Let’s all sing along with the late great Sam Cooke...

“I was born on the river
in a little tent
oh and just like the river
I been runnin’
every since...it’s been
a long time, a long time
but I know...a change gon come...”

Can you feel it? The wind is blowing left... Obama wins the Democratic Iowa caucus...Even more astounding...the turnout to vote was somewhere in the 80% range. People are paying attention....finally...finally...

The women have spoken...they want Barack....not Hillary........not John......who actually finished statistically ahead of Hillary.

She’s not finished by a long shot, but it’s not going to be easy, because it seems there really are a lot of Clinton haters out there.

But remember....Bill Clinton didn’t win Iowa and did lousy in New Hampshire before handily winning the nomination and subsequently, the presidency. So don’t count her out just yet.

On the GOP side, Huckabee beat Romney and McCain by a big margin. The other story is the GOP turnout...they didn’t show up.....Turnout was about half of the Democratic showing..

Time for a Scarlett O’hara or two in celebration!

Then on to New Hampshire!
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