Why I Won’t Vote for John Sidney McCain

I have said in other posts that I, once upon a time, considered John McCain a viable candidate for President. That was back in 2000, before I took a deeper look into his politics and before he started to show his true colors. I was taking him at his word....believing the words that were coming out of his mouth, at the time.

8 years later, after more words and research on my part, I can only say “man, what was I thinking.” I’ll admit it, I’m smart, but even I have stupid moments sometimes. My consideration of McCain as a possibility to lead this country was just plain dumb.

I have already written about his stance against any program that benefits women. His votes in Congress are 100% anti-woman. That in itself is enough to scare me away from him.

Since he has become the GOP standard bearer in 2008, he’s sunk even lower, adopting the totally clueless and classless posturing of the fratboy currently occupying the White House. All of this for the sake of power. He’s not the first to give into his thirst for power. George the first was overwhelmed by the dark side when he became Ronald Reagan’s Vice President. Prior to drinking the cool aide, George the first made sense, too. Others have crossed over. Maybe that is the true definition of a politician, I don’t know. Seems to be that way, today.

So, what else don’t I like about John McCain;

1...His patronizing attitudes toward black people. His thinking that we will jump on his bandwagon simply because he makes one speech at the NAACP convention. Don’t see anybody of color in his campaign.

He does have African American stuff at his campaign store...a dollar will buy you a bumper sticker that says “African Americans for McCain.” We don’t get hats or T shirts..just bumper stickers and key chains at 5-dollars a pop.

2...After stating that he wouldn’t stoop to attack politics, he hires and puts in charge three acolytes of Karl Rove, the wizard himself, to handle day to day operations in his campaign. Since he did that the McCain campaign has gone totally negative...nothing positive...just wall to wall attack ads meant to knock Obama off message.

If McCain were truly trying to be something other than Bush lite, he would not be running this type of campaign. These are the same guys who floated that story about McCain having a black illegitimate baby, back in 2000. Now he’s in bed with them. Talk about laying down in the gutter with dogs.

3...Speaking of attacks, McCain goaded Obama to go overseas to Iraq and Europe and when Obama responded, McCain attacked him for ignoring the American people, for ignoring the troops, for playing basketball instead of talking about the issues, for trying to look presidential, and for pandering to foreigners.

McCain was quick to say he’d already made many trips to Iraq and to show how safe it was, he took a walk through an Iraqi market place. However, he made his walk in flack jacket, surrounded by a platoon of soldiers, under cover from gun ships. I’d be safe too, if I was strolling around a war zone like that.

4...McCain blames Obama for rising gas prices. He released this ad when gasoline prices actually started to drop, but never mind that. I want to know how a junior Senator, who’s only been in Congress for a few years, can be blamed for a mess 30 years in the making?

And hasn’t McCain been in Congress more than 26 years? Tell me again, who’s to blame?

5...Now comes this attack likening Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. The only Paris Hilton look alike I see on the campaign trail is Cindy McCain, John’s wife. Or hasn’t he noticed? Rail thin, blond, ice princess with a hundred million dollar inheritance, standing ten paces behind him? Maybe his war injuries prevent him from turning his head enough to see her in his shadow.

And, besides, is this ad anything other than a racist attempt to link a black man to some skinny ass white woman? Doesn't this ad play to the lowest of the low subliminal racial stereotypes?

6...McCain has also flipped on affirmative action. He is now against it.

7..He has flipped on tax cuts for the rich. He is now in favor.

8...He draws social security, yet he is in favor of gutting the program..medicare, too.

9....He has no love for public schools favoring instead funding vouchers and that silly “no child left behind” program.

10...He wants to stay in Iraq, prolong the war, even though al Maliki and the Iraqi people have said they want us gone, agreeing with Obama’s timetable.

11...McCain insists the surge worked.....not if you look at it....After all, how many generals did Bush have to fire to get one to agree with him on neocon war strategy...think about it.

12...McCain has adopted the GOP wingnut stance that anyone who disagrees with him is a traitor or unpatriotic. This is the reincarnation of Joe McCarthy, a truly insidious individual who was aided by a closeted gay man named Roy Cohn. That is in keeping with the current GOP standard.

13...After calling the pseudo pastors of the religious right, “agents of intolerance,” McCain has actually gone back to church, embraced the planet Neptune resident, John Hagee among others and is now attempting to appear more pious.

14....McCain’s past would seem to indicate that he has some serious character flaws...womanizing flaws like the ones that tarnished Bill Clinton’s tenure in the White House. Was he divorced or merely separated when he took up with a juvenile, now second wife.

15...And I will say it again...flying a jet, being a POW, albeit for five years, does not necessarily qualify you to be President of the United States.

Everyone I know personally, and I mean, everyone, who came back from Vietnam was messed up in the head...even if they weren’t held prisoner. We’re still paying the price for Vietnam with the cost of Iraq just beginning to show itself in the killings and rapes of female soldiers, in the suicides of returning troops, and the refusals of some to serve or of those to re-enlist and return, no matter how much money is thrown at them. The cost to torn apart families of the national guard is astronomical, with no end in sight.

John McCain was held for five years....can you say Manchurian Candidate?

I don’t want this man anywhere near the red phone at three o’clock in the morning with my life at stake.

I don’t trust him...plain and simple....I truly believe that World War III will happen if this man gets into the oval office as commander in chief....
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