Candy Ass Pentagon and Crying in the Military

Now let me get this...you will excuse the expression.....straight....President Obama says he plans to work for the repeal of “don't ask, don't tell” in the American military, this year....A couple of days later the Pentagon says “it will begin studying the PROCESS of repealing DADT....AND...that it....meaning the repeal of the policy, will take several years to complete...

WTF!.....The Pentagon statement went on to explain that the military must find a way to do this gradually because of the emotions that soldiers might have when the ban is lifted...HUH!

We are talking about the military here...So when did the feelings of a grunt make any difference to the brass?

I mean on what world do gunnies, much less generals, worry about crying soldiers? I thought crying was a sign of your inner Mary, and the main reason for permanent banishment from the foxhole or trench..

My understanding of the military is..and you can correct me if I'm wrong...that the soldier's only real duty is to follow orders...period...that is where the vaunted military cohesion originates.....soldiers who don't follow orders or who cry...are court martialed and discharged or killed....well, maybe not killed but disciplined...

After all....isn't that what a “CODE RED” is in the Marines.....Or have I seen one too many Jack Nickelson-Tom Cruise-Demi Moore movies?

“you want me on that wall.....you need me on that wall!”

“You can't handle the truth!”

“General.....Did you order the CODE RED?!”

“You're damn right I did!”

This whole movie was about following orders and what happens to a soldier who was outcast in his platoon. He ends up dead on orders from the general. It's not the only movie like this. The lore surrounding the brotherhood of the military is legendary.

So my question....If Obama has issued the CODE RED...and he is Commander in Chief....Who the fuck cares or is taking into consideration, the hurt feelings of a few uber straight guys and gals?

Orders are orders.....no emotions allowed. You bunk where you're told to bunk, shower where you're told to shower and kill when you're told to kill.

It's not complicated....wasn't complicated when England did it or the Scandinavian countries or down under in Australia....these countries simply went cold turkey...

So you're trying to tell me the best fighting machine in the world can't follow one simple order?

“Don't ask don't tell is no longer policy in the American military...replace those pages with these new and updated policy pages in your how to be a soldier manual...effective immediately”

Can't get more simple than that....

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