Arizona the Sundown State

ANNA, Illinois....
Harrision County, Arkansas....
Forsyth County, Georgia
East Los Angeles, California
Darien, Connecticut
Norwood, Ohio
Livonia, Michigan
Parma, Ohio
Greenhills, Ohio
Cicero, Illiniois
Cedar Key, Florida

These are all Sundown Towns....What, you ask, is a Sundown Town....It is a town, city, county, or neighborhood that has conducted and continues to legally conduct ethnic cleansing inside its borders. Many of them actually had signs at their borders or displayed prevalently stating "Don't let sundown catch you inside city limits." In America, most Sundown Towns cleansed their area of Blacks, up until it was made illegal by the Feds by the Civil Rights Law passed in 1986.

It wasn't just Blacks..Sundown Towns routinely banished any minority they didn't want in their town. The tactic is used against Jews, Chinese, Native Americans and Hispanics. There is a town in Nevada that used to blow a factory whistle at 6pm everyday to signal to Native Americans that it was time to get out of town or suffer the consequences...

Anna, Illinois, to this day, is an anagram that means “Ain't No Niggas Allowed...

Forsyth County gave Blacks 48 hours to leave, period...they have not returned. This back in 1912.

In 1970 Warren Michigan, which is a suburb of Detroit had a population of 180,000. And of that 180,000 only 28 families were minority of any kind.....and they lived on a nearby military base.

Little Italy in New York periodically erupts with racial violence whose only purpose to to keep it ethnically pure for the Italians immigrants whose descendants live there now.

And now, Arizona has extended the Sundown rule to an entire state, by telling all illegal aliens to vacate the borders, effective immediately.

Don't think that Arizona has resurrected an old solution to an old so called problem. In California for the past couple of years, Hispanic gang bangers have been killing Blacks, chasing them out of what the Hispanics perceive as their neighborhood. But there has been no outcry, primarily because the problem is seen as a turf war between rival gangs who happen to be of different color....Brown on Black crime....a closer looks shows it goes deeper than that...

By opting for this solution..Arizona has taken it to a whole new level and has unleashed its police force against a segment of the population in direct violation of federal law. The new Arizona law makes racial profiling legal and blatantly goes against several tenants of the Constitution.

For instance, Only Congress can mandate what defines an illegal alien in America.

Only Federal Immigration Police can make an immigration arrest. In Butler County, Ohio the county sheriff tried to take matters into his own hands...this just a year ago...the feds rained down on his parade and made him step back..Butler County is just up the road from Cincinnati, Ohio...

Soliciting for a job, in other words, working day labor, is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

In signing this law the Governor stated that racial profiling would not be tolerated...Well if that is the case...how are the police to do their job?

For instance....are they going after illegal Germans...illegal Serbs...Pols...or Russians? How about Canadians who slipped across the border and decided to stay?

What about Africans....Senegalese..Nigerians...Kenyans..Ugandans...Ethopians....
What about Chinese, Korean and Phillipinos?

Or are they going to be instructed to look for Spanish speakers...brown/red people....little brown/red people with straight black hair who dress funny in an unamerican way?

How about the visiting Puerto Rican? Most Americans act like Ricans are foreigners..when they're actually native born Americans...because Puerto Rico is American soil...just like Guam and Samoa..

I'd love to see some bad ass with a badge walk up on some big Samoan guy with a bad attitude and ask him to prove his citizenship.

What about biracials....those people of a nonspecific color and ethnicity? Will they have to prove their citizenship, now...just for looking Sarah Palin UnAmerican or John McCain UnArizonan?

This is going to play out over the next several months. But I really, really wish my president wouldn't just study the matter or order the Justice Department to “look into” the matter.

I would love for my president to do something presidential like tell that lady asshole of a governor to stay the order or risk Federal Troops setting up camp on her pristine statehouse lawn.

I know it's not his style...but sometimes everyone should think outside the box and be like Nike...

Just fucking do it...
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