Un American? You Betcha!

Just a couple of days before the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma bombing that killed 168 people, comes word that frustrated Oklahoma Tea Baggers are going to form their own militia to protect themselves against what they say are federal infringements upon states rights.

You can check out the story here.

Can't you just feel their frustration. I mean, how long has the Tea Party movement been around-a whole five or six months? They got active with TARP and health care reform? They don't even date back as a party to when Obama was sworn in....Didn't exist in January 2009.

Yet, they're frustrated.

Frustrated enough to want to form their own personal army to do what? Take back their country? I'm just reading their signs from their rallies. That's what a lot of the signs say...at least the ones in between calling Obama dirty names and demanding he move to Africa..he's from Hawaii, by the way..

What I want to know is, why aren't the feds taking these threats more seriously? It's not like they haven't had practice dealing with so called un American or seditious behavior.

To this day, wearing red, black and green, or sporting the symbols of the Nation of Islam, or just saying you're a member of the Black Panther Party, will have the feds setting up camp in your dining room.

You will be watched, followed, profiled, strip searched, if you don't answer them properly before they tase your ass. And god knows you better not have a gun or anything that looks like a gun within 20 feet of your person. COINTELPRO was and remains real.

Those seeking social justice and change in the federal government were told to “love America, or leave it,” back in the day, by these same frustrated super patriots.

Go back to Africa...we've been hearing that a lot lately..well since Obama made it to the White House, anyway.

But they're frustrated...frustrated enough to carry guns in public...frustrated enough to spit on congressmen....frustrated enough to secede from the union....frustrated enough to want to form their own army and take...back...their....country....

The crackdown on Black America for even thinking about this type of stuff , let alone attempting to carry it out, was swift and brutal. And there weren't any lawmakers dreaming up laws or ways to circumvent the Constitution in our favor.

Where is the federal retaliation for these overt tea bagger actions against the government...vocally and visibly against the government...actively against the government?

Why is it that Black people get dead for doing this stuff and white people get written up in the media and egged on by congressmen?

Who decides which activity is un American for some, but not un American for others? What is the difference between Black nationalism and white nationalism, because that's what this is...

Why is actively praying for Obama's death okay? Is it because the pray-ers claim to be Christian?

And if that is the case, then what is the difference between these so called Christians and the Taliban or any other extremist terrorist group, for that matter?

Why are these white militants being treated with kid gloves when they are actively seeking the overthrow of America?

Can't sugar coat this crap...these people are trying to form their own army.

That's not subterfuge..nor covert....that's rebellion, pure and simple.

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