Friday Rap

The Other White Bread State...Oklahoma overrode the Governor's veto of the anti woman legislation and now this discrimination is law. This law requires women seeking an abortion to undergo an invasive and unnecessary ultrasound and then sit while a doctor explains it to them for at least an hour.

Another clause in this bill makes it okay for a doctor to lie and withhold information about the fetus' health, birth defects, etc...the point being to make the woman go forward with the birth regardless of the consequences. The clause protects doctors from being sued for withholding vital information to the woman.

And there are no provisions of protection for women who have been raped or victimized by incest.

Keep it up out west and the only way I'm gonna get to California from here is through the Panama Canal.


Tiger Woo

Now we know why he has the energy to bed 121 other women besides his wife during his marriage..he's juiced...or at least that's what many of his cohorts on the PGA tour believe.

Must be some explanation....it certainly can't be that the brown guy is so much better than all the bland, colorless wannabes on the golf course

Problem is Tiger's doctor, or one of them, anyway, has big ties to BALCO, which is the company that took down Marion Jones..lotta smoke...and where there's smoke...there is probably some fire. You can read it here.


Delusional Women of the Week

Delusional women.....Rielle Hunter....Jan Brewer....and that fool of a television anchor who thought she was making a funny, but ended up setting stupidity back 200 years...

Sarah Palin, Virginia Fox and Michele Bachmann are emeritus in this category, by the way....


Freddy Kruger Lives!

Some movies should never be remade....Freddy Kruger never died once he came to life in the original Nightmare on Elm Street. He permanently resides in our heads, right next door to Mother from Psycho, the things that came out of The FOG, the Tooth fairy in Darkness Falls, the demons in the Exorcist or that damn shark in JAWS. Check out review here.


Pigs and Horses Weekend in the Buckeye State

Kentucky Derby-my money's always on the filly...Devil May Care...and I love Mint Juleps...this is my recipe...makes one at a time...or multiply and make a pitcher..up to you

8 mint leaves

splash of spring water

1 ounce simple syrup (see recipe below)

2 ounces Makers Mark or Southern Comfort or bourbon or mash of your choice

Equal parts sugar and water-mess with it til it tastes good to you

Crushed ice.

How to make it:
Put mint leaves in bottom of a rocks (tall ) glass
Splash in some spring water or club soda, if you wish
Mash the leaves with wooden spoon to release the mint oil (this is called muddling)
Pour in an ounce of simple syrup (recipe to follow)
Fill glass with crushed ice
Add two ounces of bourbon
give it a quick stir
garnish with mint leaves
Simple Syrup: Place one cup of sugar (white or brown, your choice) in one cup of water into a pan and bring to boil. Let boil for five minutes until the sugar is dissolved..let cool..store in fridge.
You can make the syrup ahead of time.

Don't like mint juleps..then go to your wine store and buy a German Riesling..either a kabinett or spatlese for the right amount of sweetness to compliment your food...ribs...chicken...grilled salmon and veggies..

Will get you through the Flying Pig Marathon, too, if you're not running. 15,000 runners taking to the streets this weekend in Cincinnati...some of them wear wings and pig costumes.. some man is supposed to be running in a diaper this year.....a real street party...
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