Sarah Palin Cheap Shot Edition of Friday Rap

Early Friday morning and the day is already full of Sarah Palin cheap shots at the Obamas. You can read them here.

Glad Michelle has too much class to answer this foolishness. Me, I'm not that classy. In fact, I'd like to dedicate a song to the Alaskan Snowbilly, half gov, wannabe president....

This is not the remix....

Oh....and by the way...how's that Joe Miller thingey workin' for you, huh? Beaten, but rather than concede...he is taking it to court....classy move!

If I were really on your level, Sarah, I'd say something about your babymama daughter on DWTS... we all know...if she weren't your spawn...she would not have been there in the first place...


How about the lack of supervision of your other daughter...what's her name...Willow?...you know the one I'm talking about...who's watching over her on the dangerous internets while she's spewing all that vitriol.

Gonna run for president....well...you go right ahead...it's your right as an American citizen as spelled out in the Constitution that you claim to know so much about.

Feelin' my DJ bones comin' back...”10 minutes after the hour, here at W-I-N-O FM..that's wonderful WINO for all you non spellin' MOFOs...Here's another one goin' out to Lady Sarah, the half a snow gov from Wasilla. SP...this one's for you!”

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