Friday Rap

The Prez and the Tour Guide

While President Obama spent his Thursday signing an anti nuke treaty with Russia, designed to make the future safer for the world, Sacajawea-lite, the former governor of Alaska spent that same day tearing into the diplomatic break through with her standard attack lines, while her new female friend, Michele Bachmann, played Thelma to her Louise (has anybody told the ladies that a T&L reference is a another way of calling them Dykes?) I digress...

What is different today is that since the passage of health care, Obama has become President of the comeback. In other words, he's started playing that old ghetto game called “the dozens.”

So when Lady Sarah got her dig in...so did President O...He told Gentleman George from ABC News, when asked about Palin's harpy esque criticism..

"I really have no response. Because last I checked, Sarah Palin's not much of an expert on nuclear issues,".... "If the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff are comfortable with it, I'm probably going to take my advice from them and not from Sarah Palin."

aaaahhhh! Busted!

Now, O, I know your mother told you, just like mine told me...don't make fun of the dumb kids because not everyone is as academically gifted as you are. Now behave! Hehehehehe!


Tiger's Back

Finished at 4 under, which puts him 2 off the lead. He's rusty on his putting, otherwise he would be at least 2 up, probably 3 considering the eagles he missed. He did make 2 eagles on the day.

I don't care about his personal life. But I do love watching him play golf.


Threatening Pelosi

Nancy's latest nut case, jailed for threatening bodily harm for her votes on healthcare, cried in court when arraigned on the charges. He apparently left dozens of obscene and violent threats on her answering machine.

Well, his mother says in defending him, FOX News made him do it. She says he spends his days listening to extremist commentators. Care to guess who?

They made her baby do it.

Maybe in the interest of everyone's mental health and safety the government should unplug FOX. Now that would be real health care reform.


SRLC Meets

Whoa! JC Watts has surfaced. Watts, in case you forgot was the illusion of inclusion paraded around by Republicans as their example of liking Black people, before they leashed up Michael Steele. Watts addressed the Southern Republican Leadership Conference going on in New Orleans this week.

Liz Cheney was there, too and told the gathering, "Nothing makes people more convinced of the rightness of conservative causes seeing the alternative in action.”

According to the Times Picayune, Cheney, Watts, and Newt Gingrich among others, spent time talking about NOLA food, NOLA football, and NOLA culture. They talked everything except about the 900 pound gorilla on guard at the door who answers to the name of Katrina.

Statistics show that only 75% of the population has returned to the once vibrant city after the storm.

Most of those who haven't come back are minorities, according to the stats and the stories in the newspaper. Furthermore, Amnesty International has slammed America and the GOP occupied White House at the time of the hurricane with human rights violations.

Amnesty cited failings in housing, healthcare and police action in the wake of the storm and beyond for directly causing the deaths of 1800 people as well as minority inability to rebuild their lives.

The organization singled out Louisiana and Mississippi Republicans specifically, for scorn.

Yet the original wind up Black Republican Ken doll said, "History’s going to be kind to George W. Bush, “ implying that the more America deals with the Obama Administration, the more the country will want to have the GOP back in power.

You know, maybe we don't need to legalize marijuana. Maybe we just need to legalize, package , sell and tax whatever it is the GOP is toking.


Mammogram, You don't need no Stinking Mammograms

That's what a clinic told a man who walked in and asked for the procedure.

Guy's family on both sides, including his father, had breast cancer, and he had the symptoms when he asked for treatment.


Executive Order 13528

Establishes a Council of Governors chosen by the President to approve Pentagon mandated contingency plans to take over control of the National Guard in the event of an emergency.In other words, bringing martial law and military take over of America, one step closer to reality.

Executive Order signed by Bush.....No....signed by Obama...

I have a real problem with this...

Thanks to laws passed by Bush in 2006, the troops are here, they're legal, and they've been signed off on by Obama. Don't believe me...look up the law....starting with this EO signed in January 2010, the Military Commission Act of 2006 and the Warner Defense Act, of around the same time, 2006.

Until Bush signed off on these laws, it was illegal to station American troops on American soil for action against American citizens. This changed in 2008. The first batallion is already in residence under the command of NORTHCOM.

Under Obama's EO, the National Guard also falls under NORTHCOM's command if he, meaning Obama or some other president, deems necessary to control the population.


My Favorite Conspiracy Theory

Ask anyone who grew up, when I grew up, who killed Martin Luther King and many, if not most, will tell you the government killed him.

It was a hit because of his views on Vietnam. MLK's murder had nothing to do with civil rights for Black people. Martin was safe until he started to question foreign policy.

Interesting commentary here, with some juicy links to follow.

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