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Fox bags Hannity in Cincinnati

Without FOX News Sean Hannity, the Cincinnati Tea Bag Party, which claims to represent the majority of Cincinnatians, like the national organization alleges it represents all of real America, couldn't fill a college stadium last night for it's big tax day rally.

According to reports, about 7500 people showed, down from the estimated 15,000 expected.

Hannity was pulled reportedly because Fox didn't want him doing a paid gig to benefit a political organization. Seems someone on corporate level thought that a journalist headlining a paid political event is something of a conflict of interest.

Really? Ya Think?

And please, can someone tell me what the teabaggers are protesting. Their taxes went down...the polls say they really do like their social programs like medicare, medicaid and social security...and they are mostly retired..so they are not in the job market...and they already have more money than anyone else...

So what is their problem..hmmmmmmmmmmmm?


Lou Dobbs for President

Another wannabe...thinks because he talks a good game, that he's ready for the majors...Note to Lou...those who can...do...those who can't....go into the media and become commentators...keep your day job, man...keep your day job...


Jackie Robinson legacy

63 years after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball, many are sounding the alarm about the dwindling number of black Americans playing baseball, these days. The teams are filled with dark men of color, but most of them are from the Caribbean, central or south America..few of them are American born, so the appearance of baseball is deceptive.

Many are calling for programs to get American blacks interested in the game again, which is all well and good, I guess. But I want to know where are the programs for regular Black guys to get into living in general.

Face it...the American Black man is virtually invisible in America today. Oh, we have a Black president in the White House. We have an NFL and an NBA full of big Black guys playing with balls. We have prisons full of young stupid Black guys who dropped out of school, trying to make a quick score and ended up “got” instead.

We have the hip hop life of young men, some of whom are talented making bank, but many more one hit wonders, in debt up to their eyeballs to some white man's record corporation, or dead in the streets attempting to live out some ridiculous gangsta fantasy.

But where are the programs to convince Black guys that education is the key.

Where are the programs that integrate the construction industry. finally. I walk all over Cincinnati, past big time construction projects downtown, the bridges are being painted, Cincinnati's soon to be tallest building is going up...and all I see are white guys and Hispanic guys working on the structures...no Black guys...Cincinnati public schools are building more new schools...plural....yet...no Black guy construction workers....it's so bad the useless NAACP is leading protest marches and getting arrested like back in the day.

What up Cincinnati...we got a Black Mayor...is that enough? Don't make me answer that question...

Why is this the reality in the 21st century? Why are we more concerned about the lack of Black baseball players rather than the lack of Black men as providers for their families and role models, real role models for their own children?

We don't need anymore LeBron James or Jackie Robinsons for that matter.....we need another WEB DuBois, Carter G. Woodson, Charles Ogletree, or a Robert Johnson with brains...


Rocky Mountain Insanity

Colorado Court says it's okay for Colorado college students to carry guns on campus...That's a great idea considering how well these young students behave so responsibly having proven their ability to multi task so effectively....like driving while texting or partying while fugged up. Guess if they can study with their eyes closed, then they ought to be able to shoot with their eyes open, right?

Nothing like having an ecstasy fueled or testosterone driven 19 year old with gun strapped to his side.

What next...tricycles with built in rifle racks?


White House Closet Jitters

The White House apparently has no trouble putting gays and lesbians in highly visible governmental positions. However it seems to be bothered when somebody tries to yank the closet door open on those LGBT people who have not yet gone public with their preferences.

Seems there is a dust up about whether or not maybe Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagen is a lesbian. CBS News wrote and then retracted the story yesterday. You can check it out here.

Despite being highly touted, Obama hasn't named anybody yet for the SUPCO vacancy. Matter of fact, he can't name anyone until July, after the current session ends. Second, the White House claims that allegations of Kagen being a lesbian, are simply false.

I just have to ask...in the aftermath of the Tiger Woods, Tiki Barber, Sandra Bullock, Melissa Etheridge and now Larry King, why are journalists suddenly reticent to talk about someone's sexual preferences?

Is it deference to the solicitor general, which Kagen is.....or are we still as a society covertly and uncomfortably homophobic, despite the efforts to install real civil rights for LGBT people...

And by the way...Thank you Obama for the hospital visiting privileges..

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