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I never write about nor do I try to read anything about Glen Beck. He long ago proved to be an insult to my intelligence and I try never to insult myself by being bothered with anything he chooses to allow to come out of his mouth. He is in fact, in the top five on my list of "walking wastes of oxygen, along with Rush, Ann, Michelle and Michelle (Sarah registers like a child on my scale of grownup WWO).

They are all uniformly bigoted, thoroughly unpleasant individuals, who masquerade as thinking and intellectual human beings. They are intelligent, however, I question they're human-ness. Their distorted and bigoted view of the world has corrupted the thinking of whole segments of the population to the detriment of all. They don't care about this country or the people in it. Calling them racist is an insult to rednecks. So,I try to keep their vitriol out of my world as much as possible because constant ignorance is bad for your health.

Ignoring them is problematic, however, given the MSM's penchant for stirring up useless controversy by giving these people airtime instead of reporting stories of real import.

Which brings me to Beck. This week on his program, apparently he tried to "interpret" the United States Constitution's "three-fifths clause." This is the clause that referred to slaves as three fifiths of a person, essentially writing Black inequality into the document. It is why the House of Representatives has the number of Congressmen that it does. But according to Beck this clause was inserted into the Constitution by the founding fathers because they were actually all abolitionists instead of slave owners that we know them to have been, and were actually attempting to covertly rid the country of slavery. You can read it here.

The way it is written, the three-fifths clause applied to women, Native Americans, The Chinese, as well as Blacks, because what it did was elevate white men to superior status. America's first drug laws were written to "protect" white women from Chinese men, but that's another topic for another day. Back on topic.. If this clause had not been enacted, white men and whites in general would have been outnumbered dramatically because at that time in this country's history, there were more slaves in America then white people.

So the men in power acted the way they always do...protect their power, their property and their women, in that order.

To give you an example, white people in South Carolina were outnumbered by their slaves by about 6 to 1. Further, there had been a slave revolt prior to the constitutional convention that scared white people. The revolt was put down, the slaves brutalized and killed in horrible ways, and the history buried. It's not taught in schools. If you look at history as taught in schools, slave rebellions began and ended with Nat Turner and John Brown. Rebellion history is always ignored in favor of perpetuating the happy darkie mythology where uncivilized negroes were happier being cared for by their white owners then living free lives, doing their own thing.

And, unlike what is taught, slavery was not just a southern problem for white men. There was an internal slave trade in America, in addition to what came over the ocean from Africa. In fact, at one point, the state of New York had more slaves than any state in the South, including South Carolina.

Another reason was to control the numbers of free men of color in America, as well, since all Blacks in America were not slaves and never had been. The three-fifths clause stripped them of their human-ness too, opening them up to the whims of their white neighbors.

The founding fathers...and I hate using that term....were not abolitionists....they were slave owners....they were not Christians....they were white men of power acting like white men of power do...for their own benefit. Their actions back in the day continue to affect us, here in the 21st century, where it is institutionalized and ingrained making it nearly impossible to root out.

Real history reveals that slaves built this country and are the roots of America's foundation. No distortion...no lie.....just fact..

A truth the Glen Becks of the world can't handle.
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