NRA Backs Terrorists' Right to Buy Guns

So , let me get this straight, it's not okay to let so called terrorists board airplanes because they might possibly beat up the flight crew, take the plane and fly into a building, killing everyone on board.

But it is okay to allow them to buy guns, explosives and any other weapons of mass destruction that they choose to purchase in order to kill Americans when they decide the time is right, as long as they do it on the ground and not on a plane.

Make sense? Well, here's what's going on. New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, have asked Congress to close a loophole in existing law. The gaping loophole allows anyone on the government's terrorist no fly-watch list to buy guns.

In other words, your name is on the list you can't get on an airplane, but you can still buy an AK-47 or enough exploding fertilizer and propane to bring down a federal building anywhere in America.

And the National Rifle Association says this is alright. Further, their Congressional sycophants, led by Congressman Lindsey Graham, are going along, refusing to toughen the law to protect citizens.

The NRA maintains closing the loophole is an attack on the Second Amendment.

The gun nuts went after the Bush Administration when it tried to close the loophole. Now the NRA is going after the Obama Administration for the same thing.

Attempts to shut down the terror gap are bipartisan. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are calling for the fix. They're not asking to prevent citizens from owning guns. They are asking that terrorists not be allowed to buy guns, once they've been identified as a threat, meaning after their name is put on the terror list.

In other words, when someone's name is on the terror watch list, that means they are a threat to national security and a danger to us all. Yet the NRA maintains that putting a gun ban in place for suspected terrorists will somehow limit gun ownership in America.


A couple of months ago in opposition to closing the gap, the NRA said, “ said it is all part of a conspiracy by "politicians who hate the Second Amendment" and who "think that more gun owners can be placed on the list over time."

Other conservatives have jumped on the bandwagon to declare, "The bill should be titled the Gun Owners Are Probably All Terrorists Act." -This from a member of the Liberty Coalition during a hearing on Capitol Hill.

Statistics show that people on the terror list have bought more than 1100 firearms, and the Feds can't do a darn thing about it because of the loophole in federal law.

As usual, citizens are caught between mad men....an extremist lobby masquerading under the guise of patriotism, their bought and paid for politicians on Capitol Hill and the terrorists who want to kill us all.

Ain't it great being an American.

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