Negro Please!

I've been wondering ever since I recently found out that an activist friend of mine had actually had a conversation with Clarence Thomas' grandfather, if any of Poppa Thomas' fire and race pride had rubbed off on junior and that junior was really not as embarrassing as I have come to believe.

Up to this point in time, the only thing I've seen radiating off the younger Thomas has been denial and obvious self loathing as well as constant anger that he sees a Black man in his mirror in place of the fair haired white one that he pictures himself to be in his personal fantasies.

According to my friend, Grandpa Thomas was a straight up Black man who spoke his mind and stood up for his beliefs in uplifting or attempting to uplift his people. They had met at a civil rights rally. Considering my friend, who is one of the people that I look up to and respect, Grandpa had to be cool.

My friend is a big time activist who's been through some serious shit where the man came down on him daily and yet he is still here 30 years later. He was impressed and said so, after meeting Clarence's grandfather. We both agreed during our conversation that there was nothing of the old man in the younger man, despite Clarence's written protestations that he revered his grandfather.

However, in reading Justice Thomas' written opinion on the recent gun ruling by the Supreme Court, some are now declaring that maybe Blacks were hasty in labeling Thomas an Uncle Tom. You can read here for more information.

In siding with the majority, Thomas invoked the evil specter of the KKK during post civil war reconstruction days, when white citizens councils went around taking guns away from newly freed slaves and freemen....jailing some...hanging others. Thomas displayed his grasp of Black history leading at least one writer to drown in hyperbole comparing Thomas' words to those of Malcolm X.

In casting his vote to strike down Chicago handgun ban, Thomas was voting to protect his people. Never again will Blacks be victimized by the likes of white vigilante posses bent on preserving the white status quo, so thank you, Justice Thomas....maybe.

Well, I'm happy that Thomas knows history. The only Black man on the highest court in the land should know Black history backwards and forwards. It is the mark of a learned man. I have never questioned Thomas' knowledge. However, the most academically brilliant people that I know are also some of the most cataclysmicly stupid individuals on the face of this earth.

The problem with Justice Thomas is that he may talk Black, but he sure as hell don't walk it.

What I question about Justice Thomas are his loyalties, his empathy for his people, his lack of acknowledgment of the on going internal workings of institutional racism in America.

His opinion rife with Black historical references is nothing more than Thomas playing the race card once again when it suits him to do...like during the Anita Hill hearings...or during his last book tour and interview sessions.

Thomas is Black when it is convenient to be Black. He uses “Black” without being Black.

The truth of the matter is that Thomas who never opens his mouth(four years and counting) from the bench was standing up for the gun lobby, the NRA. The white militias are still armed to the teeth and it is they who feed the coffers of the Republican Party and the people who routinely pat Justice Clarence on the top of his wooly pated head.

So please, spare me the histrionics....Thomas voted as expected...his vote while wrapped in Blackness was as white as the driven snow.

It ain't white people killing Black people these days...it's Black people killing Black people with illegal guns sold to them by the white people who can walk into a gun store anywhere in America and buy any kind of weapon they want.

Present day reality...present day Black history...something that Justice Thomas has yet to grasp..


Remembering Senator Robert Byrd

The present day image of Senator Robert Byrd as the born again Christian, kindly old grandfather shedding tears for his friend Ted Kennedy is not the image that comes to my mind when remembering him at his passing today. For much of my life, Senator Robert Byrd was a segregationist who stood along side the likes Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, Trent Lott, Tom DeLay and George Wallace, to name a few.

He is said to have repented his racist feelings, apologizing over and over. Well, apology accepted. However while all may be forgiven, It will never be forgotten.

Robert Byrd in his own words:

“I shall never fight in the armed forces with a Negro by my side ... Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.” -Klansman and not yet Congressman Byrd-quote taken from letter written to another segregationist Congressman about Truman attempting to desegregate the armed forces..

“The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia and in every state in the nation.” -1947 letter to the Grand Wizard KKK

Byrd claims to have renounced the Klan in 1952 when he became a Congressman, however his racist views continued well in the 1960's when he helped filibuster the 1964 Civil Rights Act arguing that the Declaration of Independence..

“did not intend that these words should be taken literally to be true” when they wrote that “all men are created equal.” “Men and races of men differ in appearance, ways, physical power, mental capacity, creativity, and vision,” Byrd said. “One man is born blind. Another is born lame. Geniuses are not made; they are born. Between two individuals, as between two races, there are broad differences.”

Byrd went after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, attempting to cajole the FBI into a more aggressive investigation of the civil rights leader. The FBI declined..

As late as 2001 Byrd was caught up in trying to express his feelings, when he was interviewed by the late Tony Snow and asked about race relations in America....Byrd said:

"They're much, much better than they've ever been in my lifetime ... I think we talk about race too much. I think those problems are largely behind us ... I just think we talk so much about it that we help to create somewhat of an illusion. I think we try to have good will. My old mom told me, 'Robert, you can't go to heaven if you hate anybody.' We practice that. There are white niggers. I've seen a lot of white niggers in my time. I'm going to use that word. We just need to work together to make our country a better country, and I'd just as soon quit talking about it so much."

Rest in Peace, Senator


Cincinnati's Backward Progress

On open letter to the Mayor and City Council

Dear Mr. Mayor,

On Monday, Council's finance committee is expected to vote on an 11 million dollar allocation to help the 3CDC corporation and park district renovate Washington Park in Over the Rhine and I am troubled by this as well as by other moves made by 3CDC. If I were voting, the vote to allocate funds would be an emphatic "no."

3CDC started with the take over of the building across from the park in 2006. That building will be turned into high end condos overlooking the newly renovated park. The tenants were forced out, but compensated with $70 to help them relocate.

A whole $70. You can buy a metro pass for that amount, but little else. Certainly can't rent a place to live, pay the utilities and feed a family for more than half a week. The arrogance of 3CDC is palpitating, and was apparently done with the approval of the City of Cincinnati.

When corporations like 3CDC decide to do something like the Washington Park makeover, you can bet that it is not with the people in mind. Their move is with the interests of the people who will move into the area once the old, lifelong residents have been moved out.

Why else would 3CDC put forth a plan 3 years later, that eliminates an historic swimming pool and basketball courts, to be replaced by a dog park? Who is looking out for the residents of Over the Rhine? Certainly not the city.

Question: Is a rich man's dog more important than a poor man's kids? Seems so based on this plan.

3CDC operates with an air of impunity that is only matched by the likes of corporations such as Kroger, which offers 4 bus tokens to people who used to shop at their neighborhood Roselawn store until unceremoniously shuttered by the Kroger Company. The bus tokens get them 2 round trips to the Norwood Surrey Square Kroger.

Imagine your mother or some other senior citizen trying to negotiate a bus, even a kneeling one..with $100 in groceries in a rickety cart. Not a pretty picture and going on as we speak.

The silence of the city is deafening when it comes to protecting the people.

Where is the initiative to incorporate all kinds of housing, businesses and people in all neighborhoods to promote diversity and inclusion? Why is it that the poor must always make way for the lifestyles and hobbies of the well off and not necessarily famous except in their own minds.

The job of city government is to speak for those who can't speak for themselves. Yet there has been not even a whisper from the city.

Don't get me wrong, I am in favor of progress and moving forward. However 3CDC moves harken back to the days of gentrification without diversification, the days when Cincinnati was for the well off and white. 3CDC caters to all those people who deserted the city for the suburbs except for when the professional teams play.

Shortly after the condo take over by 3CDC there was an article on the company pointing out it's internal diversity. That may be the case, however it doesn't reflect diversity in it's development plans for the city. And as we all know these days, it's more of a class thing than a racial thing.

The days of a Riverfront Stadium with no banners and signs allowed are over. The days of a city refusing to recognize it's gay, lesbian and transgender population are over. The days of downtown businesses doing inventory during the music festival or Black Family Reunion weekends are over.

Downtown parks without a basketball hoop or a swimming pool sends the wrong message.

3CDC needs to be made to understand this, by you Mr. Mayor.

All of the people voted for you, Mr. Mayor, including me. We expect you to stand up for us. I hear an awful lot about your trips. I am an avid supporter of the street car initiative. I applaud your efforts to end the violence in the neighborhoods.

However, I am concerned about the plans put forth by 3CDC and its blatant disregard of the people who live in the neighborhoods they want to take over.

Making the renovation plans for Washington Park more neighborhood friendly would be a start in the right direction. A finance committe "no" vote would get their attention.


Friday Rap

Rand the man Paul wants to build a big underground electric fence under the border to stop illegal immigration from Mexico...Won't say how it will work or how much it will cost...but it does sound like big government...which I thought Dr. Paul was against.



Accusing Al Gore of sexual assault....conjures up images in my head of a woman fighting off the pillsbury doughboy or the michelin man.......a sexually hungry power mad predator is not how I picture Al Gore. Not saying it didn't happen....just..... ewwwwww!

Woman wanted a million dollars to tell her story. National Enquirer says they didn't pay her and got the story the old fashioned way...they went and found the police report..


Women staying childless...

Report says more women are doing it...not having kids or delaying until after the age of 40.

Goes against prevailing thought that women without children are unhappy, depressed and sometimes suicidal...really? Let me grab a glass of wine and think about that for a moment.

I love children...however, my favorite child is the one I can send home...nothing depressing about that..


Remember in November

GOP once again successfully blocked unemployment benefits for millions of Americans in desperate need.

GOP thinking is that the chump change check makes people lazy and less interested in finding employment.


Snowbilly Chronicles Episode 964

Sassy Sarah gets caught up in some more ethics violations...court ruled...but you know it's just the liberal left wing media smearing America's darling once again...She never does anything wrong...does she...


One year anniversary of the deaths of the King of Pop...Michael Jackson. And Farah Fawcett....

One year later and Michael Jackson with any woman in his videos still looks like two girls in a gay bar cavorting on the dance floor...

Two of my favorite MJ songs...

Liberian Girl Mix

Dirty Diana


Wimbledon and World Cup

Wimbledon is underway...both Serena and Venus are into third round play...They are on a collision course for the finals with Justine Henin and Kim Cljisters in the way...Henin and Cljisters have to play each other first..that's a good thing...Serena and Venus are ranked one and two in the world in singles and number one in doubles...Amazing!

World Cup...going well....next up Ghana who knocked the US out of the 2006 World Cup...If they beat Ghana and survive their next match...then they will probably face Brazil...but let's do this one match at a time...No need to think about Brazil until necessary...


Killing Them Softly

Fighting a war without the collateral damage, that is dead civilians.... is not possible. Yet that is apparently what America is trying to do in Afghanistan.

While the big man in charge...General McChrystal is in DC today to get his bum spanked for talking out of the side of his mouth about his commander in chief, his troops are hanging out in a kind of limbo. The most well armed army in the world is once again in danger of being swept off the playing field by a rag tag army of insurgents.

We've seen this scenario before....It was called Vietnam....and apparently we didn't learn the lesson. The other side is not bound by any rules of engagement. The other side kills whomever and whenever it deems necessary to further its cause.

American troops....hampered by political correctness and the media driven gossip scandals of what a general and his aides may have said about the commander in chief...are caught in the crossfire, undecided about who to shoot and when....

The plain fact of the matter is that you can't half-ass a war....People die in war...and that includes civilians...

If you don't want civilians to die....then don't go to their country and start a fire fight.....

Especially a war like Afghanistan....which is technically not a war according to the United States Constitution...

Which is a police action with no clear initiatives....not even finding Osama Bin Laden is a priority these days...A war with a nebulous exit strategy sometime next summer.....So why are we there again?

Is it the new found mineral deposits that our ally Hamid Karzai is promising to Japan....You can bet that all the Neocons in America are probably already invested in the Japanese companies that will dig the mines if those mineral deposits are real.....

Karzai should be treated like the bitch he is and taken outside and shot...clean house with one bullet...

Afghanistan uses 2-billion dollars per day with nothing accomplished except the deaths of young men and women....for what...

Whether the general is fired or not is not really important...McChrystal was demonstrating his allegiance to his tribe.....the tribe of white men who don't respect black male leadership....Their arrogance since 2008 gets louder and louder everyday...A fire which Obama himself stokes by his apparent passivity in all matters....Sometimes rationale doesn't work...sometimes the Alpha male must roar...

Obama, rightfully, should fire him, period....I say this understanding the catch 22 that Obama lives in daily...damned if he does...damned if he doesn't...

Firing him is a chest beating testosterone driven move that is sometimes needed to control the herd..

It would be nice at the same time...to announce an exit strategy to end this endless conflict, now..

Obama's war policy is no different than his predecessor....However, the American people need something different..

If we're serious about changing course...then let's change course......stop the wars...both of them....redirect the wasted money in the defense budget into policy that promotes better living...better energy usage...more jobs on the domestic front..

Truth be told...with the drone war fare that is going on...we don't really need troops on the ground anymore to kill people, anyway...so why not bring them home and get busy rebuilding America instead of the rest of the world..

Multisource political news, world news, and entertainment news analysis by Newsy.com


Friday Rap

South Carolina Democrats voted 5-1 last night to keep Greene in place as their candidate for Senator against Jim DeMint.

The GOP may have covertly funded this guy, however the Democrats are solely responsible for the continuation of the farce...


Oil Spill Reality

Joe Barton merely put voice to what we all know....Congress is sorry it is being forced to spank one of its favorite cash cows...Big Oil.....The spill happened for the same reason the economy has gone to hell in a hand basket.....

No regulation to speak of.....allowing corporation lobbyists to write the laws that govern them...Congressmen sitting back...taking the kick backs and allowing it to happen...screw the American people...

The apology was totally disingenuous.....and as far as Hayward is concerned....He showed what he is...an out of touch CEO who had no clue...

For those of you who don't know the meaning of the word “OBFUSCATING”....it means “lying sack of shit”



Hey all you self absorbed, the world is mine people...your boss has a right to read your email whenever he or she wants...Supreme Court ruling this week...sides with the company...

So put your company owned blackberry back in its fake leather case and do some work!

Same goes for your PDA , desktop, and Laptop, too...


Agony and Ecstasy

Lakers won....big whup...don't like the Celtics either....

I do like Soccer and am loving the World Cup action....lots of upsets....France and Spain...Brazil won but hasn't really awakened yet..

And about those Vuvuzuelas....asking that they be banned is like you walking into my house and telling me you don't like my dogs.....simple answer......It's my house.....don't let the door hit you in the ass!

Women's World Cup happens in July...America is defending champion and expected to repeat...

Tiger is playing the US Open.....walking the course singing Michael Jackson's “billy jean”....DNA says the kid is not his...but then girlfriend knew that when she announced to the world...DNA tests were performed in 2002.....

Tiger, meanwhile, looking very out of practice....

Wimbledon coming up next week....Williams sisters ranked 1 and 2 in the world..won't meet til finals if they make it through the draw..

Serena has Maria Sharapova and Sam Stosur in her half...while Venus has to contend with both Belgians...Clijsters and Henin in her half...

Serena will play 148th-ranked Michelle Larcher de Brito of Portugal in the opening round, while Venus opens against Paraguay's Rossana De Los Rios.

When is it going to dawn on the world just how special the Williams sisters are....


Weekend music....The Manhattan Transfer....Most people know this song from Anita Baker, except Anita's version was a cover of the original....Love Anita...but Janis Segal of MT sings it much better..


Alvin and the Anchor Babies

Well,we now know the criteria the Arizona police will use to weed out suspected illegals. According to the man behind the law, Russell Pearce, instead of going with skin color as a clue, cops will check out people with bad English skills, nervous behavior and a refusal to look the officer directly in the eye.

Bad English?...that defines about 90% of the American legal population...and face it...everyone is nervous around cops....

Pearce is also coming with another law for legislators to consider...he wants to make it illegal for the state to issue birth certificates to babies born here, whose parents are not legal immigrants..

This is a direct contradiction to the US Constitution that these people say they want to uphold and follow to the letter....Well, the Constitution...specifically the 14th Amendment says any baby born here is a citizen...

Not having a birth certificate also makes it impossible to ever become a legal citizen of the US as well, since it is the foundation of all things legal in America.

It would be cheaper to just hang signs at the border telling foreigners to stay home..don't come here...

And somebody needs to go wipe that saying off the Statue of Liberty...you know the one that says..."Send us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free... the wretched refuse of your teeming shores, send these the homeless tempest tossed to me...."

Whatever....chisel it off the Statue..better yet....blow up Lady Liberty...she was a gift from those foreigners the French and modeled after a Black woman...can't have brown skin representing America in these days of whitewashing...now can we?


Honestly don't know what to make of Alvin Green, the man who stole the South Carolina Democratic primary last week. Man didn't campaign, yet managed to beat a well known judge by capturing 60% of the vote...

Green now faces the ultra conservative Jim DeMint in November.

Personally, I blame the Democrats for this mess. I don't care what they say, nobody checked this guy out...They took the money....all 10-thousand dollars of it and let him toss his hat in the ring, then forgot about him, until he won..

This was liberal racism at work here....to the liberals...they had a black man...and you know...we all look alike...didn't matter whether he was lucid, literate or capable of leading....he was black face and that's what they needed....three black questionable faces, in fact, two of them lost....leaving Alvin exposed.

Alvin wins the nomination and we find out he's homeless...he's not...he lives with his father...he was released from the military under some so far unrevealed reasons, and according to him..."it's complicated."

Alvin claims to be unemployed, yet he says he saved up the money....all ten thousand dollars of it to enter the politcal race for Senator....hmmmmmm..

He reportedly has a felony obscenity charge hanging over his head..again..he says it's complicated and he doesn't want to talk about it...

South Carolina runs open primaries meaning voters can cross party lines to vote for whomever they choose...so many figure Republicans crossed over and voted for Green in order to give DeMint a patsy in November..,

Some think people may have thought they were voting for the Rev Al Greene the singer..you know..."Let's Stay Together....Love and Happiness"

But where were the discerning Democratic voters...those folks who vote intelligently after researching the people they want to represent them..

Enquiring minds want to know... Obviously more to come on this story


Friday Rap

Hey Ohio...John Boehner and the Chamber of Commerce want taxpayers to foot the bill for the BP oil spill....

What was all that talk about a free market society where corporations are allowed to do their own thing without regulation? Well, in a real free market they have to clean up their messes on their own, too...not just rake in the cash...

John Boehner
still siding with his rich benefactors rather than working for the people....and of course he and other GOP will come up with some kind of Obama made me do it kind of excuse while pocketing the money......


A Congressman from the not so great state of Georgia says that little chump change the government calls unemployment compensation is really not a good thing for people to have...

Says it actually discourages people from looking for work and he doesn't want to enable bad behavior....Guy's name is John Lindner if you want to give his office a call and convince him to see the error of his ways...


A non NY state of mind

That fool who won't light the Empire State Building to honor Mother Teresa also won't honor the United States Marine Corp either. We know the Mother Teresea thing is a personal dispute between the owner and some guy..but no word on why he hates The Corp.


The Pope repents

Pope speaks out for the first time on sex abuse scandal. Blames the abusers but says nothing about the coverup that has allowed these men to flourish over the years.


Codifying Racism in to State Law and it's Obama's fault

Mad that his aunt was living in public housing.... has fueled the anger against illegal immigrants causing Democrats to sponsor a measure in Massachusetts that is worse than Arizona's repugnant law.

Public benefits and housing subsidies are the problem as Boston sees it...take away benefits and no more illegal brown people walking their pristine streets....



Oprah may be the queen of daytime TV...but judge judy is the boss...she's beating Oprah in the ratings these days..

OJ Redux

Lawyers in court today to argue an appeal based on past taint...says OJ was convicted on the robbery charges due to prejudice dating back to his initial trial for the murder of his wife and Ron Goldman

It's still Nicole's fault that he is being victimized in other words..

and CNN is going to cover it live....WOW! Ever sit through appeals court arguments....about as riveting as watching paint dry on the side of a building..


Ending on a bittersweet note...the great granddaughter of Nelson Mandela was killed in a car accident last night on the eve of the World Cup. Our prayers go out to a great, great man in his hour of grief. One of Mandela's stated goals was to bring the World Cup to Africa...He suceeded...

Let the games begin. Been there, done that and will do it again.. there really is nothing like it...

This Time...for the First Time it's Africa!


Tea Party Arrogance or Bachmann-Palin Overdrive

“Don't let your mouth get your ass in trouble”-ghetto wisdom...

For those who don't speak nor purport to understand ghetto, the line means that sometimes the best strategy is to simply be quiet....don't talk....don't give anyone a glimpse into your mind and what you're thinking, because you will last longer before and during the fight, if it comes to that...

Running off at the mouth is a sign of weakness....a sign that you really don't have a plan and even if you did...you can't back it up with any kind of real action. Once your hole card has been peeped...folks will usually walk away shaking their heads.....however....keep talking... and they will turn around and come back and beat your ass....

Tea baggers would do well to heed the ghetto wisdom and just shut up....stop talking...because the more they talk, the less anyone wants to deal with them..or vote for them, for that matter.

Last month surveys showed a little support for the tea baggers....this month...that support has evaporated to less than half of what it was...and it wasn't a majority or even close, in the first place.

It's like what's going on with half baked Alaska....great fun to watch...but taken seriously....not!

The teabaggers won a primary...big deal....an election of the faithful...maybe 10% of the electorate? Nothing to crow about....Nothing like November, coming up...Only now...they're selling wolf tickets..playin' the dozens with the people...as if they have a mandate to govern...

First comes Rand Paul, son of Ron who isn't too thrilled with parts of the Civil Rights Act of 1964...He even went so far during his private country club victory speech to declare his gang was going to take back the country...The next day he said it was okay for business owners to keep certain people out of their establishments and that it was even okay if the denial was based on something like skin color..

Paul the younger has spent several days attempting to walk back his comments....

Meantime, another round of primaries is over and out of Nevada comes another teabagger named Sharron Angle...Ms Angle is situated to the right of the cluelessly insane rantings of the GOP Bachmann-Palin Overdrive.

Angle wants to repeal the 14th Amendment to the Constitution...you know that's the one guaranteeing citizenship to all people born here. It was put in place to protect Black people from crazy white people who felt that Blacks were only good for picking cotton and working in the sugar fields.

Now the 14th creates anchor babies for illegal immigrants and that has the tea party stirred up because as one of them ….I believe his name is Hunter, said....the little immigrant babies' “soul” hasn't been American long enough to warrant citizenship, therefore it shouldn't be granted rights...

Angle also wants to remove the 17th Amendment which shifted the election of US Senators from state legislators to the people. I would guess because the people aren't smart enough to elect the right kind of leaders..Wonder if she sees the irony...anyway..

In addition, Angle wants to abolish the Department of Education, The Internal Revenue Service, The EPA, privatize Social Security and get rid of all health care including medicare and medicaid...

Dr. Paul, the younger is also on board with these ideas, so one would imagine this is something of an unofficial Teabagger platform rumbling across America. Paul and Hunter, who is already in Congress, have signed off on this too.

However, it's never wise to telegraph what it is you intend to do, before you do it. When your goals are to dis-infranchise or to hurt big segments of the population...it is best to get elected first....if you can....then take away their rights....

Teabaggers, in their monumental arrogance, continue to operate from the premise that they speak for America, and can say anything they want without impunity.

However, it is not the only delusion under which they labor...

There is the delusion that the teabaggers are a grassroots...from the bottom up...populist political movement...instead of one created and funded by rich white guys and former operatives of the GOP...Teabaggers were created as a distraction and to obstruct the real movement taking place in the country...

Teabagger fanaticism has them believing that people.....their people are willing to give up social security...medicare and medicaid to prove the point that government is too big....

I'm still waiting for the social security/medicare card burning parties to prove they are serious about repeal.

Teabaggers believe that all people want their children to be under educated...more so than is already going on, when you compare American schools to foreign schools. White history and white washed education is really all the kids need, right? No need to learn about the others, foreign or American born.

Teabaggers believe it's okay not to tax rich people because the more money rich people have the more they are willing to spend on poor people...it's that “trickle down” thingey....like it's worked so well in the past...

And what about the oil spill....perfect example of how a small government stripped of tax revenue handles a crisis situation....it can't take over or throw money at the crisis to make it better because it has none and is not socialist in nature....

Shouldn't teabaggers be happy about what BP is doing and paying for the clean up on its own?

Doesn't sound like they are happy....Teabaggers and their leaders are foaming at the mouth and demanding that Obama the socialist nationalize BP and use government money to clean up a crisis caused by a free market corporation, apparently because the crisis is not being handled the way they think it should be handled...like...John Wayne leading the cavalry to the rescue...or to trounce the indian marauders...

Teabaggers also believe they are not racist and that nothing they do has racial overtones designed to discriminate.

Yeah...well....keep talking teabaggers.... the people are walkin away right now...but keep on talkin' and that ass whuppin' is just around the corner...can't wait for November 2nd to get here....



The latest round of primaries is over and the huge wave of change continues if you believe the hype of the mainstream media. Women were the big winners in California and South Carolina and Arkansas.


Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman pulled out big primary wins in California proving that money can still buy elections regardless of gender. Both of these first time candidates spent their own money to stand on the victory podium last night. Fiorina was also endorsed by political gadfly Sarah Palin.

Fiorina will take on Senator Barb Boxer, while Whitman will square off against former California Governor Jerry Brown.

Blanche Lincoln is one step closer to re election in Arkansas, while South Carolina is looking at putting another Palin backed candidate in the Governor's mansion in the form of Nikki Haley.

Haley is a Mark Sanford protege, endorsed by Sanford's ex wife as well as Palin.

In Nevada, the tea party candidate, Sharron Angle won the right to take on Harry Reid in November.

On the surface the election of all these women looks like a good thing...a change in direction for the country. However, if you look at what they are saying, you know that Fiorina, Whitman, Haley and Angle are simply more of the same..

SOSDG....same old shit different gender

What these women all have in common are platforms that are violently anti woman and anti family. They are on record as wanting to abolish the Dept of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency, repeal Roe v Wade, and privatize or eliminate Social Security, among other things. They are not listening to the people, but they are listening to the men who have gone before them and who are still pulling the strings.


Multisource political news, world news, and entertainment news analysis by Newsy.com

Bottom line...they are rich people who continue the “do as I say....not as I do” way of governance that plagues Congress now.

It's not the gender of the candidate that makes the difference...it's the platform...

Time to start listening and reading and researching and voting come November..


Oh Oh...Orly Might Win...Oh No!

I know California stupidly elected an actor back in the day. Heck, they've got one in the Governor's office now.... The Terminator is still there......But a birther?

Word out of California today is that Birther Queen Orly Taitz might win the GOP primary for California Secretary of State.

Her sole purpose for running, she said, is to go on a state funded search for Obama's birth certificate. Probably wants the state to pay her court fines, too since she's up to $20,000 for filing useless lawsuits. If she wins, she will probably seek to have her online law license validated in all 50 states instead of just California.

Winning the GOP primary is the first step. She just might win that. However, I can't believe that real California will go along with Orly in state government, no matter how many fruits and nuts live there.

Whoa...boggles the mind.....The Birther Queen and Governor Moonbeam, back from Atlantis after a 30 year sabbatical..

What's that old saw about politics making for strange bedfellows?



Arizona Immigration Solution, Not Good for Ohio

Let's be honest, America is not the land of equal opportunity that it claims to be. Regardless of what the law says, some people are always going to be considered less equal than others. The United States Constitution was a promise, a defective promise, not a reality when written. The American dream, is just that, a dream, reachable by some, totally out of reach for others.

The fault-line breaks down around skin color and money, primarily.

Arizona's promise of no racial profiling when applying the new immigration law is bogus.

The new law set to take effect next month is just as defective as the Constitutional privilege upon which it is based. You can be as illegal as the day is long, having smuggled yourself here in a shipping container, with an accent that you can't cut with a butter knife, but as long as your skin color is the correct hue, or you flash a bankroll of hard cash or smell like you have money, nobody is going to bother you, even if you are driving illegally or jaywalking, or shoplifting.

That is the reality of America.

The term “illegal immigrant” is synonymous with Hispanic, here in Ohio. The only time you hear the term at all on the news is when it is paired with pictures of small brown skinned Hispanics. White people and Black people belong here in the two toned Midwest..Brown people don't...this is the general thinking in the area...

So unless police are required to question everyone they stop, anybody who looks and smells “right” will not be subjected to the fullest extent of the law. It's got to be a “click it or ticket” seat belt kind of thing or let the legal racial profiling begin, because in this instance, Hispanics will bear the brunt of this particular form of American racism.

This has turned into a personal crusade for the Sheriff of Butler County. The feds have already told him to stand down once. Now he's got the state legislature involved.

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail.

If they want to do something....go after the good ole boy roofers, construction business owners and landscaping experts or their wives who want a cheap au pair in the house to look after the bosses kids, while she goes shopping with the girls...

These people, refuse to hire American citizens in favor of Hispanics willing to work 24/7 for minimum wage. Go after them...

Dry up the market...slow down the flow....as long as America is perceived as the land of opportunity, then there will be people trying to get here, by any means necessary...

Trouble is...drying up the market for illegals means inconveniencing white people...

And we all know that Sheriff Rick is not going to upset his base...right?


Friday Rap

Richard Bruce (Dick) Cheney, c'mon down!

Been wondering where America's self appointed Energy Czar is these past few days. He's been curiously quiet these days. I mean he's been all over Obama for health care and for being soft on terrorism, or for refusing to waterboard people, or for threatening to shut down Guantanamo or for being too hard on corporate America and Wall Street, or for threatening to raise taxes on the fortunate 5% who control the world.

Heck, Cheney even went on record about starting yet another war, this one with Iran and Mac-mood I'm-a-dina-jacket...all because he could....

Everytime President O makes a move he's had to trip over a Cheney, because if Dick hasn't said something himself, he's sent his rouged up attack daughters in his place to keep the boy in the White House in his.

Doesn't matter what it is, if President O is trying to do it, then Darth Dick and his pit bull progeny were against it, and saying so, loudly for everyone to hear, over and over during the 24/7 news cycle.

Except for this drill baby drill thingey...Dick hasn't said a word, publicly in days. He did quietly send his favorite PR flack to shepard BP through the crisis. But, he's sitting on his hands, which is kind of funny considering he wrote the energy policy for the country that's got us jacked up in the first place.

You remember...Dickie called all his energy/oil buddies into his office and locked the door and told them not to take notes, 14 days after Dubya got sworn in. This nameless group of energy bigwigs set down the hands off policy that has Obama hog tied as we speak....

The warmonger VP who routinely hid out in his bunker during times of crisis...like Vietnam and 9/11.... got righteously ticked off that we the people, or some of us anyway, called him into question for his arrogant power grab.

You know, I'd be willing to bet that if you looked at that oil rig, what's the name...Event Horizon, or something like that...that Cheney's name is etched on the side of one of the blasted out beams rusting at the bottom of the ocean, right now.

But then again, why should the big Dick be talking? The oil spill isn't hurting him or his pocket book. Cheney gets paid regardless....His money doesn't come from fishing boats and tourism...

Who cares if a few clean up guys get sick repairing the damage done by the big Dick's cronies. Isn't that what the poor are here for.... to cleanup the messes made by Cheney and his chums?


Alas...poor Yoric....

In the meantime, the media is hyperventilating over the wall to wall cool exhibited by President O in times of crisis. He's not jumping up and down. He's not cussing people out and the fake news pundits in varying shades of skin color are wondering “what's wrong?” Why isn't the President emoting more?

Why isn't the President more empathetic.....like Ronald Reagan, for instance?

C'mon now! 42 other presidents to choose from as an example and they want Obama to act like the only trained actor in the bunch..... Reagan, despite being a B list actor, was a professional. If he can't emote and empathize, then no one can.

However, I suspect what all these insta-pundits really want to see is for Obama to morph into Prissy in Gone With the Wind.....”Miz Scarlett... Miz Scarlett...ma'am....I don't know nothin' bout cappin' no oil wells!..hep me...hep me!”

Okay that last part is from Blazing Saddles' Sheriff Bart, playing Prissy..

Honestly....who's he gonna call? Brownie...Dubya...Turdblossom.... the Old Skool Oompa Loompa Boehner....Miz Mitch.....Horndog Vitter.....Lil Bobby Jindal....or that half baked Alaskan snowbunny?

Please...Maybe capping an oil well is right up Joe the Plumber's alley....ya think? Nah!.

They want Obama to forget himself, cross over to the dark side and fulfill the prophecy.... SOCIALIZE THE GOVERNMENT in one fell swoop....take over the BP corporation...send in the military....nuke the oil well and America into oblivion...bring on the End Days....why wait for Jesus to come back, Obama can do it....give him enough rope...and well you know.....

This is what they want....But then there are some in hell who want ice water, too....

And as he's proven time and time again since he's been in office....Obama's ice is in his glass and in his veins...just like George.....Gervin....not Bush....


Ending on a positive note......