Friday Rap

CNN and CBS are in talks to jointly gather news. You can read it here.

This is not a good idea. A free press only works when it is adversarial, not only with sources but with other news gathering agencies. We are already living in a time where corporations control what is being heard from all media. Combining news organizations means the same storyline will be heard from many different mouths, regardless of the channel.

This is not a free press in any sense of the word.

News gathering should not be limited to what is amenable to the corporate bottom line....It is only the people who suffer.


Ted Haggard Syndrome

Heterosexual with Issues or closeted and self loathing?

Another anti gay crusader comes falling out of the closet with his pants down. The Right righteous reverend George Rekers took a rentboy on 10 day European vacation recently, Rekers said to carry his luggage.

Must a been packin' some heavy stuff in those bags. Rekers co-founded the Family Research Council with the Rev James Dobson, who has been curiously silent about the whole affair.

A rent boy is just what the name implies...a boy rented for sex, usually by old rich and closeted gay men.


Women make better Doctors

My reason for believing this is not the norm. I was indoctrinated very young. My mom worked for two doctors who happen to be female. One of them was the first woman to get her medical license in Ohio, the other one was a female pioneer Ob-gyn. One actually delivered me, the other functioned as my doctor when I was a kid.

Saw them both whenever I came to the office.

One day, however, they were both gone and a third doctor appeared to treat my tonsillitis. At least he said he was a doctor. Mom said, I wouldn't let him put his hands on me, because I didn't believe he was really a doctor. All the doctors I knew were ladies, and the only guy I ever saw in the office was a secretary and receptionist. He was also married to one of my docs.

To my 5 year old mind, this guy was trying to mess with me. My mom had to step in and explain things the way only a mother can....”sit your behind down and let him look at you!”

I got the message. But I wasn't convinced until I talked with Doc Schneider the next time I saw her.


Bringing Civilization to the Natives

Sudan now has it's first golf course, thanks to some Swiss architect based in Dubai. It's just 9 holes, but it's a start....

Now if someone will quell the political unrest, drop the price on clean drinking water and build some toilets for the people and schools for the kids..


Cow on a Roof-Flooding in Tennessee

Cow eventually got down off the roof, while humans were attempting to build a ramp...

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