Friday Rap

The Cajan Queen

Nice to see a president step up and take responsibility for a problem...the BP oil spill crisis is far from over....however it is being handled...certainly not as fast as James Carville wants...but then everyone realizes that Carville is just using it politically to his own end...his hissy fit was calculated and very disingenuous...like someone out of the loop who desperately wants to be in the loop....


American Female Genital Cutting

It's amazing what a little light can do when used to illuminate secret practices and policies. Last week the American Academy of Pediatrics said it was okay to do genital mutilation on baby girls to satisfy stupid and dangerous cultural rituals brought to America from the old countries.

This week...They've decided that maybe their idea was not such a good idea..The outcry was fierce, considering women come to this country in the first place, to get away from some of the barbaric rituals like genital mutilation..



Maybe now the hissy fits thrown by some in the LGBT community will stop now that Congress has taken another step to repeal the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. From what's being said in the media and online, you'd think the Obama administration had told gay people to go screw themselves instead of doing the work it's done to level the playing field.

Personally, I'm sick and tired of priviledged gay boys and girls throwing temper tantrums in an attempt to get their way. Their parents may cave in to this kind of crappy behavior, but the world and government don't work that way.

These same whiners are the ones who blamed Blacks for the Prop 8 debacle in California, attacking Black gays and lesbians, by calling then nigger, when they stepped into the streets to try to join the protests.

It's not only the straight community which wallows in and exercises white privilege because it can.


The Budget Deficit

Well, America can't seem to find any extra money to help the people who lost their jobs during this economic recession...Can't extend unemployment benefits.....might create an underclass of lazy people who rely on big government to feed their families.....they just have to starve until the economy rights itself and more jobs become available...

But...in the meantime...here is 60-billion dollars....to continue fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan...

Since we like fighting wars....maybe we should reinstate the military draft...that way we can put all those lazy shiftless unemployed back to work....give em a gun to carry and let em go kill people...

yeah...that's the ticket....kill two birds with one stone...create jobs and fight the wars..The American way....

Truth of the matter.....If conservatives really want to have a smaller government.....They need to endorse reducing the military budget by two thirds or more...


Higher Education

New way to teach Geometry....draw up an assassination attempt on President Obama...talk angles of bullet flight between gun and target.....is it easier with one gunman or two...

actual lesson that went on at a high school in Georgia.

Read it here...


Friday vibe....Miss you Luther V.....


Sarah Palin, Channeling her Inner Hood Rat

Sarah Palin is a hood rat...not a pit bull, or a lipsticked smeared pig, nor even the self styled Momma Grizzly or whatever animalistic analogy she comes up with this week..

No, Sarah Palin is a hood rat.

Now for those of you not familiar with this special hard to kill breed of rodent..

Hood rats are fashion challenged, loud mouthed busybodies who spend hours in everyone else's business, usually with no visible means of support for themselves or their five or six kids of varying ages and daddys...

Sarah the hood rat has a job...but some of her hood rat sisters have gigs too...part time and not stressful...like Sarah's gig of speaking engagments and book signings for her personal choir of true believers...

Hood Rats are legends in their own mind..someone to be feared, because as they will readily tell you at the top of their lungs, they will do an LL Cool J on yo azz and Knock you out, if you mess with them.

They talk a good fight, but as everybody else in the hood knows...it's all talk...no substance...no danger..They do show up at fights.. they're the ones in the nappy head rags protecting their pink orange and purple tinged fake hair weaves....They're not there to fight...hell...might break a nail and have to go find money to get the nails done again...No...they are there only to egg on the real fighters and to basically stir up some shit, so speak...

The ex gov has gone to sporting leather jackets, jeans and pumps, showing full time snowbilly cool..She's out to be seen and heard....not felt...

Throw a punch.. take a principled stand...run for office....not in a million years....

When they tell you, they won't tell a soul...or that they are there for you...run the other way...because you know they're lying...the only time a hood rat tells the truth is when they're not talking....

Talk to Sarah and you're liable to see it on Facebook a day later...

These days Sarah's hood is the whole country...all of America...well not all....she won't come to certain states or certain neighborhoods or cities....Like all hood rats...Sarah knows which streets not to cross or where she can stand and talk shit without fear of getting her ass whipped...

Hood rat Sarah is jumping around her hood recruiting Stepford wives to carry her dangerous message. She's even thrown in a couple of mocha tinged Sorors/jack n jill wannabes, into the mix so her message won't seem so......White...

Make no mistake about it...these Sorors are opportunists....not serious...but smart enough to see a brass ring and to make a grab for it...big fish in little pond syndrome...or fly in buttermilk visibility.....

So Sarah can say...see..." I 've got more of them for friends than just that silly old witch doctor who came to my church..hehe"....

And something to remember about these new so called Momma Grizzlies...Stepford wives....they come with an old message...a message honed by their old white husbands..white men can not do what they've done without the help of old white women...who quiet as it's kept....are merely protecting their meal tickets and comfortable way of life...

They may seem new and feminist?!..but they're not...been there the whole time..in the background....letting Dad seemingly call the shots and take the hits while they knock back their cosmos and bourbon water on the rocks, collecting on insurance policies or divorce settlements before they move on the next old white guy meal ticket...

Old White women don't want to change either.....They support equality as long as it does not affect their lifestyle or comfort level....

Their gender may cause them to seem more nurturing or more gentle in approach...however they're not to be trusted...just like Sarah the Hood Rat...

Besides even kids in the hood will tell you...the person you watch out for in a street fight..is the one who doesn't talk...just stands there until attacked.....

Most of America is quiet...just like pre-2008......the real America is not yet talking...they're not being polled....they're not talking to the mainstream media...waiting.....

The MSM likes and prefers hood rat behavior... like Sister Sarah gives them every 24 hours or so in keeping with the news spin cycle.....sells more copy...gets more hits on the blogs...more viewers on TV...

the rest of us.... black, white, brown, yellow... real men, women, gay, straight, working or unemployed........watching...waiting....ain't sayin' nothin'..



Friday Rap

Dr. Randal Paul...it just gets worser and worser...the more he tries to explain, the deeper his foot goes into his mouth. And being combative is not going to help matters either...especially if in being combative you try to force the lie backward..

Message to teabagger politician...RP, as in Rand...you can't walk back the words you spent all day yesterday defending...

You see, the reality of the situation is this...the America you keep trying to take back...was never yours to begin with....

Think about it man....if guys like Dick Cheney say you're nuts.....you're cooked...and Sarah Palin's blessings...well....she isn't a politician...she's the right's answer to Lady Gaga...entertainment with little substance and no real clout to speak of, at the end of the day....


Death by Bok Choy

My nieces and nephews, like all kids think veggies can kill you if consumed in large quantities....not quite true.

But an 88 year old Chinese woman is in a coma from eating too much Bok Choy, which is chinese cabbage.


Always be prepared is what the British military is telling its female soldiers in Iraq, and no, that does not mean always carry your weapon at the ready...

The Brits are telling their women soldiers to pack condoms at all times, just in case they get the urge to have sex or get raped or something like that...Sex is illegal in the battle zones, but it does happen..so the brass is telling women to be prepared..

Of course..men are being absolved of all responsibility in connection....as if women can get pregnant or be raped on their own...


American Gangser Redux

The ex wife of the guy Denzel Washington played in American Gangster has been busted for cocaine trafficking. You can read all about it here.

Just proves that you can never go back....


Manmade DNA

So much for relying on the indisputable evidence of DNA.....scientists have apparently succeeded in making human DNA in a lab.....Let the real cloning begin...

Skynet is going into place thanks to Obama....the Pentagon is making soldiers that won't die, but do come with a kill switch when they've outlived their usefulness...now the building blocks are in place to make humans....Machines and Terminators, just around the corner...eh...

Does that also mean men don't need women to make babies anymore?


Friday music...this is who Queen Latifah was imitating when she sang this song...Phoebe Snow..the real deal...


Rand Paul is a Dangerous Man

His dead pan deputy dog delivery makes him seem like a harmless, second generation kook. However, listening to him reveals just how dangerous, he and the tea baggers really are to America.

If Dr. Paul had his way, I may have been able to ride in the front of the bus, but I wouldn't be allowed to walk into a restaurant and sit down at the lunch counter. But it would be okay to carry my gun in with me as I asked for that sandwich. Confused?

This is the racism that divides us. It is the same thought that led to the Civil War, propelled Jim Crow and is still deeply buried inside every facet of American life..

Give a listen...

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Clueless in Kentucky

Sarah Palin's teabagging minions are crowing this morning over the outcome of the election in Kentucky.

Their darling, Rand Paul, son of Ron won in what local media is calling a landslide over Mitch McConnell's handpicked puppet Trey Grayson. So much for Karl Rove's world domination plans.

Paul now goes up against the Democrat Conway in November.

During post election interviews last night and this morning, Paul declared his intention to win and to “take back his country.” …..typical tea party mantra....

Paul who was backed by crazy man retiring Senator Jim Bunning also says he wants to dismember The Fed and kill the Department of Education....

Conservatives like Paul, and republicans have been working overtime to destroy the public school system in America...that's why Charter Schools came into being along with voucher programs for private schools...Charter Schools and private schools are nothing more than a legal way to get around Brown vs Board of Education....separate and unequal...

By creating these alternatives....the majority of them bad alternatives....the public school system is floundering, under the no child left behind program monstrosity...which teaches kids to take tests...but doesn't educate them....

On GMA today, Robin Roberts called Paul on the location of his victory celebration, which was a private golf and country club....Roberts asked him if that sent the wrong message to the people he is planning to represent...

Paul did what all clueless elitists do...invoke the name of Tiger Woods to indicate that the golfing world is not as exclusive or elitist as it used to be...said Paul.....”many people play golf these days...”

True....However, very few can afford joining private, still mostly segregated golf and country clubs, Dr. Paul....even if they do allow us to join them in the first place because some of us will never ever be the right kind of American...eh, Mr. Paul...

Paul is a blank slate, waiting for someone..his dad...Sarah...somebody to write on him and point in the direction they want him to to travel...clueless...

In Philly.....Arlen Specter lost...and he should have....the guy is a proven political whore who should have been put to pasture a long time ago.

Blanche Lincoln is still holding by her finger nails...she's been pushed into a runoff...

Primaries are for the party faithful...

November is for the people...time to get to work...


Super Tuesday.....Maybe

Mainstream media is in full hype mode today as several states conduct primary elections to gear up for the run in November.

The usual song and dance goes that Democrats are cooked come November, especially so if certain candidates win today...

Maybe....maybe not...

Since few Americans have attention spans longer than two weeks, many seem to have forgotten that this hype today sounds like the hype of 2008. That landslide election was supposed to be too close to call, remember.

Today, the MSM is telling us to watch Philadelphia where two Democrats, one of them Arlen Spector..Spector is the 80 year old career politician who routinely switches parties to in his own words, “get elected.”

Spector is also backed by President Obama. However, what the media isn't telling you is that Spector is an incumbent and that in order to get him to switch from GOP to Dem, the party had to promise to back him. Hence the seeming Obama support.

In this race, Obama is in a win-win situation, because if Spector loses, Joe Sestak is still a Democrat. True he will have to face the Republican in November, but cross that bridge later.

Then there is Arkansas where blue dog dem Blanche Lincoln is in a battle for her seat with a democratic governor. Lincoln is a Dino...democrat in name only and needs to lose. But here again the hype machine says Obama would be on the losing end if Lincoln loses, because he is sorta supporting her.

Again, Obama is doing party stuff. Truth be told, Lincoln needs to go and he knows this. Lincoln singlehandedly derailed the public option in the health care bill. Win-win for Obama.

In Kentucky, this is a GOP dust up with the establishment favoring one guy while the teabaggers are backing Rand Paul son of Ron....Neither one of them stands much of a chance against the democrat in November, but today's race is being touted as a referendum on Obama.

Sarah Palin and the teabaggers want Paul to win the race, and he may get there. Turdblossom's bitch, Mitch McConnell is backing the other GOP candidate, Trey Grayson. The delusional Jim Bunning is also backing Grayson Grayson is more of the same politics of no that has caused the massive slowdown in DC.

Primaries are merely to choose the candidate to run in November. The turnouts are always party loyalists and very very low.

Once the candidates have been selected, the real race begins.

The question in November is do we go forward into the future....or do we try to once again turn back the hands of time and give our trust to the guys who screwed us in the first place..

My take.....America is tired of incumbents or career politicians so some of them are being bounced today...... That is a good thing. The term career politician is an oxymoron.

I don't think America is as racist or xenophobic as Palin, Beck, Limbaugh and the Teabaggers think...so given the goings on in Arizona with its country wide ramifications, the GOP is in trouble and that trouble will play out at the polls come November.

Super Tuesday is interesting today....but super duper bell wether...don't think so...

Look past the hype of the 24/7 news cycle and get ready for November...


When Your Driver's License Is Not Enough

Country wide ramifications of the anti immigration laws passed in Arizona.

If you're brown, black or of questionable color, meaning you're some kind of biracial mixture, having a drivers license on your person is not enough to keep you from being questioned about your citizenship, should some Arizona cop decide to pull you over for whatever.

Doesn't matter where you're from or what state you live in...if you are on vacation, say driving to California or following Route 66, or decide to visit the Grand Canyon, and get stopped for a traffic violation while passing through Arizona, your seat belts are not fastened, your tail light is broken, or you're driving while black, you have to produce proof of citizenship in order not to be carted off to jail. Understand that is the new law in Arizona.

Proof of citizenship is a passport....not a drivers license. And once they stop the car...everyone in the car is liable...

Most Americans don't travel outside of the US and therefore don't own a passport, according to government statistics. Now you need one for moving around inside your own country. How many kids carry proof of Id, even when they're supposed to?

We're one big country...state's borders are open borders....or used to be..until last week....

The laws actually changed last year with the implementation of the REAL ID program. This program means you need a passport to travel to Canada, Mexico or the Islands. Not to travel to them...but in order to return home. You can't get on an airplane to fly to Mexico without a passport anymore.

There are actually two kinds of REAL ID...a passport and a REAL ID card. The card allows you to get onto cruise ships. However, it won't allow you to board a plane and soon it won't allow you to enter a federal building...any federal building.

Florida is already demanding citizens use REAL ID...trouble is...just like Joseph and Mary, you have to go home in order to get the ID papers. Florida is a retirement state. Most people in Florida, were born somewhere else. Big Problem...

Back to Arizona...their new laws make it illegal for anyone to travel cross their borders without proof of citizenship on their person...meaning you need a passport to simply go through Arizona. As reported earlier this week, Ohio and other states are looking into enacting similar kinds of legislation.

Legislation will codify racial profiling in law by erasing the civil rights of more than half of the American population or the new majority.

Now, you know, no one with white skin is going to be challenged, and probably no one with a spray on orange tan is going to be challenged, either.

However, those of us with varying shades of permanent tan...those of us gifted by god with melanin are in trouble. ...country wide....not just in Arizona.

I do like the fact that our current White House is willing to investigate and study a situation before acting irrationally. However, my Dad has saying about making decisions...

“Study long....you study wrong”

The feds need to do something quickly, before this stuff gets further out of hand...

Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Nebraska and Virginia are in open rebellion. I understand the very special tightrope that Obama is walking as America's first Black President. There is nothing that Obama or any brown or Black person can do that will placate these people....nothing.

But there comes a time, when the Feds have to say, enough is enough and take action to quell the stupidity.

Other presidents have done it....time for Obama to bite the bullet and call a halt to what is very obviously a growing insurrection.

He pulled the trigger on the Somali pirates...yet they still believe he is soft....time to prove them wrong, again....


Friday Rap

The Poisoning of Puerto Rico

If your Puerto Rican friends go home to the island for a visit, return to the hood and start growing an extra set of arms, you will understand why after reading this.

Once again the government is refusing to admit responsibility, totally denying there is a problem. The federal courts are so far blocking all lawsuits in connection.


Face to face...belly to belly...not anymore...

The art of conversation is passing out of existence...a report out today says that voice communication on cell phones is stagnating...meaning there is more texting and data tranferral going on than anything else....talking...well.... no one is doing it....apparently not even on the telephone these days....


LeBron, LeBron

The problem with labeling yourself King is that once you do it....you have to live up to it...as in win championships...disappearing when the game is on the line....not good...maybe it's the curse of Cleveland...maybe a change of scenery will help....New York, maybe?

Won't matter, Kobe and Phil are still together in Los Angeles...


11th Leading cause of death in America is suicide...in fact there are twice as many suicides in the US as there are murders each year. According to the Center for Disease Control, men, Native Americans, white people and those primarily between the ages of 45 and 54 are the ones doing away with themselves.

Used to be only people over 80 were killing themselves in record numbers. You can read it here.


Definition of a bully.....Dr. Phil


That's just nasty

Seems many people like to eat while they bang on their keyboards..and I'm no exception...However...I don't allow the food to touch the board...I don't even sit whatever I'm munching on, on the same table...meaning I literally have to pivot in my seat to reach the snack....

But I guess most don't take those precautions because a new report out today says people are endangering their health by eating while typing....

So what's the danger of a few cookie crumbs caught between your keys.....Mice! Disease carrying mice!

You can read it here.


Gorgeous George Rekers

The right reverend George has resigned his position at his anti gay organization NARTH, the group that says gays can be cured...this from a guy who vacations with male hookers that he finds on the internet..

Question: If homosexuality can be cured....why didn't Georgie cure himself? Hmmmmmmmm?

And where is Georgie's ex...the Reverend James Dobson in all this...you telling me he didn't know when he and Georgie founded their Family Focus Council or whatever it is?

Maybe Dobson was blinded by Georgie's Village People mustache and couldn't see past the bush...


Arizona hates colored people




Now the bigots in Arizona are justifying their ethnic cleansing campaign by using Dr. Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech.....as an illustration of the kind of stuff that teaches folks to hate white people...

Trust me when I say this white people....you don't have to do another thing...to make us not like you...you've got years....years of shit...we can hate you for.....

An ethnic studies class is only the tip of the iceberg.....ethnic classes don't even begin to scratch the surface...

Outlaw them if you want to...won't make any difference...except maybe by creating that HUGE multi colored voting block that scares the crap out of republicans...

Ethnic Solidarity....can't wait for the elections come November.....

Obama already has 99% of the black vote....Imagine...99% of the Hispanic vote...99% of the Native American vote....99% of the Muslim vote....the stuff of nightmares for teabagging bigots..A real PUSH Rainbow Coalition...Jessie Jackson is cheesin' somewhere in Chicago at the thought...

Think about it GOP...ya'll done f**** up again..And there not enough deluded Clarence Thomas, Shelby Steele, or Michael Steele types runnin' around to save your ass...


Avery*Sunshine...my friend Max Reddick turned me onto this lady this week...been grooving to her since then....ending my weekly rant on a positive note....Sing it with me...A-V-E-R-Y SUUN-SHINE!


We Really Don't Like You, Now Get Over it!

One of the first conversations I had about race happened when I was 13 and in the 8th grade at Walnut Hills High School. One of my classmates was agonizing about the frizz in her hair to a bunch of us girls. It was a mixed group in Mr. Volz' art class. Her hair was red. You know, orange red. Bright red. She was Jewish, which in my world, back in the day, meant she was white.

I had yet to discover that there is a big, big difference between Jews and white people.

She had the same problems with her hair that we black girls did except she didn't know about straightening combs. Nobody permed in those days either. So being the good friends that we were, and we were friends, we, meaning the Black contingent in the room, decided to teach her how to iron her hair. That's what white girls used to do to get the kink out of their locks. They got an ironing board or placed a towel on a counter and took the iron and literally pretended their hair was a blouse.

They ironed it.

Well, suffice to say the ironing went well. However, it was during the teaching phase that things went off target because as we were bonding around our hair, the topic turned to race.

Girlfriend thought and actually said that we, meaning Black folk, helped white people because we love them so much. We emulate them and want to be like them and that is the reason we get along so famously.

Now understand that was back in the day when white people thought all darkies really missed being slaves and spent our lives trying to recreate the Gone With the Wind saga as if it really used to be like that.

She was serious. She actually believed the utopian bullshit coming out of her mouth. She and all other white/Jewish kids/non-Negro kids had been raised to believe the white superiority-happy slave myth.

She really said it while one of us was holding a hot iron near her silly head. Typical white girl...walking stupidly into the dark while the nut from Psycho was waiting around the corner with a butcher knife dressed like his dead mother.

Now, us being Walnut Hills students, and considered the most civilized in the Cincinnati Public School District, after making silent tribal eye contact, decided to patiently educate our classmate, rather than whup her ass. After all Black history was not a part of the curriculum, especially coming from our point of view.

After patiently explaining and the rest of them patiently listening, Carrot top sitting there with her newly transformed kinks to silky straight looks, said and I quote,

“But you mean you people, don't like white people? You hate us?” she said with a horrified look on her face.

Since it was back in the day, the phrase “Bitch what was your first clue?” was not uttered. I politely said instead..

“We don't hate you. But we don't like you as a people.” At which point the bell rang signaling time to go to class.

For awhile following the revelation, we weren't friends. She was scared. We didn't give a damn having lived with the truth all of our lives. But things finally got back to normal, just with a bit more clarity. They, meaning the white girls, came back to us, as if the conversation never happened.

Nearly 50 years later, we're still friends.

Long story trying to figure out what the hell is going on in Arizona. Now Governor Jan has signed a bill that makes it illegal to teach any class that promotes “ethnic solidarity.” You can read it here. This comes after all the negative reaction to her big anti immigration bill from two weeks ago.

The right wing nuts have found out that the rest of the world doesn't like them or their actions. So now they have decided to retaliate instead of seek reconciliation. In other words, they're not ready to come back yet.

Happy Coexistence is not part of the plan, apparently. But then it never is when white folks realize that we don't really like them. But usually, they are the ones acting out and Arizona is a classic example. White flight is off the table, because we, meaning brown/black people are everywhere. They've got nowhere to run, anymore. Lynching is not illegal in America, but it is severely frowned upon, so now they pass laws to keep us in our place...in this case....out of Arizona altogether...they've made it illegal to cross the border...any of the borders if you're not legally in America. Co exist equally? Hell No!

You can't even drive through Arizona now with that bill on the books without your drivers license or papers in your pocket.

This new bill outlaws Hispanic history, Civil rights history, African American studies and how about German studies? How about Irish clog dancing classes?

Is it okay to learn to speak Japanese in Arizona, now? What are they going to do....go on the Res and drive out the Native Americans or ban Pow-wows? Can't think of any stronger ethnic solidarity than a Native American reservation. Re-enacting Wounded Knee might prove problematic this time around.

They could get out of this mess, by outlawing all gerrymandered Texas history books and mandating that all history be taught in the same class at the same time, as it really happened. But somehow I don't think that's going to occur.

Time is on our side, however. Arizona will come back, eventually. Just like my girlfriends from long ago. No apologies necessary.

We will wait for you to come to your senses.....


Lose One, Gain One

"My identity is very clear to me now. I am a black woman. I'm free. I no longer have to be a credit.' I don't have to be a symbol to anybody; I don't have to be a first to anybody. I don't have to be an imitation of a white woman that Hollywood sort of hoped I'd become. I'm me, and I'm like nobody else."- Lena Horne, 1988

The first Diva has passed....Rest in Peace Ms. Lena


Today Obama gives us Elana Kagen for the United States Supreme Court. The current Solicitor General of the United States is immensely qualified despite never having been a judge. She was a clerk for Justice Thurgood Marshall, and is former dean of Harvard Law School.

Make no mistake about it Republicans will find something with which to try and smear her. That will come soon enough. Right now, I will simply say congratulations to Ms. Kagen.


Friday Rap

CNN and CBS are in talks to jointly gather news. You can read it here.

This is not a good idea. A free press only works when it is adversarial, not only with sources but with other news gathering agencies. We are already living in a time where corporations control what is being heard from all media. Combining news organizations means the same storyline will be heard from many different mouths, regardless of the channel.

This is not a free press in any sense of the word.

News gathering should not be limited to what is amenable to the corporate bottom line....It is only the people who suffer.


Ted Haggard Syndrome

Heterosexual with Issues or closeted and self loathing?

Another anti gay crusader comes falling out of the closet with his pants down. The Right righteous reverend George Rekers took a rentboy on 10 day European vacation recently, Rekers said to carry his luggage.

Must a been packin' some heavy stuff in those bags. Rekers co-founded the Family Research Council with the Rev James Dobson, who has been curiously silent about the whole affair.

A rent boy is just what the name implies...a boy rented for sex, usually by old rich and closeted gay men.


Women make better Doctors

My reason for believing this is not the norm. I was indoctrinated very young. My mom worked for two doctors who happen to be female. One of them was the first woman to get her medical license in Ohio, the other one was a female pioneer Ob-gyn. One actually delivered me, the other functioned as my doctor when I was a kid.

Saw them both whenever I came to the office.

One day, however, they were both gone and a third doctor appeared to treat my tonsillitis. At least he said he was a doctor. Mom said, I wouldn't let him put his hands on me, because I didn't believe he was really a doctor. All the doctors I knew were ladies, and the only guy I ever saw in the office was a secretary and receptionist. He was also married to one of my docs.

To my 5 year old mind, this guy was trying to mess with me. My mom had to step in and explain things the way only a mother can....”sit your behind down and let him look at you!”

I got the message. But I wasn't convinced until I talked with Doc Schneider the next time I saw her.


Bringing Civilization to the Natives

Sudan now has it's first golf course, thanks to some Swiss architect based in Dubai. It's just 9 holes, but it's a start....

Now if someone will quell the political unrest, drop the price on clean drinking water and build some toilets for the people and schools for the kids..


Cow on a Roof-Flooding in Tennessee

Cow eventually got down off the roof, while humans were attempting to build a ramp...


NRA Backs Terrorists' Right to Buy Guns

So , let me get this straight, it's not okay to let so called terrorists board airplanes because they might possibly beat up the flight crew, take the plane and fly into a building, killing everyone on board.

But it is okay to allow them to buy guns, explosives and any other weapons of mass destruction that they choose to purchase in order to kill Americans when they decide the time is right, as long as they do it on the ground and not on a plane.

Make sense? Well, here's what's going on. New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, have asked Congress to close a loophole in existing law. The gaping loophole allows anyone on the government's terrorist no fly-watch list to buy guns.

In other words, your name is on the list you can't get on an airplane, but you can still buy an AK-47 or enough exploding fertilizer and propane to bring down a federal building anywhere in America.

And the National Rifle Association says this is alright. Further, their Congressional sycophants, led by Congressman Lindsey Graham, are going along, refusing to toughen the law to protect citizens.

The NRA maintains closing the loophole is an attack on the Second Amendment.

The gun nuts went after the Bush Administration when it tried to close the loophole. Now the NRA is going after the Obama Administration for the same thing.

Attempts to shut down the terror gap are bipartisan. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are calling for the fix. They're not asking to prevent citizens from owning guns. They are asking that terrorists not be allowed to buy guns, once they've been identified as a threat, meaning after their name is put on the terror list.

In other words, when someone's name is on the terror watch list, that means they are a threat to national security and a danger to us all. Yet the NRA maintains that putting a gun ban in place for suspected terrorists will somehow limit gun ownership in America.


A couple of months ago in opposition to closing the gap, the NRA said, “ said it is all part of a conspiracy by "politicians who hate the Second Amendment" and who "think that more gun owners can be placed on the list over time."

Other conservatives have jumped on the bandwagon to declare, "The bill should be titled the Gun Owners Are Probably All Terrorists Act." -This from a member of the Liberty Coalition during a hearing on Capitol Hill.

Statistics show that people on the terror list have bought more than 1100 firearms, and the Feds can't do a darn thing about it because of the loophole in federal law.

As usual, citizens are caught between mad men....an extremist lobby masquerading under the guise of patriotism, their bought and paid for politicians on Capitol Hill and the terrorists who want to kill us all.

Ain't it great being an American.