Money for Nothing....

I’m not gonna lie, if the government wants to cut me a 600-dollar check, I’m going to take it, and I would suggest you do the same. I was around the last time our president decided to return some of our hard earned money. That time we got a whole 200-dollars per person. So 600-dollars, this time around, has to be considered something of a windfall.

This country is flirting with a recession, and it needs us, the taxpayers to spend the money. Saving it won’t help. Paying bills won’t help either. So our beloved leaders want us to take that 600-dollars and buy half a new digital TV. Or, they want us to take a couple of our kids on a vacation, you can draw straws as to which one or two, if you have more than two.

Let’s see, you can also buy a sofa from Lazyboy or some other furniture store, if you don’t have champagne tastes. Or, you could buy about a month’s worth of groceries, maybe, or take the family to a movie, once or twice. If you drive an SUV, you could fill up the gas tank, all the way, a couple of times, at least.

Is this going to help us as individuals, as families, as a country, to climb out the mess we’re in? Hell no. But our government apparently figures the money will divert our attention away from the real problems we’re facing right now.

Problems like the current election. This alleged stimulus bill is a bipartisan mishmash which doesn’t make me any happier with the apparent incoming democrats, assuming folks don’t get too happy with all that money in their pocket and once again vote republican.

Problems like the tax cuts that this administration keeps handing out to rich people. This alleged stimulus is loaded with tax breaks for them....Us, we get 600 to 1200-dollars...once....probably in May...too late to really stimulate anything...

Problems like the on-going conflagration in Iraq and Afghanistan that is eating up two trillion dollars a day. We’ve lost about 4000 troops to date. Osama must be laughing his ass off. Our whole army can’t find him and his kid is on American television giving interviews. If there is anyone who deserves to be in Guantanamo being tortured for info, it’s Osama junior....One question...”where’s your old man, son?” Then I’d give him the 25-million dollar reward as an apology for messing up his dreds, like he needs the money.

Problems like the overwhelming credit card debt that many of us have. Or, the mortgage meltdown that the Fed is attempting to fix, as we speak.

Problems like the cost of gas or the rising costs of heating your home.

Problems like unemployment which is at about six percent right now. And what about social security, health care, and that now fleeting dream of retirement for some.

Problems like our government absolving Haliburton and KBR of any wrongdoing or fraud in Iraq.

Problems like the proposal buried deep in pending legislation that pardons all Bush Administration crimes and misdemeanors in the future, should the rest of the world try to enforce Geneva Conventions rules and regulations. At least, Nixon had Ford do his dirty work.

Yep, we can all take that 600-dollars and go on a spending spree and save our world. That is, what’s left of it, after Dubya and company are gone...
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