What’s Up Girl? Not Gettin’ Any?

Ricki Lieberman is a bitter, bitter woman. She is a wealthy upper West Side New Yorker and democratic fundraiser, who is pissed off that Hillary is not going to get the Democratic Nomination. That’s okay. She has a right to be mad. She has a right to prefer Hillary over everyone else.

The 61 year old is actively trying to convince superdelegates or S.Ds, as she calls them in her avalanche of daily emails, to change their minds and give Hillary the nomination at the convention in Denver. While I applaud her initiative, I am appalled by her tactics and the contents of some of these emails.

They are vile, filled with all the lies and innuendos currently floating around the internet and main stream media about Barack and Michelle. Among other things she compares BO as she calls him to Hitler. She attempts to link him to Farakhan. She even quotes stuff dreamed up by the master prevaricator and peripheral bullshit artist, Karl Rove. All lies. I can't fathom the level of viciousness that I’ve read, but I have seen it the gay community from women who won’t take “no” for an answer. So what...does she have a crush on Hillary? Is it unrequited misdirected love? Don’t know. Hillary has already officially disavowed this woman.

Lieberman, no relation to Joe, claims she is merely trying to get the best candidate nominated and into the White House. However, she is recommending that campaign donors withhold funds from Obama and either vote for McCain or stay home, if Hillary is not given the nomination. She claims that Hillary would be up by 20 points over McCain if she’d been victorious in the primaries.

Now, I knew some women were ticked off. I’ve even written about these women in earlier posts.. They were holding Obama responsible for sexist comments by some MSM reporters, anchors and commentators. Obama can’t control these people any more than I can. I thought that these women would come to their senses after they examined McCain’s long and lengthy voting record excoriating women and women’s rights. His votes are 100 percent against anything female. That includes reproductive rights, health, welfare, child care, schools, you name it. If it doesn’t benefit rich white men he is against it, period. His condescending visit to the NAACP today not withstanding. I will get to that in another post shortly.

I have tried to keep race out of this. But from the emails it is obvious that this may be her other problem. Some of the most virulent racists that I have crossed in my five decades have been so called liberals. People who say they don’t see color, but their actions speak volumes, especially when they think people of color are not listening. The New York Daily News called this woman a fanatic preferring to steer away from the “R” word.

But I’m not. I’m going to call it what it feels like...what it is......The bitch is a racist. She is apparently so blinded by her hatred that she doesn’t see what she is doing, which is handing America another four years of Bush via John McCain.

Cutting off ones’ nose to spite one’s face is just plain stupid.

Other blogs that have already written on this character assassination campaign are asking readers to email this woman directly. I agree. Check her out on her website: clintondems.com and then if what you’ve read, bothers you, email her and tell her how stupid she is. Maybe if enough of us inundate her with mail like she’s done to some of us, then maybe, just maybe she will come to her senses...Probably not...but we can only try...

icount@clintondems.com, or rrlieberma@gmail.com, or rrl3333@gmail.com

The Huffington Post and Rootswire.org got into more detail. Check those out too.
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