Candy Ass Pentagon and Crying in the Military

Now let me get this...you will excuse the expression.....straight....President Obama says he plans to work for the repeal of “don't ask, don't tell” in the American military, this year....A couple of days later the Pentagon says “it will begin studying the PROCESS of repealing DADT....AND...that it....meaning the repeal of the policy, will take several years to complete...

WTF!.....The Pentagon statement went on to explain that the military must find a way to do this gradually because of the emotions that soldiers might have when the ban is lifted...HUH!

We are talking about the military here...So when did the feelings of a grunt make any difference to the brass?

I mean on what world do gunnies, much less generals, worry about crying soldiers? I thought crying was a sign of your inner Mary, and the main reason for permanent banishment from the foxhole or trench..

My understanding of the military is..and you can correct me if I'm wrong...that the soldier's only real duty is to follow orders...period...that is where the vaunted military cohesion originates.....soldiers who don't follow orders or who cry...are court martialed and discharged or killed....well, maybe not killed but disciplined...

After all....isn't that what a “CODE RED” is in the Marines.....Or have I seen one too many Jack Nickelson-Tom Cruise-Demi Moore movies?

“you want me on that wall.....you need me on that wall!”

“You can't handle the truth!”

“General.....Did you order the CODE RED?!”

“You're damn right I did!”

This whole movie was about following orders and what happens to a soldier who was outcast in his platoon. He ends up dead on orders from the general. It's not the only movie like this. The lore surrounding the brotherhood of the military is legendary.

So my question....If Obama has issued the CODE RED...and he is Commander in Chief....Who the fuck cares or is taking into consideration, the hurt feelings of a few uber straight guys and gals?

Orders are orders.....no emotions allowed. You bunk where you're told to bunk, shower where you're told to shower and kill when you're told to kill.

It's not complicated....wasn't complicated when England did it or the Scandinavian countries or down under in Australia....these countries simply went cold turkey...

So you're trying to tell me the best fighting machine in the world can't follow one simple order?

“Don't ask don't tell is no longer policy in the American military...replace those pages with these new and updated policy pages in your how to be a soldier manual...effective immediately”

Can't get more simple than that....


The Politics of Seduction

And President Barack Obama is a master. Once again, after being backed into a corner during the past couple of months, he came out swinging, slamming an oratorical home run over the left field fence, temporarily making me forget the year that was 2009. I loved the speech. In fact, I love listening to Obama talk. While he talks I am inclined to believe everything he says. I tend to take all that he says at face value. I want the feel good snake oil that he peddles every time he opens his mouth to address the American people. His best speeches are like sex on a crowded beach at high noon, crawling with people, walking by, as you surreptitiously get it on, covered by a not big enough towel with a stranger you met twenty minutes before. A stolen, impulsive adrenaline rush kind of moment that you want to go on forever, but doesn't, because it can't.

And now, its the next day and the thrill is gone. The speech is over leaving only the echo of his voice in your mind. Hollow. The politics of seduction, having worked its magic and done its job, fading away in the cold fog of the morning after.

So in the filtered light of a new day, let's look at the speech, shall we........

Don't ask, don't tell...remains a vague promise....no deadline...sometime this year he will work for it..

Jobs...calling on business to help...like before...tax cuts to make it so....republican solution..another failed attempt at bipartisan politics

Bitch slapped the Supremes....I did like that.....How can these fools not understand that the Sup co ruling just opened us up to some foreign government like China or even rich man Bin Laden, spending bucks to gift wrap a legal Manchurian candidate for the American people...

His announced intention to go forward with health care reform is good...his blast at the scaredy cat democrats who are backing down was on time. My fear is that what will come is even less than what is currently on the table, and what is currently on the table, sucks...no other way to describe it.

President Obama did go school yard on the GOP, putting them on blast for refusing to take part in governance of the country. Did they hear him? Probably not, judging from their response delivered by the latest Mitt Romney clone, who's upside is that he is not Mitt Romney.

This slight of hand spending freeze...put off for a year...but still nothing less than a covert shout out to conservatives..another attempt to placate them.

Liked his tone. Obama took the middle ground between Fresh Prince Carlton and John Shaft. He didn't back down, instead striking just enough of the right note for the conservative talking heads to resurrect the old “he's arrogant” insult again.

If white people call him arrogant, it means he's doing something right like challenging their sense of control. “the boy just won't stay in his place!”

That's a good thing.

So to conclude, I like the speech. It was the right one for the time. Obama is still the best option given the choices of what else is available. It remains to be seen, however, if he was successful at taking back control of his own narrative from the conservative spin doctors.

And I just wish he'd have slapped the GOP obstructionists as hard as he came down on the Supremes.


Jim Barack The Hammer Obama Shaft Kelly

I'm at that point in the blaxploitation movie on loop in my head, where I'm ready for some action. We know who the good guys are, we know who the bad guy is, and we know who is supposed to be saved and why.

I'm ready for the big chocolate gun carrying, Jim Brown lookin' actor to whip it out and tell everybody;

“we got to go this way, 'cause if we go back we die, 'n I ain't ready to die just yet!”

The alpha male has spoken....the paler hued Beta Boy glares, and makes an ugly face, like he's going to do something. But he knows on a good day, he can't whip this Negro's ass in a fair fight. So reluctantly, Beta Boy drops his show for the ladies and turns in the direction that Chocolate Thunder wants to go, and starts walking, while the rest of the group meekly follows. No way are they getting in between these two fools, because while they quietly admit that Beta boy, may be their preferred cup of tea, they also know he don't know his ass from a hole in the ground and is totally useless in this situation.

Chocolate Thunder may be straight up crazy, but he knows what he's doing and can help them get home alive, and like all good Negroes, he is going to sacrifice himself and die so that all the good folks can live a better life, while remembering him fondly in their dreams of the good ole days.

So who would you follow? Camera ready Beta Boy or Crazy as a bedbug Chocolate Thunder?

Easy answer for me...I'm going with crazy, because sometimes the tried and true won't work and you can never go back and sometimes you can never go home again. So you keep marching forward until you see daylight or the end of the trail or the town located just over the hill.

President Obama was supposed to be the one. He was supposed to be the Jim Brown-Chocolate Thunder crazy, who was going to ride into DC and teach all the status quo Beta Boys and Catatonic Neanderthals how to save the people.

But what we've gotten so far, from Obama, is a weak imitation of Carlton, the dimwit cousin from Fresh Prince. All flash but so far, no substance.

I am truly troubled by all this talk of backing up and backing away from Health Care Reform, just because Ted Kennedy's seat was lost in Massachusetts.

One seat, people...ONE STUPID SEAT!.....That still leaves an 18 seat majority in the Senate. It's still a Democrat majority...I don't see the problem. Beta Boy Scott is singing the same song as the rest of his frat club-no plan, no clue. So the majority has to work a little harder. That's why it's called a job!

The American people or those who still have jobs, work everyday, without health care, without guaranteed holidays or carved in stone 4600-dollar yearly pay raises.

Now comes President Obama's first State of the Union Address and from the news reports, he seems more intent on placating us with peripheral bullshit then with delivering the goods. We don't need no stinkin' bipartisanship. We don't need feel good. We don't need 156 different ways to say “Change” in the course of a one hour speech, before a house full of unctuous people pretending to care.

Just once, I would like to see a State of the Union speech where all these fools sit on their hands and listen, quietly to what is being said.

We don't need the pep rally. I don't even care if they twitter to their follower twats, as long as they do it quietly and STFU!

So what should Obama say and do in his State of the Union Speech?

The American people need a jobs program. It's gone way past trickle down, need to work through the system kind of fixes. The guys at that top are doing what they always do, sitting on the money and jamming the feeder pipes so that nothings leaks down or out to the masses.

The American people need some liquid plumber, pronto. They need a powerful motorized snake to unclog the drain and get folks back to work. “F” the system...as in flush the system in order to get it going. We thought Obama would use an executive order or two to mandate some work projects to begin yesterday.

And to make sure that minorities get their fair share, open an office where minority workers or independent workers...those not allowed into the trade unions...to sign up and get hired and put to work alongside the union guys... If a contractor can't or won't use the independents, then his company can't work the project. This does away with the contractors who can't find anybody to work for them except illegal aliens.

Unemployment in my neighborhood is about 20%....yet....there is a lot of renovation going on the houses here.....all of it being done by whites and Hispanics.....in a nearly 100% Black neighborhood...now how does that happen? Not only do we no longer own the homes, we can't get work on them either. And you can bank that its happening everywhere else, too.

After he talks about Jobs, Obama needs to get back to the alphabet...DADT, DOMA, and ENDA. No more talk that it is going to happen. We need to know when it is going to happen. What day is it going to happen? The future is here, now.

Finally, he should now have a real plan for health care reform instead of that bill which is really an insurance industry subsidy program like the stimulus/subsidy program was for Wall Street. Dropping the age limit on medicare to give America what he and Congress already have in their own health care would be a start.

Better yet....why not just cancel the speech....and sit on camera and sign executive orders that really jump start the economy and let the people see that Chocolate Thunder has arrived and is ready willing and able to do crazy for the people in order to get this country back on track.


Friday Rap


Isn't it time to boycott CBS? Since when is airing an anti abortion ad okay during the Superbowl? If it does air, shouldn't there be equal time for a Trojan ad or Yaz ad? Because you know somewhere in that mix...a Viagra ad is going to pop up, too...but male virility is a right in America, while women's fertility rights are the subject of debate...


If Sarah Palin is a “real American” and Scott Brown is a “traditional American” What are the rest of us?

Is it just me...or is Scott Brown just a cuter version of Joe the plumber?

Why are the people who voted in Massachusetts seen as speaking for the rest of the country? Ask us how we feel, please...


If Democrats out number Republicans 59-41 in the Senate and 256-179 in the House...then why is Obama acting like passing health care reform, or anything else for that matter, is suddenly up in the air? Isn't a majority still a majority? Ditto for DOMA, and marriage equality..

Leaving marriage equality to the states is like asking slave owners if they want to let go of their slaves and work their own fields. Didn't work for Lincoln...won't work for Obama, either...

If Obama wants us to coalesce around the “good parts” of his plan, then let's drop the age limit on Medicare and give America what our congressmen already have. Why can't we have what you got?

If we can't have health care reform, then I want something back from Congress...like maybe cancel the ability to automatically give themselves a raise each and every year....2009 raise was 4700-dollars per congressman...or cancel their health care and live like the rest of us..

On the question of jobs...isn't it about time to think about bringing back the WPA?

Reforming Wall Street is only good if it forces the banks to let go of the money they've been sitting on


The Supco ruling on campaign finance reveals the real damage done by the GOP...really activists judges installed throughout the federal level of the court system..and they are all lifetime appointments....we're reaping what they sowed...


I hear the White House is trying to figure out ways to make Uganda cancel the law that calls for execution of anyone caught being gay or lesbian....I've got a suggestion.....cancel all the money we're giving them...now....that's a wake up call they will hear...

And by the way...the Bill's sponsor is coming to America to the National Prayer Breakfast at the invitation of several so called Christian Evangelists...including Rick Warren, who are behind this heinous piece of legislation.....Obama is supposed to be at this breakfast.....

Trust me, O, this is really, really not a good move on your part.....


Did you know the NAACP has nominated Michael Jackson's funeral for an Image Award? Isn't it time to cancel this useless and outdated organization, since they refuse to deal with real issues or recognize and deal with 21st century problems....like AIDS in the Black Community...Black on Black crime....Black male unemployment...out of wedlock babies...Black school dropouts...no Black in college..too depressing to go on...


Some dude down in Augusta Georgia is starting an all white basketball league..only players who can prove they have two Caucasian parents and are native born Americans can play...No foreign whites need apply either...The league founder says he is tired of street ball as played by Blacks in the NBA and want s to bring the game back to the more fundamentally sound white guys like it used to be played...

First off.....Caucasian is not a race...does not exist

Second.....the early “white” players who excelled in basketball...were Jewish...can they play in this league?

Third......In this mixing pot called America...how is he going to prove who is pure white in the first place? A DNA test? All that will prove is that we all originated in Africa...making us all Africans under the skin and an all white league a genetically impossible situation.. ..

You know....I wish these racists weren't so dumb and would go back to school...it's getting too easy...way to easy...


Trust Women

As we approach the 37th anniversary of the still controversial Roe v Wade decision by the Supreme Court, giving women, control of their bodies as well as their lives, two recent news stories caught my attention and dramatically reinforced the notion that women still need legal protection from those bent on denying our rights as well as our humanity.

From The Huffington Post comes word of a Superbowl commercial being crafted by Focus on the Family featuring the mother of Tim Tebow, the acclaimed football quarterback from Florida. You can read the whole story here.

However, the gist of the article says that during the commercial, Tim's mother will tell the tale of how she got sick while doing missionary work in the Philippines. She was carrying her fifth child. Doctors, according to the story reportedly told her to get an abortion. She said no, and later gave birth to the baby who would grow into the acclaimed quarterback that many celebrate today.

Second story, this one in The Daily Beast. about a woman who went into a Springfield Massachusetts hospital in 2006, for a C-section delivery of her ninth child She delivered a healthy, full term baby boy, and she asked for and expected to be fitted with an IUD to prevent future pregnancies following the delivery. Instead, during the C-section and without her permission, the surgeons tied her tubes so that she could never have another child, ever. They figured nine was enough.

Now you say, what do these stories have in common....well, the answer is Choice...The choice of a woman to control her own body and reproductive future and health. Choice exercised...Choice taken away.

Quarterback Tim Tebow's mother, Pam, exercised her right to choose. Yet she campaigns vigorously to strip those rights from all other women. She does not trust women to do the right thing because it may not align with what she considers to be the right thing.

But that is not the point of Roe v Wade. All Roe v Wade says is that women have the right to make the decision about what they do with their bodies....Pam Tebow did it....Nadia Suliemann did it....that woman in Utah with 19 children and counting does it every nine months.

These women exercised their right to control their body, period. So why shouldn't the rest of us be able to do the same thing? Why are all women prejudged not capable of trust or control by many like Pam Tebow, simply because it does not line up necessarily with their way of thinking.

By the same token, the right to choose was taken away from the woman in Massachusetts. She gave birth and then had her rights stripped away from her without her knowledge or permission. Someone, somewhere, decided that nine was enough. They took her right to choose away forever.

This woman was violated as if she'd been raped. She was in effect told that, we, the doctors at this hospital, don't trust you to make the right decision about your body, your family and your life.

Forced sterilization in America is supposed to be illegal....It is supposed to be uncivilized, something that American doctors regularly engaged in back in the day when women were wholesale judged as not trustworthy or capable of making any decision, let alone one controlling their own body.

These personal judgments are what women must be protected from. That is what Roe v Wade does. It protects us from the whims of others. All laws like it or not...are double edged...the right to do or the right not to do...

Trusting women is what Roe v Wade is all about. The law says women are the ones best able to decide what goes on in their lives, no one else. We trust you to do the right thing.

Trust Women.


The Morning After

You know, I don't know which is worse, the daily bombardment of gossipy infotainment that blasts out at us from the majority of formerly reputable news outlets, or the overly sensationalized-hyperbole laced-sky-is-falling-reporting that has destroyed the rest of what used to be news in America.

Massachusetts chose a new Senator to replace the departed Ted Kennedy. OMG ! HE'S A REPUBLICAN!


On and on ad nauseum...except...today is the morning after...and we're still here...

Democrats still have an 18 vote majority in the Senate....Likewise in the House......Healthcare is still on the table and passable..

May take a little more work...but hey...not passing it is way worse than passing it..

And the Republicans still don't have a clue or a plan...except to wreck anything that will benefit Americans...that is their only plan, period.....

And what have we learned..... We have learned that..

America is still rife with people who believe in cutting off their nose to spite their face by voting against issues or people who will help them in the long run....

The corporate stranglehold to make reform go away is working well....bought and paid for congressman and scared people who are the monkey wrench thrown into the gears of progress to benefit all..


America with its love for the fake and cosmetically enhanced, still loves the cute white guy.....it's about the way he fills out his Speedos, not about what is inside his head or his heart...

Scott Brown! Come on Down!

How much you wanna bet he trades in that pick up truck for a Benz or something equally luxurious within six months of his swearing in.


No Safe Place

What for many will be a very difficult and emotional journey begins January 19th, 2010, at Cincinnati's Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

"Without Sanctuary," is an exhibit of photographs depicting America's dark and lengthy dance with the devil from 1882 until 1968, when nearly 5000 Americans died at the end of a hangman's noose-lynched and brutalized by their fellow Americans.

The exhibit has been touring the country drawing record crowds. It will stay at the Freedom Center until May of this year.

"Without Sanctuary" sheds light on a very brutal part of American history. It is not the "comfort history" that is routinely taught in schools across America. This exhibit pulls the drape to uncover the remnants of America's Holocaust, that officially lasted from 1619 until 1865 when slaves were officially emancipated.

While emancipation gave the newly freed slaves many of the same rights as other citizens, lynching was used to take them back.

Winking at a white woman is what many believe was the basis behind lynchings. However rape allegations and accusations were the basis behind about a fourth of the incidents. Most people lynched...men and women....were political and labor activists. And while most of those lynched were in fact Black, many were native American, some were Jewish, and some were Hispanic or other minorities.

All committed the ultimate crime of upsetting the status quo as defined by the majority.

The exhibit also reveals what happened here in the tri state during those years. Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana were not guiltless during this era. In fact, this area, right now, present day, remains the number one location for KKK and White Supremacists activity in America. Come learn the history of our area, and find out the part our ancestors played in shaping this shameful era.

I hope that my fellow Cincinnatians will use this opportunity to go and see "Without Sanctuary." And, while you're at it, take in the Freedom Center, tour it and learn history as it should be taught, honestly and simply in the words, deeds and pictures of those who lived and witnessed it.

And look for me, down there, as well. I just recently became a volunteer exhibit interpreter and am geeked about beginning another journey of historical revelation. "Without Sanctuary" represents my first exhibit. I look forward to sharing it with you.


What My Mother has Seen, on her 80th Birthday

I can only begin to imagine what my mother has seen and lived through in her now 80 years on this planet. I know some it because of the part that I have lived through with her, since I am her first and eldest child.

I am nearly 60, so we've been together for a very long time. She had me when she was 8 months into her 20th year. I was unplanned. She was unmarried. I don't know how it happened except she used to joke about the back seat of a convertible. My arrival was something else that my father wouldn't talk about. He did the right thing and married her seven days before I was born, though.

Justice of the peace. Nothing fancy. Mom did say her mother in law was totally against the marriage. I'm not surprised, my grandmother never liked me either and I was an innocent.

I am blessed with having had two parents all of my life. I wondered many times if they loved each other or if it was duty and me, and then my sisters, that kept them together. My mom often said it was the later. Yet almost 60 years and they still share the same roof. The roles are now reversed. My mom the ultimate caretaker ,is the one needing care. My father, the provider, has become the caretaker all the while worrying about his own mortality. He is facing 82 years, later this year. He diligently
takes care of her now.

But my mom, lives vividly in my memories. My sisters never saw the baseball player. The one who played baseball, not softball. The one who taught me how to pitch softball, hours of practice in the backyard. My mother, who reveled in the company of women, and still managed to be the perfect wife for my very traditional father. She taught me tennis, too. We'd take wooden racquets and go up to Walnut Hills High School and practice weekly.

She never missed any of my games, no matter what sport I played She was always there and I could always hear her above the crowd noise. When we lost, which was rare, she
would tell me...”don't like losing....then don't lose....get better.” That's the way I approach everything....I don't like losing....so I strive to get better....always...still....

My sisters never saw the roller skater. The one who would load up her girlfriends in the car and drive to Indiana to a skating rink, on Tuesday nights, to spend the evening
dancing on skates, only to have to run home and be there by midnight. Midnight was her curfew time, set by my father. She had one. I knew this because I saw her miss it once. The girls wanted to stay longer and she said okay. I wonder if they ever found out what kind of trouble she got into for a few more minutes of fun.

Dad skated, too. He just never made the trips to Indiana, and he looked awkward on wheels when he did put them on.  I often wondered if he knew about those trips before she broke curfew. I did. His skates were black and kept in a purple metal case. My mom rolled on Chicago wheels, with white leather uppers, and she kept them in a light blue case. I always wanted skates like hers, and got them. They were my prized possession along with my left handed baseball glove, when I was a kid.

When mom got done with skating, she took up bowling, at Friscos Lanes on Pebbles Corner on McMillan. Thursday night ladies league. My mom was so good that she finished
second in a statewide amateur tournament. She rolled a high game 222, beaten by a 223. These women on her team were good. I wanted to grow up to bowl with them. I did one year after I turned 18. I was good, but never in their class. Dad rolled pretty good, too. Except he couldn't beat mom. Saw that at Princeton Bowl one Sunday. He stopped
bowling after that.

Nor could he out shoot her. He loves guns. He took her pheasant hunting at his private club one time with the guys. Mom was dead on, beat everybody, bagged her two birds which was the limit, in record time, and she was never allowed to outshine him
hunting again. “Women don't hunt,” dad said. She laughed. The memory of the look on his face that day was enough.

Bowling with my mom at 18, I found out she smoked cigarettes. At 18, can you imagine, not knowing your mother had the habit. She never smoked at home, or in my dad's car.
She came home smelling like smoke, but I knew all of her friends smoked, so I thought it was them. It was them, but it was her too. My father didn't approve, so we, the kids never saw it. Until one day it clicked and she got tired of hiding and she started smoking at home for a short time, until she quit. That was a surprise, too. She quit cold turkey for a year, before anyone realized. She used her cigarette money to buy Christmas presents for us on that one year anniversary. I know mom drank, too, but never around dad, the tee-totaler.

One thing they did do together was play bid whist. They were a good team. Mom talked plenty smack when playing. Dad talked too, just not as loud or flamboyantly as mom. She
had a woman's group for that too. Girls from bowling and some of our neighbors played. I remember one time, I walked through the family room when the girls were playing cards and our next door neighbor asked me, “Jo Anne, when you getting' married?” I didn't miss a beat and said..”hasn't my mother told you I'm gay, yet?” Kept walking. My mother was the first person that I came out to years before. All she said at the time was, “are you okay?” That was it. No drama.

Two different people and approaches to life in general. I wonder, if my mother would have chosen differently if she didn't have to worry about taking care of me? I wonder if she would have chosen to be more true to herself and natural nature. I can ask, but I don't think the answer would be truthful. I think she would tell me what she thinks I would want to hear, rather than what she really wants to say. Always looking out for her kids..no matter how old they are.

Her love for me is something I never ever wonder about, nor question.

Happy Birthday, Mom.


Friday Rap

Obama's still half steppin'....this time on Haiti...

President Obama did good with his initial response to the Haitian crisis. The 100 million dollars in aid is getting there, and it will get better in days to come.

However, there is still a problem, that  I've written about  before. The American government has always treated Haiti and immigrants to this country from Haiti as backward step children.

In the past, and up until the earthquake a couple of days ago.  Haitian boat people, those found stowed away,or those trying to swim to America, are routinely scooped up by the Coast Guard and sent back to their island.

Thousands of Haitians who make it to America are locked up awaiting deportation.


Because Haitian immigrants, unlike Cuban immigrants, don't have protected status in America. A Cuban who decides to leave Cuba and swim to America or boat to America or secretly sprout wings and fly to America, is greeted with open arms by our government as just another indication that Castro is a bad man...so bad his own people don't want to be around him..

But Haiti?  Haiti is poorer than a church mouth. The poorest country in the western hemisphere. American news agencies are reporting this phrase over and over as if they just learned that bit of information when they descended on the island yesterday.

Yet, The United States likes to pretend Haiti doesn't really exist except as a vacation spot for pedophiles and missionaries.

Granting protected status to Haitian immigrants would go a long way in changing the cycle of despair that envelops this small country. Protected status has been granted to other immigrants in the past by other Presidents in time of crisis, so Obama would not be setting precedent.

He would however, be showing some courage by going farther than he usually does. He is on the good side of many issues...He just doesn't seem to go far enough....Obama has a chance to rectify a big mistake he made by not granting protected status when four hurricanes hit Haiti last year...Like Dubya.....Obama turned a deaf ear....sending boat people back...and letting the island flounder..again..

It is a glaring double standard that exists in how Cubans are treated and granted asylum, while Haitians are allowed to sink into watery graves in the Gulf of Mexico...

The government, after all, does not bother to count the number of boat people who have drowned trying to get to the land of the so called free..

This is a time for big steps....not baby ones....Immigrants who have protected status can get a work permit and a driver's license which would allow them to send money home to support their families and to begin to break the poverty cycle...

Before the quake...Haitian families lived on a $150 a month....Protected status would allow more money to flow into the ravaged island, some experts say to the tune of about $50 million annually..

If Obama is looking to prove his Blackness to Black America....this is it...

If Obama is looking for a way to say “thank you” Haiti...this is it...

Why should America thank Haiti...Well it goes back to the Haitian revolution...yeah that same one that Pat Robertson was talking about.. when the Black African slaves threw France and Napoleon off their island....This small feat broke french influence in this part of the world, enabling America to make the Louisiana Purchase and become the bull in the china shop that it remains to this day..

Amazing what all that Black slavery action has done for this part of the world...and nobody wants to say thanks...

Protected status from the US would go a long way to right a wrong that has yet to be corrected...

And how good it would taste  were it  served by a brother in the White House on another brother named Martin's  birthday...


Teddy, RIP

A little cognac, candles and Teddy....I'm good...for always....

Devil, Thy Name is Pat Robertson

Still talking out the side of his neck. I keep forgetting that Robertson is still alive. He has a habit of misinterpreting scripture to justify and explain his perverted world view of people of color.

True, he runs missionary schools, allegedly to help people in need. But make no mistake there is not one Christian bone in his body. What he does is for power and money, just like the rest of the masters of the universe except that he tries to hide behind religion.

His barbs are usually directed at women and people of color. His statements about the earthguake and the Haitian people are just an example. He combined folklore, to remind us that he is still alive and just as nasty as ever....

There is really no difference between Pat Robertson and anything that comes out of the Westboro "God hates everybody" Church. Their perversion of religion is the same.

The so called Haitian "pact" is explained here. Check it out.

If you want to refresh yourself about what Robertson said, go here .

Let's all pray that Robertson joins his good friend Jerry in the near future.

Better yet, don't waste any prayers on Robertson...Send them to the good people of Haiti. They need them more.


Out of the Mouth of Idiots

Comparing what Harry Reid allegedly said to what Trent Lott said about Strom Thurmond is mixing apples and oranges. Lott was praising a rapist, who got away with sexually assaulting a 16 year old Black domestic servant at his parents home and got away with it because his parents covered it up and bought off the victim... He reportedly supported the baby born...but never acknowledged her as long as it could possibly bring down his political career, of keeping Blacks in their place...except I guess when he needed sex...

Strom Thurmond is the old poster boy for GOP racial hypocrisy....He should have been in jail not in Congress..

Like it or not...Harry Reid spoke the truth....I don't care how intelligent or how eloquent a brother is....no matter the number of his post graduate degrees....if he is black as the ace of spades....and talks like Shaft or Biggie or Snoop....or Tupac and is viewed as threatening for some reason...he won't clear local vetting to run for city council..much less national office..

Hell....Tupac an elegant writer and master of the spoken word...is still dismissed by white America as being a thug because of the way he looked...he could never get elected in America...Yet I measure his brain next to Obama's..

If brothers had an equal chance like most of America seems to believe, there wouldn't be 25% unemployment among Black males....The dropout rate...lack of male teachers, etc, wouldn't still be going on...despite having a Black man in the White House..

Jesse Jackson would have been taken seriously when he ran for president......Bill Clinton wouldn't be asking Obama to bring him some coffee...and we wouldn't be having this conversation..

And don't get outraged Black people....have we as a community canceled the “paper bag test” yet?

Are the days of wanting “nothing Black but a Cadillac” and “nothing big but a bankroll” over yet?

What about looking for a job...making a call...talking to a pleasant white lady to get a job interview...putting on your Sunday best to go to the interview only to walk in...be looked up and down like you smell funny and be told by the same nice white lady from the phone that the position has been filled...regardless of how you sound...how you fill out that stylish suit and what is printed on your resume...happens once...okay....happens over and over and over and over and over...and suddenly you feel like kicking some ass....But it happens less to beige brothers then it does to dark chocolate ones..

Hip Hop Mike can go sit down...He's the joker in the deck...except nobody's laughing..

This same book pillories Hilary and Sarah, too...equal opportunity hearsay journalism at it's best...

Sarah allegedly said it was God's plan that she run for VP....We've known forever that God really does have a sense of humor...

Why else would he have given the world Rod Blagojevich....he jumped on Obama in an interview to be published in Esquire in February....

"I'm blacker than Barack Obama. I shined shoes. I grew up in a five-room apartment. My father had a little laundromat in a black community not far from where we lived," Blagojevich said. "I saw it all growing up." ….ex gov Rod B...


Oh man... Do I yearn for the days of half hour news at 6pm and 11pm....no CNN, no FOX, no MSNBC.. And real journalists who found two sources before rushing to  publish or report.....with at least one willing to go on record....

Oh for the good ole days!


Friday Rap

Reality TV narcissism

Can we please be done with people who think making baby litters takes some kind of skill and that raising the rugrats is 24/7 entertaining to the rest of us?

Reality TV in general functions with a “crabs in the barrel mentality” powered by a 3 year old's definition of what makes entertainment....watching people try to destroy or humiliate others is not entertainment..taking somebody down is not fun nor does it feel good....if it did...we all wouldn't bother to hide behind computer screens shunning face to face contact, fearful of rejection..

turn off the TV.....get a real face to face life....think...friends in person...think talking across a dinner table...think wine.....lots and lots of wine.....think sex.. real sex, not simulated or porno playing on a screen.....reach out and touch...contact..


Worthless POS

Will the media please stop reporting every brain disconnected, meaningless utterance that falls from the mouth of Dick Cheney? The toothless old warmonger is a coward......five times deferred when he could serve....hid every time a plane was sighted in the sky over DC when he was VP.....Doesn't give a good damn about America....is a lying hypocritical, dinosaur whose time has past...

I'd quote Wesley Snipes from the movie Demolition Man at this point....”Will somebody please shoot this Mufuca!” except it would probably get me jailed for something,,,the old white guys still have most of the power and and all of the money....or at least enough to make my life miserable, anyway...


Glen “I don't have any Black friends” Beck

Read the article, I won't repeat it here. But I will say that it seems the only word attached to Blacks that whites never seem to have a problem with is nigger....

Nigger...once PC in America....always PC in America


Tiger Woo!

First they make him Black...Now they make him gay...a 21st century lynching of a colored man for whistling at white women

Woods needs to man up and get back on the course and do the only thing he does well, because the masters of the universe do have very short memories...the media relies on computer databanks to remember for them...it will settle down if you beat them on their holy ground at Augusta..again..


Hip Hop Mike

The GOP created Obama mirror image named Michael Steele is pissing off the powers within his own party for talking out of line...Mike won't stay in his place...apparently doesn't remember they chose him to be seen and not heard...

He is supposed to be the walking proof that the GOP is not racist...That they really, really love people of color....they really do...

He keeps talking and they're going to go out and dig up Stepin Fetchit....oh wait...they  already put him on the Supreme Court!...My bad....Shelby Steele is available...no relation to Mike..but that last name might stir up bad memories of Hip Hop..


GOP Talking Points

The talking heads of the GOP keep saying there were no terror attacks during Dubya's tenure in the White House....okay...I bet Dorothy really went to Oz, too...didn't she.... and Middle Earth exists..... William Shatner is really an alien and god actually sprung from the mind of L Ron Hubbard.....


Saying it over an over makes it urban legend....not fact....except for L. Ron...then it becomes a religion for some...


New boy toys

Let's give a shout out to Susan Sarandon...the 60 plus actress recently dumped her long time toy for a new boy toy.....go girl! Thelma rocks!....at least I think she was Thelma...hated that movie..but loved her in The Hunger with Catherine Deneuve....

And since I strayed into Hollywood....Sharon Stone is quoted as saying Meryl Streep “looks like an unmade bed” and that's why people relate to her...

Well...I like snuggling into unmade beds....better than curling up with an over exercised bag of bones with no padding...c'mon girls....let's don't fight...men are infinitely more funny to talk about...

Go Meryll


Boy Boxer Bomber

is in court today....all this hyperventilation over a near miss....it could have been serious...but face it people...it was a miss...an almost.....and...almost only counts in horse shoes...as my dad used to say...take this as a teaching lesson to improve the system and move on...

A world powered by fear is going to kill us all..


Words of Advice for Prez O

I know you have to deal with all this peripheral BS for the cameras....but we the people could use a little help in your spare time...

Like jobs, for instance...that will secure the election if you can jump start the employment scene by summer..

It would help if you could cancel Don't Ask Don't Tell.....since many of your Arabic speaking translators that you kicked out of the armed forces last year were also gay...It might be good for security if you brought them back and allowed them to live their lives....while doing their job..

I ask you..which is best for all of us....National Security or worrying about who is sexing whom?


New Year, New Laws on Ohio Health Care

 With the new year comes new law from the Ohio legislature. Folks with pre existing health conditions will catch something of a break this year if they try to buy health insurance coverage.  A new law caps the rates that insurance companies can charge during their open enrollment period to persons with pre existing conditions or chronic illnesses. According to lawmakers more than 52,000 Ohioans will benefit from this change.

And, something for parents, coming in July parents will be able to buy insurance for their kids, as long as they are under the age of 28 from their employer. Old law capped this benefit at age 22.

Even if you still can't get insurance, you will be able to price shop hospitals online. A website has been created to compare prices and procedures and will have 100 different ways to measure the comparison to determine if you really are getting the better deal.  Hospital infection and death rates will also be listed.

Bear in mind this will only be for state hospitals, not privately owned hospitals. But it is a step in the right direction.