When Aliens Attack

Orly Taitz calling in the United Nations

Just when you thought the song was over, that one note samba named Orly Taitz has surfaced again, still singing off key to anyone who's willing to listen. Old girl just won't let her crusade against Barack Obama die. Got to give her an A for pugnaciousness, though.

Orly has taken her crusade to the United Nations, no less, demanding they step in and stop all the big bad Americans from persecuting her over her fight to rid the United States of its Black, tyrannical usurper who's squatting in the White House, sticking it to the good white people while bamboozling the stupid coloreds into supporting him. Check out the letter.

Dr. Taitz, esq, as she likes to refer to herself has hired an attorney who claims in a letter that Taitz is receiving death threats, and that somebody has tried to assassinate her, and vandalize her property.

All this is happening to the good doctor because she is trying to expose Obama as the fraud that he is, she says. The reason she went to the UN is because nobody is America is paying attention to her..

Gee, ya think?

Taitz who claims to be a dentist and a lawyer is facing a $20,000 fine and the removal of her online law license. I've talked about this before. Her law degree is from an online school that certifies public accountants and is worth less than the paper upon which it's written. Read here.

Don't ask...don't know how a school named after William Howard Taft for public accountants can also give out law degrees....

A judge levied the fines for frivolous legal filings. In other words she keeps trying to take Obama to court over his birth certificate, by claiming O wasn't born here. President O was born in Hawaii, but the bottle blond was born in Moldavia, which used to be in Russia.

She can't even vote, because she's not a citizen of the USA.

Man, whoever that Black guy was who she dated in her past, must have really, really pissed her off. Let's find that guy and make him apologize before she drives the rest of us crazy with her fatal attraction ass.

The United Nations, by the way, has not yet replied to her request.

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