And Now There are Three

Barack, Bill and Hillary...

Edwards is gone. He has 58 delegates to bestow on someone. I would bet they go to Obama, since his body language in the last debate showed he doesn't really like Hillary...We will see...


National Organization for Women...Still Deluded

Given my political stands over the years,...anyone who knows me would justifiably think that I would be a member of NOW, the National Organization for Women. At the very least, my friends and acquaintances think I’m a feminist and have been forever. I accept that. I’m a feminist. I do believe in women’s rights in this still male dominated patriarchy in which we live. I supported the Equal Rights Amendment. I support equal pay for women. I basically support, just about everything that NOW fights for.

However, I am not now, nor have I ever been a member of NOW. And furthermore, I don’t know many women like me who are members of NOW.

I am a black and lesbian woman and while most people, or a lot of people assume that all women who fight for feminine equality are lesbian, it is simply not true. Like the general population, NOW members are overwhelmingly white, straight, middle class women.

From my standpoint, NOW has always suffered from the “mommy knows best” syndrome when it comes to women who don’t fit their general mold. m.k.b.s can be very condescending in it’s application toward minorities. The general thinking seems to be since we’re all female, we should all think and feel the same way, minority issues aside. Well, that isn’t always the case. Even, the late Flo Kennedy, who was a member, and black and lesbian, had her differences with the organization.

The New York chapter of NOW is railing against Ted Kennedy, calling him a traitor for endorsing Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton. The NY’ers said in their press release, that Ted sided with the men because he, like every other male in this country, can’t stand the fact that a woman is running for president.

They seem to be saying that Hillary should be supported simply because she is a woman. They apparently are willing to overlook the past week’s events in South Carolina where Bill Clinton, played the race card while campaigning for his wife. I guess they are willing to overlook the fact that she supported the war in Iraq.

Given Bill Clinton’s actions in South Carolina, does NOW think Hillary can control this man should she get the nomination? Does NOW think Hillary can win the White House with Bill at her side?

I don’t think so. I don’t think Hillary can control Bill anymore than NOW can attract minority women into the fold. Once again, the NY NOW is acting on assumptions rather than reality.

The more I see the Hill-Billy act, the more I’ve become convinced that Obama is the answer.

I wrote after New Hampshire that Hillary may have trouble getting support in the middle of this country. After South Carolina, I feel even more strongly that she will lose and lose big in the middle states. Like it or not, the Clintons are just flat out hated in the Midwest and south. Alienating minorities is really not going to help matters.

Up until last week, I was torn between Clinton and Obama. I personally will support whichever wins the nomination. But I am bothered by what is coming out of Bill Clinton’s mouth. I am bothered by NOW for presuming that all women should support Hillary, because she is a history-making woman.

Obama is also making history. He happens to be male, but he is also black.

Obama is also making sense. Obama is also looking to the future....not reliving the past. I like the fact that the young are making themselves heard in their preference for president.

The babies have spoken....Maybe NOW and the rest of us old folks should listen...


Looking Through History to the Future

Last night, while talking on the phone with my sister who lives in South Carolina, I said something, and she echoed the same sentiment. We admitted to each other and in public, for the first time, what Obama has invoked in both of us..

The one word to describe it is...Camelot...

We lived it...We felt it.....We died when it finally was killed with Bobby...We feel it now....

Change is rustling...wrapping itself around our aging bodies...making us feel like we haven't felt in a very long time....

It feels marvelous....It feels scary.....

We feel apprehensive....We feel hopeful and revitalized....

Caroline Kennedy has endorsed Barack Obama today in the New York Times....

That is enough for me...That's all I needed to hear...


Bill Clinton’s Legacy

Is apparently Barack Obama. It was a route in South Carolina according to the Associated Press. All news agencies declared Obama the winner by substantial margins as soon as the polls closed.

And it wasn’t just black people who voted for him. It was women and young people. In fact, Obama’s victory is cutting across all demographics to the consternation of all the pundits.

Guess the voting population is not as stupid at the MSM would have us believe. This vote doesn’t appear to have been shaped by racism or racial or gender divides. It seems as if this country is really, really ready for a change in direction in this country.

On to Super Tuesday..........


Money for Nothing....

I’m not gonna lie, if the government wants to cut me a 600-dollar check, I’m going to take it, and I would suggest you do the same. I was around the last time our president decided to return some of our hard earned money. That time we got a whole 200-dollars per person. So 600-dollars, this time around, has to be considered something of a windfall.

This country is flirting with a recession, and it needs us, the taxpayers to spend the money. Saving it won’t help. Paying bills won’t help either. So our beloved leaders want us to take that 600-dollars and buy half a new digital TV. Or, they want us to take a couple of our kids on a vacation, you can draw straws as to which one or two, if you have more than two.

Let’s see, you can also buy a sofa from Lazyboy or some other furniture store, if you don’t have champagne tastes. Or, you could buy about a month’s worth of groceries, maybe, or take the family to a movie, once or twice. If you drive an SUV, you could fill up the gas tank, all the way, a couple of times, at least.

Is this going to help us as individuals, as families, as a country, to climb out the mess we’re in? Hell no. But our government apparently figures the money will divert our attention away from the real problems we’re facing right now.

Problems like the current election. This alleged stimulus bill is a bipartisan mishmash which doesn’t make me any happier with the apparent incoming democrats, assuming folks don’t get too happy with all that money in their pocket and once again vote republican.

Problems like the tax cuts that this administration keeps handing out to rich people. This alleged stimulus is loaded with tax breaks for them....Us, we get 600 to 1200-dollars...once....probably in May...too late to really stimulate anything...

Problems like the on-going conflagration in Iraq and Afghanistan that is eating up two trillion dollars a day. We’ve lost about 4000 troops to date. Osama must be laughing his ass off. Our whole army can’t find him and his kid is on American television giving interviews. If there is anyone who deserves to be in Guantanamo being tortured for info, it’s Osama junior....One question...”where’s your old man, son?” Then I’d give him the 25-million dollar reward as an apology for messing up his dreds, like he needs the money.

Problems like the overwhelming credit card debt that many of us have. Or, the mortgage meltdown that the Fed is attempting to fix, as we speak.

Problems like the cost of gas or the rising costs of heating your home.

Problems like unemployment which is at about six percent right now. And what about social security, health care, and that now fleeting dream of retirement for some.

Problems like our government absolving Haliburton and KBR of any wrongdoing or fraud in Iraq.

Problems like the proposal buried deep in pending legislation that pardons all Bush Administration crimes and misdemeanors in the future, should the rest of the world try to enforce Geneva Conventions rules and regulations. At least, Nixon had Ford do his dirty work.

Yep, we can all take that 600-dollars and go on a spending spree and save our world. That is, what’s left of it, after Dubya and company are gone...



is all I can say after listening to Fred Thompson speak following the closing of the South Carolina polls....

What he did was prove that he can't talk without a script or teleprompter. Off the cuff is out the question. Please, Fred, go have a scotch and fall asleep..you'll feel better in the morning...

Second observation.......I really, really don't like Chris Mathews...Someone needs to tell him that "cute" only works for three year olds and under...Go sit down and let the grown ups handle the commentary....Someone needs to tell him that good reporters "report" the story...or relate a good story...they don't attempt to hijack the story by injecting themselves in the middle of the action...

Third Observation....Women have spoken....Hillary wins Nevada....It's going to get real ugly now.....


Cow’s Out...Why Close the Door

Yesterday’s announcement by the Food and Drug Administration, that cloned meat is safe to eat, is kind of like shutting the barn door after the cow’s already escaped. We’ve been eating cloned meat for several years now, according to some Kansas farmers who know where of they speak. These farmers have publicly admitted selling semen from their own cloned bulls on the open market, (www.washingtonpost.com).

The USDA has asked these same farmers to keep meat from cloned animals off the market. Not because they don’t think it’s safe, but because they think the market is not ready for cloned Mcburgers. A recent survey showed that only 22 percent of Americans like the idea of eating cloned beef, chicken or pork. That same survey shows that cloned anything is an even tougher sell in the rest of the world.

James Greenwood, who is president of the Biotechnology Industry Organization, is quoted in today’s Washington Post as saying that cloning is simply a way to make offspring, like in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination.

He may be right, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to jump at the chance to eat it. I’d go vegetarian but farmers have been cloning plants for a couple of hundred years now...After all, what do you think a “hybrid” plant, is?

Maybe it is time to start growing my own.



Oprah is going to have her own television network. She’s going to call it OWN-TV..meaning the Oprah Winfrey Network...

Go girl!


Reverend Huckabee

GOP candidate Huckabee wants to amend the US Constitution...He wants to change it so that it reflects God’s rules and regs. Which God? Which rules...Which bible?

Does he know why the pilgrims left England in the first place? Does he know why we fought the Revolutionary War? Is he aware of the regimes in the rest of the world where religion supercedes secularism and democracy? Has he heard of Osama Bin Laden, or the Taliban? Does he understand why he, Huckabee is as dangerous as the current president of Iran or any of the Sheiks of Saudi Arabia?

Has he lost his mind? Oh Yeah!


Can You Hear Me Now?!

Did you hear the verbal smack down delivered by the Lady Judge in Las Vegas to OJ Simpson? She jumped all over him today, talking to him as if she was chastising her two year old. I hope they put it on Youtube for all to see.

The bottom line is Juice did not get his "get out of Jail card." She even upped the bail on him.

I'm perplexed...is he really that stupid...Must be...He is still in jail. I don't understand it...OJ beat the system...He should be out playing golf....Seems like the man is a spotlight junkie....

Time to let go OJ and fade in the sunset, Please!


Cancel the Coronation

Well it looks as if the coronation of King Barack is going to have to wait awhile. Seems there is still plenty of fight left in the old girl.

I long for the days of real political pundits, before the pollsters controlled the moves of every candidate and made puppets of reporters working the election. A Cronkite or even a Rather would tell you that a primary or a caucus is a battle, not a war. The war is the election and it’s a long, long way from over.

Obama won a skirmish, the Iowa caucus vote. Clinton won the first primary, a battle. The war is now joined in earnest and is far from over. Hillary’s win should not have been a surprise or even considered an upset, as portrayed by the cable news networks. After all, we are just six days into the real election season. It’s not like she came from dead last to upset the frontrunner. Hell, she is the frontrunner in most of the country. Some 20 odd states go to the polls on February 5th. There will be votes before February 5th, including Michigan, South Carolina and Florida. Michigan and Florida don’t count because these two states have been stripped of their delegates for moving their primaries up, in the first place. So some of the contenders have pulled their names off the ballots in the offending states.

Ohio, my state, and the real swing state in this madness, votes on March 4th. Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Richardson and homeboy, Dennis Kucinich are on the democratic ballot. Thompson, Paul, McCain, Giuliani, and Huckabee are on the republican ballot.

In light of all the activity between now and March 4th, some of the names that I mentioned may call it quits before the Ohio vote. We just have to wait and see.

The anchors on the news shows last night said that Hillary won because women came back to her side after deserting her in Iowa. I think it shows something else...that women in the middle of this country really don’t like her and are still holding her days in the White House against her, and that may be a bigger problem as we go deeper into this election year.

Another mistake being made by the anchors....lumping all blacks behind Obama again. It is being assumed that Obama has South Carolina locked up because half of the voting population is black.

Bill Clinton still is the unspoken “black” man in the race and he has begun to work the crowd. Looks like Hillary took the leash off a couple of days ago. Bill is running free. And he is the biggest brain out there when it comes to political thinking. That’s why republicans are so afraid of him. They have to resort to personal attacks because they can’t beat him or out think him politically.

But back to Hillary. I have said all along that she is the consummate professional politician. She knows how to win. Think about it. She was born in Illinois. Elected to the White House from Arkansas. Represents the great state of New York as it’s junior senator. To dismiss her, to patronize her, the condescend to her is a big, big mistake.

She may not win the democratic nomination. But who ever does is going to have to beat her, because what New Hampshire has shown is that she is not going to roll over and play dead.


Living History

Some of my white friends are telling me Obama can’t and won’t be elected president. Their reasoning is simple, America is still too racist to seriously consider a black man for the white house.

My question to them is...”does this mean you’re not voting for him either?” At which point they are horrified that I’ve alluded to the fact that they, too, might be too racist to vote for a black man. After all, we’re friends, black woman, white man. We share life, conversation, stuff. We’re friends. We can talk openly about this race thing to each other. We are “there” for each other, more quickly than some of our own family members. Yet...

Inwardly, I agree with my friends. I don’t believe America is ready either, despite the results in Iowa and what I presume will be the results, tonight in New Hampshire. To my mind, it’s still way to early to call an election that takes place in November. We’re more than a month away from super primary day on February 5th, when 28 states will hold primaries, including California, New York and New Jersey. We still haven’t gone through the nomination process. The candidates for the nominations haven’t really, really been talking issues yet. Personal attack politics is just revving up. All politicians suffer uniformly from “foot in mouth disease.” We’ve got a very long way to go.

I’ll admit, I’m swept up with the possibilities that are unfolding around the candidate from Illinois. I’m drowning in hope and optimism that finally, finally, in my lifetime, we will take another step toward color blindness in this country. But there have been so many disappointments...one step forward...two steps back.

,Obama’s win in Iowa and his numbers in New Hampshire feel like a snow ball about to take off down a hillside, gaining momentum, unstoppable. It feels good, damn good....Yet...

I’m sad, because that snowball is probably going to run over the first serious female for the white house. But is it really surprising. This election follows history. Black men got the vote years before women. Black men rise much more quickly than do women, if only one at a time. Men seem less intimidated by other men, than they are by women. Men take other men more seriously then they do women.

My same friends don’t like Hillary Clinton either. She’s been tough, steely...that’s no good. Yesterday, she nearly cried...showed emotion...softness...that’s no good either...because everyone knows, there’s no crying in politics! I hope she doesn’t fold. I hope she’s stronger than that. Lose...but don’t cave-in...Don’t let em see ya sweat!

There is a lot of talk within the black community about Bill Clinton being the first black president...about how we’d like him back in the white house. Well his legacy appears to be Obama, a for real black man.

I hope that’s true.

I miss Bill Clinton, but I think, if given the chance, I am voting for Obama!

Time will tell!


Let’s all sing along with the late great Sam Cooke...

“I was born on the river
in a little tent
oh and just like the river
I been runnin’
every since...it’s been
a long time, a long time
but I know...a change gon come...”

Can you feel it? The wind is blowing left... Obama wins the Democratic Iowa caucus...Even more astounding...the turnout to vote was somewhere in the 80% range. People are paying attention....finally...finally...

The women have spoken...they want Barack....not Hillary........not John......who actually finished statistically ahead of Hillary.

She’s not finished by a long shot, but it’s not going to be easy, because it seems there really are a lot of Clinton haters out there.

But remember....Bill Clinton didn’t win Iowa and did lousy in New Hampshire before handily winning the nomination and subsequently, the presidency. So don’t count her out just yet.

On the GOP side, Huckabee beat Romney and McCain by a big margin. The other story is the GOP turnout...they didn’t show up.....Turnout was about half of the Democratic showing..

Time for a Scarlett O’hara or two in celebration!

Then on to New Hampshire!

I’ve Just Got to Ask..........

Now that the caucus vote is here.......

If women make up 51% of the American population and women plus minorities make up 64% of the populace.....

1....Then why is either Hillary or Obama not considered a slam dunk to take the White House in November?

2....Then why is a guy who looks and responds like a cross between Max Headroom and a stepford wife considered a viable candidate for president....

3...Then why is the guy who makes the most sense and is probably best suited to be president not taken seriously....not even by himself....

4....Then why is the electorate still paying attention to guys who look and feel like the status quo, who prefer to hide in the uneven shadow of a dead president rather than be their own man, with new ideas to fit the times....

5.....Then why are we still debating who voted to go to war rather than who has the best plan to get us out of the mess, and then to fix our broken foreign policy.....

6.....Then why didn’t Rudy lose all credibility after Prophet Pat endorsed him for president...How many skeletons have to fall out of this guy’s closet before folks realize he is a reincarnation of Richard “I am not a crook” Nixon and kick him to the curb...

7....Then why is any candidate who does not view women as equal, given more than a snow ball’s chance in hell of winning a caucus let alone the nomination and election...


When Tomorrow Looks Like Yesterday

2008. Happy New Year to all of you paying attention. I’ve just walked through the door, into the twilight of my fifth decade on this planet. Still kicking, still feeling pretty optimistic about life in general.

Still paying attention to the happenings of the world around me.....the upcoming presidential elections here in this country....the assassination of Benizar Bhutto, may she find peace....the latest nuclear petulance out of South Korea....the continued ignorance and futility out of Washington.

Iowa caucuses in two days and if you listen to the media, all of the candidates are in closing arguments, in an attempt to seal the deal for themselves.

It’s a two man race in the GOP...that’s the “gay old party” for those of you who don’t know what GOP stands for....It used to mean “grand old party.” But the name has changed to accommodate all of the righteous old guys who keep falling out of the closet away from Jesus and the right leaning moral majority.

Preacher Huckabee is slugging it out with Mormon Mitt... but neither is charting new ground....just plowing the same old fields of pseudo hypocritical righteousness trying to out religious the other.

Fred Thompson seems to have fallen by the wayside. I guess he’s still in it for awhile since they’ve promoted Jack McCoy on Law and Order and taken away his day gig. Maybe he can come back as a judge who’s running for president on TV.

Rudy is busy too. He’s working hard to justify the latest group of skeletons popping out of his closet. He seems to have written off Iowa, instead concentrating his attention on New Hampshire.

The media says it’s a dead heat on the Democratic side with Obama slightly ahead of Clinton and Edwards, or vice versa, depending on the poll.

I’m not real excited about the Democrats either. I’m still not hearing anything new. Obama keeps talking about real change and I’m all for that, but is the change that he’s talking about merely changing a black man for a white man in the White House?

Alright, already, I know he is against the war in Iraq...Tell me something else. Tell me about social security...tell me about health care...tell me about ending violence in the streets...tell me about getting rid of guns...tell me about improving education.....tell me about civil rights for all people, not just rich people or straight people or Christians.

The middle class needs tax relief, too. America needs an end to the devastating voodoo economics of the Reagan era. Trickle down economics has never worked and it never will.
All of the people who support this economics plan need to understand that this is merely debt deferment. Your kids are screwed, period. They are dead and buried before they even get out into the world thanks to the past years of tax relief for corporations and the rich one percent of America. We, as Americans owe our collective soul to the banks of China. I don’t want to be around when they call that loan.

How about outlawing lobbyists, permanently. What’s the point of advertising by drug manufacturers? Wouldn’t it be better if that big advertising budget were used to develop new and better medications?

America needs to come to grips with AIDS. Is that in Obama’s health plan? Especially since fully fifty percent of all new cases of HIV infection are straight black women?

Hey Hillary, I haven’t forgotten you. Is the plight of infected black women in your health budget? If the polls are right, you’re favored by black women two to one over Obama. Are you going to take care of your constituency?

Hillary Clinton, like Obama, is the face of change. She is a woman. That is the biggest thing going her. She is not a man. On the face, she is not the status quo. But is that true? She went along with Bush on Iraq. Her health care plan seems a retread of the one that failed when her husband was in charge.

The problem that I have with her is that she has been in Congress and the White House and still feels like the old way of doing things despite her gender. As much as I want to, I can’t get excited about her.

I want someone to talk about really cutting the waste in government...no more automatic raises until lawmakers fix this mess. Absolutely no more pork barrel projects until we have a budget surplus in Washington.

I want the Patriot Act repealed. I want Homeland Security dismantled. It’s a joke on the American people. I want checks and balances restored between government branches.

I want the IRS retired. How about a national sales tax....a user tax...the bigger the item, the larger the tax.....same for everybody.....that way...you could put up a chart for all to see and read what the tax penalty is, instead of the way it is now. ....Or I would be okay with an across the board ten percent....Everyone pays ten percent of their yearly earnings...Kind of like tithing to your church, only it’s to the government....Going even further....take the ten percent and divide it in half with part going to the feds, the rest going to the state where you live.

Bottom line, I want more than I’m hearing. The candidates, none of them, have come close to speaking to the important stuff. So let’s knock off the attack rhetoric and get down to business.

The candidate who does that, will get my vote.

And trust me...........Ron Paul is not the answer!