Falling Merrily Down the Rabbit Hole

Well, I opened the drapes this morning and the sun was coming up. It is a cold and frosty November day. A crisp morning, not yet winter cold, but a day where you can see your breath hanging in the air before you. The 2010 midterms are over and while everything changed, nothing actually changed.

Another SOSDD situation...Same Old Shit...Different Day for those who don't know the acronym. It's Groundhog Day, again. 
Watching the election returns last night were pretty disheartening. There was an empty feeling in my gut when I went to bed because the results were showing that in America, nothing really had changed, in that white Americans don't like minorities and they proved it once again. The violent angry right wing which would be happier if I didn't exist, took back its country. They served notice that my short number of days as an equal American are over. 
The “boy” in the White House didn't live up to expectations, didn't genuflect on cue, didn't pay enough lip service to who “really built and owns this country.” The uppity and elitist SOB and his black wife weren't grateful enough for being allowed to live on Pennsylvania Avenue...didn't show it. 
Hell, they generously gave him two years to fix the mess...Hercules cleaned the Aegean stables in a day and they were a total mess. What's the problem?

You can justify it anyway you want...paint it any color you want to paint it...but the truth of the matter is born out by exit polls, and that is white America....80% of GOP whites....closeted democratic whites...fake ass independent whites....gay and straight whites....are afraid of the Black man in the White House.  
That was the GOP/Tea KKK bagger campaign....fear Obama....fear his policies regardless of his success at moving the country away from the brink of depression. There were no issues other than Obama...no solutions...just a campaign for untrusting fraidy cat silly white people. 
From top to bottom. From the state to the federal level, they put the white guys back. Not just any white guys, but the very same white guys who nearly destroyed this country and ran on the same platform they've been pushing for 30 years. The same platform of mass destruction for everyone except for rich people. 
These aren't new people with the exception of Rand Paul. Paul is young crazy replacing an old crazy, Jim Bunning. Paul is second generation rich, crazy and racist, who is just arrogant enough to keep disdain for poor people on display as he works to dismantle social security and medicaid, public education and veteran's affairs to name a few. At least his father kept his racism to himself, until somebody found his old newletters and exposed them. 
Paul is not up to destroying Medicare, however. All of his patients are on medicare. In other words, Paul is set on keeping his own government paycheck intact He just traded up in the size of his own personal government handout. And I'll bet he takes health care, too.
Everyone else, however, is screwed. 
Poor white people who are right there along with me, disdained and unwanted by the rich, are still apparently delusional in their thinking that their color makes them better than me and just like their wealthier counterparts, who don't want anymore to do with them,
then they do with me.

I will never understand what it is that makes poor white people literally cut off their collective nose to spite their face, just to be able say, “well at least I am white, “ like that means something. Must be genetic. 
NOTE TO POOR WHITE PEOPLE: The GOP job plan is probably going to be to bomb Iran, so more of you can go die...but you'll die employed. Hope you die in the line of duty because if you do come back...there won't be any benefits or VA to take care of you. Certainly no health care or social nets to help your families. I guess that is okay. Must be,
because you voted for it. 
NOTE TO GAY PEOPLE: Back in the closet with your festive self, because DADT and DOMA are still the law of the land and ENDA...don't think it's gonna happen. The GOP likes its gays, quiet, closeted and controlled. 
Saw a facebook comment from one anti Obama gay white girl who said gays will just have to work harder in order to pass equality laws....WORK HARDER?! Silly white gay...all of it was on the table to be passed before 2012, all you had to do was to trust the black guy and display an unselfish patience for a change. 
Whatever happened to working smarter instead of harder? How smart was voting against Obama? Think the newly outed Ken Mehlman is going to strap on a big red cape and become superman for gay people. Think about that for a minute. 

NOTE to BLACK PEOPLE: And don't think I'm allowing you to escape culpability. If you didn't vote, you deserve whatever “The Man” hands out. But this time don't blame him for your problems. You fucked up, plain and simple.

And this morning, the MSM has officially changed its name to the Bureau of Propaganda for Corporate America and begun the coronation of Lady Sarah. Can anyone doubt now whether or not she will run for president in 2012?

Can anyone doubt that she will win? At least for today, it has become a real possibility.
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