When Your Driver's License Is Not Enough

Country wide ramifications of the anti immigration laws passed in Arizona.

If you're brown, black or of questionable color, meaning you're some kind of biracial mixture, having a drivers license on your person is not enough to keep you from being questioned about your citizenship, should some Arizona cop decide to pull you over for whatever.

Doesn't matter where you're from or what state you live in...if you are on vacation, say driving to California or following Route 66, or decide to visit the Grand Canyon, and get stopped for a traffic violation while passing through Arizona, your seat belts are not fastened, your tail light is broken, or you're driving while black, you have to produce proof of citizenship in order not to be carted off to jail. Understand that is the new law in Arizona.

Proof of citizenship is a passport....not a drivers license. And once they stop the car...everyone in the car is liable...

Most Americans don't travel outside of the US and therefore don't own a passport, according to government statistics. Now you need one for moving around inside your own country. How many kids carry proof of Id, even when they're supposed to?

We're one big country...state's borders are open borders....or used to be..until last week....

The laws actually changed last year with the implementation of the REAL ID program. This program means you need a passport to travel to Canada, Mexico or the Islands. Not to travel to them...but in order to return home. You can't get on an airplane to fly to Mexico without a passport anymore.

There are actually two kinds of REAL ID...a passport and a REAL ID card. The card allows you to get onto cruise ships. However, it won't allow you to board a plane and soon it won't allow you to enter a federal building...any federal building.

Florida is already demanding citizens use REAL ID...trouble is...just like Joseph and Mary, you have to go home in order to get the ID papers. Florida is a retirement state. Most people in Florida, were born somewhere else. Big Problem...

Back to Arizona...their new laws make it illegal for anyone to travel cross their borders without proof of citizenship on their person...meaning you need a passport to simply go through Arizona. As reported earlier this week, Ohio and other states are looking into enacting similar kinds of legislation.

Legislation will codify racial profiling in law by erasing the civil rights of more than half of the American population or the new majority.

Now, you know, no one with white skin is going to be challenged, and probably no one with a spray on orange tan is going to be challenged, either.

However, those of us with varying shades of permanent tan...those of us gifted by god with melanin are in trouble. ...country wide....not just in Arizona.

I do like the fact that our current White House is willing to investigate and study a situation before acting irrationally. However, my Dad has saying about making decisions...

“Study long....you study wrong”

The feds need to do something quickly, before this stuff gets further out of hand...

Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Nebraska and Virginia are in open rebellion. I understand the very special tightrope that Obama is walking as America's first Black President. There is nothing that Obama or any brown or Black person can do that will placate these people....nothing.

But there comes a time, when the Feds have to say, enough is enough and take action to quell the stupidity.

Other presidents have done it....time for Obama to bite the bullet and call a halt to what is very obviously a growing insurrection.

He pulled the trigger on the Somali pirates...yet they still believe he is soft....time to prove them wrong, again....

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