Palin's Haitian Drive-By

In another seemingly nonsensical move in her sorta march toward the 2012 presidential election campaign, the half governator and failed Vice Presidential candidate from that great state of Alaska made a trip to Haiti this weekend. You can read the CNN story here
For what? Why now? The Haitian story has died down. It's over, as news stories go. Pushed to the back burner in the minds of most people, especially the ADHD voters of America. 

The corrupt government is not taking care of its people, the devastation remains and a cholera outbreak is in full swing. Why would a wannabe presidential candidate travel there now, when it's still so dangerous?

Maybe shooting helpless caribou on camera isn't enough to prove bravery. Maybe going to Africa was too big an undertaking at this point in time. But, venturing into the western heart of darkness, surrounded by armed guards and walking among the swarthy island natives is a better way and safer way to prove  worth to the American people and the world.

That's it, do a Tarzan turn and flip the script a bit...you know...white girl among the savages....pat a darkie on the head and all the other darkies in America will jump on your bandwagon and vote for you! Show white liberals you really and truly care about their minorities. Yeah that would work!

Must have been a really fun brainstorming session for Palin and her gang of Rovian mini brains. Bet no one thought going to Watts or Harlem would make more sense and accomplish the same thing, maybe. At least she'd be talking to people who could possibly do something for her....like, oh I don't know... vote, for instance.

Did she take her witch doctor with her? No, actually she took Todd and Bristol. Guess Willow or whatever that child's name is, finally had to go to school or maybe it was her turn to take care of Track and Trip, the baby props, while they are off stage and out of sight.

The trip wasn't announced to any news organization with the exception of FOX which sent it's cracked political commentator Greta Susteren along for the ride, complete with a camera crew to record for posterity, or for broadcast in the future, in case Lady Sarah needs to prove she can mingle with the masses.

There were no policy announcements except to chastise the American government for not doing more...Huh?

Thought the government was doing too much...spending too much...helping the wrong people...Oh..I get it...helping the bete noire of Haiti is okay...It's the black and brown Americans who don't deserve aid and sustenance from the government that takes its taxes.

She told reporters who were there on the real story; "(I) don't want Americans to forget the need that is here,"..... "More importantly, for Americans and people across the world to know what an individual can do to make a difference, to contribute, to.”

Gee, Sarah...you didn't have to make the trip and use up all that petrol...all you had to do was to write out a check for some of the money you got from your bogus book sales.

You know the old saying “money walks...bullshit talks.


Pagan or Christian-What You Celebrate on December 25th

No one knows when Mary is supposed to have given birth to Jesus, and for the first 300 years Christianity existed there was no celebration of the birth of Christ at all. If anyone wanted to celebrate or to mark the occasion, there was a tendency in the beginning, to lump his birth in with the Epiphany, an already established church feast which is held on January 6th .

Some church leaders even argued against celebrating Jesus' birth because it reminded them of the way Egyptians and other religions honored their pagan gods. In other words it was a pagan tradition to mark a deity's birth with celebration.  Still, some church leaders argued that it should be celebrated and take place on May 20th. Other dates in May, November, January, and March were also championed.

March 25th was favored because it was considered at the time to be the day of the creation of the Sun according to the gospel.

December 25th gained ground in 273AD, and eventually stuck for some very non christian reasons. Simply put, it was a time in the year when people weren't killing each other, you know, burning christians at the stake or throwing pagans into the lions den, depending on which side of the religious fence you found your village.

The reason nobody was being sent to their god, was that there were two other holidays celebrated on this day. The Romans marked “natalis solis invicti” which means birth of the unconquered sun, and the Iranian holiday, the birth of Mithras or “Sun of Righteousness”, which was very popular among Roman soldiers.

Winter Solstice, yet another pagan celebration also occurred at this time, within a few days of the other two celebrations. So since nobody was fighting at this time, wiley church leaders decided to co opt the day, December 25th for their celebration of the birth of Jesus.

But Christmas didn't really catch on until many years later when  Roman Emperor Constantine declared Christianity the number one religion of the land. The eastern parts of the empire, however, stuck with January 6th as the day to celebrate his birth and baptism. But eventually everybody with the exception of the Armenians moved to the December 25th date by 336AD. Western Churches still celebrate January 6th as the day of the arrival of the Magi instead of as Christ's baptism date.

That's not all, just about everything connected to Christmas is pagan in origin. For instance, gift giving and partying dates back to Roman Saturnalia, christmas trees with lights and giving to charity date back to the way the Romans celebrated their Roman New Year, and the Yule log as well as stuffing your face with all kinds of foods and drink harken back to Teutonic feasts, leading some super christians to contend that Christmas is nothing more than gift wrapped paganism.

Want to learn more, click here


Compromise and Capitulation-Another White House Cave-in

(Open letter #4 to President Obama)

“we cannot play politics at a time when the American people are looking for us to solve problems.” -Barack Obama

Dear Sir,

This statement, like all of your other statements are very high brow and noble and full of pristine thinking. However, the GOP has been speaking and communicating in layman's terms since you took office two years ago.

What they're saying in common speak is “fuck you” Mr. President, “fuck you” middle class and all this time you've been singing background harmony.

They went into the meetings daring you to call their bluff and you blinked. Again. You even gave them more than they said they wanted. Lowering the estate tax more than they've ever asked..that's a wet dream for a rich man...doesn't help the poor man in any way shape or form.

None of this decreases the deficit. And by the way, where are the teabagging deficit hawks? Still waiting to hear from them. They can't vote until January, but, hell, they're not even talking.

Wha sa matta u Teabags...GOP got your tongue, too?

The GOP is not having any trouble playing politics with the lives of American people. We feel like we're in a fight but our hands are tied behind our back. We have to stand there and be pummeled by the no brained thug brought in to beat us into submission.

Where's the fight, Mr. President? Where's the change from Washington politics business as usual? Where's the change that we can believe in?

So far, all we have is Bush policy 2.0 except it has BHO in the signature line, these days. It's not compromise when you're always on the losing end.

That's a flat out ass whuppin', stomped and bloodied.

Extending the Bush tax cuts for two years, unnecessarily drains the federal coffers of more money but also puts the cuts into play in an election year, 2012. The country couldn't afford the tax cuts when Bush created them. We can afford them even less in addition to two illegal wars, a recession weak economy and a massive big pharma authored drug plan.

So what is this? You setting yourself up to fail? If you don't want the job, then don't run. Step aside and let somebody else with a stomach for street fighting take a crack at it.

Would it have been so hard to call the GOP's bluff and let the tax cuts expire? The money saved could have been used to fund stuff that needs fixing.

And what about the START treaty? Is that going to be signed or is the party of NO going to work to destroy the world in a nuclear holocaust now that it has effectively trashed America?

More important, are you going to stand by and continue to co sign on their actions?

What about DADT...is it dead? How about the DREAM Act or DOMA or ENDA? All dead because the GOP told you NO? You can't get them to compromise now...with a majority in Congress. What happens come January when they control the House? Do you really think these bills are going to pass?

Walking the walk is much more important than talking the talk, Mr. President. Don't need no more pretty speeches and soaring words....need some action....need  to throw some punches ...need to bury your size 12 in somebody's GOP ass...

It feels good to sweat....C'mon Mr. President...time to sweat for something other than a pick up basketball game on Sunday with your chums.


Hey Homes, You Pissin' Me Off, Man!

(Open letter # 3 to President Obama)

"These people are saying we are going to insist on tax cuts for the richest people in the country and we don't care if they are paid for, and we don't think it is a problem if it contributes to the deficit, but we are not going to vote to extend unemployment benefits to working people if they aren't paid for because they contribute to the deficit.”-Ted Strickland


Tight! Perfect soundbite....but it didn't come from you, Homes. It came from my soon to be ex governor who took the bullet for you, man. He's gone..too late to save him. What you sayin'.. sorry?

Naw..all we got from you was more of the same BS you been talkin the past two years...you apologized to the wrong people on Tuesday, after another so called bipartisan sitdown in your office... what did you say...”sorry I haven't done enough outreach to the GOP.”

What the hell was that?

Where's the outreach to the people who elected you, Homes? You know the ones who are losing their jobs...their houses.....their ability to look their families in the eye and tell em it's gonna be okay?

Where's the apology to them for not standing up to the crazies who are trying to destroy this country rather than let the rest of us live here with them?

They have been telling you since day one, they are not going to work with you. Their only purpose is to destroy you. They ain't lyin' to ya bra.


Talk about a high tech lynching...Man you sittin' on a horse with your hands tied behind your back, waiting for them to locate the perfect tree for you necktie festivities.

What don't you understand about that?

There can be no compromise....There should be no compromise....It is perfectly plain....permanent tax cuts increase the deficit....

It's a no brainer, man...
Even Jose Feliciano can see this...

Since you're a sports junkie...let me paint a picture that you might understand....comes from the old Burt Reynolds movie called The Longest Yard..

During the climactic game against the guards...word trickles down that the QB has once again sold out...the team...angry...stops playing...and let's golden boy take the hits..

This is where you are Homes...you're in a team sport....but due to your seeming lack of leadership...your team is quitting on you..because they no longer believe in you..

Reynolds does ultimately beat the guards in a perfectly scripted Hollywood ending...

But this ain't the movies, Homes...this is real...

Homes...you need to make some moves...call out some signals...change the game...or you're going to be sacked and penalized..

Think of it this way....4th down and inches.....your name is Franco Harris...or 4 seconds on the clock your name is Michael Jordan and you're playing against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round...and the ball has been inbounded to you..........

What you gonna do Homes?



When Sex Kills-A Conversation for My People on World AIDS Day

(originally published 12/1/2009)
Black people- HIV/AIDS is killing our community. It stopped being a gay white man's disease, years ago. However, from the beginning it was killing Black people. Black women were passing the germ on to their newborn babies in breast milk, and they were dying. Black people in Africa continue to die with whole generations wiped out and children left without parents. The white gay community mobilized to deal with the situation while Black people fell through the cracks due to their own prejudices and ignorance, coupled with an inherently racist health system that continues today.

The HIV virus is not killing white America, so much anymore, but it is killing Black America....Let's bring it even closer....It is affecting Black straight America...through Black straight women, who refuse to hold their sexual partners accountable.

In Hamilton County, Cincinnati, Ohio....The number of Black women living with HIV/AIDS has doubled since 1998, according to the Ohio Department of Health. Across America, Black women, most of them straight, make up 61% of the newly diagnosed cases, while Black men make up 46% of all newly diagnosed cases.

The Black community in America is on target to be wiped out just like in Africa.

I've been writing and doing radio programs about this since the disease surfaced in 1984. I lost 11 friends in one year and 2 relatives before I stopped counting. I continue to write about it, and to talk about it, but it feels like I'm spitting into the wind and nobody is paying attention.

The fact of the matter is that.....

HIV is the number one cause of death for Black women between the ages of 25 and 34. The same is true for Black men between the ages of 35 and 44.

My people, you are dying because of fear, denial and ignorance. It's not about drug use and junkies sharing needles. That does happen, but primarily the cause is unprotected sex. Sex without condoms. A condom can stop the spread of the disease. No one is saying become celibate....just become sensible about what you do when you do decide to get your groove on.

Anyone who has sex with someone who refuses to use a condom is committing suicide...a long painful and stupid suicide.

As Black people we're funny. We talk about white people letting their dogs kiss them in the face. We worry about the germs from the dog's tongue. Yet, dog germs on your face won't kill you. But sex without a jimmy will and does over and over and over again. But nobody's talking about that.

Straight Black women in particular are in denial and are paying the price. Maintaining a jimmy-less relationship with their man when he comes out of prison is a big factor, especially since many black men engage in man on man sex while in jail, then take it home to their women.

Another major factor is men who routinely have sex with other men, yet don't consider themselves gay and still sleep with women. She ends up infected since male to female transmission is the easiest form of transmission.

Ohio Corrections tests all men going into the system, however they don't test them upon release.

The sad fact is that statistics show that most Black straight women are infected by their husbands and boyfriends.

So what can be done. Well, it's a matter of the entire community coming out the closet about the problem. And by this I mean, Black Churches, Black civil rights organizations, and Black people need to admit to themselves that it is not a white disease or a black disease....It is a disease that is colorblind and is killing us.

Everyone should be tested. I have been, a couple of times. It is a simple blood test that you can have done while you're having other blood work done. Your doctor can give you a card that you can carry in your wallet. The information just says...blood type..rh factor and HIV positive or negative.

People are living longer and longer because the medicine is finally catching up. HIV is no longer an instant death sentence.

So do yourself a favor on World AIDS Day, get tested and ask your partner to get tested, too.


America Sucks-There, I've said it!

I heard it again on television this morning, this time uttered by Chrissy the Pooh O'Donnell, the failed senatorial candidate from Delaware.

She told George Stephanopoulos that the mid term vote was a vote to change DC...not to change America. America, she says, doesn't need changing.

Well, no it doesn't...if you're white girl used to getting by on her looks instead of her brains....or a white guy born with the priviledge of masculinity regardless of your class station in life....or you're a woman who married an elder titan of industry or politics...or your father was one such man..

However, if you don't fall into one of those categories, then America is not the be all end all place to spend a lifetime growing up and laboring.

It is not an equal place for gays and lesbians and poor women...In the 21st century America is a segregated place for Blacks, Native Americans and Hispanics..no matter how much money you have in the bank.

It is a place where women are allowed to vote, yet pregnancy is treated as a pre existing condition, the right to choose is anathema, and rape or incest a negligible consequence.

God forbid that you don't worship at the mega church altars dedicated to some guy named Jesus who bares no resemblance physically or mentally to to the son of god in all the christian bibles..

It is a place where the government freezes workers' wages while granting trillions of dollars in tax cuts to the wealthiest one percent, or takes away regulation so that there is no limit on the number of ways created to screw the public.

It is a place that refuses to grant unemployment insurance to those who've lost their jobs....or health insurance to the most needy...while literally throwing money at corporations by allowing them to actually write the laws that govern the people...always skewing the laws to favor business and backed up by the courts..

America is a place where parts of the country are getting ready to hold celebrations of the secession that occurred prior to the first shots of the civil war.  It is a party to celebrate states rights without admitting that the only right in conflict during the civil war was whether or not to keep black people enslaved.

The old guard masters of the universe and their wives and children, continue to ignore, mitigate, change or rewrite the history of America to exclude Blacks...apparently thinking that writing us out of the history books makes us disappear.... In this fantasy world...persecuted white people came here and found a continent ripe for the taking.

Today's political discourse treats Blacks and minorities like a necessary evil...something that is ignored until forced to face.

After all...we have a Black man as president...what more could we want...must white people also be expected to treat him like a white president..giving him the respect deserving of a real master of the universe, too?

There is absolutely no recognition of minority humanity or contributions from anyone on the neoconservative right wing of the GOP, nor by many members of the progressive middle or so called liberal left.

The conservative bigotry is open and outfront, while liberals and alleged progressives expect us to quietly stand by as they deliver the same kind of slights and offense, simply because they sometimes pat us on the head and throw candy our way once in a while.

It really doesn't matter if a master of the universe labels himself or herself conservative or liberal...the results for those of us on the receiving end are the same.

The message delivered daily by the various alphabet ministries of propaganda is that America belongs to them and we are nothing more than a stain on their god given American exceptionalism.


Sarah Palin Cheap Shot Edition of Friday Rap

Early Friday morning and the day is already full of Sarah Palin cheap shots at the Obamas. You can read them here.

Glad Michelle has too much class to answer this foolishness. Me, I'm not that classy. In fact, I'd like to dedicate a song to the Alaskan Snowbilly, half gov, wannabe president....

This is not the remix....

Oh....and by the way...how's that Joe Miller thingey workin' for you, huh? Beaten, but rather than concede...he is taking it to court....classy move!

If I were really on your level, Sarah, I'd say something about your babymama daughter on DWTS... we all know...if she weren't your spawn...she would not have been there in the first place...


How about the lack of supervision of your other daughter...what's her name...Willow?...you know the one I'm talking about...who's watching over her on the dangerous internets while she's spewing all that vitriol.

Gonna run for president....well...you go right ahead...it's your right as an American citizen as spelled out in the Constitution that you claim to know so much about.

Feelin' my DJ bones comin' back...”10 minutes after the hour, here at W-I-N-O FM..that's wonderful WINO for all you non spellin' MOFOs...Here's another one goin' out to Lady Sarah, the half a snow gov from Wasilla. SP...this one's for you!”


Bush Tax Cuts-Bad Policy Then, Bad Policy Now

Let's cut to the chase, the only reason the Bush tax cuts were passed was to give a gift to rich people in this country. When I say rich people, I'm not talking just republicans. I'm talking all rich people, democrats, included. That's why most Democrats don't want to see the tax cut repealed either, despite their tepid protestations. The Democrats, or a number of them have already proven they don't really care about the people any more than the GOP.

The Bush tax cuts were a Christmas gift that keeps on giving, even as we speak. If left alone by 2020 the tax cuts will take up 1.6% of the GDP.  

So pay no attention to the so called deficit hawks, because if they were really serious about the deficit...we wouldn't be having this conversation.

The lame duck session begins today and it is expected that tax cuts will be the first order of business, that being whether to cancel the tax cuts, extend them for everyone permanently, or extend for a time into the future, or leave them alone and let them die.

What happens if Congress repeals them: simply Congress saves the country 4 trillion dollars.

What happens if Congress extends the tax cuts for everyone permanently: simply, the country and your children and grandchildren will have to shoulder the tab for that 4 trillion dollars, that could have been saved if the tax were repealed.

What happens if Congress temporarily extends the tax cuts into the future: simply, it will make rich people happy and the chances of ever repealing them, thus increasing the deficit even more, will probably never happen. In other words, the gift from Bush will just keep on giving.

The way the cuts are structured 65.5% of the total benefit goes to upper echelons. It's divided in this way.....26.8% to the top 1% and 14.7% to the top 0.1%

Don't like percentages, then look at it this way....for the middle class...these numbers equal a yearly savings of $880 per family....However.....rich people will save $6, 094 each....and the super rich...those making more than $2 million per year in income.....they save annually $339, 483 in savings per the Bush tax cuts.

The poorest and most needy get just $45 from the Bush tax cuts.

$880 is a nice chunk of change for the typical middle class family. However, being able to eliminate 4 trillion dollars from the projected national debt with just one stroke of a pen is much much better for all Americans.

Do this and all of a sudden the GOP/Teabag assault on Medicare and Social Security goes away. A decreasing deficit means the hawks have to find another reason to cut their government down to the nonfunctional size they deem appropriate.

Besides, if you ask the regular middle class guy whether or not he or she would rather have $880 now or their social security intact...I think most people would prefer to have their retirement benefits.

President Obama is on record as wanting to extend the cuts for middle class families. That's the way to go. He is opposed by the GOP which wants to make the tax cuts permanent, never mind the effect on the deficit and government spending. 

The Tea Party campaigned to reduce the deficit. It remains to be seen on what side they will come down on when the stuff hits the fan this week in Congress.

Since we all have a dog in this fight, I would suggest giving your congressmen a call or an email, telling him or her, how you want them to vote.


Barack Obama, The DINO in the White House

President Obama's election as president came with a giddiness that most of us still can't explain and a happiness that finally, finally things would change in this country for the working man.

After all, he was a Black man, a working man who had pulled himself up by his bootstraps. He was not born to the manner, so to speak. In other words, his daddy didn't hand it to him on a silver platter.

One would imagine that thinking outside the box would come natural. In fact, most people thought that outside the box solutions would become the norm when Barack Obama took over.

However, the election of Barack Obama proves two things. First, that white people in America are not inherently racist and are more than willing to elect a Black man who seems to have a plan to lead them. Second, that Black people can be just as comfortably conservative as most whites who make their home inside the right wing of the Republican party.

From jump, I have been concerned about President Obama's choices to help him right the economy and bring down the deficit. He has repeatedly chosen clueless academics more comfortable addressing theory rather than dealing in the reality of living with those theories. I didn't doubt their abilities. What I doubted was their empathy and understanding of what is happening on main street to the middle class, rather than on wall street and in Manhattan or the upper East Side.

Today, I'm not a happy camper. In fact, I suffering major “buyer's remorse,” after reading this preliminary report, because to sum it up in popular terminology, this plan simply says "Fuck you, America."

The President put together a think tank to address the deficit. It is called his Deficit/Fiscal Commission. Right off the bat, he puts two right winged Republicans in charge. There is not a democratic bone in the body of either Erskine Bowles or Alan Simpson. They don't understand the term “middle class.” If Erskine Bowles changed his name to Glen Beck, nobody would know the difference. He is that far right of center. From jump street, all republicans and most spineless blue dog Democrats were happy at Obama's selection of Bowles and Simpson, and I'm sure they're absolutlely ecstatic after this first preliminary report release.

Caveat....this plan is preliminary. It is not the final plan. Honestly, if this is the blueprint, middle America is about to be deep sixed permanantly, because this plan has declared war on medicare, on social security and every other social service safety net for helping those who can't help themselves, while allowing the true culprits, guilty of tanking this country to get off scott free.

Cutting Social Security-While the GOP has promised not to cut the benefits of those who are retired or those who are close to retirement, the deficit commission wants to immediately increase retirement age, limit yearly cost of living increases, tying it to inflation rather than wage growth. This would drop benefits right now, by 3% for those who have been retired for 10 years or more and 6% after they've been retired for 20 years. For those who don't know, retirement age is already going up to 67 by the year 2027. By 2050 retirement age will be 68 and by 2075, it will be 69.

Cuts Taxes for the Rich-Cutting taxes increases the deficit, so why is it part of a plan to lower the deficit, huh? This deficit commission wants to drop the tax rates on the highest tax brackets to 23%, down from 35%. Corporate rate would decrease to 26%.

Bend over Middle Class-The biggest cut in this plan is to change the benefit formula to start at the 50th percentile which is the real middle and hurts the most people. The biggest amount of decrease would happen here, dramatically reducing what few benefits exist for the Middle Class.

Using “Caps” to cut medicare and other social programs designed to keep people from falling into poverty-Items in this part of the plan involve increasing fees and asking doctors, lawyers, insurance companies and health care providers to “play nice” and voluntarily go easy on raising costs of a procedure or treating pre existing conditions or kicking grandma and grandpa to the curb or in front of a death panel. Just no more nasty restrictions on big pharma or health care providers such as Wellpoint. This plan caps expenditures at no more than 1% of the GDP. Can you say “Rationed Health Care.”

Cut the Defense Budget- This is a good thing. However it does not go nearly far enough. The plan calls for a reduction of 20% of the Pentagon's budget, mainly by freezing salaries and cutting the manufacture of useless and weapons and equipment. But it is just a drop in the bucket and needs to go further. Doesn't address ending the wars or shuttering useless military bases around the world.

Hurts Veterans-It's not enough Vets and servicemembers get shot up and wounded in illegal wars, when they come home, the deficit commission wants them to pay for their treatment by adding co-pays to TRICARE, freeze noncombat pay for 3 years, and shut down all schools on military bases, making the kids go to public school.

Federal Workers- The plan calls for freezing federal salaries, bonuses, and other compensation for 3 years. The deficit commission wants to cut the federal workforce by 10% as well as eliminate 250,000 non defense service and staff contractors.

What this plan does not do
: It does not address spending in Iraq and Afghanistan, those two illegal wars that pushed us over the brink.

It does not address the low tax rates paid by the rich-after all the Bush tax cuts are at the root of the problem and due to add even more money to the deficit if extended, as apparently President Obama is on the verge of allowing, if current reports are true.

This plan does not address the excess of Wall Street and the Banking Industry, or the Medicare prescription drug bill written by Big Pharma.

It was not Medicare, Social Security, the Middle Class, the Poor, Veterans or Federal workers who screwed this country. Yet it is us who will be forced to pay the price, if Obama allows any parts of this plan to see the light of day.


GOP...What Cha Gonna Do Now?

Okay, it's been six days since the country vented its economic frustrations on the Democrats in last Tuesday's election and what has been accomplished so far?

Well, Michele Bachmann is plotting how to crack the old boys leadership club and bring her bratty teabag family with her....Mitch McConnell is plotting overthrow of President Obama in 2012, seemingly not worried about any alleged mandate from the people to fix the economy and find some jobs......John Boehner the new boss of the House of Representatives is a bit more subdued, because he seems to be celebrating where most of us can't find him, although we can hear it in his voice.

The arrogant smirk on the newly elected teabag darling from Kentucky, Rand Paul has taken up permanent residence on his face. He is plotting outright takeover of the country.

As he has been saying from jump, “he wants HIS country back”.........not really understandable since he is to the manner born...a tried and true master of the universe, who has had absolutely nothing to worry about ever.

The people of Kentucky simply freed Rand Paul up to be the 400 pound gorilla in the china shop that he came into this world being.  If anyone is living the American dream, it is Senator elect Randal Paul smack inside his own personal Norman Rockwell painting, with his three towed headed boys, a bottle blond trophy of a wife, his medical degree and his father's name. What else is there except world or at least country domination?

These guys spent less than two years in exile after trashing the country. Under the law that amounts to probation for being caught with a joint cocked behind your ear. They didn't have enough time to figure out what it is that they did wrong, before they are back in power, with crazy riding shotgun.

The GOP is great at winning elections because the Democrats haven't figured out how to talk to its constituents and deliver a coherent message about their accomplishments.

The Dems did more for the people of this country than any other administration in history. But you'd never know it by looking at and listening to the average American.

At least John Boy Boehner is smarter than Newt Gingrich, in that he is not making any brash promises about what his party intends to do. Probably because they don't really know what they intend to do with the exception of beating Obama in two years.

Their Pledge to America is empty. There is nothing in it, written between the front and back covers except empty words that echo what the GOP has been telling us for the past ten years. Heck, it's unchanged since the days of their patron Saint Ronald of Reagan more than 30 years ago.

The Pledge to America basically promises to hold the line on government spending while assuming that lower spending is all that's needed to bring back the country from the brink of destruction. In other words, keep government small and the situation will take care of itself.

This Pledge is not a plan. It is not a method of governance and sidesteps the real reasons why the GOP was kicked out of power back in 2008. Yes, the Bush Administration screwed up the spending, drastically increased the deficits with its two illegal wars, but the main problem was that it did not address the problem of the struggling and shrinking middle class, which teetered off the deep end long before the Black man took over the White House.

In addition, amidst the unchecked corporate quest for massive personal riches, the United States was allowed to fall out of competition with the rest of the world. The USA became like the Muhammed Ali who fought George Foreman rather than the man who destroyed Sonny Liston-still effective in the ring, but only a shadow of the magnificent heavyweight champion of the world that he once was.

There are three problems that need solving: Jobs and the current quagmire of the jobless recovery in which we find ourselves, the disappearing middle class, drowning in an unperforming economy, and the very long term problem of spending on entitlements like social security and medicare. This problem brought about by the increasing numbers of people who are simply living longer.

The GOP/teabag hyrbrid that took over the House of Representatives has presented no answers. Not one solution for these problems. Furthermore, they are not united on any of these fronts. There are a few ideas floating around, from individual Congressmen. However they have no power to make it happen, nor do they have the ear of the White House with its veto power still intact.

Shutting down the government and freezing spending is dangerous and not the answer. It is just another temper tantrum because they can.

Impeaching or attempting to impeach Obama is a mistake, period.

Repealing healthcare and returning even more power to the insurance industry is not a solution.

Failing to address basic tax code reform is again not a viable way to return to prosperity.

Nor is privatizing social security and medicare while doing away with medicaid, thereby sentencing millions of Americans literally to death, as the State of Texas is apparently mulling over as a way to handle its budget short falls.

Working to defeat Obama in two years is also not the answer despite the dreams of Mitch McConnell, because at least Obama's programs are working, right now.   It is crazy to spend the next two years working to remove what may be an immovable object by the time you get there.

It is time for the GOP to get serious about policy, if it can, because what it is showing now is confusion and too much willingness to rely on the proven failed policy of the past ten years.

And this time, we don't have a parachute to cushion our fall.


Friday Rap-Election Week Postmortem Edition

Well, the mid terms are over and just when I think America has broken out of the groundhog loop and righted the ship, they fall backward again.

I mean how many times, do we have to repeat this loop before people realize that repeating crazy results in crazy.

It's not as bad as it seems, except maybe here in Ohio, where now we have rich men in power, again determined to keep an already backward state in the dark ages of transportation and education, among other things.

Kasich returns this time to the governor's office, thanks to his wall street friends and he has signaled that he is not going to allow anyone else to grow, starting with dismantling the progress that outgoing Ted Strickland began.

Every single “new guy” elected this cycle was in Congress when Dubya and company trashed this country. Every single one of them....Kasich....Portman...Chabot....Boehner...and Schmidt...

Every single one of them a professional politician...the very ones who destroyed Congress..

These are all old establishment white guys whose only concern is keeping power. If they really and truly had a clue or a solution...We, as a country would not be in the trouble that we're in today.

You voted for them...this is what you got.....All of them are against anything LGBT...All of them are against affirmative action and civil rights equality of minorities.....All of them want to privatize social security......All of them favor dismantling the Department of Education and Veteran's Administration, despite claiming to support our troops, which they all voted to send to Bush's illegal wars....This is the way they voted the last time they had power...and as for women...well....barefoot and pregnant and not in the workforce is their preference for us...

Time to take your medicine Ohio...open your mouth...or maybe I should say....bend over....



George W has a book coming out and the good stuff is already leaking....stuff like Sarah Palin is not qualified to be president.... and that McCain should never have selected her as running mate ..

I will take it even further...I think McCain on some internal levels selected her because he really didn't want the presidency either, and this was his way of doing a crash burn like those three fighter jets he crashed back in his heyday as a fighter pilot..


151,000 jobs added last month...the economy continues to grow...yet Obama is still considered a screw up by many people in this country...go figure...

Hey Boehner....we out of the hole yet? Where's the plan, man?


Diversity on Capitol Hill

The MSM is crowing about the new diversity in Congress. You can read it right here

Until Congress really, resembles America, meaning more women than men, in addition to more Blacks, Latinos and Asians, it is not a diverse body. It remains a body dominated by old white guys.


Michael Jackson

Michael has a new album coming out next month and typical of  MJ, there is controversy with his friends and family saying the voice is not his, but that of a sound alike.

Personally, I think Michael's diggin' it. He transitioned like Obi Wan when the Jedi allowed his student to “kill” him and as a result strengthened the force. Considering how much money Michael has made since he became one with the force, he is probably very happy and finally content.


Ever see a dog catch a fish?


We Got By....some positivity from Al Jarreau...


Falling Merrily Down the Rabbit Hole

Well, I opened the drapes this morning and the sun was coming up. It is a cold and frosty November day. A crisp morning, not yet winter cold, but a day where you can see your breath hanging in the air before you. The 2010 midterms are over and while everything changed, nothing actually changed.

Another SOSDD situation...Same Old Shit...Different Day for those who don't know the acronym. It's Groundhog Day, again. 
Watching the election returns last night were pretty disheartening. There was an empty feeling in my gut when I went to bed because the results were showing that in America, nothing really had changed, in that white Americans don't like minorities and they proved it once again. The violent angry right wing which would be happier if I didn't exist, took back its country. They served notice that my short number of days as an equal American are over. 
The “boy” in the White House didn't live up to expectations, didn't genuflect on cue, didn't pay enough lip service to who “really built and owns this country.” The uppity and elitist SOB and his black wife weren't grateful enough for being allowed to live on Pennsylvania Avenue...didn't show it. 
Hell, they generously gave him two years to fix the mess...Hercules cleaned the Aegean stables in a day and they were a total mess. What's the problem?

You can justify it anyway you want...paint it any color you want to paint it...but the truth of the matter is born out by exit polls, and that is white America....80% of GOP whites....closeted democratic whites...fake ass independent whites....gay and straight whites....are afraid of the Black man in the White House.  
That was the GOP/Tea KKK bagger campaign....fear Obama....fear his policies regardless of his success at moving the country away from the brink of depression. There were no issues other than Obama...no solutions...just a campaign for untrusting fraidy cat silly white people. 
From top to bottom. From the state to the federal level, they put the white guys back. Not just any white guys, but the very same white guys who nearly destroyed this country and ran on the same platform they've been pushing for 30 years. The same platform of mass destruction for everyone except for rich people. 
These aren't new people with the exception of Rand Paul. Paul is young crazy replacing an old crazy, Jim Bunning. Paul is second generation rich, crazy and racist, who is just arrogant enough to keep disdain for poor people on display as he works to dismantle social security and medicaid, public education and veteran's affairs to name a few. At least his father kept his racism to himself, until somebody found his old newletters and exposed them. 
Paul is not up to destroying Medicare, however. All of his patients are on medicare. In other words, Paul is set on keeping his own government paycheck intact He just traded up in the size of his own personal government handout. And I'll bet he takes health care, too.
Everyone else, however, is screwed. 
Poor white people who are right there along with me, disdained and unwanted by the rich, are still apparently delusional in their thinking that their color makes them better than me and just like their wealthier counterparts, who don't want anymore to do with them,
then they do with me.

I will never understand what it is that makes poor white people literally cut off their collective nose to spite their face, just to be able say, “well at least I am white, “ like that means something. Must be genetic. 
NOTE TO POOR WHITE PEOPLE: The GOP job plan is probably going to be to bomb Iran, so more of you can go die...but you'll die employed. Hope you die in the line of duty because if you do come back...there won't be any benefits or VA to take care of you. Certainly no health care or social nets to help your families. I guess that is okay. Must be,
because you voted for it. 
NOTE TO GAY PEOPLE: Back in the closet with your festive self, because DADT and DOMA are still the law of the land and ENDA...don't think it's gonna happen. The GOP likes its gays, quiet, closeted and controlled. 
Saw a facebook comment from one anti Obama gay white girl who said gays will just have to work harder in order to pass equality laws....WORK HARDER?! Silly white gay...all of it was on the table to be passed before 2012, all you had to do was to trust the black guy and display an unselfish patience for a change. 
Whatever happened to working smarter instead of harder? How smart was voting against Obama? Think the newly outed Ken Mehlman is going to strap on a big red cape and become superman for gay people. Think about that for a minute. 

NOTE to BLACK PEOPLE: And don't think I'm allowing you to escape culpability. If you didn't vote, you deserve whatever “The Man” hands out. But this time don't blame him for your problems. You fucked up, plain and simple.

And this morning, the MSM has officially changed its name to the Bureau of Propaganda for Corporate America and begun the coronation of Lady Sarah. Can anyone doubt now whether or not she will run for president in 2012?

Can anyone doubt that she will win? At least for today, it has become a real possibility.


Combating Crazy-Quotes from the Right

Do you really, really want these people to govern over you?.....Vote November 2nd

It's easy to kick somebody when they're down. George W. Bush has dealt with more difficult issues than any president since Franklin Roosevelt. And I've told my colleagues it's time that we go stand up for the president. “-John Boehner


Make no mistake, a 'yes' vote on the Democrats' health care bill is a vote for taxpayer-funded abortions. “-John Boehner


When we give a subsidy, the benefits to the public ought to exceed the benefits to the company. When it doesn't, that's our definition of corporate welfare. “-John Kasich

Okay...so you understand the problem...paying lipservice is simply not enough, though


''If you don't hold us accountable, we'll do some real bad things in Washington, D.C.''-John Ensign had affair with his wife of best friend and chief of staff..


''My grandmother was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed. You're facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially ones that don't think too much further than that. And so what you've got to do is you've got to curtail that type of behavior. They don't know any better.'' -Lt Gov of South Carolina Andre Bauer.(closeted gay man who votes anti gay)


''They were doing what they thought was right for their country.''-Ohio GOP Candidate, Rich Iott who likes dressing up as a Nazi in order to bond with his kid. Iott is a Boehner protege.


''Do you know, where does this phrase 'separation of church and state' come from? It was not in Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptists. ... The exact phrase 'separation of Church and State' came out of Adolph Hitler's mouth, that's where it comes from. So the next time your liberal friends talk about the separation of Church and State ask them why they're Nazis.''- Tea Party/GOP Candidate Glen Urquhart from Delaware...

Didn't Jefferson live before Adolf...so maybe Adolf stole it from him, ya think?


'''Refudiate,' 'misunderestimate,' 'wee-wee'd up.' English is a living language. Shakespeare liked to coin new words too. Got to celebrate it!''- Written by whoever puts the words into Sarah Palin's mouth


''We had no domestic attacks under Bush; we've had one under Obama.'' -Rudy Guiliani...wasn't he mayor of New York on 9/11, while Bush was president?

I am not worried about the deficit. It is big enough to take care of itself.'' Ronald Reagan


I'm not a witch.....I'm you.”-Chrissy the Pooh, Candidate for Senate from Delaware


''The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.''-Pat Robertson....

Wonder what he thinks about all of Sarah's new feminists/Momma Grizzlies vying for office...


''[Obama] wouldn't have been voted president if he weren't black. Somebody asked me over the weekend why does somebody earn a lot of money have a lot of money, because she's black. It was Oprah. No, it can't be. Yes, it is. There's a lot of guilt out there, show we're not racists, we'll make this person wealthy and big and famous and so forth.... If Obama weren't black he'd be a tour guide in Honolulu or he'd be teaching Saul Alinsky constitutional law or lecturing on it in Chicago.''-Rush Limbaugh


''So that's what we want is a secure and sovereign nation and, you know, I don't know that all of you are Latino. Some of you look a little more Asian to me. I don't know that. What we know, what we know about ourselves is that we are a melting pot in this country. My grandchildren are evidence of that. I'm evidence of that. I've been called the first Asian legislator in our Nevada State Assembly.''-Sharron Angle

Should we really mess with her mind and tell her that all life began in Africa in the first place?


''African-American is a bogus, PC, made-up term. I mean, that's not a race. Your ancestry is from Africa and now you live in America.'' -Glen Beck

Somebody better tell him that Caucasian not a race either....all made up terms for bigots to differentiate among peoples of the human race..the only legitimate race.


''Obama should be executed.''-Wisconsin GOP Chairman Reince Priebus

''I had surgery and I can't lift luggage. That's why I hired him.''-Reverend George Rekkers, co-founder of the Family Research Council

To explain why he was vacationing with a buff young gay man he rented on Rentboy.com


''I hope that's not where we're going, but you know if this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking toward those Second Amendment remedies and saying my goodness what can we do to turn this country around? I'll tell you the first thing we need to do is take Harry Reid out.''-Sharron Angle


Like Kanye Said, “GOP Don't Like Black People”

One of the most troubling aspects of  GOP/teabagger attempts to “take back their country” is their rabid intent to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act of 2009, otherwise known as Obamacare. Republicans make it very clear in their Pledge to America that dismantling this law is a primary goal.

The progressive think tank Center for American Progress recently completed an analysis of the Pledge and came to the conclusion that Blacks would suffer big time, if the GOP is allowed to trash this monumental piece of legislation.

You can read the analysis here

The Pledge to America promises a number of moves including;

The GOP promises to undo or defund the provisions establishing the Office of Minority Health within the Department of Health and Human Services. This minority office is designed to address the blatant and historical disparities in health care suffered by all nonwhites in this country, particularly Black Americans.

Blacks are already more likely to be uninsured, or victimized by substandard medical treatment and facilities. Repealing these provisions brings a halt to the recent progress as well as on going progress that will be generated by the new health care laws.

The Pledge to America intends to replace health care reform with isolated measures to benefit only those who already have health care. It does not speak to, nor address the problems of the uninsured.

In other words, the uninsured are screwed and left hanging. Those who have pre existing conditions are basically out of luck if the Pledge to America is enacted by the GOP.

The Pledge does repeal Medicaid, financial help for small businesses as well as the tax subsidies to help families afford more insurance to cover their needs.

There are no plans to improve or expand primary care for anyone. Blacks and other minorities will continue to be victimized by lower quality and disparities in treatment facilities. The Pledge does away with data collecting so the government won't know who is being shafted and when, and therefore can't correct the wrongness built into the system through discrimination and institutionalized racism.

So the GOP/Tea Party hybrid can yell, scream and jump up and down all it wants claiming not to be racist.

It can use all the chocolate talking heads it wants to try and sell this bigoted agenda to the American people. But it won't work.

The GOP don't like Black People and they prove it everytime they announce their intentions or write agendas like this Pledge to America.


Friday Rap-2010 Election Edition


I Remember....

The GOP does not care about women...

He was elected for 4 years, not just for 2....YES WE CAN....YES WE MUST!



Driehaus...1st District

Surya Yalamanchili....2nd District

Justin Coussoule....8th District

Lee Fisher for US Senate

Kevin Boyce

Eric Kearney


GOP/Tea Party Cincinnati

Making the world safe for Bernie Madoff, Carl Lindner and Harry Yeaggy, but not the rest of us..

Unless you've lived the past 50 years under a rock, you already know that Carl Linder is one of the richest and most influential men in the country let alone Cincinnati and the tristate. He owns United Dairy Farmers, American Financial Group and at one time owned Chiquita Banana and part of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Mr. Lindner is known for his political generosity. He sprinkles his money on all sides of the political fence to gain maximum bang for his buck. Every politico around here is beholden to Uncle Carl regardless of party affiliation.

Everybody knows Bernie, but you might not be too familiar with Cincinnatian Harry Yeaggy. He owns a small classic car museum and last night bought the James Bond 1965 Goldfinger Aston Martin for 4.1 million dollars.

Cincinnati is just full of both infamous and anonymous rich people who quietly live here among the buckeye and walnut trees in neighborhoods like Indian Hill or Hyde Park or Madeira. At one point in this nation's recent past, there were more millionaires per capita living in Cincinnati than anywhere else in America.

And the Tea Party/GOP is working hard to keep these guys and others in their tax bracket happy and content. So much so, that they're even willing to spite the rest of us just to keep these guys swimming in greenbacks.

But I didn't mention these two men to knock them or to bad mouth them. I actually like the idea that a Cincinnatian went all the way to Europe with a pocket full of money and bought the Goldfinger car and is bringing it back to Ohio.

Carl Lindner is one of the good guys. He does a lot for this area. Never talks. Just lets his money do the walking. I'm not mad at him. I respect him.

My beef is with the Tea Party/GOP which claims to represent the American people, but is going above and beyond the call of duty to protect people who don't need protecting
while ignoring those who do.

The Cincinnnati Enquirer has endorsed these hybrid teabag-republicans, namely Jean Scmidt in the Second Congressional District, Steve Chabot in the First Congressional District, and John Boehner in the 8th District.

Schmidt is running for a third term. Yet if you listen to her campaign commercials, you'd be hard pressed to understand that she is actually one of the Washington insiders that she is running against. She's been there for two terms already.

She voted for the Bush tax cuts, which will increase the deficit by 3 trillion dollars if allowed to go forward. She voted against the CHIP program which gives health care to indigent children.

She voted in favor of the two illegal wars. She voted for the 2006 Military Commissions Act which for the first time ever in the history of America, stations American troops
on American soil to be used against American citizens at the whim of the President. Think about that for a minute...

She supports FISA which allows the government to spy on American citizens at will. I'll Give ya another minute on that one, too.

She voted against health care reform and wall street financial reform. She wants to deregulate banking.

She recently made headlines for lecturing six year olds at school, without parents present, about abortion.

Six Year Olds?! WTF!

Schmidt votes the GOP/teabag line 95% of the time, so it would be safe to assume that girlfriend will vote to cut social security, repeal health care, gut medicare and defund
medicaid, since those are the current party stances.

It is also safe to say that Steve Chabot is also in support of these measures, if he is returned to Congress. He lost two years ago after seven terms, having ridden in with Newt Gingrich and the Contract on America, for the first time back in 1994. He lost primarily because he is an ineffective representative, known more for his comb-over sartorial splendor than generating substantive legislation for his district.

Despite his dismal record, the Enquirer issued its endorsement by stating that his record is better than it reads on paper. Really?! I mean really?! What changed besides him getting booted out of office?

Chabot votes just like Schmidt. In other words, whatever the party bosses tell him to do, he will do it. He favors privatizing social security, cutting off medicare and medicaid,  repealing health care...supports two illegal wars and funding for such.

Chabot's campaign ads are full of vague unsubstantiated allegations and talking points with no basis in fact and no solutions for problems. And again, he wants you to believe
that he is a “newby” when actually he was part of team "Screw America."

Chabot is a multi- term Congressman, a professional politican, whose votes helped take down this country, yet he wants to duck complicity in the Big fail, like every other GOP/teabagger running for office.

And then, there is the Boss. No, not Bruce, John Boehner, he who would be Speaker of the House of Representatives. The Enquirer endorses him because it says “we” the people need to see what he can do in a leadership role.

NO WE DON'T! I don't need to feel the fire to know it burns. I don't need to jump off a cliff to know that my fat ass won't bounce when I hit bottom. I don't need to stand in front of a 357 magnum and have a stupid friend pull the trigger to understand that getting shot, gets me dead.

John Boehner wants to be Dean Martin. He apparently likes the idea of being a leader with all the trappings...it's that work thingey that trips him up.

The West Chester Congressman is on record about what he intends to do, if he should win re election again. Here is another of the major players in the near destruction of America. Here is a man who was complicit in destroying the  Ohio middle class, shipping jobs overseas and favoring tax breaks for the very corporations who are hurting this country.

Boehner is their bag man passing out the bucks to buy their votes on the very floor of Congress.

Even while endorsing him the Enquirer slapped him for ignoring his constituents in favor of national interests. Question....If he is screwing up now in his representation...what's gonna happen to the shrinking West Chester middle class, if he is given the national role.

What's he gonna say...”Oh wait...gotta see what my folks back O hy O think about this first..” Please!

Vote on November 2nd to keep our country going forward.

These guys deserve your vote...

Surya Yalamanchili in the 2nd District

Steve Driehaus in the 1st District

Justin Coussoule in the 8th District


Is this Your America?

The GOP plan for the future...

Campaign rhetoric is off the charts since the mere threat of a Black man taking the White House crystallized from talk to reality. The calls from the right have often bordered on sedition, secession and in some cases, outright treason. As November 2nd draws near, the rhetoric has turned to violence, as witnessed outside the Conway/Paul debate of a couple of nights ago.

Groups of men beating up and stomping on minorities and women exercising their rights is sadly, all too common throughout American history. The only thing new about this latest occurrence was the fact that it was a white woman being stomped.

If you listen to the national news media, the so called pundits and talking heads, as well as read the polls conducted by these same entities, you get the feeling that the Democrats and Obama by proxy, are cooked. There is no chance to return to power.

You also get the feeling that America will return to “normal” whatever that is, as soon as the bums are tossed out.

Ego driven rallies are being held across the country like the one here in Cincinnati by Governor wannabe John Kasich, who conducted a GOP “victory “ rally this past Monday, when we don't vote until next week.

Congressman John Boehner has already reportedly picked out the new drapes for his new office as Speaker of the House, replacing the vilified Nancy Pelosi. Again, the people have not yet spoken.

Kentucky Congressman Mitch McConnell has already said there will be no bi partisan governance nor compromise WHEN the GOP returns to power on November 3rd.

The GOP has laid out a number of things that will happen following their swearing in:
John Boehner will make the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% permanent, thereby increasing the deficit that he rails about now, by 3 trillion dollars....He has no plan to pay for those tax cuts, by the way.

In fact, all GOP members of Congress are on record wanting to increase the deficit by extending the tax cuts.

Boehner will have the age limits changed on social security. He wants you to work longer before you get your money...and it is your money..you worked for it and saved it. Boehner will also vote to privatize social security, placing it at the mercy of the winds of wall street.

Boehner will cut non defense federal spending, taking it back to pre stimulus 2008 levels. This move will stifle any growth that has been achieved since implementation of the stimulus package...a package created by the Bush Administration and passed by Boehner and company before Obama came to power.

The stimulus was good thing when Bush was in office...now it's a bad thing...regardless of how it is helping the economy recover....because it was put into effect by Obama.

No the stimulus did not create jobs as promised. But then it really wasn't big enough either. However it did keep things from getting worse.

The bloated defense budget complete with spending on two illegal wars will remain tact, according the GOP, siphoning money away from the needs of the American people. It's like pouring sand down a rat hole...useless.

The GOP says it will stop illegal immigration....how? Don't know...their billion dollar boondoggle of a security fence is not working and will probably be dismantled, according to recent reports out of Homeland Security.

Increasing troops along the border is one way...but then you come back to that problem of raising taxes to pay for it.

Some members of Congress just simply want to close the borders and deny citizenship to children born on American soil to undocumented people, which flies against the very definition of American.

The real truth is that fewer people are coming to America due to the lousy job situation here and better enforcement along the borders. The question always has been what to do about the 12 million undocumented already here, who work and pay taxes by the way.

The GOP in congress says it will repeal the health care reform law....block campaign finance reform....repeal wall street regulations.....deny further unemployment benefits to those still out of work....keep DOMA in place as the law of the land....refuse to make ENDA law....keep DADT as the rule for the American military.

This is what the GOP is promising to do. Add these promises to the list of things the GOP/Tea Party candidates want to do, such as:

Change the United States Constitution

Implement a National religion

Shut down the Depts of Education, Veterans Administration, Environmental Protection Agency

Gut the social security surplus

Do away with medicaid and drastically cut back on medicare

Repeal the minimum wage

Repeal Roe v Wade

Impeach Obama

You have to ask yourself....is this the America that you really want to live in?

Vote November 2nd!


Why You Should Vote Democratic on November 2nd

AARP, the advocacy group that represents most senior citizens in America, predicts that upwards of 80% of America's 40 million senior citizens plan to vote on November 2nd. 63% turned out in 2008. Now, on the surface that looks like a good thing for the GOP, since old people are usually more conservative.

But hold your horses...the GOP and its tea party mini-mes say across the board, that they are going to privatize or change social security, health care and medicare...that's right after they extend the Bush tax cuts and increase the deficit by 3 trillion dollars.

But most seniors are happy with health care, and social security. Not even teabaggers want anyone to touch their social security and medicare.

The only place where seniors are against health care and okay with changing social security in fact, are Ohio and Florida....go figure...

Ohio Congressman John Boehner, in between losing his tan, measuring the drapes for his new office and promising powerful committee chairs to his teabagging buddies has promised to shut down the government ala 1994, if he gets the power..this in addition to privatizing social security and revising health care for seniors.

We all know how well that worked for Newt Gingrich and his Contract on America Congressmen who authored the last government shutdown as a way to embarrass President Clinton.

Boehner and Eric Cantor and  Ms. Mitch McConnell want to try the same thing with Obama.

The Campaign for America has identified some of the biggest lies hanging out there that have people confused about Obama's record. You can find the entire story here.

  1. Obama drastically increased the deficit. Fact: Bush's last deficit was 1.4-trillion dollars. Obama's first deficit was 1.2 trillion...Obama's plan DECREASED the deficit
  2. Obama raised taxes and screwed the economy. Fact: Obama cut taxes for 95% of America. Some 40% of the stimulus money was wasted on tax cuts that created more debt.
  3. Obama bailed out the banks. Fact: The Bank bailout was requested by President Bush and implemented by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. The bailout package was approved BEFORE Obama was even elected president.
  4. The Stimulus did not work. Fact: The Congressional Budget Office says, not only did it work, it wasn't big enough and should have been more. Emplyment went up by 3.3 million jobs as a direct result of the stimulus.
  5. Businesses will create jobs if they get tax cuts. Fact: This is trickle down economics. Businesses hire when they have a demand for product and supplies. If given tax cuts, businesses sit on the money as long as possible, saving it rather than putting it back into the economy or hiring new workers.
  6. Health Care Reform cost a trillion dollars. Fact: The new health care package cuts the deficit by $138 billion.
  7. Social Security is going broke. Fact: Social Security is still running a surplus and is good for at least another 25 years. It cannot legally borrow and therefore cannot contribute to the deficit. The big problem is that people are simply living longer with fewer babies dying at birth or shortly thereafter.
  8. Government spending takes money away from the economy. Fact: Government money is used to build and repair infrastructure like roads, airports, ports, courts and schools. Very little of the government budget goes to welfare, foreign aid and other social programs. The biggest drain on the national budget is defense and military spending.

Bottom line...if the GOP gets in and starts to put back into place the old policies...America will go broke....period.
If the GOP gets back in and pulls back on stimulus money....America will go into a depression, the likes of which has never been seen before.
If the GOP gets back into power and repeals health care...the deficit will triple and probably quadruple...but by then...most of us won't be around to see it..

The choice is yours...Go forward to recovery or go back to the dark ages. For some of us...the good ole days that the teabaggers talk about never existed in the first place.
Vote November 2nd


Friday Rap

Clarence's Ex

It boggles the brain as to why Virginia Thomas, wife of Uncle Clarence Thomas, would suddenly, out of the blue contact Anita Hill, to demand an apology for speaking out against the horndog activities of her then Supreme Court nominee husband, 19 years after the fact.

Why? Well, only she knows. Some people simply can't live unless they are enveloped in chaos and drama.

The problem with stirring up old stuff is that it may start to percolate and cook again, bringing out new stuff....like an old ex girlfriend, who kept her mouth shut 19 years ago, but has now decided to join in the conversation.

Judge Lillian MeEwen is Clarence's ex and she's written a book. There is a lot to digest, but basically the lady said Clarence's “hobby” was office-ho-hoppin'.”

You can read the whole article here.

If Judge McEwen had spoken out and Angela Wright had been allowed to testify, maybe there would have been no Uncle Clarence on the Supreme Court. At least not the one we're presently stuck with in place.

Who is Angela Wright? Well she is a journalist who used to work with Uncle when he was head of EEOC. She is also an attorney, I believe. She also had problems with Thomas when he was her boss. He fired her from the federal agency, in fact. He kept asking about the size of her breasts and one time showed up unannounced at her home, looking for.....

He also reportedly harassed other women at work in the same way...and she was set to testify about it...but was blocked by several Congressmen...two of which were named Alan Simpson and Joe Biden... all of this leading to Thomas' confirmation.

You can read Wright's story here.


Dubya Speaks

The walking, talking delusion that is George W. Bush is about to release his memoirs of his eight years as America's 43rd president. Excerpts are leaking and in them Dubya says he is proudest of protecting the country in time of great peril.

He also says he is sorry that he didn't privatize Social Security.

That's like a bus driver telling his passengers...”I was headed toward the cliff but ran out of gas before I could drive it over the ledge.”

A number of GOP are not happy about the timing of Bush's memoir, calling the timing “selfish and stupid.”

The GOP really shouldn't fret..those of us living through the aftermath and wreckage of the Bush-lite years haven't forgotten and plan on voting accordingly, regardless of what Bush's ghost writer packed into the tome.

To date, teabaggers have not demonstrated any literary acumen, as witnessed by their signs and placards, so I don't think they will be running out and buying the book to jumpstart their memories of what got us into this mess in the first place. So the delusional base is safe.



On...Off...On...Off....like a kid playing with a damn light switch. It is frustrating when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, however the tunnel is six football fields long and your feet are tired from walking...

What do you do? You keep walking, period.

Obama has said, DADT will end on his watch...his watch is not even half over and some are running scared and angry....holding their breath because it hasn't been done as quickly as they would like..

Honestly....I want it done yesterday...But then I feel that way about civil rights...about
women's rights...about immigrants rights....

As a woman....I'm still waiting...as a Black American....I'm still waiting....as a gay American...I'm still waiting...

But I am not gonna turn my back on the one person who has done more than any other politician in the history of this country...not when he needs us most...

To paraphrase Fannie Lou Hamer....”I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of spoiled, selfish gay white men and women”

Gay Whites...talking about not voting for Obama...give me a fucking break...you can play victim all you want...but you were born camoflauged....your sex....your skin, protect you and allow you to blend in no matter what the system, or who's in charge...you are to the manner born...you don't have to hide....you just want a bigger piece of the pie...

All I want is a frickin' crumb...I can't hide...I can't blend in...I can't be a natural master of the universe like you..

Try being a woman...a transgender...or god forbid... try and see if your selfish miniscule little mind can actually imagine being black in America for longer than the time it takes me to type this sentence...

Sitting out the midterms is gonna do what....is DADT gonna end on November 3rd because you didn't vote and the GOP suddenly gets a clue?

(Note to the immature....holding your breath til you turn blue only works on mommie or your sugar daddy...not in the real world)

Do you think that because a couple of power gay guys opened their closet door, and stepped outside, that suddenly being gay and republican is the new look?

Putting the old white guys back in power makes the potential good stuff on the table go away...is that what you want?

Think about it...it's okay to get mad...feel it...but then go do the work instead of sulking and sucking on your thumb....


Remember...despite what the right tells you....Ignorance is not a virtue..nor is it attractive..


Vote November 2nd-Obama taking office was his decision to stand in front of a freight rain traveling downhill at 200 miles per hour...He needs some help from us to find the brake...

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