The Original Birther Movement

Or how to legally torture women in Oklahoma

So, your daughter has unprotected sex with her randy biker boyfriend. Or your 12 year old gets raped and knocked up by your perv uncle who is staying with you for a while after getting out of jail. Or that parish priest from the chapel down the street has been paying special attention to your mentally impaired 16 year old daughter during confession and she now has a celestial bun in the oven.

What cha gonna do when having the child is not an option?

Well, whatever you decide, you better hope you don't live in Oklahoma, because lawmakers have decided that torturing women who want or need an abortion is okay. Can you imagine being a woman who's been violently and sexually assaulted wanting to endure something else jammed into her body?

If Oklahoma lawmakers get their way, that is exactly what will happen. These idiots, both democrat and republican..male and two females...have written a law requiring women who want an abortion for whatever reason, to undergo an invasive procedure called a vaginal ultrasound probe. No other state or country requires this.

The lawmakers justify the invasive medical procedure as necessary in order to give the woman more information about the fetus. To make sure she understands, the law mandates the doctor to explain it to them in depth.

Doesn't matter if she was kidnapped and held captive for 20 years...doesn't matter if it's a 9 year old girl used and abused by her demented father or brother...doesn't matter if the neighborhood perv is keeping runaways in the dungeon under his basement for his sexual pleasure and he impregnates one or two over the years.

The resulting fetus is more important than the mental or physical health of the women and girls and should therefore be protected by any means necessary. The women or sperm incubators to use a better term for the way they think about women and girls....are merely collateral damage.

The goal is babies born at all costs...no one cares if they survive the birth and make it out of the delivery room, or have a viable life afterward...the only point is to get born...and then it's on to saving the next fetus....the woman, discarded, not deserving of another thought.

Anti choice lawmakers, the original birther movement.

Other parts of these proposals force women to fill out a long, long questionnaire survey full of useless questions designed solely to intimidate and invade privacy, like the woman's age, race, education, number of previous pregnancies, and why she wants an abortion.

The law would also ban wrongful life lawsuits against doctors and the government from parents who might try to argue that a child with terminal birth defects would have been better off aborted.

And any insurance exchanges created by the new health care reform will not pay for abortion or other choice procedures.

You know the old saw which pegs the definition of crazy as doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results?

Well, the aforementioned lawmakers have tried for the past several years, to pass these same bills over and over again, only to have them struck down by the courts as unconstitutional.

They don't seem to get the message.

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