Grass Roots Terrorists

Been reading and listening to all the hyperventilation going on about this latest attack on an American airplane. In case you've been on Mars for the past weekend, some rich kid from Nigeria decided to martyr himself for Al Qaida by blowing up a Delta jet over Detroit. He managed to explode his homemade device, but mainly caused damage to himself and the guys who jumped him. The plane landed safely.

20-20 hindsight is kicking in like a mutha with all these pseudo pundits and fake security experts opining about the state of American security or lack there of. One fool on one network going so far as to demand that Obama go on television and talk about it. What's he gonna say?

He's ordered another layer of security checks at the airports and on board planes. President O has also ordered a review of the overall process. His DHS Secretary Napolitano is all over the situation, talking about it. So other than ordering the snipers into Yemen, what's he gonna say?

“My fellow Americans, today I'm sending in the snipers who took out the Somali pirates into Yemen to kick some Al Qaida butt and take out a few radical Muslim clerics who are stirring up these fake Muslim wannabes over here, so we can go back to celebrating our Christian holidays in peace.”

Even if he is sending black ops into Yemen, he couldn't tell us about it until after the fact. Probably never, because until we get rid of the Al Qaida leadership altogether, we've got a problem

Anyway...the plain fact of the matter is that finding a terrorist is like searching for a needle in a haystack, even if he is listed on the security watch lists, because until someone acts, there is no threat. This young fool was on the list because his rich daddy called the American Embassy in Nigeria and said basically his son was acting crazy and didn't give any details of his craziness.

How many young rich kids do you know, who could fit that description? What is the government supposed to do? Go find him? Lock him up? Shoot him on sight? Spank him and return him to his banker father? Until he acted, it was a situation of he said-he said....hearsay, in other words...and not admissible in any court in America.

And I don't care how many layers of security you have in place at airports around the world, short of a strip search with a complete cavity check, there are no machines to catch someone who wants to do bodily harm to Americans by secreting a bomb up his ass or carrying an IED strapped to his dick. The explosive used in this latest event is readily available via the internet. I looked it up, just like looking up a recipe for a cake. It's there in black and white for anyone who dreams of becoming the next Timothy McVeigh.

That's why it's called “crazy.” There is no rhyme or reason, nor logic to crazy. You just have to deal with it as it happens, because as we improve our detection machinery, somebody, somewhere is already improving ways to kill people.
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