So Who the F*** is Orly Taitz?

I've been asking that question since she became the force behind the Obama birth certificate mess. I got to see her for the first time today via Youtube. View for yourself. Seems she has allegedly found Obama's African birth certificate and well...judge for yourself...

This woman claims to be a dentist and an attorney. Well, I looked her up and she has an undergraduate degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her law degree was granted by William Howard Taft University. She is registered with the California Bar as of 2002.

William Howard Taft University is an online school that was set up originally to certify Public Accountants in 1976. The curriculum was later expanded to grant two kinds of law degrees, neither of which qualifies anyone holding them to practice in a court of law, this according to the school's own publicity records.

They can, apparently, file motions, as Taitz has done repeatedly

However, while she is allowed to practice in California the California State Bar does not accredit the William Howard Taft Law School.

Nor does the American Bar Association. In fact any law student who wants to take the Bar must first take what's called the Baby Bar Exam, in order to qualify to take the Big Bar exam.

California is the only state that allows online law school students to sit for the Bar exam in the first place.

She has no certification in any other state in the union. She does have posted on her website a certificate allowing her to argue before the United States Supreme Court. However fill out a questionaire, and fork over $200 and you, or I could do the same thing.

And as for this Kenyan birth certificate....well...it's been pretty much debunked already as a forgery.

You can read about it here

If you need to look up what constitutes a natural born citizen..check it out here,

A couple of last thoughts....threats on Obama's life are up 400% since he took office. That's over and above what Dubya suffered through...


John McCain is going to vote against confirming Judge Sotomayor...he has announced..

So much for bipartisan governance..

So much for racial harmony in America.

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