best education that money can buy....they don't need affirmative action...they have legacies....what do you have poor white people.

Perennial wars.....they don't fight them....you do..... Romney has five, count-em, five deferments....Cheney got five deferments...said he had other priorities then protecting his country.....George W went AWOL for a year....Mitch McConnell got some mysterious discharge...hidden and secret to this day.

Mitt said a couple of days ago that he didn't feel Afghanistan was important enough to mention in his acceptance speech down in Tampa.  Americans are dying in the longest fought war, ever and he doesn't think it's important?

Even when they join they don't serve....they have you, poor white people, as cannon fodder......their kids go to college...yours die in some god forsaken country on the other side of the world...sometimes killed by friendly fire....quietly buried so you never find out the truth.

NAFTA....global trade....outsourced jobs from America....the rich get richer...bigger profits....America dies....middle class disappears.

Mitt Romney is so bullish on America that he keeps his money overseas in secret accounts.  He likes and trusts our system that much.

America's economic  problems didn't happen in the past four years....this has been going on for the past 30-40 years, and the current GOP candidate is doubling down on past failures. Romney wants to go backward because he stands to make beaucoup bucks off your dumb ass.

That cushion making you seemingly better than blacks is gone...you're in the same boat...as a Mexican swimming the Rio Grande to freedom.

But you'd never know it to hear you talk about it...They control you with fear....nothing more...your fear of being seen as the same as a black or brown man.

Listen to poor whites....in the same boat as poor blacks....and what do they say.....they admit there are problems.

no jobs....no benefits....too many wars.....but they blame blacks and browns and other things.

To be sure....some whites have awakened and do understand....the ones who went after the Wall Street rich guys in their exclusive neighborhoods...rattled a few enclaves.

Scared the rich guys...but not enough....they still make huge profts while the rest of us flounder.

If we're to take any lessons from history....then it should come from the French Revolution and go after the guys behind the big iron gates.

Time to go band together on our common ground...and go after those who have always had the cake.

Time for us to eat some too.

Isn't it time for you to take the blinders off and to vote for your own self interest...rather than the rich white guy who is spitting at you like he spits at me?


Hired Help for Mitt Romney

Right after Mittens appointed his wife to head up his advisory council on women, I joked that I couldn't wait to see who he would appoint to advise him on Black People. I really didn't think he'd do it, but he did. On Wednesday, he handpicked his personal negroids to teach him how to relate to the  Black community.

No Nicki Minaj didn't make the cut. Neither did 50 cent, even though he has almost as much money as ole Mittens. Fiddy and Willard probably have a lot in common, but we'll never know, and he will never find out.

In keeping with his staid, cautious and clueless demeanor, Mittens went with the likes of Florida Congressman Allen “slave tracker” West, Florida's Lt. Governor Jennifer “I don't look like a lesbian” Carroll, and South Carolina Congressman Tim “I'm a happy Black man in the GOP” Scott.

These are his national chairs, Mitt's HNICs, all  apparently with proven track records of relating to everyday run of the mill Black folk.

Mia “I'm a black Mormon” Love and Artur “G Money” Davis are  also members, but the rest of the BLC is made up of people nobody's ever heard of. There was one reverend included as well, probably in a nod to the Black Church. Given Mitten's track record during this current campaign, I hope who ever he delegated this task to checked to see if they really are all Black people.

Not that it's gonna make any difference. Romney's council has about a snowball's chance in hell of making a real outreach to the community, even if he is serious about bringing us into the GOP. This is because like most white people, Romney thinks Black people only vote according to skin color, with absolutely no regard for political philosophy or ideology.

Note to Willard: the reason why there are no Black people in the Republican Party is because of the GOP's political positioning. To put it another way, we don't like your politics nor the subtle racist subtexts that typically enshroud it, and, we're not willing to turn off our brains to make you happy.  Whether you say it or they say it, won't make any difference.

And as far as the Mitt's Mormon religion goes, despite Mia Love, there are very few black Mormons in existence either, and this is the reason why:

Vote responsibly in November.


Michelle Obama

I need to sing; “Mi-chelle, ma belle, son les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble...”

What do you do when the wife of the man you're intent on destroying, beats your ass in public and doesn't even break a sweat?

The President hasn't set foot in the ring, hasn't even taken a swing yet and already Mitt's bloodied, and stumblin' around tryin' to pick himself up off the concrete where Michelle Obama knocked him. And she did it without even once mentioning Mitt Romney by name, or Ann Romney, for that matter (study out says Michelle's speech graded out at 12th grade level of reading compared to Ann Romney's 5th grade level).

Last night was just the first round. These were the warm ups, the practice punches. They handed Mitt his ass... laying off elves and outsourcing reindeer? Got to say, I love my ex Governor Ted Stickland.

To paraphrase current Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, “Mitt fixed a lot of things, but one of them was not Massachusetts.” Whoa, shaaaaaaaaaaaaaade!

Mayor Julian Castro and his equally fine twin brother, Lily Ledbetter, and that governor whose name I can't recall took turns pummeling the wannabe king of the world. They presented quite a contrast to that vanilla mess presented by the GOP last week, which falsely purports to represent the real America. Puh-lease!

Mittens says he wants to take back America, well judging from last night, he's gonna have to fight for it, if he can. He does have the money, but he has no heart, no passion, no understanding and no brain powering his cybernetic push forward to the White House.

And that is the difference. We ain't got no money, but we have heart and understanding of what will happen if we don't fight. It's as clear as the difference between tuna fish and pasta,  and potato chip sandwiches for dinner.

Can't wait for Bill Clinton tonight.

Vote responsibly in November.