A Head Full of Stuff.....

Playing politics with oil again...congress failed to approve the release of 70 million barrels of oil from our federal reserve. 70 million barrels is about a three day supply for this country. Democrats in the House failed to garner the needed two thirds majority in order to get the bill passed. The GOP refused to vote for the measure, reportedly because they want to force a vote on repealing the ban against off shore drilling.

It’s all politics....The two parties are maneuvering against each other while not giving two shits in a tin can about us, the people.

So Congress heads into a five week vacation without any action at all being taken to help us out, again.


An estimated 200-thousand people turn out in Berlin to hear Barack Obama speak While McCain takes a campaign photo op in front of a German restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. Well, at least he knows the connection between Berlin and German...must be a good memory day for the old guy.


We just can’t get this fool out of the White House quick enough...Now the Department of Health and Human Services wants to codify contraceptive devices as abortion...Officials have already gutted women’s health programs...now they want to take it a step further by blatantly circumventing Roe v. Wade.....

It’s bad enough that insurance will pay for viagra but not for birth control pills...it’s apparently legal for pharmacies to refuse to distribute birth control while giving away cialis to dysfunctioning middle aged men...

Next they will probably try to legalize rape....Oh...Phyllis Schafly has already advocated that by saying husbands cannot rape their wives...Ha!


I thought McCain said he wasn’t going to stoop to “attack” politics...that he was going to run an above board campaign...that he was going to be a gentleman and not sling any mud....

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....so I guess the ad blaming Obama for the high gasoline prices...the ad linking Obama to Fidel Castro or the ad linking Obama to the Iranian president...were what? Accidents?

Or maybe, like my neighbor says, McCain is just too damn old to be president...Maybe these ads are a concrete sign of his encroaching dementia....ya think?

I do know one thing....McCain’s got to be pissed off, royally that a million people may show up to hear Obama speak in Germany today...A million people who can’t even vote....wow!


Did you hear about the story about one of our astronauts? Says we have had alien contact..says he had alien contact when he was on the moon...says NASA has been covering it up for years...says the alien he saw looks like the ones from Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

We know they are out there...I want to see the pics....Give em up NASA.....You know you have a scrapbook!


Speaking of aliens....what parent names their kid...”Talula does the hula in Hawaii” first name!? Trust me...I’m not making this up...this poor kid goes by the initial “K” because she gets so much grief because of this stupid name. The Courts in New Zealand have made her a ward of the state to get her away from her dumb parents.....please...if you hate kids...just don’t have any....sheeeesh!


So big deal....Batman yelled at his mom and sister....goes on everyday in families worldwide...reports today said his sister asked him for 200-thousand dollars to raise her three kids...he reportedly said “no”........that’s not assault....But I heard one alleged pundit surmise that this kind of publicity is going hurt THE DARK KNIGHT movie financially...Oh I’m so sure....people are going to run the other way...not see the movie because Batman argued with his mom! Please!

BTW.......The movie rules!.......Heath Ledger as the Joker...WOW!...And I wasn’t a Ledger fan...hated Brokeback Mountain...was bored to tears, never finished watching it....

Batman turns into the Terminator in his next movie....I think he actually plays a grown up John Connor...saw the preview....coming soon..


Estelle Getty died this week.....May she find peace....The Golden Girls are responsible for the only speeding ticket that I have had to pay...I’ve been caught three times, warned twice, ticketed once....Down in the Natchez Trace in Mississippi....I was racing to get back to where I was staying in Kosciousko Mississippi...better known as Oprah’s hometown....I left the interstate and got onto the Trace to make my way back...well....The Natchez Trace is federal land...and at that time...the federal speed limit was 50 miles per hour....I was doing considerably more than that because I wanted to see the Golden Girls and TIVO didn’t exist at that time....I was caught by a federal cop who did a U-turn on my butt and told me if I wanted to fight it, I had to go to Texas...as I said I was in Mississippi and I was visiting from Illinois....needless to say....I eventually paid the ticket....But I missed that episode of the Golden Girls....I still love em all....
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