Hump Day Madness

“Walnuts” McCain, Obama and the National Prayer Breakfast, and AIG Bandits

Somebody punch John McCain in the ribs and wake him up, please. A couple of years ago he said on the day that the generals came out in favor of repealing Don't ask, Don't tell, he would drop his opposition.

Well John, that day has come and gone. Colin Powell who crafted the so called compromise with Bill Clinton and nearly every other politician, except you and your bigoted brothers and sisters like Barbour and Boehner and Fox and Bachmann, have evolved, and say the policy is bad policy.

You and your clique, however, are content to remain bigoted.

"Patriotism that only serves and never risks one's self-interest isn't patriotism at all. It's selfishness. -John Sidney McCain

Just once, John, I wish you would at least try to live up to your own words...just once. Face the reality, you're never, ever, ever going to be President.


Obama and the National Prayer Breakfast

What better way to separate church and state as prescribed by the Constitution, then for President Obama to back away from his scheduled visit to the National Prayer Breakfast tomorrow. I know its been an official presidential stop since 1953, however, if this is the time for transparency in government, then stepping away from this event is a big start.

This prayer breakfast which masquerades as a pseudo religious event is nothing but a shady way of attempting to influence government for their pet projects.

I don't care how much they protest to the contrary, these are the guys behind that heinous Ugandan law calling for the death penalty for gays and lesbians. And yet they claim to be Christian.

These prayer breakfast organizers are behind that house in Washington that fronts as a prayer and meditation house for congressme,n...like...Ensign and Sanford..you know the latest lawmakers caught with their zippers open...They call themselves The Family...sounds cultish to me...you know like Charles Manson and his Family or that rock group that Prince put together called The Family..sinister..not healthy..

What worries me even more is the acceptance The Family continues to have on Capital Hill.

A real president of all the people would find a way to break precedent and not attend this fake religious function..sending a message to all bigots, that their way of thinking will no longer be tolerated.


AIG Bonuses

How the hell does AIG continue to pay massive bonuses to the very division that tanked this country economically? Today comes word that the company is paying out 100 billion dollars in bonuses and they still owe the American 124 billion dollars in tax money payback..

How does this happen? And isn't it time for Obama to go ghetto on corporate America, the blue dog democrats and the GOP?
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