The Decade in Color

Tiger, tiger, not so bright
stuck in rehab New Years night.

Broken teeth and split lip, too
xmas gift from your blond ex boo.


Went to Hermes did TV's Ms O
But the doors wouldn't open, which just goes to show

No matter how big the bankroll or prosperous the guise,
Step away from the mic and get profile victimized


DJ Don cracked wise 'bout the prim and proper lady jocks of Rutgers U,
called them nappy headed ho's, figuring they never listened to the ranting on his show.

But he was wrong, and lost his living.
Exiled at first, now back on the air, behind the mic,
recouping his green, while routinely telling his listeners
he's not a bigot nor mean


Dubya was fiddlin' when Katrina blew in
Drowning New Orleans Cajun, Creole
and all of their kin.

Mimicked his dad like when Andrew swamped Florida
Stayed out of sight, exercising presidential right.

hoping maybe the category five would blow out like it blew in
leaving some people alive.


Michael died unexpectedly may he rest in peace.
Secrets buried, mysteries unresolved, his family adrift.

The fight is now on for his king of pop crown
Claimed by Jay Z, and Kanye,
other poseurs and clowns.


They finally got OJ locked up and corralled
No more white women at risk, well until next time


Barack Obama, elected president.
A black man in the White House, who'da thunk it
so quick.

It's the end of times, the pseudo Christians roar.
He's killing America, of that they are sure.


Congress apologized for slavery, surprise, surprise, surprise.
So where are the reparations, the 40 acres, the mules?

Better late than never, some 400 years due.

This decade is over and I'm not sorry to see it go.
Next year will be better, because I intend to make it so.
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