Cancel the Coronation

Well it looks as if the coronation of King Barack is going to have to wait awhile. Seems there is still plenty of fight left in the old girl.

I long for the days of real political pundits, before the pollsters controlled the moves of every candidate and made puppets of reporters working the election. A Cronkite or even a Rather would tell you that a primary or a caucus is a battle, not a war. The war is the election and it’s a long, long way from over.

Obama won a skirmish, the Iowa caucus vote. Clinton won the first primary, a battle. The war is now joined in earnest and is far from over. Hillary’s win should not have been a surprise or even considered an upset, as portrayed by the cable news networks. After all, we are just six days into the real election season. It’s not like she came from dead last to upset the frontrunner. Hell, she is the frontrunner in most of the country. Some 20 odd states go to the polls on February 5th. There will be votes before February 5th, including Michigan, South Carolina and Florida. Michigan and Florida don’t count because these two states have been stripped of their delegates for moving their primaries up, in the first place. So some of the contenders have pulled their names off the ballots in the offending states.

Ohio, my state, and the real swing state in this madness, votes on March 4th. Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Richardson and homeboy, Dennis Kucinich are on the democratic ballot. Thompson, Paul, McCain, Giuliani, and Huckabee are on the republican ballot.

In light of all the activity between now and March 4th, some of the names that I mentioned may call it quits before the Ohio vote. We just have to wait and see.

The anchors on the news shows last night said that Hillary won because women came back to her side after deserting her in Iowa. I think it shows something else...that women in the middle of this country really don’t like her and are still holding her days in the White House against her, and that may be a bigger problem as we go deeper into this election year.

Another mistake being made by the anchors....lumping all blacks behind Obama again. It is being assumed that Obama has South Carolina locked up because half of the voting population is black.

Bill Clinton still is the unspoken “black” man in the race and he has begun to work the crowd. Looks like Hillary took the leash off a couple of days ago. Bill is running free. And he is the biggest brain out there when it comes to political thinking. That’s why republicans are so afraid of him. They have to resort to personal attacks because they can’t beat him or out think him politically.

But back to Hillary. I have said all along that she is the consummate professional politician. She knows how to win. Think about it. She was born in Illinois. Elected to the White House from Arkansas. Represents the great state of New York as it’s junior senator. To dismiss her, to patronize her, the condescend to her is a big, big mistake.

She may not win the democratic nomination. But who ever does is going to have to beat her, because what New Hampshire has shown is that she is not going to roll over and play dead.
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