Why I Won’t Vote for John Sidney McCain

I have said in other posts that I, once upon a time, considered John McCain a viable candidate for President. That was back in 2000, before I took a deeper look into his politics and before he started to show his true colors. I was taking him at his word....believing the words that were coming out of his mouth, at the time.

8 years later, after more words and research on my part, I can only say “man, what was I thinking.” I’ll admit it, I’m smart, but even I have stupid moments sometimes. My consideration of McCain as a possibility to lead this country was just plain dumb.

I have already written about his stance against any program that benefits women. His votes in Congress are 100% anti-woman. That in itself is enough to scare me away from him.

Since he has become the GOP standard bearer in 2008, he’s sunk even lower, adopting the totally clueless and classless posturing of the fratboy currently occupying the White House. All of this for the sake of power. He’s not the first to give into his thirst for power. George the first was overwhelmed by the dark side when he became Ronald Reagan’s Vice President. Prior to drinking the cool aide, George the first made sense, too. Others have crossed over. Maybe that is the true definition of a politician, I don’t know. Seems to be that way, today.

So, what else don’t I like about John McCain;

1...His patronizing attitudes toward black people. His thinking that we will jump on his bandwagon simply because he makes one speech at the NAACP convention. Don’t see anybody of color in his campaign.

He does have African American stuff at his campaign store...a dollar will buy you a bumper sticker that says “African Americans for McCain.” We don’t get hats or T shirts..just bumper stickers and key chains at 5-dollars a pop.

2...After stating that he wouldn’t stoop to attack politics, he hires and puts in charge three acolytes of Karl Rove, the wizard himself, to handle day to day operations in his campaign. Since he did that the McCain campaign has gone totally negative...nothing positive...just wall to wall attack ads meant to knock Obama off message.

If McCain were truly trying to be something other than Bush lite, he would not be running this type of campaign. These are the same guys who floated that story about McCain having a black illegitimate baby, back in 2000. Now he’s in bed with them. Talk about laying down in the gutter with dogs.

3...Speaking of attacks, McCain goaded Obama to go overseas to Iraq and Europe and when Obama responded, McCain attacked him for ignoring the American people, for ignoring the troops, for playing basketball instead of talking about the issues, for trying to look presidential, and for pandering to foreigners.

McCain was quick to say he’d already made many trips to Iraq and to show how safe it was, he took a walk through an Iraqi market place. However, he made his walk in flack jacket, surrounded by a platoon of soldiers, under cover from gun ships. I’d be safe too, if I was strolling around a war zone like that.

4...McCain blames Obama for rising gas prices. He released this ad when gasoline prices actually started to drop, but never mind that. I want to know how a junior Senator, who’s only been in Congress for a few years, can be blamed for a mess 30 years in the making?

And hasn’t McCain been in Congress more than 26 years? Tell me again, who’s to blame?

5...Now comes this attack likening Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. The only Paris Hilton look alike I see on the campaign trail is Cindy McCain, John’s wife. Or hasn’t he noticed? Rail thin, blond, ice princess with a hundred million dollar inheritance, standing ten paces behind him? Maybe his war injuries prevent him from turning his head enough to see her in his shadow.

And, besides, is this ad anything other than a racist attempt to link a black man to some skinny ass white woman? Doesn't this ad play to the lowest of the low subliminal racial stereotypes?

6...McCain has also flipped on affirmative action. He is now against it.

7..He has flipped on tax cuts for the rich. He is now in favor.

8...He draws social security, yet he is in favor of gutting the program..medicare, too.

9....He has no love for public schools favoring instead funding vouchers and that silly “no child left behind” program.

10...He wants to stay in Iraq, prolong the war, even though al Maliki and the Iraqi people have said they want us gone, agreeing with Obama’s timetable.

11...McCain insists the surge worked.....not if you look at it....After all, how many generals did Bush have to fire to get one to agree with him on neocon war strategy...think about it.

12...McCain has adopted the GOP wingnut stance that anyone who disagrees with him is a traitor or unpatriotic. This is the reincarnation of Joe McCarthy, a truly insidious individual who was aided by a closeted gay man named Roy Cohn. That is in keeping with the current GOP standard.

13...After calling the pseudo pastors of the religious right, “agents of intolerance,” McCain has actually gone back to church, embraced the planet Neptune resident, John Hagee among others and is now attempting to appear more pious.

14....McCain’s past would seem to indicate that he has some serious character flaws...womanizing flaws like the ones that tarnished Bill Clinton’s tenure in the White House. Was he divorced or merely separated when he took up with a juvenile, now second wife.

15...And I will say it again...flying a jet, being a POW, albeit for five years, does not necessarily qualify you to be President of the United States.

Everyone I know personally, and I mean, everyone, who came back from Vietnam was messed up in the head...even if they weren’t held prisoner. We’re still paying the price for Vietnam with the cost of Iraq just beginning to show itself in the killings and rapes of female soldiers, in the suicides of returning troops, and the refusals of some to serve or of those to re-enlist and return, no matter how much money is thrown at them. The cost to torn apart families of the national guard is astronomical, with no end in sight.

John McCain was held for five years....can you say Manchurian Candidate?

I don’t want this man anywhere near the red phone at three o’clock in the morning with my life at stake.

I don’t trust him...plain and simple....I truly believe that World War III will happen if this man gets into the oval office as commander in chief....


A Head Full of Stuff.....

Playing politics with oil again...congress failed to approve the release of 70 million barrels of oil from our federal reserve. 70 million barrels is about a three day supply for this country. Democrats in the House failed to garner the needed two thirds majority in order to get the bill passed. The GOP refused to vote for the measure, reportedly because they want to force a vote on repealing the ban against off shore drilling.

It’s all politics....The two parties are maneuvering against each other while not giving two shits in a tin can about us, the people.

So Congress heads into a five week vacation without any action at all being taken to help us out, again.


An estimated 200-thousand people turn out in Berlin to hear Barack Obama speak While McCain takes a campaign photo op in front of a German restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. Well, at least he knows the connection between Berlin and German...must be a good memory day for the old guy.


We just can’t get this fool out of the White House quick enough...Now the Department of Health and Human Services wants to codify contraceptive devices as abortion...Officials have already gutted women’s health programs...now they want to take it a step further by blatantly circumventing Roe v. Wade.....

It’s bad enough that insurance will pay for viagra but not for birth control pills...it’s apparently legal for pharmacies to refuse to distribute birth control while giving away cialis to dysfunctioning middle aged men...

Next they will probably try to legalize rape....Oh...Phyllis Schafly has already advocated that by saying husbands cannot rape their wives...Ha!


I thought McCain said he wasn’t going to stoop to “attack” politics...that he was going to run an above board campaign...that he was going to be a gentleman and not sling any mud....

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....so I guess the ad blaming Obama for the high gasoline prices...the ad linking Obama to Fidel Castro or the ad linking Obama to the Iranian president...were what? Accidents?

Or maybe, like my neighbor says, McCain is just too damn old to be president...Maybe these ads are a concrete sign of his encroaching dementia....ya think?

I do know one thing....McCain’s got to be pissed off, royally that a million people may show up to hear Obama speak in Germany today...A million people who can’t even vote....wow!


Did you hear about the story about one of our astronauts? Says we have had alien contact..says he had alien contact when he was on the moon...says NASA has been covering it up for years...says the alien he saw looks like the ones from Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

We know they are out there...I want to see the pics....Give em up NASA.....You know you have a scrapbook!


Speaking of aliens....what parent names their kid...”Talula does the hula in Hawaii” first name!? Trust me...I’m not making this up...this poor kid goes by the initial “K” because she gets so much grief because of this stupid name. The Courts in New Zealand have made her a ward of the state to get her away from her dumb parents.....please...if you hate kids...just don’t have any....sheeeesh!


So big deal....Batman yelled at his mom and sister....goes on everyday in families worldwide...reports today said his sister asked him for 200-thousand dollars to raise her three kids...he reportedly said “no”........that’s not assault....But I heard one alleged pundit surmise that this kind of publicity is going hurt THE DARK KNIGHT movie financially...Oh I’m so sure....people are going to run the other way...not see the movie because Batman argued with his mom! Please!

BTW.......The movie rules!.......Heath Ledger as the Joker...WOW!...And I wasn’t a Ledger fan...hated Brokeback Mountain...was bored to tears, never finished watching it....

Batman turns into the Terminator in his next movie....I think he actually plays a grown up John Connor...saw the preview....coming soon..


Estelle Getty died this week.....May she find peace....The Golden Girls are responsible for the only speeding ticket that I have had to pay...I’ve been caught three times, warned twice, ticketed once....Down in the Natchez Trace in Mississippi....I was racing to get back to where I was staying in Kosciousko Mississippi...better known as Oprah’s hometown....I left the interstate and got onto the Trace to make my way back...well....The Natchez Trace is federal land...and at that time...the federal speed limit was 50 miles per hour....I was doing considerably more than that because I wanted to see the Golden Girls and TIVO didn’t exist at that time....I was caught by a federal cop who did a U-turn on my butt and told me if I wanted to fight it, I had to go to Texas...as I said I was in Mississippi and I was visiting from Illinois....needless to say....I eventually paid the ticket....But I missed that episode of the Golden Girls....I still love em all....


9/16th of a Second of a Nipple

Is not indecent and does not warrant a 500-thousand dollar fine, so says the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, today. Take that, FCC!

9/16th of ONE SECOND, was how long the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” of Janet Jackson’s lasted at her 2004 superbowl performance with Justin Timberlake. Without a TIVO, you missed it. I was watching without benefit of TIVO. I wasn’t sure what I saw, considering it was a wide shot and not a close up. But of course, every news organization in the country put the incident on loop for myriad replays.

9/16ths of ONE SECOND and the FCC flipped out, rushing to protect the innocents watching the superbowl from the debauchery of Ms Jackson and Mr Timberlake. The feds slapped CBS with a half million dollar fine. Pseudo Christians and others who are hell bent on protecting everybody else’s morality, TIVO’ed their little hearts out, watching over and over and over, loudly decrying the outrage of the barely visible view of Ms. Jackson’s pasty covered nipple.

The FCC said the nudity and “malfunction” were graphic and explicit and CBS should have warned its audience that it was coming.

But the federal court said;
“The Commission's determination that CBS's broadcast of a nine-sixteenths of one second glimpse of a bare female breast was actionably indecent evidenced the agency's departure from its prior policy," the court found. "Its orders constituted the announcement of a policy change—that fleeting images would no longer be excluded from the scope of actionable indecency.”

The policy that the FCC went against was its own, having been in existence for 30 years. The policy states roughly, fleeting glimpses, inadvertent words, are accidents, not finable offenses. They can’t arbitrarily change the rule overnight, said the high court.

I can understand if Jackson had really been nude, say maybe a bikini or skin colored body suit. But the girl was fully clothed for all but 9/16th of ONE SECOND. And the nipple had a pasty on it. Actresses walking the red carpet, routinely show off as much body as possible...hello JLO, wearing a green Versace...Anybody check out girlfriend from Dreamgirls and American Idol on Good Morning America, today? That was way more cleavage then I needed with my cornflakes this AM. But obscene or indecent....nah!

The FCC has yet to comment on the reversal. In a written statement that I’m paraphrasing, CBS says it hopes the FCC has returned to its senses, so that the world can move on to a real crisis.

My take...want to eliminate government waste...ditch the FCC right after doing away with the Department of Homeland Security.


Straight Talk Missed

The news banner on the TV screen under John McCain said; McCain speaks to thousands, but that was simply not the case. The room at the Duke Energy Center was not filled, according to my friends who were inside, and the number of McCain backers who showed up on Fountain Square could be counted on both hands and both feet, but there were less than a 100, with Obama supporters, vote canvassers and the curious outnumbering them 2 to 1.

At no time did Channel Five pan the square during the 30 minute talk. It would have proved to be an embarrassment considering the turnout for Obama, Monday night. Those of us on the Square had to strain in order to hear McCain, unlike Monday when you could’ve heard an ant walking on cotton when Obama spoke. No one seemed to care that McCain was talking. I did listen or tried to over the noise of other conversations, cell phones and general disinterest from the crowd.

The speech was a formality...a bit too condescending for my tastes. You can find it elsewhere. I won’t rehash here.

I went downtown early for McCain’s speech. The sun just barely kissing the east side of the square, the lady of the waters still shrouded in morning shade. It was early. The vendors hadn’t yet set up shop. I assumed they would hawk wares supporting McCain. I later found out that was not the case. When the vendors showed, it was still Obamaville. No McCain hats, shirts, banners or bumper stickers in evidence for sale.

The feeling was subdued, tight, nothing like the festive atmosphere of two days prior. Very few kids, hardly any young people at all.

A gathering of strangers...no village...no comraderie...no feelings of anticipation or optimism. Everyone that I spoke with said they were there to give McCain a chance. They were trying to be fair before making a choice.

I wanted McCain to challenge me. Instead, he lived down to my expectation. When his supporters did show up, they stood in a group, did not mingle, speaking only to each other, visitors to the real world of the Square, uncomfortable.

I realize it was a brunch situation as opposed to Obama’s prime time appearance. I realize that there are many, many more McCain supporters living, working and breathing in GOP dominated Cincinnati Ohio.

I guess what surprised me most of all was the haphazard organization and lack of concern for the McCain appearance.

Don’t they care or are they really that arrogant to think that all the newly registered, all the young and the rest of us really won’t show up in November?


What’s Up Girl? Not Gettin’ Any?

Ricki Lieberman is a bitter, bitter woman. She is a wealthy upper West Side New Yorker and democratic fundraiser, who is pissed off that Hillary is not going to get the Democratic Nomination. That’s okay. She has a right to be mad. She has a right to prefer Hillary over everyone else.

The 61 year old is actively trying to convince superdelegates or S.Ds, as she calls them in her avalanche of daily emails, to change their minds and give Hillary the nomination at the convention in Denver. While I applaud her initiative, I am appalled by her tactics and the contents of some of these emails.

They are vile, filled with all the lies and innuendos currently floating around the internet and main stream media about Barack and Michelle. Among other things she compares BO as she calls him to Hitler. She attempts to link him to Farakhan. She even quotes stuff dreamed up by the master prevaricator and peripheral bullshit artist, Karl Rove. All lies. I can't fathom the level of viciousness that I’ve read, but I have seen it the gay community from women who won’t take “no” for an answer. So what...does she have a crush on Hillary? Is it unrequited misdirected love? Don’t know. Hillary has already officially disavowed this woman.

Lieberman, no relation to Joe, claims she is merely trying to get the best candidate nominated and into the White House. However, she is recommending that campaign donors withhold funds from Obama and either vote for McCain or stay home, if Hillary is not given the nomination. She claims that Hillary would be up by 20 points over McCain if she’d been victorious in the primaries.

Now, I knew some women were ticked off. I’ve even written about these women in earlier posts.. They were holding Obama responsible for sexist comments by some MSM reporters, anchors and commentators. Obama can’t control these people any more than I can. I thought that these women would come to their senses after they examined McCain’s long and lengthy voting record excoriating women and women’s rights. His votes are 100 percent against anything female. That includes reproductive rights, health, welfare, child care, schools, you name it. If it doesn’t benefit rich white men he is against it, period. His condescending visit to the NAACP today not withstanding. I will get to that in another post shortly.

I have tried to keep race out of this. But from the emails it is obvious that this may be her other problem. Some of the most virulent racists that I have crossed in my five decades have been so called liberals. People who say they don’t see color, but their actions speak volumes, especially when they think people of color are not listening. The New York Daily News called this woman a fanatic preferring to steer away from the “R” word.

But I’m not. I’m going to call it what it feels like...what it is......The bitch is a racist. She is apparently so blinded by her hatred that she doesn’t see what she is doing, which is handing America another four years of Bush via John McCain.

Cutting off ones’ nose to spite one’s face is just plain stupid.

Other blogs that have already written on this character assassination campaign are asking readers to email this woman directly. I agree. Check her out on her website: clintondems.com and then if what you’ve read, bothers you, email her and tell her how stupid she is. Maybe if enough of us inundate her with mail like she’s done to some of us, then maybe, just maybe she will come to her senses...Probably not...but we can only try...

icount@clintondems.com, or rrlieberma@gmail.com, or rrl3333@gmail.com

The Huffington Post and Rootswire.org got into more detail. Check those out too.


Kicking Back in Obamaville

Juggernaut is not a word that I would use to describe Barack Obama’s run for president. It is a ground swell. It is a 30 foot wave of emotion slamming into the shore. It is a movement that sometimes feels like a throwback to the sixties.

A juggernaut overtakes and then overwhelms its victims. Obama doesn’t feel like that, yet. He and his campaign still feel vulnerable and seemingly face derailment at any moment.

The movement barreled into Cincinnati yesterday. The Queen City is hosting the national convention for the NAACP, and Barack was the whip cream on the strawberries and shortcake of the Monday session.

While delegates to the convention worked through their sessions at the Duke Energy Center, Obamaville set up on Fountain Square, the heart of Cincinnati. Now, anyone who has seen the old television show WKRP in Cincinnati or at the very least, seen a picture of the city, recognizes the Tyler Davidson Fountain. It is the city symbol. The waters were flowing from the newly refurbished fountain and a nice breeze occasionally picked up the waters and sprayed it over the crowd to cool them on a warm but humidity free day. Young ones released from the prison of their strollers found the boy on the turtle and washed their feet in the tiny pools of water at his feet..

Obamaville looks like a village. More than that, it looks like the perfect picture of diversity. There were the very young enjoying playtime among the adults, independent and oblivious to the importance of the situation. Teenagers strolled, cool, hip, attempting to project a world knowledge that won’t hit them for many more years. College kids eager to take part in something, feeling the moment. Absolutely giddy in their new found cause. Using digital cameras to photograph images on the big screen and in the crowd. Their parents, sometimes at their side, skeptical...cynical about yet another possible savior in the offing. Older folks who’ve lived and worked and ridden out the disappointments of seeing one good man after another make big promises and fail. Older people made stoic from life, watching and waiting for the man of the hour. Five hours, six hours until he would show up on the big screen TV on top of Macy’s department store. Obamaville was every color, every creed, every gender, every sexuality, every nationality, no one dominant, freely conversing with anyone else willing to engage.

We talked with one another, names, introductions, not important. The talk wasn’t always about politics or econmics. It was about kids, the weather, the artwork on the cheap t shirts, happenings in faraway hometowns, and even shared health problems. I met two women who used their outside time to light up camel unfiltered cigarettes, the brand that killed my grandmother. The three of us, it turned out had all been diagnosed with bad hearts. We were all on the same medication. I looked better than them, they said. I appeared healthier and they wanted to know what I was doing to stay healthy, since we were all about the same age. I don’t smoke. Never have. But I didn’t insult them, by telling them they needed to quit. They already knew. It was just conversation.

I found my spot after wandering around a bit, greeting old friends in the crowd. Perched in the shade, I waited in front of a chess board table with no pieces. I would’ve played if I had pieces, but I guess you’ve got to bring your own. I was joined by a woman from Battle Creek, here for the convention. Battle Creek is a small town, home to Kellogg’s, as in cereal with a population of maybe 54,000 people, 7 percent black. We were joined by another woman, origin Huntsville, Alabama, there to work the square signing up new voters and volunteers for Obama. She worked a little. We talked a little. It was easy, comfortable. Anyone looking at us would have thought we’d arrived there together. Many other groups formed around us the same way. Strangers with a common cause, finding each other in Obamaville.

As the feel good moment drew closer, space in Obamaville dried up. People arrived from all directions, toting those multi colored chairs in a bag. Families made up of three or four generations arriving with coolers of food and drink, eating dinner picnic style, in front of the big screen HD-TV.

My group was then joined by a local man, from a prominent Cincinnati family. Two uncles have terminals named after them at the Greater Cincinnati Airport. There is a street in suburban Bond Hill that also bears the family name. He was high school teacher with a head full of history and pop culture knowledge.

Obama was late but it didn’t dampen spirits or anticipation. He talked for roughly 25 minutes. I won’t rehash his speech, you can parse it elsewhere. He spoke to the youth, the young, yet managed to include the older jaded crowd who’d heard it before, and made us believe that we’re hearing something new. We came to the square strangers with questions. We left a village, answers forthcoming.


Dubya Wins Again

I’ve got a question........What difference does it make if we throw the dummy out of the White House, when congress continues to rubber stamp his abusive policies and validates his blatant disregard for our constitution.

I’m talking about the passage of FISA, the foreign intelligence surveillance act. This act allows the government to spy on Americans without having to show proof and get a warrant first. This act also exempts the big telecom companies from lawsuits from citizens for the illegal spying that has been going on since 9/11. Makes me want to send Verizon my cell phone and tell them which orifice to stick it up. Pay as you go cell is looking better and better everyday.

Obama voted for this garbage. Hillary voted against it. I don’t think McCain knows what it is. He’s too busy making jokes about killing Iranian civilians.

The thing that ticks me off about Obama is that I heard him say he would vote for it, then look at it later for revision, I guess after he is in the White House. Hell, why put it into effect at all? Why not vote it down in the first place. He is still a Senator, after all. And there is no guarantee he is going to make it to the White House for a second look in the first place.

That’s procrastination, bro...a terminal illness among my brothers of a similar color. Obama still has my vote, but I’m not a happy camper today.

Anyway...I've said it before, and I will say it again....

After we change the White House, we need to clear out Capital Hill, starting with Nancy Pelosi and that absolutely worthless majority leader, Harry Reid.

Term Limits, term limits, term limits....


McCain’s Got Jokes

John McCain says he’s going to balance the budget by the end of his first term in office as president. And after he does that he is going marry me and make me a straight woman. Ha!

Republicans have been rolling out this campaign lie since Ronald Reagan. Eight years ago, before the latest GOP clown took over, there was a government surplus. We, meaning the 95% of the population who are regular folks and not rich, were happy. We had jobs, we had money, we could feed our families and drive our cars. Reagan not only did not balance the budget, but he increased the deficit and should have been brought up on charges along with Ollie North.

Now, thanks to the policies of trickle down economics or voodoo economics, as George the first called it before he became Reagan’s vice president, implemented by George the second, we have a deficit approaching multi trillion dollars. We have a couple of wars, no jobs, no money, no health care, no food for our families, and we can’t afford gasoline.

GOP nominee, John McCain apparently wants to continue the policies that has put us 95 percenters deeper in the poor house.

McCain was originally against the Bush tax cuts....Now that he is running for president..he is in favor of them....AND...he says he will pay down the deficit by winning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and taking all that money that we no longer have to spend over there, and pay off the bills over here....voila! Balanced budget! Hehehehehehehehehehe! “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

He also wants to cut spending on social security, medicare and medicaid, because that is where all the wasteful government spending is located, according to him.

McCain also shook up his advisory staff, too. He added a Bush acolyte to the payroll, a guy who is said to be a Karl Rove disciple. Hasn’t anyone told McCain that if you’re truly trying to distance yourself from someone....you run AWAY from them.....NOT toward them...And you certainly don’t hire their old staff to help you run what you say is a NEW campaign.

But then maybe I’m the one who’s the dummy....Maybe he isn’t running away from Bush. Doesn’t seem like it.

And, since I’m in a McCain smack down mood......General Wesley Clark didn’t lie.....flying planes does not necessarily qualify you to be president....it’s kind of like....just because we can all drive a car...that we are all qualified to drive in the Indy 500......No.....Not at all.....

This was just another example of all the fake scandals that have been floating around for the past several years to deflect our attention away from the real stuff.....

I call it peripheral Bullshit.....pay attention to the BS and you miss the real story hidden behind it..


WIMBLEDON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Williams....the girls took home 2.5-million dollars by Venus winning singles for the fifth time and then teaming up with Serena to take the doubles crown from the number one ranked women’s team in the world.....

I didn’t think it could get any better...but then came Sunday...

Ra-fa! Ra-fa! Ra-fa!

Man....I just saw the greatest tennis match of my life.....I never thought I would see anything to top the Borg-McEnroe matches of 1980 and 1981. They were magnicificent, and I was content to go to my grave with those memories...

Now there is a new one.....Nadal and Federer....

May they play long and hard. Man! That was some weekend!


July 4th, 2008 Passings

Jesse Helms died today....quoting the late, great Jackie “Moms” Mabley.....” never say anything about the dead, unless you can say something good..............”he’s dead....good!”

The professional bigot will not be missed on this block. He opposed anything connected to civil rights....the Martin Luther King national holiday, the Civil Rights Act, integration, affirmative action, you name it. If it helped minorities reach equal ground with whites, he was against it.


Speaking of professional bigots, this time masquerading as Christians, the AFA is boycotting McDonald’s. Pseudo Reverend Donald Wildmon and company say Mickey D’s is pro homosexual. Gee, I thought all they did was sell hamburgers. Makes me want to run out and buy a big mac in support of the corporation.


Uncle Tom is alive and well and living in Sarasota Florida. Seems the National Black Republican Association has decided to resort to “swift boating” Barack Obama. The NHRA is buying ads and putting up billboards attacking the democratic nominee.

I want to know who’s paying for the ads? The RNC has disavowed the attacks. John McCain has distanced himself from the attacks. So who is footing the bill? What great white rich man is behind the curtain pulling the puppet strings this time?

These deluded chocolate covered fools should have read their history books in toto rather than pick out lines to remember, like “the party of Lincoln...or Martin Luther King was a Republican.

Once again slow people...the Republican Party of Lincoln is not the GOP of today. The only connection is the name, Republican.

Please, lemmings, take off the rose colored glasses and look out for the cliff, you’re about to go over.


Condi surfaces...she says she is proud we bombed Iraq and that the world is safer since Dubya took office.

Standing by her man to the end.


Meantime, Dubya has ramped up the hunt for Osama bin Laden. The white house cowboy wants him caught and strung up by sundown on January 19th, 2009. To that end he is keeping our out manned Marines in harms way in Afghanistan longer than he promised. They can’t come home until he says so...Not fair....


Finally...a shout out to Wimbledon.....GO WILLIAMS! TAKING ALL THE MONEY HOME! THAT'S THE AMERICAN WAY....Celebrating the 4th on the 5th with mimosas, eggs and bacon and a scarlett O'hara....Nothing like breakfast at Wimbledon!