The Decade in Color

Tiger, tiger, not so bright
stuck in rehab New Years night.

Broken teeth and split lip, too
xmas gift from your blond ex boo.


Went to Hermes did TV's Ms O
But the doors wouldn't open, which just goes to show

No matter how big the bankroll or prosperous the guise,
Step away from the mic and get profile victimized


DJ Don cracked wise 'bout the prim and proper lady jocks of Rutgers U,
called them nappy headed ho's, figuring they never listened to the ranting on his show.

But he was wrong, and lost his living.
Exiled at first, now back on the air, behind the mic,
recouping his green, while routinely telling his listeners
he's not a bigot nor mean


Dubya was fiddlin' when Katrina blew in
Drowning New Orleans Cajun, Creole
and all of their kin.

Mimicked his dad like when Andrew swamped Florida
Stayed out of sight, exercising presidential right.

hoping maybe the category five would blow out like it blew in
leaving some people alive.


Michael died unexpectedly may he rest in peace.
Secrets buried, mysteries unresolved, his family adrift.

The fight is now on for his king of pop crown
Claimed by Jay Z, and Kanye,
other poseurs and clowns.


They finally got OJ locked up and corralled
No more white women at risk, well until next time


Barack Obama, elected president.
A black man in the White House, who'da thunk it
so quick.

It's the end of times, the pseudo Christians roar.
He's killing America, of that they are sure.


Congress apologized for slavery, surprise, surprise, surprise.
So where are the reparations, the 40 acres, the mules?

Better late than never, some 400 years due.

This decade is over and I'm not sorry to see it go.
Next year will be better, because I intend to make it so.


Grass Roots Terrorists

Been reading and listening to all the hyperventilation going on about this latest attack on an American airplane. In case you've been on Mars for the past weekend, some rich kid from Nigeria decided to martyr himself for Al Qaida by blowing up a Delta jet over Detroit. He managed to explode his homemade device, but mainly caused damage to himself and the guys who jumped him. The plane landed safely.

20-20 hindsight is kicking in like a mutha with all these pseudo pundits and fake security experts opining about the state of American security or lack there of. One fool on one network going so far as to demand that Obama go on television and talk about it. What's he gonna say?

He's ordered another layer of security checks at the airports and on board planes. President O has also ordered a review of the overall process. His DHS Secretary Napolitano is all over the situation, talking about it. So other than ordering the snipers into Yemen, what's he gonna say?

“My fellow Americans, today I'm sending in the snipers who took out the Somali pirates into Yemen to kick some Al Qaida butt and take out a few radical Muslim clerics who are stirring up these fake Muslim wannabes over here, so we can go back to celebrating our Christian holidays in peace.”

Even if he is sending black ops into Yemen, he couldn't tell us about it until after the fact. Probably never, because until we get rid of the Al Qaida leadership altogether, we've got a problem

Anyway...the plain fact of the matter is that finding a terrorist is like searching for a needle in a haystack, even if he is listed on the security watch lists, because until someone acts, there is no threat. This young fool was on the list because his rich daddy called the American Embassy in Nigeria and said basically his son was acting crazy and didn't give any details of his craziness.

How many young rich kids do you know, who could fit that description? What is the government supposed to do? Go find him? Lock him up? Shoot him on sight? Spank him and return him to his banker father? Until he acted, it was a situation of he said-he said....hearsay, in other words...and not admissible in any court in America.

And I don't care how many layers of security you have in place at airports around the world, short of a strip search with a complete cavity check, there are no machines to catch someone who wants to do bodily harm to Americans by secreting a bomb up his ass or carrying an IED strapped to his dick. The explosive used in this latest event is readily available via the internet. I looked it up, just like looking up a recipe for a cake. It's there in black and white for anyone who dreams of becoming the next Timothy McVeigh.

That's why it's called “crazy.” There is no rhyme or reason, nor logic to crazy. You just have to deal with it as it happens, because as we improve our detection machinery, somebody, somewhere is already improving ways to kill people.


The Decade of Wil Smith

1. I Am Legend, 257 million

  • Hancock, 229 million

  • Rush Hour 2, 227 million

  • Men in Black 2, 195 million

  • Hitch, 179 million

  • Pursuit of Happyness, 163 million

  • Shark Tale, 162 million

  • I Robot, 145 million

  • Rush Hour 3, 140 million

  • Bad Boys 2, 139 million

  • American Gangster, 130 million

  • Remember the Titans, 117 million

  • Big Momma's House, 117 million

  • Daddy Day Care, 105 million

  • Dreamgirls, 104 million

  • Top Grossing Black Movies 2000-2009

    This list looks back at Top Money Making Black movies of the decade, listed in the order of most money made. The second list is my favorite movie list of that year. Feel free to agree or to disagree. Better yet, comment with your own list.

    2000-Big Momma's House, Remember the Titans, Unbreakable, Shaft, Bring it On, Rules of Engagement, Mission to Mars, Romeo Must Die, Finding Forrester, The Hurricane
    X Men
    Crouching Tiger
    Scream 3
    Romeo Must Die
    Road Trip
    Gone in 60 Seconds
    Miss Congeniality
    2000 Favorite: Gladiator

    2001-Rush Hour 2, Training Day, Along Came a Spider, Ali, Exit Wounds
    Lord of the Rings
    Monsters Inc
    The Mummy Returns
    Ocean's 11
    Training Day
    Along Came a Spider
    The Score
    2001 Favorite: The Score

    2002-Men in Black 2, XXX, Blade 2, Snow Dogs, Barbershop, John Q, Changing Lanes, Next Friday, Drumline, Like Mike
    The Two Towers
    Men In Black 2
    The Bourne Identity
    8 Mile
    The Scorpion King
    Blade 2
    Count of Monte Cristo
    Big Fat Liar
    2002 Favorite: Big Fat Liar

    2003-Bad Boys 2, Bringing Down the House, SWAT, Daddy Day Care, Gothika, Radio
    Return of the King
    Matrix Movies
    The Italian Job
    Mystic River
    Kill Bill 1
    Tomb Raider
    2003 Favorite: Kill Bill 1

    2004-Shark Tale, I Robot, Collateral, Man on Fire, Ray, White Chicks, Manchurian Candidate, Barbershop 2
    The Incredibles
    The Bourne Supremacy
    Man on Fire
    Kill Bill 2
    I Robot
    National Treasure
    Alien v Predator
    2004 Favorite: Man on Fire

    2005-Hitch, Are We There Yet, Four Brothers, Guess Who, Coach Carter, Crash
    Revenge of the Sith
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Batman Begins
    Sin City
    Fantastic 4
    Mr and Mrs Smith
    Saw 2
    2005 Favorite: Sin City

    2006-The Pursuit of Happyness, Dreamgirls, Inside Man, Big Momma's House 2, The Holiday, Deja Vu, Madea's Family
    The Departed
    Inside Man
    V for Vendetta
    The Good Shepard
    Deja Vu
    Little Miss Sunshine
    2006 Favorite: Deja Vu

    2007-I Am Legend, Rush Hour 3, American Gangster, Norbit
    I Am Legend
    Bourne Ultimatum
    American Gangster
    The Bucket List
    2007 Favorite: Bourne Ultimatum

    2008-Hancock, Seven Pounds

    The Dark Knight
    The Incredible Hulk
    Tropic Thunder
    Hellboy 2
    2008 Favorite: The Dark Knight

    2009-Madea Goes to Jail, Obsessed, Taking of Pelham 123

    Due to recessionary budget constraints in 2009...did not go to a movie, choosing to console myself with my DVD collection from past years...hope to resume theater going in 2010


    Glen Beck

    I never write about nor do I try to read anything about Glen Beck. He long ago proved to be an insult to my intelligence and I try never to insult myself by being bothered with anything he chooses to allow to come out of his mouth. He is in fact, in the top five on my list of "walking wastes of oxygen, along with Rush, Ann, Michelle and Michelle (Sarah registers like a child on my scale of grownup WWO).

    They are all uniformly bigoted, thoroughly unpleasant individuals, who masquerade as thinking and intellectual human beings. They are intelligent, however, I question they're human-ness. Their distorted and bigoted view of the world has corrupted the thinking of whole segments of the population to the detriment of all. They don't care about this country or the people in it. Calling them racist is an insult to rednecks. So,I try to keep their vitriol out of my world as much as possible because constant ignorance is bad for your health.

    Ignoring them is problematic, however, given the MSM's penchant for stirring up useless controversy by giving these people airtime instead of reporting stories of real import.

    Which brings me to Beck. This week on his program, apparently he tried to "interpret" the United States Constitution's "three-fifths clause." This is the clause that referred to slaves as three fifiths of a person, essentially writing Black inequality into the document. It is why the House of Representatives has the number of Congressmen that it does. But according to Beck this clause was inserted into the Constitution by the founding fathers because they were actually all abolitionists instead of slave owners that we know them to have been, and were actually attempting to covertly rid the country of slavery. You can read it here.

    The way it is written, the three-fifths clause applied to women, Native Americans, The Chinese, as well as Blacks, because what it did was elevate white men to superior status. America's first drug laws were written to "protect" white women from Chinese men, but that's another topic for another day. Back on topic.. If this clause had not been enacted, white men and whites in general would have been outnumbered dramatically because at that time in this country's history, there were more slaves in America then white people.

    So the men in power acted the way they always do...protect their power, their property and their women, in that order.

    To give you an example, white people in South Carolina were outnumbered by their slaves by about 6 to 1. Further, there had been a slave revolt prior to the constitutional convention that scared white people. The revolt was put down, the slaves brutalized and killed in horrible ways, and the history buried. It's not taught in schools. If you look at history as taught in schools, slave rebellions began and ended with Nat Turner and John Brown. Rebellion history is always ignored in favor of perpetuating the happy darkie mythology where uncivilized negroes were happier being cared for by their white owners then living free lives, doing their own thing.

    And, unlike what is taught, slavery was not just a southern problem for white men. There was an internal slave trade in America, in addition to what came over the ocean from Africa. In fact, at one point, the state of New York had more slaves than any state in the South, including South Carolina.

    Another reason was to control the numbers of free men of color in America, as well, since all Blacks in America were not slaves and never had been. The three-fifths clause stripped them of their human-ness too, opening them up to the whims of their white neighbors.

    The founding fathers...and I hate using that term....were not abolitionists....they were slave owners....they were not Christians....they were white men of power acting like white men of power do...for their own benefit. Their actions back in the day continue to affect us, here in the 21st century, where it is institutionalized and ingrained making it nearly impossible to root out.

    Real history reveals that slaves built this country and are the roots of America's foundation. No distortion...no lie.....just fact..

    A truth the Glen Becks of the world can't handle.


    Friday Rap

    UPDATE-Tiger has apparently decided to take a break from golf for a while to fix his family. He made the announcement on his website.

    Some sanctimonious ass hat in New York wants the PGA commissioner to ban Tiger Woods...For what...screwing white women?

    Or maybe it's the number of white women....Okay...so how many white women is too many... does it count if you screw them one at a time...or what happens if you take part in an orgy or two...is group sex with all white women the tipping point?

    Are you banned for life for going in on an orgy with five or more?

    What's the penalty for oral sex....ten day suspension...

    Or maybe dummy was offended by the pros...the porn ladies sprinkled among the amateur cocktail waitresses...

    Give me a fucking break....He curses on the golf course well within the hearing of your precious little children, enough to make a sailor envious

    But other than that...he does nothing on the golf course but make money for himself and all of the other golfers...

    Message to ass hat....even if Tiger hadn't taken all the white women...you still wouldn't qualify...

    so go sit down somewhere...simple dip shit....this whole thing is about money...not sex...

    wake up and deal with it... Besides....ban a professional athlete for bedding white girls and you will have to cancel sports all the way down to puberty level juvy-ball...

    And I hope that Ben Crane (Ben Crane update....) and what ever his name is Howard or Warren, have decided to retire...because when Tiger does go back to playing golf...you guys will never win another tournament....if you've won one in the first place above amateur level

    A real pro keeps his jealousy out of magazine interviews....you can lust after the man's wife and envy his golf game...just be smart enough to keep it to yourself... so go ahead make hay now and then tear up your PGA card because you're not gonna need it when Tiger comes back...dumb ass..

    Tiger.....Cheetah...whatever....you can't beat him...not with money, women or golf...never could...never will...

    And that's really why all of you also rans are unhappy and runnin off at the mouth..


    Public Option Dead

    Looks like we lost this war....I'm still waiting for the final form of this bill...but I'm not happy....the fat lady is tuning up and corporate America is lacing up its dancing shoes to dance on the mass grave of this country's middle class...

    Wonder how Obama is gonna jig out of this one....


    Bat Masterson RIP

    Gene Barry was one of my first TV crushes...I was 8....he was the man playing a debonair gambler, before the Maverick brothers took over...

    He came back to TV in Burke's Law...and I followed him then...

    Mr. Barry was 90...


    Tiger Woo, Tiger Woo

    I never intended to write about Tiger Woods. I have been laughing from day one about this whole situation, especially when word surfaced that he ran out the door, driving away shoeless, as well as police seeking a search warrant for a golf cart along with the clubs, that his wife allegedly used.

    I have this picture in my head of a metal breast plated Viking woman, blonde hair flowing in the wind, club held high, driving this golf cart, angrily chasing down her barefoot, Escalade humping husband as he tried to maneuver down the driveway, singing Wagner's Battle Cry of the Valkyries.

    Every day this past week has unveiled a new blonde hottie claiming to have had an affair with the great Tiger Woods. This newest one gets me, though. Just like the others she is a cocktail waitress, who is pursued by the golfer, meets him in the parking lot where he either jumps her bones there or takes her back to his house, and who by her own admission, only cares about the “lust,” doesn't practice safe sex and treats her coldly. Yet she says they had an affair. Another one expressed surprise that she wasn't the only one he had, besides his wife, course. Number 2, I think said she was ticked off and came forward because Tiger cheated on her with the first ho....why couldn't he take “ her” to Australia, huh?

    Also this morning, white people have glommed onto the fact that Black people don't like the fact that Tiger is color struck...meaning he only dates, screws or marries white women. They are calling us racist and practitioners of a racial double standard.

    Well, yeah....

    Tiger's womanizing reinforces the second class position that Black women have been in since free Black people came to America...And for those of you historically challenged individuals...free Blacks came here before the slaves were brought here..

    For the entire history of Black people in America, the white woman has been held up as the holy grail of what everyone, whites, blacks, Native Americans, Chinese, Samoans, whoever, must have, on their arm, in their bed, or on the side, in order to live the ultimate definition of success in America. That doesn't leave much room for the rest of us women of color. I mean who plays for second place in life? Everyone wants a rich spouse and success and fame and all that other peripheral happy horseshit

    White men have always screwed and now are openly dating, marrying and fathering little mixed up babies with Black women, Asian women, any woman they choose....However, when they go into politics, become CEO, or land at the top of the entertainment/sports ladder.. you can bet the woman who is allowed to share that success is usually always blonde, real or bottled...don't make no difference. The two exceptions that I know...Michelle Obama and Janet Langhart. All men are color struck when you think about it. It's not about the women...it's about money, image and perceived success.

    White women are always considered a step up in this country, while white men who marry Black or minority are assumed to be getting better sex, but are fucking and marrying beneath their station in life. White women are held up as the beauty standard and many Black women spend their whole paycheck subconsciously emulating some form of that so called beauty standard, failing to see that white women changed the game a while back and started ripping off Black and brown women for their beauty tips.

    Remember when Bo Derek wore cornrows in the movies? That's when it got serious.. They used to be covert about it. But now, they plump their lips, get breast implants, shoot silicone in their butts to make them bigger and rounder, like minority butts. Some of them even try to talk and act ghetto....nothing funnier than a white girl doing a neck roll. They are so afraid of the sun and skin cancer that now there is a whole market of bronzers to make them look brown, or some silly form of orange.

    While the brown countries around the world are trying to simultaneously turn themselves white skinned in order to get that white man defined good looking man, or woman and money and fame, since the white man's definition of success still is the name of the game, around the world.

    The very confused Cablinasian is fucking white girls, but he married the whitest of the white that he could find, a Swede..and a rich one at that. And he is even willing to fork out 80 million dollars to keep his fantasy of supremacy over white guys in tact. After all, he has conquered their sport, is responsible for them getting paid, too...taken all the money...and taken their women...Numero Uno...King of the World, Ma!

    Because the game is not really about women. Women are the pawns in the game of success and money. They are the arm candy, the bauble, the sign of success. The bank account is the real prize. Besting white guys at their own game is the platinum ring.

    Beat the Masters of the Universe and you become a god.....roundly celebrated... worshipped....but universally despised behind doors...

    Tiger's Dad figured that out and taught his kid to live the fantasy...

    And based on what his fuck-buddies say, he screws like he plays golf, cold and calculating with amazing course management, apparently upping the anti through unsafe sex.

    I'd even bet my mediocre paycheck that nearly all of his fuck rounds come in under par, too.


    Mission Not Accomplished

    Thoughts on Obama's escalation of the Afghan war.

    The main message from our President last night is that this country is going to be in Afghanistan for a long, long time. Pundits are worried about Obama setting a deadline to begin bringing the troops home. However the key word here is “begin.” The other part of the message was the “begin” will start if and when the natives can handle the situation on their own.

    This is the second troop escalation that Obama has authorized. Shortly after taking office he sent in the troops. This second surge will bring troop count to over 100,000. That's way more than the Bush-Cheney cabal thought we needed to win in the first place. Bush-Cheney was wrong on so many levels that I'm not even going to go there. But by Obama's reasoning last night, we need to escalate in order to draw down.

    This Obama reasoning is merely a re-statement of Bushco's “go shopping” rationale to get us out of the deepening recession. Obama is now telling us that we need to make a similar move in order to bring our troops home and to end this thing.

    Yet, in order for us to draw down our troops, the Afghan and Pakistani governments have to get themselves together and actually begin to govern and protect their people. This would seem to be an indication that we are not going to prop up any more corrupt leaders who screw over their people while pocketing American money.

    Oh, and by the way, this is going to cost us another 30-billion dollars. In other words, we've got to spend some, to get some. All of these echoes of Bushco, make me very uneasy. The speech to sell the principle was much, much better. However the principle being sold was basically SOSDD (same old shit different day) -Bush Doctrine, to put a name on it.

    The Bush Doctrine basically says we, as a country have a right to start wars, if we think another country is going to do something to us-not after they make moves, but after they think about it and before they follow through with any plan to harm us. We have the right to “preempt their plans and hit them first.

    Here in the ghetto, that's called a sucker punch. We no longer counter punch, you know, never hit someone unless they hit you first. That's the way we're all taught, usually. The Bush Doctrine changed the rules and Obama seems content to go along with the status quo. Obama shows no inclination to dismantle the imperial presidency created by Bush. He seems comfortable allowing the freedom-stealing Patriot Act to stand. He hasn't even mentioned getting rid of the Military Commissions Law of 2006, which makes it easier to use American troops on American soil against American citizens.

    Now the Nobel peace laureate is escalating a war albeit with the best of intentions, he says.

    The plan says he is sending in the Marines first. Well, I hope this is an indication that he is really letting the dogs out to do what they do, what they train for-take out the enemy, Al Quaeda and the Taliban. If there are less than 100 Al Quaeda still there, then a Marine Battalion or two should be able to kill a 100 or so enemy.

    I'm not happy about this either because my nephew and the nephew of a close friend are in the Second Battalion Marines at Camp La Jeune. They've already been to Iraq a few times. My nephew and my friend's nephew, did not come home whole like they went. But as long as they can walk, they will be sent back, and I don't like that, personally. They volunteered, so they do what they do. That doesn't mean I have to like it.

    I wanted Obama to plot a new course last night. I wanted him to change directions. He had the chance to do that, but he chose to claim the war and attempt to do something. I can't say something different, because it's not. Not really.

    We're still living Bushco policies and I know that somewhere in Texas, Dubya is laughing his ass off.


    When Sex Kills-A Conversation for My People

    Black people- HIV/AIDS is killing our community. It stopped being a gay white man's disease, years ago. However, from the beginning it was killing Black people. Black women were passing the germ on to their newborn babies in breast milk, and they were dying. Black people in Africa continue to die with whole generations wiped out and children left without parents. The white gay community mobilized to deal with the situation while Black people fell through the cracks due to their own prejudices and ignorance, coupled with an inherently racist health system that continues today.

    The HIV virus is not killing white America, so much anymore, but it is killing Black America....Let's bring it even closer....It is affecting Black straight America...through Black straight women, who refuse to hold their sexual partners accountable.

    In Hamilton County, Cincinnati, Ohio....The number of Black women living with HIV/AIDS has doubled since 1998, according to the Ohio Department of Health. Across America, Black women, most of them straight, make up 61% of the newly diagnosed cases, while Black men make up 46% of all newly diagnosed cases.

    The Black community in America is on target to be wiped out just like in Africa.

    I've been writing and doing radio programs about this since the disease surfaced in 1984. I lost 11 friends in one year and 2 relatives before I stopped counting. I continue to write about it, and to talk about it, but it feels like I'm spitting into the wind and nobody is paying attention.

    The fact of the matter is that.....

    HIV is the number one cause of death for Black women between the ages of 25 and 34. The same is true for Black men between the ages of 35 and 44.

    My people, you are dying because of fear, denial and ignorance. It's not about drug use and junkies sharing needles. That does happen, but primarily the cause is unprotected sex. Sex without condoms. A condom can stop the spread of the disease. No one is saying become celibate....just become sensible about what you do when you do decide to get your groove on.

    Anyone who has sex with someone who refuses to use a condom is committing suicide...a long painful and stupid suicide.

    As Black people we're funny. We talk about white people letting their dogs kiss them in the face. We worry about the germs from the dog's tongue. Yet, dog germs on your face won't kill you. But sex without a jimmy will and does over and over and over again. But nobody's talking about that.

    Straight Black women in particular are in denial and are paying the price. Maintaining a jimmy-less relationship with their man when he comes out of prison is a big factor, especially since many black men engage in man on man sex while in jail, then take it home to their women.

    Another major factor is men who routinely have sex with other men, yet don't consider themselves gay and still sleep with women. She ends up infected since male to female transmission is the easiest form of transmission.

    Ohio Corrections tests all men going into the system, however they don't test them upon release.

    The sad fact is that statistics show that most Black straight women are infected by their husbands and boyfriends.

    So what can be done. Well, it's a matter of the entire community coming out the closet about the problem. And by this I mean, Black Churches, Black civil rights organizations, and Black people need to admit to themselves that it is not a white disease or a black disease....It is a disease that is colorblind and is killing us.

    Everyone should be tested. I have been, a couple of times. It is a simple blood test that you can have done while you're having other blood work done. Your doctor can give you a card that you can carry in your wallet. The information just says...blood type..rh factor and HIV positive or negative.

    People are living longer and longer because the medicine is finally catching up. HIV is no longer an instant death sentence.

    So do yourself a favor on World AIDS Day, get tested and ask your partner to get tested, too.