Friday Rap

The Poisoning of Puerto Rico

If your Puerto Rican friends go home to the island for a visit, return to the hood and start growing an extra set of arms, you will understand why after reading this.

Once again the government is refusing to admit responsibility, totally denying there is a problem. The federal courts are so far blocking all lawsuits in connection.


Face to face...belly to belly...not anymore...

The art of conversation is passing out of existence...a report out today says that voice communication on cell phones is stagnating...meaning there is more texting and data tranferral going on than anything else....talking...well.... no one is doing it....apparently not even on the telephone these days....


LeBron, LeBron

The problem with labeling yourself King is that once you do it....you have to live up to it...as in win championships...disappearing when the game is on the line....not good...maybe it's the curse of Cleveland...maybe a change of scenery will help....New York, maybe?

Won't matter, Kobe and Phil are still together in Los Angeles...


11th Leading cause of death in America is suicide...in fact there are twice as many suicides in the US as there are murders each year. According to the Center for Disease Control, men, Native Americans, white people and those primarily between the ages of 45 and 54 are the ones doing away with themselves.

Used to be only people over 80 were killing themselves in record numbers. You can read it here.


Definition of a bully.....Dr. Phil


That's just nasty

Seems many people like to eat while they bang on their keyboards..and I'm no exception...However...I don't allow the food to touch the board...I don't even sit whatever I'm munching on, on the same table...meaning I literally have to pivot in my seat to reach the snack....

But I guess most don't take those precautions because a new report out today says people are endangering their health by eating while typing....

So what's the danger of a few cookie crumbs caught between your keys.....Mice! Disease carrying mice!

You can read it here.


Gorgeous George Rekers

The right reverend George has resigned his position at his anti gay organization NARTH, the group that says gays can be cured...this from a guy who vacations with male hookers that he finds on the internet..

Question: If homosexuality can be cured....why didn't Georgie cure himself? Hmmmmmmmm?

And where is Georgie's ex...the Reverend James Dobson in all this...you telling me he didn't know when he and Georgie founded their Family Focus Council or whatever it is?

Maybe Dobson was blinded by Georgie's Village People mustache and couldn't see past the bush...


Arizona hates colored people




Now the bigots in Arizona are justifying their ethnic cleansing campaign by using Dr. Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech.....as an illustration of the kind of stuff that teaches folks to hate white people...

Trust me when I say this white people....you don't have to do another thing...to make us not like you...you've got years....years of shit...we can hate you for.....

An ethnic studies class is only the tip of the iceberg.....ethnic classes don't even begin to scratch the surface...

Outlaw them if you want to...won't make any difference...except maybe by creating that HUGE multi colored voting block that scares the crap out of republicans...

Ethnic Solidarity....can't wait for the elections come November.....

Obama already has 99% of the black vote....Imagine...99% of the Hispanic vote...99% of the Native American vote....99% of the Muslim vote....the stuff of nightmares for teabagging bigots..A real PUSH Rainbow Coalition...Jessie Jackson is cheesin' somewhere in Chicago at the thought...

Think about it GOP...ya'll done f**** up again..And there not enough deluded Clarence Thomas, Shelby Steele, or Michael Steele types runnin' around to save your ass...


Avery*Sunshine...my friend Max Reddick turned me onto this lady this week...been grooving to her since then....ending my weekly rant on a positive note....Sing it with me...A-V-E-R-Y SUUN-SHINE!

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