When Tomorrow Looks Like Yesterday

2008. Happy New Year to all of you paying attention. I’ve just walked through the door, into the twilight of my fifth decade on this planet. Still kicking, still feeling pretty optimistic about life in general.

Still paying attention to the happenings of the world around me.....the upcoming presidential elections here in this country....the assassination of Benizar Bhutto, may she find peace....the latest nuclear petulance out of South Korea....the continued ignorance and futility out of Washington.

Iowa caucuses in two days and if you listen to the media, all of the candidates are in closing arguments, in an attempt to seal the deal for themselves.

It’s a two man race in the GOP...that’s the “gay old party” for those of you who don’t know what GOP stands for....It used to mean “grand old party.” But the name has changed to accommodate all of the righteous old guys who keep falling out of the closet away from Jesus and the right leaning moral majority.

Preacher Huckabee is slugging it out with Mormon Mitt... but neither is charting new ground....just plowing the same old fields of pseudo hypocritical righteousness trying to out religious the other.

Fred Thompson seems to have fallen by the wayside. I guess he’s still in it for awhile since they’ve promoted Jack McCoy on Law and Order and taken away his day gig. Maybe he can come back as a judge who’s running for president on TV.

Rudy is busy too. He’s working hard to justify the latest group of skeletons popping out of his closet. He seems to have written off Iowa, instead concentrating his attention on New Hampshire.

The media says it’s a dead heat on the Democratic side with Obama slightly ahead of Clinton and Edwards, or vice versa, depending on the poll.

I’m not real excited about the Democrats either. I’m still not hearing anything new. Obama keeps talking about real change and I’m all for that, but is the change that he’s talking about merely changing a black man for a white man in the White House?

Alright, already, I know he is against the war in Iraq...Tell me something else. Tell me about social security...tell me about health care...tell me about ending violence in the streets...tell me about getting rid of guns...tell me about improving education.....tell me about civil rights for all people, not just rich people or straight people or Christians.

The middle class needs tax relief, too. America needs an end to the devastating voodoo economics of the Reagan era. Trickle down economics has never worked and it never will.
All of the people who support this economics plan need to understand that this is merely debt deferment. Your kids are screwed, period. They are dead and buried before they even get out into the world thanks to the past years of tax relief for corporations and the rich one percent of America. We, as Americans owe our collective soul to the banks of China. I don’t want to be around when they call that loan.

How about outlawing lobbyists, permanently. What’s the point of advertising by drug manufacturers? Wouldn’t it be better if that big advertising budget were used to develop new and better medications?

America needs to come to grips with AIDS. Is that in Obama’s health plan? Especially since fully fifty percent of all new cases of HIV infection are straight black women?

Hey Hillary, I haven’t forgotten you. Is the plight of infected black women in your health budget? If the polls are right, you’re favored by black women two to one over Obama. Are you going to take care of your constituency?

Hillary Clinton, like Obama, is the face of change. She is a woman. That is the biggest thing going her. She is not a man. On the face, she is not the status quo. But is that true? She went along with Bush on Iraq. Her health care plan seems a retread of the one that failed when her husband was in charge.

The problem that I have with her is that she has been in Congress and the White House and still feels like the old way of doing things despite her gender. As much as I want to, I can’t get excited about her.

I want someone to talk about really cutting the waste in government...no more automatic raises until lawmakers fix this mess. Absolutely no more pork barrel projects until we have a budget surplus in Washington.

I want the Patriot Act repealed. I want Homeland Security dismantled. It’s a joke on the American people. I want checks and balances restored between government branches.

I want the IRS retired. How about a national sales tax....a user tax...the bigger the item, the larger the tax.....same for everybody.....that way...you could put up a chart for all to see and read what the tax penalty is, instead of the way it is now. ....Or I would be okay with an across the board ten percent....Everyone pays ten percent of their yearly earnings...Kind of like tithing to your church, only it’s to the government....Going even further....take the ten percent and divide it in half with part going to the feds, the rest going to the state where you live.

Bottom line, I want more than I’m hearing. The candidates, none of them, have come close to speaking to the important stuff. So let’s knock off the attack rhetoric and get down to business.

The candidate who does that, will get my vote.

And trust me...........Ron Paul is not the answer!
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