McCain’s Got Jokes

John McCain says he’s going to balance the budget by the end of his first term in office as president. And after he does that he is going marry me and make me a straight woman. Ha!

Republicans have been rolling out this campaign lie since Ronald Reagan. Eight years ago, before the latest GOP clown took over, there was a government surplus. We, meaning the 95% of the population who are regular folks and not rich, were happy. We had jobs, we had money, we could feed our families and drive our cars. Reagan not only did not balance the budget, but he increased the deficit and should have been brought up on charges along with Ollie North.

Now, thanks to the policies of trickle down economics or voodoo economics, as George the first called it before he became Reagan’s vice president, implemented by George the second, we have a deficit approaching multi trillion dollars. We have a couple of wars, no jobs, no money, no health care, no food for our families, and we can’t afford gasoline.

GOP nominee, John McCain apparently wants to continue the policies that has put us 95 percenters deeper in the poor house.

McCain was originally against the Bush tax cuts....Now that he is running for president..he is in favor of them....AND...he says he will pay down the deficit by winning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and taking all that money that we no longer have to spend over there, and pay off the bills over here....voila! Balanced budget! Hehehehehehehehehehe! “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

He also wants to cut spending on social security, medicare and medicaid, because that is where all the wasteful government spending is located, according to him.

McCain also shook up his advisory staff, too. He added a Bush acolyte to the payroll, a guy who is said to be a Karl Rove disciple. Hasn’t anyone told McCain that if you’re truly trying to distance yourself from someone....you run AWAY from them.....NOT toward them...And you certainly don’t hire their old staff to help you run what you say is a NEW campaign.

But then maybe I’m the one who’s the dummy....Maybe he isn’t running away from Bush. Doesn’t seem like it.

And, since I’m in a McCain smack down mood......General Wesley Clark didn’t lie.....flying planes does not necessarily qualify you to be president....it’s kind of like....just because we can all drive a car...that we are all qualified to drive in the Indy 500......No.....Not at all.....

This was just another example of all the fake scandals that have been floating around for the past several years to deflect our attention away from the real stuff.....

I call it peripheral Bullshit.....pay attention to the BS and you miss the real story hidden behind it..


WIMBLEDON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Williams....the girls took home 2.5-million dollars by Venus winning singles for the fifth time and then teaming up with Serena to take the doubles crown from the number one ranked women’s team in the world.....

I didn’t think it could get any better...but then came Sunday...

Ra-fa! Ra-fa! Ra-fa!

Man....I just saw the greatest tennis match of my life.....I never thought I would see anything to top the Borg-McEnroe matches of 1980 and 1981. They were magnicificent, and I was content to go to my grave with those memories...

Now there is a new one.....Nadal and Federer....

May they play long and hard. Man! That was some weekend!
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