Friday Rap-Election Week Postmortem Edition

Well, the mid terms are over and just when I think America has broken out of the groundhog loop and righted the ship, they fall backward again.

I mean how many times, do we have to repeat this loop before people realize that repeating crazy results in crazy.

It's not as bad as it seems, except maybe here in Ohio, where now we have rich men in power, again determined to keep an already backward state in the dark ages of transportation and education, among other things.

Kasich returns this time to the governor's office, thanks to his wall street friends and he has signaled that he is not going to allow anyone else to grow, starting with dismantling the progress that outgoing Ted Strickland began.

Every single “new guy” elected this cycle was in Congress when Dubya and company trashed this country. Every single one of them....Kasich....Portman...Chabot....Boehner...and Schmidt...

Every single one of them a professional politician...the very ones who destroyed Congress..

These are all old establishment white guys whose only concern is keeping power. If they really and truly had a clue or a solution...We, as a country would not be in the trouble that we're in today.

You voted for them...this is what you got.....All of them are against anything LGBT...All of them are against affirmative action and civil rights equality of minorities.....All of them want to privatize social security......All of them favor dismantling the Department of Education and Veteran's Administration, despite claiming to support our troops, which they all voted to send to Bush's illegal wars....This is the way they voted the last time they had power...and as for women...well....barefoot and pregnant and not in the workforce is their preference for us...

Time to take your medicine Ohio...open your mouth...or maybe I should say....bend over....



George W has a book coming out and the good stuff is already leaking....stuff like Sarah Palin is not qualified to be president.... and that McCain should never have selected her as running mate ..

I will take it even further...I think McCain on some internal levels selected her because he really didn't want the presidency either, and this was his way of doing a crash burn like those three fighter jets he crashed back in his heyday as a fighter pilot..


151,000 jobs added last month...the economy continues to grow...yet Obama is still considered a screw up by many people in this country...go figure...

Hey Boehner....we out of the hole yet? Where's the plan, man?


Diversity on Capitol Hill

The MSM is crowing about the new diversity in Congress. You can read it right here

Until Congress really, resembles America, meaning more women than men, in addition to more Blacks, Latinos and Asians, it is not a diverse body. It remains a body dominated by old white guys.


Michael Jackson

Michael has a new album coming out next month and typical of  MJ, there is controversy with his friends and family saying the voice is not his, but that of a sound alike.

Personally, I think Michael's diggin' it. He transitioned like Obi Wan when the Jedi allowed his student to “kill” him and as a result strengthened the force. Considering how much money Michael has made since he became one with the force, he is probably very happy and finally content.


Ever see a dog catch a fish?


We Got By....some positivity from Al Jarreau...

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