Super Tuesday.....Maybe

Mainstream media is in full hype mode today as several states conduct primary elections to gear up for the run in November.

The usual song and dance goes that Democrats are cooked come November, especially so if certain candidates win today...

Maybe....maybe not...

Since few Americans have attention spans longer than two weeks, many seem to have forgotten that this hype today sounds like the hype of 2008. That landslide election was supposed to be too close to call, remember.

Today, the MSM is telling us to watch Philadelphia where two Democrats, one of them Arlen Spector..Spector is the 80 year old career politician who routinely switches parties to in his own words, “get elected.”

Spector is also backed by President Obama. However, what the media isn't telling you is that Spector is an incumbent and that in order to get him to switch from GOP to Dem, the party had to promise to back him. Hence the seeming Obama support.

In this race, Obama is in a win-win situation, because if Spector loses, Joe Sestak is still a Democrat. True he will have to face the Republican in November, but cross that bridge later.

Then there is Arkansas where blue dog dem Blanche Lincoln is in a battle for her seat with a democratic governor. Lincoln is a Dino...democrat in name only and needs to lose. But here again the hype machine says Obama would be on the losing end if Lincoln loses, because he is sorta supporting her.

Again, Obama is doing party stuff. Truth be told, Lincoln needs to go and he knows this. Lincoln singlehandedly derailed the public option in the health care bill. Win-win for Obama.

In Kentucky, this is a GOP dust up with the establishment favoring one guy while the teabaggers are backing Rand Paul son of Ron....Neither one of them stands much of a chance against the democrat in November, but today's race is being touted as a referendum on Obama.

Sarah Palin and the teabaggers want Paul to win the race, and he may get there. Turdblossom's bitch, Mitch McConnell is backing the other GOP candidate, Trey Grayson. The delusional Jim Bunning is also backing Grayson Grayson is more of the same politics of no that has caused the massive slowdown in DC.

Primaries are merely to choose the candidate to run in November. The turnouts are always party loyalists and very very low.

Once the candidates have been selected, the real race begins.

The question in November is do we go forward into the future....or do we try to once again turn back the hands of time and give our trust to the guys who screwed us in the first place..

My take.....America is tired of incumbents or career politicians so some of them are being bounced today...... That is a good thing. The term career politician is an oxymoron.

I don't think America is as racist or xenophobic as Palin, Beck, Limbaugh and the Teabaggers think...so given the goings on in Arizona with its country wide ramifications, the GOP is in trouble and that trouble will play out at the polls come November.

Super Tuesday is interesting today....but super duper bell wether...don't think so...

Look past the hype of the 24/7 news cycle and get ready for November...
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