Friday Rap

Burger King is offering mimosas with ciabatta sandwiches in certain markets across the country, testing out something called a Burger King Brunch...

Problem is the mimosa is alcohol free...bummer...what's the point...the only reason to drink mimosas in the first place is for the champagne and vodka....otherwise it's just orange juice in a small glass, with cherries floating on top, or I guess since it's Burger King, a small plastic cup for take out...


Word comes today that the Security and Exchange Commission was busy getting its masturbatory swerve on instead of monitoring Wall Street and all the Berni Madoff's stealing money from people.

Seems lots and lots of senior management spent their days playing with themselves and downloading porn on the office computers. You can read it here. Senior manager at the SEX er, SEC accessed porn sites on their computers more than 16,000 times in just one month. Randy bunch of bastards and one lady. Porn is equal opportunity on the web..


Question: Where are the Tea Party protests on Wall Street? How come the teabaggers don't get mad when fat cats steal poor folks blind or nearly bankrupt this country and put everybody out of work?

Corruption is not only the government....it's corporate, too....like the banks... or like the guys who shipped all the manufacturing jobs overseas, while keeping their personal stash in offshore accounts. So they won't have to pay income taxes.

These dudes even sent TARP stimulus money overseas to build bigger and better third world operations to ensure they don't have to bring the jobs back to America...enabled by the double dealing politicians in congress..these dudes don't care about your broke ass..

One last note on the Tea Party....here in Cincinnati the Teabaggers don't like being called teabaggers because they say it is an offensive name...well...knowing human nature for what it is, why would any rational, thinking person name their upstart sorta grass roots organization with a descriptive term that with virtually no manipulation can be construed as a sex act in the first place...you know...you just gotta know...that other name was going to surface and stick in this double entendre universe..

aw shucks...double entendre is French and these jokers believe in "unschooling" their kids...now I get it...


Cops in New York patting themselves on the back because of Operation Phoenix. The covert action was mapped out to take illegal guns off the streets and it was apparently very successful.

I'm waiting for the day when somebody will go after the good ole boys who buy guns down south where weapons are cheap and easy and then transport them up north or to other parts of the country for sale to the gangbangers on the streets.

The system is fixed so the brown and black gangbangers can't buy guns outright...so where do you think they get them?

I'll give you a hint...some good ole boy goes into a gun store where he's welcome...buys up a bunch of pieces...sells them out of the back of his truck to all those urban savages, so they can kill each other..then he goes home where he and his friends can talk and cuss about the lawlessness of the big city, wondering why the police can't get a handle on the situation..

Clue: the cops will get a handle when they stop profiling and start going after the white sellers along with the stupid killers. That is equal opportunity police work.

But then again...it's just like America...fighting two wars against an enemy that gets its guns from America. Blame the colored guys, while ignoring white guy complicity....


Cue Gloria Gaynor, “At first I was afraid, I was petrified, thinking I could never live without you by my side”

Rooster lays eggs-literally...seems this rooster started laying eggs and trying to hatch them after all other hens in the yard died in a blitz attack from some predator animal. Scientists said they've never seen a rooster change sex before.

What's that line from Jurassic Park...mother nature will always find a way...yes, she will!

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